Incest Pregnancy: Megan Fox

BY : Nik0laiPetr0v
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You pull up to the driveway of your house having got back from the grocery store. While you're pulling your car to park inside the garage, on the other side of the driveway you see your sister, “Transformers” actress Megan Fox. She is working on the custom emblem paint on your motorcycle, she specializes in exterior customization while you have been working on its parts. You see her leaning her leg on the seat of the bike while she leaning forward is spraying the custom paint job on the front of the bike, rather looking very sexy and promiscuous in her loose tank top and high-thigh cut jean shorts, her ass angled up, her back curving inward, her hair flowing with the breeze in the streets. Even though she is your sister, you're lucky to have a very hot girl working on your bike's exterior. You park your car, turn it off, and come out with the bag of groceries.

You: Hey Megan.

MF: Hey bro. Could you get me the bottle of paint thinner?

You: Where is it?

MF: Next to the cam shafts.

You: Aw, I love it when you say that. Say it again, but softer.

She turns her head and looks at you, with a suggestive glaring look.

MF: Mmm, cam shafts.

You: Man, I'm so jealous that Todd got you as his girlfriend.

You grab the paint thinner and hand it to her.

You: Here you go.

MF: Thanks.

You: You think I'll be able to find a girlfriend who will be comparable to you?

MF: Mmm, I think so. You just have to be patient, brother.

You: Yeah, but if we weren't brother and sister, and if you were still single, you're so hot I would be all over you.

MF: Oh, stop it.

You: Hehe, but I'm still lucky to have you as a sister.

MF: Aw thanks. You're such a good brother.

You head inside the house and put away the groceries. You then go to your bedroom and start playing video games. As you're playing, you hear a yelling noise coming from outside, it turns out Megan is arguing with Todd over the phone. The yelling seemed to have lasted at least 10 minutes before it becomes quiet. A moment later, your door opens and Megan comes in. She looked dreadful, your face a bit puffy, she is wiping some tears from her eyes, sniffing as she is trying to hold back sobs.

MF: Hey.

You: Hey, what's wrong?

MF: I just had this huge fight with Todd. I could really use a hug right now.

You: Oh. Come here.

She gets on your bed and lays her head on your shoulder, she wraps her arms around you, you wrap yours around her shoulders and sort of caress her shoulder and her hair.

MF: I'm sorry.

You: What's going on?

MF: He's got this ex-girlfriend that he's friends with on Facebook, and he's just like commenting on everything she's posted.

You: Well, it's probably nothing, it's not as bad as you think.

MF: I don't know. We only had sex one time, and it's been more than a couple months, so he's probably getting it somewhere else, right?

You: Well, he would have to be stupid to be cheating on you.

MF: You're just saying that because you're my brother.

You: Well, I'm not blind, you're gorgeous. There's no way he's cheating on you. Come on.

MF: I don't know. I just sort of yelled at him when I told him to decide either me or her. And now I'm just really scared that he's gonna pick her.

You: Well, if he picks her, he's really stupid, because you're gorgeous, you're funny, you're smart, you're everything that any guy would ever want.

MF: You really mean that?

You: Of course.

You give her a bigger hug, she hugs you back tighter.

MF: Thanks.

You: It's gonna be okay.

MF: I hope so. I was so excited that everything was working out for us.

You: Everything's gonna be just fine.

You start to rub her back, then your motions start to go to her lower back.

MF: You're so good to me, thank you.

You give her a kiss on her head.

You: I mean, you're like the perfect girl.

She gives a light giggle.

You: I mean, look at yourself.

Your hand on her lower back begins to caress her ass, and then you give it a squeeze.

MF: Oh god, what are you doing?

You: Nothing, it's just think you're super attractive, that's all.

MF: Hmm.

You: And I like holding you, it feels good.

MF: Me too, it's just, you're getting a little, gropey.

You: Well I don't get to be this close to you very often, so I figured I take advantage of it.

MF: It does feel really nice.

She gives a couple quiet sniffing sobs, you squeeze her ass again, and give her a couple more kisses on her head. She sits up and looks at you.

MF: You really think I'm better than any other girl?

You: Hands down. You are a million times better than any other chick that idiot can be with.

MF: You're such a good brother.

You caress her hair and meet her gaze. She leans in and kisses you on the lips. She kiss you again, you kiss back, it then becomes a make out. You start groping each other, she has her hands on your back while you have your hands on her breasts and lower back. Your tongues start to meet each other, body heat and ecstasy begin to flow through both of your bodies.

You: Should we stop?

MF: No.

She takes off her tank top, you take off your shirt, you then grab both of her full breasts and play with them. She looks at you with eagerness.

You: Are you feeling good?

MF: Yeah.

She pulls down her shorts and panties, you see a wet patch in them.

You: Wow, you're already that wet?

MF: Yeah, I really need this.

She then takes off your pants and grabs your hardening cock.

You: Aw, I wanna touch you everywhere.

You give her breasts a few big squeezes, then with one of your hands you reach down to her pussy and feel the hot slipperiness.

You: Aw god. That's it.

You feel your dick getting harder as she continues to stroke it.

You: If Todd's gonna be with that whore, and if I can't find my own girlfriend, I wanna be with you.

MF: Aww, thank you.

Your dick is now at its hardest, her pussy is at its wettest.

You: You wanna get right to it?

MF: Yeah.

She gets up and positions herself on top of you, facing each other. She goes up, guides your dick to her beautiful pussy, and slowly goes down.

You: You are so fucking beautiful.

