Incest Pregnancy: Jennifer Aniston

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The situation of these events are as follows: your mom's best friend was killed in an accident, the funeral was at a different part of the state, she couldn't drive because she was too emotionally overwhelmed so she had another friend drive her there to meet with the rest of the party. She stayed at a hotel the night before, and the funeral was held in a summer afternoon. Since father could not come to pick her up, your mom ended up calling you to pick her up after her other friends have already gone. You strategically drove in the middle of the night in order to arrive at your mom's hotel in the morning after the funeral. You go up to her room, and as you stand just outside, the door is slightly ajar and you hear your mom talking to someone on the phone.

JA: I just can't believe she's gone. I was just talking to her last week. No. No, my husband didn't even come. Can you believe he wouldn't come to my best friend's funeral? He knew she was my best friend. 20 years she was my best friend. No, he sent our son. And yet... No, he's old enough to drive now. He's over 18. I just can't believe he's not here for me. He's never here for me, I mean, what the fuck. Yeah, I'll talk to you later, I'll talk to you when I get back. Alright, bye.

After a few moments hearing her talking, you knock on the door.

You: Mom? I'm here.

It felt like thirty seconds before she answered from inside her room.

JA: Just come on in.

You open the door and walk in. Sitting on the bed is your mom, TV sitcom actress Jennifer Aniston, most famous for her role as Rachel in the series. She is wearing a small black dress, the short skirt at the bottom of it covering up to the middle of her thighs. From what you can see, she has not taken off that dress since the funeral the day before. She is obviously in tears, trying to dry her eyes with tissues, and on the table next to the bed is a glass with ice submerged in a clear liquid. She looks up and sees you coming in her room.

JA: Hi son.

You: Hey mom.

JA: Thanks for coming.

You sit down on the bed next to her.

You: How are you doing?

JA: I'm not good. I'm not gonna lie to ya, I'm not good. Susie was my best friend. Your dad should've been here for me, I mean, she was my best friend. It's just, I can't believe she's gone. I mean, I just talked to her last week, we volunteered at the school bake sale.

Her breaths sound a bit hollow from her crying and sobbing from the loss of her dearest and best friend.

JA: Can you believe she got hit by a school bus full of children?! I mean, who does that?! How does that happen?!

You: She should've looked both ways.

JA: Yeah, she was probably texting or something. Son, thank you so much for coming, it just means so much for you to come pick me up. I, first of all, I had like 14 of these.

She hastily picks up her glass and finishes the drink in it. She exhales, you feel the burning of her breath from the amount of alcohol she's consumed in the last couple hours.

JA: I mean, I just need somebody.

She turns her body to you and moves her arms around your shoulders. You move your arms around and hug her back.

JA: I just need shoulder to cry on, your daddy is just never there for me. I just need- thank you. Thank you so much, thank you.

Jennifer leans her head in and around your neck, her arms holding you very tightly.

JA: I just probably need a tighter hug, hug me real tight.

You pull your hug a little tighter.

JA: It means so much to me. I just need to start the healing process, your dad is just never there for me.

You feel her hands and arms moving all around you, your shoulders, your back, your waist, you feel her weight leaning more and more into you, her cheek bones caressing yours.

JA: It means so much. Thank you, thank you-

She turns her face to you, her breathing sounding with a little bit of moaning. You then feel her hand holding your face, her eyes moving closer to you, her eyelids closing and yours. You feel her hand pulling your face in to meet her lips with yours, soon both your lips begin to move around each other. Your thoughts start to run with why your own mother is kissing you right now, but it feels so good that you ignore the impulses to stop. Suddenly she breaks the kiss and moves her head back.

JA: Oh shit, what am I doing? Oh my god.

You: Umm.

Both of you look around the room, your mother catches her breath.

JA: Why were we even doing this? I just got carried away, you gotta take me home.

You: I, uh, I don't... I don't know what happened, I...

She brushes herself, trying to keep her composure.

JA: I got carried away with my emotions, I mean I'm a little wet down there, I mean I don't even know what I'm saying.

You: It's alright, mom, it's alright.

JA: I'm basically saying thank you for picking me up.

You: Not a problem, not a problem at all.

JA: I felt better, I felt a little bit better.

She fans herself with her hands, still breathing a bit hard from the moment.

