Reviews for N-seX-T

BY : WrestlePerv

  • From kmr2009 on May 09, 2019

    Really enjoying this so far. Not sure what I am looking forward to more who they might top next or the eventual turn on each other. Will be interesting who comes out on top.

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  • From MTL on March 09, 2019

    Great to see another one of these fics, especially when it is focused on one of my favourite female wrestlers right now, if not the favourite.

    I love the fact that she put up more of a fight than Bayley, and was defiant throughout, but I'm kind of curious whether she was broken by the end or not. I hope you make it crystal clear in a later chapter, ideally by bringing her back.

    Of course the thing I loved the most is everybody got their turn with Becky's butt and thoroughly wrecked it, and even filmed the defeated redhead spreading her cheeks at the end. And oh, that dirty talk from Sasha was priceless. I kind of hope Sasha's words come true. But I also kind of hope Becky strikes back by butt banging Sasha. Either way, just more of Becky please.

    Also love the slow burn to Charlotte vs Sasha. Not sure if I want the conclusion sooner or later, because Sasha is also one of my favourites, but this teasing is just so fun.

    Hope to see more soon. By Wrestlemania, maybe? Please? Either way I hope you keep at it, because there are so many other women the BFFs could go after.

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  • From MTL on January 02, 2019

    Excellent work. This fic features my favour fetish, lesbian anal strap-on sex with possessive and dominating dirty talk, which was brilliantly done. You also did an awesome job of showing Bayley's innocent character be appalled by what is going on, and slowly breaking thanks to all the humiliation and pleasure. Although my favourite part was the teasing of Sasha, who's one of my favourites.

    One criticism is your writing feels a bit block together, especially when it comes to the dialogue, to the point it was a little unclear who was speaking at times. I know it's a pain to constantly write Sasha said, Charlotte said, etc, but I think it's worth it for the good of the story overall.

    Really, really hope you continue this, especially with the likes of Sasha, Becky and Paige getting ass fucked and turned into broken bitches. Also Emma, who I think was still around in NXT at the time, and I think is really underrated. Maybe she could be broken by Paige, then stolen away by the BFFs? Also AJ Lee did a cameo around this time to have a match with Bayley, and she was a part of the original NXT, so...

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  • From kmr2009 on December 31, 2018

    Great start. Please continue. Hopefully we get Becky, Carmella and Alexis soon. Eventually hope to see Peyton, Billy, Dakota and Kairi.

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