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Disclaimer: i do not own the members of naitomea (slavery is illegal) and i make no money from this fic AND!! its (OBVIOUSLY) a work of fiction... this ISNT going to be a lovey-dovey story. Mostly cuz it has some...bad things >_>

but...yea...its not finished.

i have no idea why all of a sudden im writing half assed half chapters, but this is all i could think about at the moment.

warning: alot of angst..slight Ruka-bashing... i love ruka by the way so dont hate me

AN:: aka me. thanks for the great feedback and i have now edited all the silly little mistakes that bypass when someone is writing. and dont worry, i'll try to upload another chapter soon. i just dont know how soon "soon" is...

but anywhooo...

on with the fic


Yomi wanted to get out of there like a bat out of hell.

That was their explanation? That was the best they could come up with?!

What the hell was wrong with them?!!


He wouldnt do this. Not to the band.

They had to think about the bigger picture. If they wanted to be in a relationship so be it, but they would not drag him into one. And no matter how much it pained him to say so, he couldn't...wouldn't be part of this. He loved them but...this was asking too much of him. Yomi looked Ruka right in the eye and the drummer immediately let him go. There was something not right with their vocalist.

"Yomi?" Ruka questioned after getting chills from the too-calm and deadly aura the tiny man was exuding.

"How dare you?" Both Hitsugi and Ruka gave the small man peculiar looks. How dare they what?

"Yomi?" This time Hitsugi questioned the vocalist, knowing something was definately not right.

"How dare you? It hasnt even been a day and already you've dedcided that Ruka and I would be perfect for you?! How the hell did you come up with that fucking bright idea?! Do you have any idea what this could do to our band?!"

"Dont start with that, Yomi." Ruka spoke up, his voice holding authority that dared the vocalist to argue. "He already got enough of that from Sakito."

"And he should have. Do you have any idea what you've done, Hitsugi?"

"Dont put all the blame on him!" Ruka began arguing with him, infuriated that Yomi took Sakito's side.

"And you stop defending him! He isnt a child anymore."

"Then stop repremanding him like he's a child."

"Then he should stop acting like one!" Yomi screamed, his hands fisted at his sides as his eyes blazed with so many emotions he couldnt begin to categorize them. Hitsugi felt that as a physical blow and his face contorded in pain as his hand went to his chest, almost as if physically shielding his heart.

"What ever gave you the right to think that i would be alright being the third person in this so called relationship of yours? Why are you so selfish to think only of yourself? What about me?!"

"What about you?" Ruka asked in a dead tone, his voice a mirror to his blank features, a protective mechanism. Yomi was taken aback by the question, his face showing how much

the words hurt him.

"I thought i was in love you," he said looking pointedly at Ruka, "But this finally makes me see how much of a selfish ignorant idiot you are." With those final words the vocalist left. without further explanation, without further notice of how and why and if there was even going to be a future for them, any kind that had him in their life. And as Yomi walked away, Hitsugi felt his heart breaking, a piece going with him.


really short chapter..lots of angst. it wont end here...i think...most likely...maybe


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