Her biggest fan

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Her biggest fan

Shaking her head as she downed another vodka shot Emma giggled to herself as her head started to swim from her growing intoxication, she normally wasn’t one for going out with the sole intention of getting drunk but after her long week of rehearsals and studying she had decided to spend her Saturday night doing something sociable rather than her normal routine of sleeping most of the weekend

Ordering another shot Emma turned around to scan the crowd of the small night club she had chosen to spend the night in, her eyes running along every man she saw deciding which was the best one to surprise, having just gotten out of her latest relationship she decided that she needed some quick no strings attached easy sex to help clear her mind having dressed specifically for the occasion with a skimpy tank top which showed that she wore no bra underneath, a pair of denim short shorts that showed a good amount of ‘arse cleavage’ and some sleek black high heels, not normally her style but she had to admit she looked fucking good in it

Turning around to take her drink as the bartender placed it down Emma then felt a tap on her shoulder “um…excuse me?” she heard a voice behind her turning back around to find a tall man that looked to be in his early to mid-twenties stood behind her “are you…really…you know?” he stammered having obviously taken a few minutes to pluck up the courage to talk to her before actually doing so

“Yeah, I’m her” Emma smiled warmly finding the guys nerves quite cute, normally when it came to guys it was either lecherous compliments or outright shyness to the point that they couldn’t even look at her directly “can I help you with anything?” she asked as she rolled her hands along his body, standing at a petite five foot four herself the man standing in front of her was an easy full foot taller than her which she liked a lot, his hair was a sandy brown showing that it had been blond in his earlier life, his eyes were a stormy grey and despite being lanky his body had a pleasant leanness to it making it so that he wasn’t a living skeleton “what’s your name cutie?”

“Adam, my…my name’s Adam” he responded before pulling out a small notebook “can I have your autograph? I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies and I loved you as Hermione” Adam babbled as Emma took the notebook and a pen from the bar table to Adam’s amazement having not expected her to grant him the request

Humming to herself as she signed the autograph Emma took another moment to check out Adam’s body when she gave the notebook back “there you go, hope you like it” she smiled cheekily biting her tongue letting her eyes trail down to Adam’s groin as he grinned goofily at her signature “now since I’ve done that for you how about you do something for me”

“Oh? Of course!” Adam quickly replied, his cheeks flushing as Emma stood up in front of him “what can I do?” he asked to which Emma took hold of his shirt using it to pull him down to her level, her breath hot in his ear as she whispered sultrily in it before letting him go

Adam’s face went bright red as Emma’s words sunk in, watching with wide eyes as the celebrity sauntered away towards the back door before she looked back at him, slowly licking her teeth as she beckoned him to follow her

(In the alley outside)

Emma let out a cry of delight as shortly after she stepped out into the alleyway she found herself whisked off of her feet and shoved up against a nearby wall, Adam’s mouth on her neck and his hands all over her body sending waves of arousal straight between her legs “ooooh yes right there” she gasped as she felt Adam cup her cunt through her short shorts biting her lip as she ground down against his hand

Kicking off her heels she then hopped up to wrap her legs around Adam’s waist as she grabbed hold of his head crushing her mouth to his, the kiss frantic and needy as she ground her groin against his growing bulge “fuck you feel big” she panted against his mouth moaning as she felt his large strong hands on her arse “get me out of these clothes” she then breathed nearly making Adam’s heart stop dead at the sudden rush of blood that went to his groin

Setting Emma back down Adam brought his shaky hands up to her top as she raised her arms to let him remove the top, his heart pounding wildly as he slowly lifted the tub top revealing Emma’s perfect chest inch by inch until her perky B cup breasts bounced free from their tight confines “there we go” Emma sighed blissfully as Adam pulled her top off over her head and arms “now my shorts” she smiled as she hopped onto a nearby wooden crate reclining back and spreading her legs as she waited to be fully stripped

“This is a dream, I have to be fucking dreaming” Adam thought to himself as he undid the button of Emma’s shorts swallowing thickly when he found her groin perfectly shaven when he unzipped the clothing, lifting her hips Emma licked her lips as her perfect little slit and firm round arse were bared as Adam pulled her shorts down her legs “this isn’t a dream, I fucking died and this is Heaven” Adam gasped internally at the sight of Emma sat completely naked in front of him

Not wanting to waste a single moment of the opportunity that most men would kill for Adam dove forward kissing Emma forcefully, one hand sliding down between her legs to rub her moistening slit making her moan against his mouth “someone’s….mmmm eager….” she breathed before rolling her head back with a pleasured gasp as she felt two of his fingers push into her hot little pussy

