Barbara's Blowbang Booth

BY : wrecked24
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Disclaimer: I do not know and have never met Barbara Dunkelman, nor am I affiliated with RoosterTeeth or RTX. This story is entirely fiction and non-profit.

Two weeks. Two long weeks of decisions and anticipation. Two weeks of sifting through thousands upon thousands of dick pictures. Two weeks of contacting and checking in with Twitter followers to make sure that the stunt would go smoothly and safely. The two agonizing weeks between Barbara and her 50 hand-selected VIP male partners had finally come to an end. Since she posted the announcement about her special "meet-and-greet" at the upcoming RTX, Barbara had spent most of her time on Twitter, looking through her feed at the incredible wave of cocks that had been submitted for the special event. Most girls were picky about what they liked and didn't like in a penis, but Barbara was something of an expert. Length and girth weren't enough, she considered the size and shape of the head, how veiny it was, ball size, circumcision, how smooth the skin looked, and, of course, how it would probably feel in her holes or hands. When she wasn't distracted by imagining the feeling, she thought carefully and chose the cocks that she would most like to invite to her booth's opening.

Finally, the day had come. The convention center was still largely empty, space only being occupied by booths that hadn't been constructed yet, and the people assembling them. It was only 8 in the morning, so they had ample time to set up for the convention. However, there was one booth off to the side of the building that had been built hours before any others, and was the only one that was surrounded by fans. It was a small, four-sided box with cream-white walls and a large, circular hole in each wall. A foot or so above each hole was a glass window that gave a look inside to the booth's purpose: Barbara Dunkelman. The stunning blonde Canadian girl was laid on a cushioned platform that stretched between two of the walls, allowing her to reach for all four holes the booth offered. Each of the sides provided service with one of Barbara's many specialties.

The first hole saw nothing but her plump pink lips, curled up into an eager smile. Above the hole, between it and the window, sat colorful, retro-style text that read "Let her blow you away!", a detail that Barbara insisted on. On the opposite wall, Barbara had her plush ass pressed up against the hole, showing off her drooling wet slit, and her perfectly tight asshole. The tag-line above read "Hole-y moley!". The other two walls were reserved for Barbara's hands, and her dainty fingers rested idly on the bottom of the holes. On the inside, each hole had a lube dispenser on the wall next to it. Since she felt that handies were boring on their own, she had spent a good amount of time working on a special technique that could rival an expert blowjob. She planned on using these holes to their full potential, providing her special tugjobs to anyone who wanted them. Above each of the hand holes read "Free hand-outs!"

Once the booth had been constructed and Barbara was comfortable inside it, the convention security allowed the lucky VIP pass holders to enter and step up to the booth. Barbara had a small welcome prepared for when the contest winners arrived, but as soon as she opened her mouth to say hello, she immediately felt a fat, twitching cock slide it's way into her mouth. She didn't mind being put to use right away, and was actually glad she got to get started so soon. As the head of the fan's cock slid into her mouth, she felt inch after inch follow it, until the throbbing tip was sat deep in her throat. One of the other details Barbara made sure of when choosing winners was that she awarded a VIP pass to no cock under 7 inches. Judging by how hard it was to breathe, she was starting off with one much larger than that.

Barbara focused her attention on moving her tongue in ways that would rub all the right spots for the fan that was facefucking her. She twirled it around the shaft as he pushed in, and flicked it on the underside of his cockhead as he pulled out. Her pattern was interrupted momentarily when another well-hung fan approached the wall behind her, rubbing his member up and down her pussy to get it wet before pushing it in. Her moans muffled by the cock in her mouth, Barbara backed her ass up to the hole as best she could to make sure she got every inch, while returning to her tongue pattern all the while. The booth had just opened, and she was already being spit-roasted.

Not long after, two eager dicks entered through the hand holes, and Barbara tried her best to take her mind off the men ramming her from front and back to lube up both of them, beginning her special technique right away. Most of her hand spent time stroking the whole length of the shaft, but every stroke also brought her thumb up the underside of the head, rubbing over the tip and back as she went down again. Her grip was tight, and she jerked off both the fans in unison, while the others simply rammed away at the holes.

Only a few minutes of being fucked from behind passed before Barbara felt her first cumshot of the day shooting off deep inside her, warm and sticky. She had taken her own safety measures to allow as many creampies as she could handle, and all the VIPs were aware. As the first fan slid out of her, his thick wad of cum followed, dripping out of the blonde's pussy slowly, falling bit by bit into a bucket placed underneath the hole.

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