Reviews for An Empress. A Princess. A Queen.

BY : Heyoo

  • From Clukesh on April 05, 2020

    This was an amazing story I think a great way to continue would be the following night after Carmella cashed and for Charlotte to get topped by Carmella or Charlotte topping the iiconics or something like that great job would love to see more from you

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  • From MTL on April 05, 2020

    Great to see this story posted here, I love it more every time I read it. Asuka slowly accepting Charlotte's superiority is a thing of beauty here, and there are some fun hints of things to come. Hopefully eventually you get there, lol. And you post One Hot Night With Hart & Fire on AO3, so both websites can have the full set. And yes, I know that the story was a bit rough, but I think people on AO3 would still like to read it.

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