“You’re so tight” Adam groaned feeling her cunt clench like a vice around his fingers, licking his lips he then kissed her throat again before slowly trailing his tongue down the front of her body, removing his fingers to replace them with his tongue making Emma gasp with pleasure

“Ohhhh yes! Right there!” Emma panted arching her back as Adam buried his tongue as deep as he could into her sweet little cunt, reaching down she took hold of his head burying her fingers in his hair her toes curled tightly “mmmm right there, fuck your tongue feels so fucking good!” she moaned biting her lip as she rocked her hips pressing her pussy harder to Adam’s mouth

Growling lustfully against her core Adam bit down on her clit making her gasp sharply before pushing his fingers back inside of her, pumping them steadily as his tongue lavished attention on her budding clit “oh yes! Right there! Right there!” Emma continued to pant and moan as her cunt started to clench and spasm “so close”

Pushing his fingers deeper Adam soon found a small cluster of nerves inside her pussy pressing down on it hard to set off her much needed climax “oh yesssss” Emma hissed with ecstasy, her back arching hard as she pulled Adam’s hair harder, waves of pure nirvana running through her veins as her orgasm rocked her petite body holding her fan in place throughout her entire climax

When her orgasm eventually died down she slowly released her grip on Adam’s hair letting him pull away “fuck I needed that” she purred reaching down to rub her still quivering pussy before bringing her lips to her mouth to taste herself “now how about I return the favour? It’s only fair after all” she then breathed licking her lips as she could almost hear Adam’s heart pounding in his chest “I hope you don’t mind”

Shaking his head dumbly as Emma slid down off of the box to kneel in front of him Adam just stared down at her as she proceeded to undo his belt buckle and zipper pulling his pants down to review his heavily tented boxers “well someone’s happy” Emma giggled reaching forward to rub his bulge through his underwear finding him rock hard and hot to the touch “looks like I picked the right guy for tonight” she added leaning forward to give his cock a heavy kiss through his boxers

“Oh fuck!” Adam gasped as Emma started to make out with his erection through his underwear, her lips feeling heavenly soft and her tongue extremely hot and wet even through the cloth covering his cock making him worry slightly that he wouldn’t last three seconds in her mouth, starting to shake he reached forward to balance his hands on the wall as Emma bit down on the hem of his boxers pulling them down with her teeth slowly freeing his erection making him gasp as he felt it slap hard against her face

Tittering as his cock hit her hard in the face Emma grinned dirtily as she finally laid eyes on his length and girth, an easy eight inches long and three inches thick making her purr at the thought of how well he would fill her up, reaching up she wrapped a small hand around the base of his cock biting her lip as she found his erection near red hot to the touch “oh yeah, you’re definitely happy to see me” she giggled stroking him slowly as she looked up to watch every facial expression that graced his features “if this feels good just wait until I do this” she added opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue gently licking around his cock head

“Fuckkkkk” Adam groaned clenching his fists as Emma slowly ran her tongue all over his cock “I…I wanna fuck your face…” he panted before freezing when he realized what he had just said, expecting Emma to storm off in an offended rage he was more than surprised when the celebrity simply giggled again before sitting back and opening her mouth wide waiting for him to make the next move

Staring for a moment Adam had to resist the urge to cum right then and there at the sight of Emma’s open mouth alone, countless nights were filled with dirty dreams of him being able to fuck her perfect little mouth like a pussy and now he actually got to do it, reaching forward he buried her fingers in her short pixie cut hair before slowly pushing his cock into her waiting mouth letting out a loud groan of pleasure as his cock was encased in its hot wet heat “oh my god”

Taking a couple of moments to ready himself Adam then slowly began to thrust in and out of Emma’s mouth, gasping and panting every time his cock head pushed down her throat amazed as she didn’t gag once, in fact after about a few thrusts she actually starting humming around his cock sending blissful vibrations along his length “holy fuck yes!” Adam grunted as he started to get braver with his thrusts, gripping Emma’s head tighter as he drove his cock deeper into her mouth

Burying his cock balls deep down Emma’s throat Adam then pulled back to let her breathe marvelling at how fucking hot she looked with her mascara running a little and with thick ropes of cum connecting her mouth to his cock “why did you stop?” Emma panted licking her lips lustfully as she looked up at her fan “you said you wanted to face fuck me so face fuck me” she brunette grinned licking her lips before opening her mouth wide again