MF: You are so good to me, my brother.

She then goes all the way down, and begins to go up and down, riding you. She lets out moans, while you let out groans. Your mind starts to feel blown away by the fact that you are now having sex with your own sister.

You: Aww, you don't need him anyway. I'm gonna make you feel good forever.

MF: You promise you'll take care of me?

You: I will.

You watch your sister sliding your dick in and out of her pussy, you look up and see her boobs bouncing up and down with each thrust you give into her. She lets out louder moans as she continues to allow her brother's dick to go deeper and deeper in her.

You: Wanna get on all fours, sis?

MF: Oh yes.

She gets off of you and turns around, showing her beautiful ass as she gets on her hands and knees. You put your dick back in and resume fucking your sister. Megan turns her head and gives herself a loud slap on her ass, giving a grunting expression as you thrust harder and harder.

You: Nnngh, you said you haven't had sex in a long time.

MF: Right now, I only want you to fuck me.

You hold your hands on her ass and lower back to keep her steady as you continue to pump her. Her pussy muscles contracting as she enjoys it more and more.

You: My god, you are so fucking hot, sis.

MF: Oh my god, I really need that. Keep going.

Your pelvis hits her ass harder and harder, the slapping sound of your flesh hitting each other gets louder, and the squishing noise of your dick in her pussy is getting noticeably louder too. She lets out louder moans and groans, until her pussy starts clenching hard on your dick, and then you feel it get wetter, she lets out one loud moan.

MF: Uuuuuuoooooooh!!!

In response, you give her a big thrust to finish her climax. She falls a bit forward onto her stomach. You hold her back and see her face, a crazy expression with her eyes rolled back and her tongue out giving the impression that she's had the best fuck of her life.

You: God, I can't believe that I just fucked you.

MF: Oh my brother, this was the best fucking I've ever had.

You: You want to keep going?

MF: I don't wanna stop until you give me everything.

You lay on your back and she gets on top of you again, this time her back facing you. She lines her pussy and immediately goes down on your dick, riding you in reverse.

MF: Hand me my phone.

You: Where is it?

MF: To your left.

You grab her smart phone and give it to Megan. You see her looking for something while she is riding sex with you. She then holds the phone in front of her and you hear the phone take a picture.

MF: That'll show him.

You: Haha, Todd will never know what he will be missing.

MF: Mmmm, you feel better than anything I've ever done with Todd.

You: Really?

MF: Yeah. You're so much longer and bigger than him, he didn't even last three minutes.

You: He's a fucking shame.

MF: Yeah, let him rot wherever he decides to go.

She pauses for a minute to catch a breath. She gets off of you and lays on her back. You get on top of her and get back in. You hold one leg while her other leg moves around your hip.

You: Aw, I love you.

MF: I love you so much. You're the best brother.

You push deeper into her, you feel your dick entering the back of her womb. She lets out a loud moan.

MF: Oooh, you're right, I don't need Todd anymore.

You: I will take such good care of you.

You dick begins to tense as you're about reach your own climax.

You: Oh, you want me to cum?

MF: Ah, I want you to cum inside me.

You: What?

MF: Please.

You: But, what if you get pregnant?

MF: I don't care, I don't want anybody other than you.

You: Are you sure?

MF: Yes, it would feel so good. Please. Oh, I really wanna feel you cum.

You: Oh my god.

You feel compelled, better convinced, by your sister words to finally go all the way. You pick up the pace, thrusting harder into your sister.

MF: Oh my god!

You: Aw yeah!

Your dick thickens and gets ready to burst.

You: You want it? Here I go, sis! Aaarggh!

MF: Oh gaaawwd! GAAAAWWWWDDD!!!

Your dick begins to blow, strings of semen flow out of your urethra and into your sister's pussy. The tip of your cock having made contact with the back of the womb presses and coats it with your cum. But more and more keep coming out until some of it starts flowing out while your dick is still inside her. You shudder as you slowly pull out, your dick still very sensitive that it shoots out a couple more drops of cum all over her pussy. You look at your sister, she is very happy, her bright smile and pretty face glisten with the sweat from your passionate love making.

MF: Thank you. Thank you so much.

You both look at the white sticky mess on her pussy. She continues to smile as her eyes begin to close. You move forward and lay your head next to Megan's. Exhausted, you feel your body begin to relax, your eyelids feeling heavy, and you both fall a sleep together.



It is a warm summer day, early afternoon. You are laying on your pool chair outside, sunbathing and enjoying an iced lemonade. You feel a hand caress your thigh, you look to find your sister, Megan Fox, also laying on a pool chair, wearing a cheetah patterned bikini bra and a thin white skirt, her belly visibly bigger, but she still looks as hot as ever. You hold her arm and your thumb caresses her soft skin.

MF: Hey brother.

You: Hey sis. Feeling okay?

MF: Yeah, just enjoying and loving the sun.

Megan pulls out her phone and does something. Yours then vibrates, you got a notification that you got something on Snapchat. You open it, and you find that your sister sent you the picture that she took from that time - Missing you inside me!” - You look at her, she gives you a seductive wink.

You: God you are just so hot.

She smiles.

MF: I have the best brother I've always wanted.

You: And you are the best and the most beautiful sister I could ever have.

MF: Aww, brother, thanks, you're so sweet.

You move your hand to her belly and feel it, you feel happy and proud of what you and your sister have done.

You: So, wanna go to your bedroom this time?

She looks at you and licks her lips.

MF: Mmmm, this is going to be a really fun threesome.

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