Highland College Part 4

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Disclaimer: I don't know the celebrities I'm writing about. This is fiction. I make no money from this story.

“Alright team, bring it in,” Coach Sarah Michelle Gellar screamed.

“You think she has PMS again,” Taylor Momsen asked one of her teammates. “She ran us a lot harder than usual.”

“So I have some news, and it’s not that I’m a total bitch,” Sarah said, looking directly at the skinny emo-blonde who went slightly red in the face. “I’m going to share the location of the international tournament we go on in the New Year.”

Sarah had pause as the pack of 18-23 year old girls started screaming excitedly and acting like a bunch of high schoolers. It took them a solid minute to calm down before anyone could speak again.

“I hope it’s somewhere tropical like Bermuda or the Bahamas,” Megan Fox thought out loud.

“No way. Some place with lots of history like Greece or Spain,” Amanda Seyfried, the team captain argued.

“I’ve always wanted to go to France,” Taylor Swift gushed.

“That’s funny because you always wanted to get fucked by a Frenchman,” Hayden Panettiere commented.

“Listen up. It’s none of the aforementioned places. We are actually going to Canada,” Sarah informed.

“YEAH!” Nina Dobrev cheered enthusiastically since it would be a homecoming for her as she was the sole Canadian on the team.

“How is that international? Aren’t they the 51st state?” Ashley Greene asked.

“It’s cold in Canada with lots of snow and polar bears,” Taylor Momsen stated. “We are totally going to get eaten by polar bears while those damn penguins laugh at us.”

“I swear some of these girls are functionally retarded,” assistant coach Carrie Underwood whispered to Sarah. “Penguins are in the Antarctic for one.”

“Tell me about it. One of these dumb bitches is barely passing popular culture! That’s the class that the fucking football team takes to boost their GPA,” Sarah responded.

“So where are we going in Canada? Toronto I hope. They have amazing shopping there,” Nina hoped.

“We’re going to Vancouver actually. And for those of you who are geographically challenged, it’s right above Washington State and it’s beautiful there,” Sarah answered.

“Unfortunately ladies, I won’t be able to go,” Carrie announced, bring an audible grumble from the crowd. “I have to attend my sister’s wedding on the same weekend in Cancun.”

“You lucky whore,” one of the girls shouted.

“So the head of recruitment, Ms. Scarlett Johansson, will come in her place and double as the athletic trainer,” Sarah informed

“Can we head out now Coach Sarah? I have to grab a fast shower then go to my lab,” Megan asked.

“You have class at 8:30 in the morning,” Sarah asked in wonder. She thought all of the girls avoided the early morning classes like the plague, especially when the class fell on the same day as 6am volleyball practice.

“Yeah. To get accepted to the Master’s program I need to take this radiation therapies class so I have a lab for it this morning,” Megan informed, much to the shock to the rest of the team.

“Okay, two laps then do a cool-down stretch then hit the showers,” Sarah said before her and Carrie left the gymnasium.

“Hey Hayden, I need to talk to you after practice,” Taylor Swift told her roommate. “It’s actually kind of important.”

“Sure thing. I just have to stop by the financial aid office first so I’ll just meet you at the dorm room,” Hayden answered.

* * *

“Hey Megan, over here,” Barney, Megan’s lab partner called out.

“Thanks for saving me a seat Mr. Marshall,” Megan replied as she slid in next to him.

“Oh yeah, well it was no problem really,” Barney gushed while his face reddened. “You look great as usual by the way.”

“Well aren’t you just the sweetest guy ever,” Megan flirted while giving him a playful light slap to his bicep. “Oh wow. I guess you don’t spend all your time studying x-rays. Feels like you hit the gym pretty hard.”

“I find myself there every now and then,” Barney replied, trying to stay cool as the hottest girl on campus flirted with him.

“How much are you lifting,” Megan asked with interest.

“I’m benching a max of 210lbs. but I haven’t really pushed myself yet,” Barney lied as he was just trying to impress her.

“Wow. Hearing about guys at the gym makes me so horny,” Megan whispered into his ear.

“Alright everyone, listen up,” Professor Spade announced to the small lab. “Today will just be a day to finish up producing your x-rays you took last time. So first up are Barney and Megan. Do you guys need the dark room today?”

“Yeah we didn’t even start that part yet so we’ll need some time in there to complete the assignment,” Megan answered before Barney could truthfully reply to the teacher.

“Okay. Here’s the key to the room and just make sure you don’t leave it in there once your done,” Spade said as he handed it over to the lab partners.

Megan strode up to the professor to get the key before her and Barney went to the back of the lab area to the last room. Using the key to unlock the door, the pair slid into the room and closed it tightly. Just as the name implied, the dark room was complete void of light, which destroys x-ray film so all work had to be done in pitch blackness.

“Why did you lie? We were done that work early last week,” Barney said in the direction of Megan.

“I got this really big itch and I needed someone to scratch it for me,” Megan replied. “Now aren’t you going to tell me how nice I looked in my dress?”

“Oh, I see. Yeah Megan you looked so sexy in that dress,” Barney commented as he felt one of her hands land on his hip. “So where is this itch you mentioned.”

“Follow my arm,” Megan answered in her most seductive voice.

Barney did as he was told and found her left arm and traced it downward. He was pleasantly surprised to find that it went under her short skirt and that her middle and ring finger was buried in her wet pussy. Once she felt his fingers near hers, she pulled out so that he could use his same two fingers on her before she added hers back in.

“Fuck that feels good,” Megan groaned in response to the four fingers working in unison inside her pink folds.

“I think you forgot to where panties,” Barney commented.