That was all Adam needed to hear to relax and let himself just enjoy his fantasy, pumping the brunettes head along his cock as he fucked her mouth as hard and fast as he could, grunting and cursing over and over as his cock soon started to throb in Emma’s throat “oh god, god yes suck it!” he gasped as his precum poured down the brunettes windpipe

Tasting his thick precum on her tongue Emma reached up to grip his waist sucking harder and harder to coax him into climax which he quickly reached, rolling his head back with pleasure Adam drove his entire cock into Emma’s mouth blowing his load straight down her throat taking short rough thrusts throughout his climax “oh fuck yes! Swallow it all!” he panted as his balls continued to beat against her chin

Letting Adam use her head as he pleased throughout his climax Emma continued to suck on him even after his release had ended completely cleaning his cock before slowly pulling away, a wicked smile on her face as she sultrily licked her lips “damn you were packing, never had a guy cum that much from a blowjob before, I hope you have some left for the main event” she purred giving his cock another loving kiss before rising to her feet

“Main event?” Adam replied confused before his eyes went wide as he realized what she had meant when she hopped back onto the crate spreading her legs wide

“Yeah, you think I was going to let you walk away with just a blowjob? Now come here I want to feel that cock in me” the brunette breathed biting her lip as Adam moved forward between her legs, her pussy throbbing with need as she watched his fat cock move closer and closer to her core “give it to me, I want it hard”

Taking a deep breath to steel himself Adam took hold of her waist pulling Emma closer to him as he slowly pushed into her needy pussy “oh god…you’re so damn hot…” he gasped as Emma’s tight little pussy clenched hard around his erection, so warm around him it felt like she was almost burning him, reaching under her to grip her tight bubble arse he lifted her up slightly to pull her even closer rolling his head back as he buried his entire cock inside of her “so fucking tight!”

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck I needed this!” Emma mewled grabbing hold of Adam’s shoulders as he lifted her off of the crate starting to bounce her along his cock “god your fucking cock’s so fucking big!” she cried out throwing her head back as Adam used her faster, her perky tits bouncing wildly every time he brought her down on his cock “that’s it, fucking that little pussy!”

Digging his fingers deeper into Emma’s perfect arse Adam started pounding deeper into her cunt, holding her in place as he drove his cock inside of her making her scream out with ecstasy as the brunette proceeded to wrap her arms around his neck for support “p…put me down….I want to ride you!” the brunette then pleaded prompting Adam to stop thrusting and reluctantly pull out of her setting her back onto her feet

Taking Adam’s hand Emma let him to a nearby pile of cardboard boxes sitting him down on it for cushioning before quickly straddling his lap, loving the wide eyed look of adoration and lust he gave her she took hold of his hands, placing one of his chest whilst bringing the other to her mouth lovingly sucking on one of his fingers as she slowly lowered her cunt onto his throbbing shaft letting out a loud moan around his finger

With her cunt fully impaled on his cock the brunette then started to bounce as fast as she could on his lap, her tits and her ass bouncing hard with her “ohhhh yes fuck!” she panted sitting up straight running her hands through her hair as Adam brought his hand down to her chest to join his other one, squeezing her tits hard as she bucked and gyrated on his cock “you want to cum in me? I’m on the pill so cum as much as you want!” she moaned as she felt him throb inside of her

Once again unable to believe his luck Adam nodded taking hold of her waist as he started to thrust up into her, making the brunette bounce even harder on his cock “oh fuck! Oh fuck yes harder!” Emma cried out as she started to orgasm again, Adam’s cock head hitting against her cervix hard every time she slammed herself down driving her to another shuddering climax “so good!”

“Oh god” Adam grunted as Emma’s cunt squeezed even tighter around his cock, gripping her waist harder he brought her down hard on his cock before cumming deep inside of her, flooding her tight little cunt and womb completely with his hot seed making the brunette keen loudly before she collapsed forward onto him panting heavily as she relished in her orgasm high

“Fuck….I haven’t cum like that in god knows how long” Emma laughed as she pulled herself off of Adam’s cock “thanks for that, saves me wasting the night on some seedy porno online” she smiled as she pulled her shorts back on

“Don’t mention it” Adam replied trying to sound as nonchalant as possible despite the fact he was cheering inside having had the honour of fucking the one woman that countless men on the planet would do anything for to spend a night with “it was great for me too” he added as he pulled his pants back up

“I know” Emma replied cheekily sticking her tongue out as she pulled her top back on “if you ever see me again feel free to say hi, we might be able to have some fun again” she smiled wickedly giving him a flirty wink before heading back into the club leaving Adam both dumb and awestruck

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