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BY : Heyoo

  • From Clukesh on December 08, 2020

    Such a good chapter best one yet. Good job can't wait for more

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  • From HatchetMan1600 on November 03, 2019

    Hey man I loved this story and All Red Returns, some of the best WWE fanfiction I've seen since MTL17, glad to see you liked his work too. I love seeing Alexa being a top and Eva Marie was a great choice too. I would love to see Carmella introduced in either story or on her own in her own story where she is a top, she has always been my favorite. I couldn't find a email for you to ask but do you take commissions for your work? Like I said I would love to see a story with Carmella even if it was her being topped by someone. If you could give me a email back at and keep up the good work man.

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  • From MTL on June 07, 2019

    Wow, I'm really impressed with the amount of back story and world building within this chapter. I'm glad you're taking a page out of my book, and to be fair so many others, dipping into other characters thoughts and allowing some of them to be in conflict, and not as confident as they seen, making them seem like three-dimensional characters with a rich history.

    And I'm so, so happy you bought Becky back. Honestly how broken she was and all her thoughts might have been my favourite part in a story whcih featured Mickie James getting ass fucked, which is really something. Although this was kind of a double-edged sword of the chapter, as particularly the triple ass fucking was an amazing concept, which seemed to be over with one thrust. Granted, not even an anal veteran like Mickie could realistically be fucked long and hard that way, but there's definitely a happy middle there somewhere. Just a little constructive criticism, as I felt the sex itself was better in the first chapter, even though this is my favourite thing you've written so far, because everything around the sex, was just so amazingly erotic to me.

    I'm thrilled that Alexa seem to have made two of my all-time favourites, Becky and Mickie, her permanent bitches, and I love the thought of them getting lead around on collars and leads, but it's going to be tough just walking around if Alexa does that to every woman in the division. Don't get me wrong, it would be incredibly hot, but also kind of silly. Maybe this 'honour' could be saved for her favourite bitches? Or maybe she takes no more than two out at a time like that, just in case they get any ideas about turn the tables on her? Oh, and how you feel about branding? I've read fics, where actual branding irons are used, which I admit I would find hot, but tattooing would work just as well, if not better. Either way, imagine the likes of Becky getting 'Bliss Bitch' tattooed on her arse, or her forehead, or as a tramp stamp.

    As much is this fic, and admittedly the last few years of booking, have convinced me Alexa would make a great top I love the fact you revealed she was a bottom before in NXT, and is desperately trying to repress that side of herself in order to be the Alpha female of the WWE. A term I'd be honoured if you used, BTW, even if it wasn't an official title. Anyway, this makes me hope for at least one chapter, or ideally several, where she is getting her perfect little ass reamed, especially if she can then turn the tables on at least some of them.

    Oh, and I also hope Paige is included at some point. I think she was injured and taking time off at this point, and while she started out strong in the main roster, particularly NXT (where honestly she peaked) she also lost a lot, so by the logic of this fic surely she must have been AJ Lee's arse whore, and then even worse, Nikki Bella's, making her an easy conquest for Alexa. BTW, I know AJ Lee was gone at this point, but I'm a huge fan of her, so what if in the story she was the Bella Twins's Bitch and Alexa tried to steal her away? I mean, I hated the Bella Twins with a passion, and they were booked strong so infuriatingly consistently that I couldn't bring myself to write about them topping anyone, but I have to admit, I would find that incredibly hot as it totally fits my fetish for models topping wrestlers.

    I think Liv Morgan is underrated, both as a wrestler and as a hottie with an incredible ass, so I'd welcome a chapter with her, although not quite as much as the possible inclusion of some of the other women mentioned above.

    Anyway, back to the review. Love Alexa bossing the NXT 'rookies' around, and they're various reactions to her, the extreme of posting kind of stuff online and the reaction to it, and that cryptic message to Alexa at the end. God, I'm so looking forward to finding out who sent it.

    And kudos on making the first ass to mouth really mean something. I hadn't thought of that, and that's a great twist on the norm.