“I didn’t forget anything big boy,” Megan replied as her unused hand worked on unhooking his belt and pants.

He was disappointed when she pulled his fingers from her but the next thing he felt was his denim pants gliding down his legs. His cock was already fully erect in anticipation and Megan didn’t let it go to waste as she took his head in her mouth and used her tongue to play with his slit.

“Damn you’re good,” Barney grunted as the smoking hot brunette now licked all along his fleshy pole.

“You haven’t felt anything yet,” Megan remarked. “Take my hair in your hands and use me however you want.”

“Really? How much can you take,” Barney asked, not wanting to hurt the eager girl.

“Let me worry about that. Do whatever you want. Hell you can fuck my face if you want,” Megan said to ease his nerves.

None of the girls that Barney had hooked up with him in the past had ever allowed him to be so forceful with them so he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. Grabbing her by the side of the head, Barney thrust his hips forwards so that half of his cock was in Megan’s skilled mouth.

Megan easily handled that so Barney was now pulling her face in towards him at the same time. The first time her nose smacked his pubes and his balls whacked into her chin she coughed up extra spit but suppressed her gag reflux. With her throat now open to his cock and the extra lubrication, Barney was smoothly gliding along her lips.

Barney couldn’t believe how much of a pro Megan was at this. But after a few minutes of thrusting deep into her throat he wanted to try fucking another one of her orifices.

“How about we get to the really good stuff,” Barney asked.

“Would love too,” Megan replied.

The lovely brunette got to her feet and was immediately pounced on by the horny boy as he shoved his tongue back down her throat. Megan responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, and then jumped up while wrapping her long legs around his waist.

Barney knew exactly what to do as he slid his heavily salivated pecker into her pussy as the pair continued to make out. The lucky dude started walking ahead slowly, hoping to find a wall for support in the pitch-black space. Luckily it was a small room and soon Megan’s back was pressed against the smooth brick as she bounced on his rod.

“Yeah keep fucking me hard sexy,” Megan encouraged.

It was clear to Barney that this girl enjoyed fucking more than anything else. He couldn’t believe the energy that she had while he continued to plow into her with every ounce of energy he had. His arms were getting slightly tired as each of his hands was grabbing one of Megan’s glorious ass cheeks while she bounced on his meat stick.

“Let’s switch things around,” Barney offered.

“As long as you keep fucking me this good you can do whatever you want,” Megan replied.

The brunette fox got her feet back under her as her lab partner lowered her to the floor. Barney twirled her around so that she was now facing the wall then separated her legs a bit more so that he could stand between them. Megan leaned forward so that her hands were now resting the wall to keep her balance.

Barney grabbed his dripping wet cock in one hand and attempted to search out her pink folds again but that was proving a challenge in the complete darkness. Thinking he had found the right hole he pushed forward with some force until the head of his member pushed into a much tighter opening.

“You got some balls to put it in a girl’s ass with no warning buddy,” Megan shot back at her lab partner. “You really interpreted me saying whatever you want to do as long as you fuck me good literally.”

“Want me to stop,” Barney offered.

“Not on your life. Just let me get you in all the way to start with then you better pump me with all you got,” Megan answered.

Barney stood still with just the crown of his cock nestled in her asshole and waited for Megan to react. She started pushing back and Barney felt his pole being engulfed by her insanely tight anus inch-by-inch until her perfectly round cheeks were touching his pelvis.

“Now I can have some fun,” Barney commented as he pulled almost completely out of her backdoor before thrusting it all back in to the hilt.

“Yeah that’s it Barney! Fuck my ass!” Megan shouted as they both enjoyed the rough sex.

“You like that when I slap your ass baby,” Barney asked while raining down open handed slaps on her right cheek.

“Hell yes I do,” Megan retorted. “But I love having my hair pulled.”

“Like this,” Barney questioned while grabbing a handful of her long brunette hair and heaving on it. “You’re such a slut aren’t you? You love having your ass fucked while being slapped and having you’re hair pulled.”

“The biggest fucking slut ever,” Megan answered his rhetorical question. “And just to prove it I’m about to cum from all that.”

As Barney quite hammering into her asshole from behind and she rubbed her clitoris, Megan erupted in a powerful orgasm that buckled her knees. Barney was able to catch her before she fell to the ground in a near unconscious state and placed her on her hands and knees without ever pulling out of her.

“Where do you want me to blow,” Barney asked while he resumed ass fucking the gorgeous 22-year-old.

“In my mouth. I love swallowing cum and sucking cock that has the taste of my asshole on it,” Megan answered.

“You’re a special girl,” Barney commented.

It didn’t take long for him to reach his limit since her asshole was like a vice since her massive climax. After another minute of intense drilling, Barney pulled out and stumbled to where her face was. Megan reached out in the dark and was able to direct his swollen member into her mouth just as it starting shooting off.

She took pride in always leaving every guy satisfied and all men loved degrading a girl. That’s why Megan let them fuck her anywhere they wanted and she grew accustomed to swallowing their salty load and even now craved the taste when she went a day or two without any.

Megan finished gobbling up every last ounce that her lab partner had to offer before engulfing his jizz. It felt smooth traveling down her throat then she finished up by sucking his cock dry of any hint of flavor left over from either her pussy or asshole.

“That was amazing,” Barney commented as he redressed himself.

“You were pretty good yourself. So good in fact that I’ll give you my number and maybe you can do this again,” Megan replied.

The pair got dressed and straightened themselves up the best they could in the blackness before remerging from the dark room. They handed the room key back over to the professor then left the class and went their separate ways after exchanging numbers.

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