Reviews for Trick

BY : Ian

  • From jaceni on December 28, 2010

    Great Oneshot (and it makes me wish it was a long story). :D How come you haven't posted it in Starcandy on livejournal? It would be a great gift for them and I'm sure you would get many reviews. I think this was well thought out and that more people should read it. How come you haven't written anymore stories with this pairing? I really like your representation of the characters. Well, hopefully I get a reply back. Thanks for a great oneshot.

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  • From Dont-Bite-The-Sun on October 19, 2010

    AAAHHH cutest thing EVER!!! XD I love this couple so much, I mean you could practically pair these boys any way and it would be fabulous, but this one is one of my personal favorites. XD Thank you so much for such a wonderful story.


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  • From Camui on November 29, 2009

    I read this a long time ago, when you first posted it, and I don't know if I reviewed. If I have, then you get another one haha.

    I absolutely adore this story. It's set in a timeline / setting where they could either be DBSK or just two (three, including Junsu) regular guys living together in suburbia. I loved how you caught Jaejoong's playfulness, and Changmin's intellect. It's truly a well-written story and well thought you, well calculated, unless you know all of those muscle numbers off of the top of your head. :P

    Not to mention the sex had me blushing / getting hot, totally. It was so easy to read along and get lost in your words that I could actually visualize JaeMin happening. Lol, in my mind it sorta played out in .gif format, then turned into a longer thing, like the Banjun dramas.

    Overall, I love this story. I read it whenever I need a slash DBSK pick-me-up.

    You have my +5 for this one.


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  • From on February 15, 2009

    Thank goodness I found a fic about this band!
    Awesome stpry by the way! Kim jaejoong is my baby!

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  • From SujiChan on October 19, 2008

    Nicely done. Sometimes it's hard to write one POV, but you did it well. The description was beautiful.

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