    Finally, thanks again for including Mickie in this. Again, she's one of my favourites, and the thought of having her not only be a wrestling veteran, but a submissive veteran who has bottomed to pretty much every woman that crossed paths with her is just perfect to me. Especially that her first top was Trish, as I shipped them so hard it got me into writing fan fiction in the first place. So it figures she has a thing for blondes. I wonder if she'll get to meet Charlotte in this fic? Because again, while her being booked over everyone else at all times frustrates me, the idea of Charlotte being the greatest Dom in the history of the WWE without a hint of submission in her is hella hot.

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  • From MTL on June 02, 2019

    Of your two fics so far this is easily my favourite, for obvious reasons.

    I have real mixed feelings about Alexa Bliss. She's a great talker, and obviously really hot, but I don't think she's that good in the ring so I found her mega push annoying as I felt it came at the expense of better all-round wrestlers like Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Which is the same problem I have with Charlotte, who has exactly the opposite problem IMO, of being a great worker but dull on the mic. Although given those mega pushes it does feel like someone should write about one or both of them being the 'Alpha female' as I once refer to it, and this certainly feels like an amazing start to that with Alexa totally owning Becky, and already planning to do it to her little friends.

    I particularly loved Alexa taking a picture of Becky's gaped butt hole and sending it to the other women as a message. Maybe if she did it again, it can include an actual message, like another bitch broken or something like that. Again the dirty talk was amazing, and with more focus on just Alexa topping Becky the description felt a lot more vivid. A definite improvement on the first fic. But also did a great job at capturing what the characters were feeling, be that dominant or submissive, which made it that much more erotic.

    Was a little disappointed that neither fic included ass to mouth. Maybe you're not into that part, but I think it's a great explanation point for the dominance, and hope to see it included the future. In fact, I hope to see a lot more of this in the future, as it does imply that there is more, and I think it would be a tragedy if there wasn't. So allow me to speculate on what you COULD do for a few paragraphs...

    Bayley a bottom-in-denial? Really? I get that Alexa was rounding up, but I would said if any of the horsewomen were natural bottoms it was Bayley, and given her laughable booking Alexa should find that conquest easy. On the other hand Sasha Banks could totally be a bottom-in-denial, although it would be hot if she put up more of a fight. And Charlotte should definitely be a top IMO, at least at first, Alexa either really struggling to overcome her, or perhaps falling to her entirely. It would be interesting if Alexa got topped and maybe even lost her ass cherry to Charlotte before winning in the end. Or at least, that's probably how I'd do it. Then again, Alexa has an amazing ass, so I'd probably write her as more of a switch.

    There are benefits to focusing on the four horsewomen, and that's potentially a long series as it is, but I'd love you to include some others. Especially Mickie James, who is still probably my all-time favourite. Following the timeline she returned to help Alexa put Becky in her place once and for all, but Becky seems pretty broken at this point, so maybe Alexa makes Mickie her bitch instead? Mickie used to lose a lot, so theoretically she could be an easy conquest for Alexa. Just practice for a real challenge. Then again, Mickie could start out Alexa's partner in crime, double teaming Becky in convincing her to quit wrestling so she can permanently be Alexa's valet/full-time bitch. A position both Mickie and Becky, or at least Becky, could have once Alexa goes to RAW. You could possibly have her fuck Naomi's big black booty on the way out, but I'm not so big on her.

    After Alexa deals with Bayley, and also maybe after Sasha, there is Women's Evolution, where she feuded with two of my other favourites Trish and Lita. In this continuity she doesn't have to get injured, meaning that she can defeat both Trish and Lita, and dominate them with the help of her loyal pet Mickie (who is perhaps Trish's former girlfriend). Then at Survivor Series she could unify the women's titles, and make Charlotte her bitch. And... yes, I spend too much time on this, lol. You may have already thought of, even wrote, something like this, but if not I hope you'll consider it.

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  • From A_Cool on June 02, 2019

    Good work definitely looking forward to seeing Alexa top the other 3

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