Reviews for Billion Dollar Harem

BY : Mal

  • From AlexanderMorris88 on July 06, 2018

    I would never have the balls to write something like this.


    So ya gotta give the writer A for the balls. xD

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  • From TDG on June 08, 2018

    A well written and thoughtful story. It's more than just the ordinary. The story has a nice base and evolves through the pages. Not completely hardcore (luckily) and something for everyone's taste. 

    Keep it up!

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  • From Zexios on March 14, 2018

    I read this entire story in 1 day, that's how good it is, I honestly don't know why u aren't drowning in reviews. Keep up the fantastic work.

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  • From mainalpha on December 25, 2016

    If you do bring in extra celebs into the harem, perhaps you could have Alex do it as a 'reward' for one of the girls, asking which girl they've either had a crush on, or would simply like to fuck, as it were. Or it could be the ultimate punishment for their misbeahvior, bringing in one or more girls and being forced into participating in breaking them into the harem. Potential girls that I'd like to see in the harem would be Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Alexandra Daddario, Dakota Blue Richards, Anna Popplewell, Ashley Greene, Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen. So far, loving the story, enjoying the 'soft and hard' approach that each girl thus far has had to endure during their particular acceptance of this new life of theirs. Hope you've got plenty of fun chapters coming up and enjoy your christmas and new year.

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  • From finny94 on October 19, 2016

    I see a great story, but no reviews for it.So I'm going to leave one.

    Generally I like reading stories like this, where girls are in captivity and forced to obey a kind of "master", who is kind but strict at the same time.The main issue with these stories is the "breaking them in" part.In most stories it happens too fast - a couple of orgasms and that's it, they're turned. I hope you don't do that.Now, is that nessesarily bad?No.It can be overlooked if your "smut/fucking" and "character development" parts are good and written in a hot, sexy way.Which they are. 

    Although I personally think your smut can use a bit more depravity, if you will.More nasty words for general, overused "cock", "pussy" etc. Make sex more verbal, don't only stimulate the reader through visuals. Try to look at works of other author and copy stuff from them(no shame in it, just don't copy entire paragraphs).Also, introducing new celebrities might be a good idea once most current ones are broken in.I have some preferences, but I'll hold on to them for now.Let me know if you're willing to put some new ones in by request.

    But all that said, I like your story,hence the review.I want it continue, and felt like "zero" beside "reviews" can't really encourage to write more. So thank you and good luck.

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