JA: Ugh, my dress feels a bit tight, I just need to unzip it a little bit. It feels like it's on fire right now, it's just hot.

Her hands move to her back and she unzips her dress from behind down to her lower back, she fans her body with her dress. You look at her with a stunned gaze as you see her bare back, you can almost see the side of her breasts as she is not wearing a bra.

JA: God, why would she considered getting buried when it was hot outside. I'm just dying. Whoo, it's really warm.

You: Yeah, um, I think it's time we go, mom.

JA: You drove all the way down here like, what, 2 hours? I think I'm gonna sleep on the way home.

You: Yeah, um, is there anything you need right now?

JA: I think I need one more of these, could you get me another one?

You: Yeah, I'll... I'll get you another one.

JA: The bottle is right there.

You: Okay, I'll get it.

You take her glass and go to the table by the window, where a bottle of alcohol is sitting at. You pour it into the glass, give it a little shake to allow the ice to cool it down. You bring it back to your mom.

JA: Thank you so much.

You: You sure you should be drinking?

JA: Well, I think it really just helps settle my nerves. I-I just can't believe your dad is so selfish, that he wouldn't cancel whatever he had going on today.

As she's ranting, she starts taking off her shoes.

JA: I mean, it's just a stupid business meeting. It's just a stupid business meeting and he couldn't even cancel that and be here for me in my time of need. I'm grieving, I am grieving for my best friend. This is bullshit. This is absolute bullshit, and I'm sick and tired of it, you know, I mean, it's just stupid. I'm mad.

She tosses her shoes on the floor, crossing her arms in discontent.

You: I really wish he could be here.

Her face melts in emotion and she sobs again.

JA: I wish he was here too. I do.

She moves in and hugs you again, you hug back. You then feel her hands on your back again, her cheeks caressing on yours as she did the moment before.

JA: I'm grieving. Grieving...

Her face turns to you, foreheads touching, and you kiss again.

JA: I just need to feel better.

Your mother's lips begin to move with yours, you feel your heart beating faster at the moment of kissing your own mother.

JA: Son?

You: Yeah?

JA: Can you help me feel better?

You both kiss again, this time engaging your tongues with each other. She leans in and you lay back on the bed. She gets on top of you and starts kissing you deeply and passionately.

You: Are you sure this is okay?

JA: You know, I just gotta grieve, this is all part of the grieving process.

She moves off of you a bit in order to get her hands on your pants. Her fingers begin to unbutton and unzip your pants, moving your underwear off your waist and taking your dick out. Your dick begins to feel warmer as it grows long and thick. She moves her head down to your waist and looks at her son's dick with a lewd face.

JA: It's gonna help if I can help you feel good too.

She opens her mouth and moves her head down. Her lips close around your shaft and she begins to move up and down. You feel your mother's tongue slipping around your cock and your body tenses as she sucks on it.

You: Awwww, mom, awwww, god mooom.

She sucks your cock for a few more minutes. Your mom then moves the top of her dress down, uncovering her C cup breasts, which she wraps them around your cock, presses them together, and begins to move her chest up and down your shaft.

JA: You do want me to feel better, don't you?

You: Yeah.

It is an ecstatic feeling to have your mother's fleshly mounds sandwiching your cock, after all she breastfed you with them. Pressing her breasts together and sliding them up and down your cock, she continues her tittyfuck. A few minutes later, she removes the rest of her dress off her body.

JA: This dress is getting really hot.

As her dress comes off of her, you help pull her panties down her thighs and off her legs. You lay back as she positions herself on top of you. Moving her legs over your waist and lining up her pelvis with your lap, she guides your cock towards her vagina's entrance. Slowly she lowers herself down, you feel your tip touching her pussy's lips, and her weight pushing her pussy down on your cock as it disappears inside her. The son's cock now inside the mother's pussy, Jennifer lifts up and lowers down, lifts up again, and lowers again.

JA: Oh yeah. Ooooh, aaaaaww, oh fuck.

Your own mother begins to ride you, her pussy clamping down on your ever growing cock, you both begin to breathe heavily and deeply.

JA: Aaaaw, oh fuck, mmmmmm.

You: Goddamn, mom.

The both of you intensely engaging in this forbidden and incestuous love making, you give your mother's breasts a smother of kisses. She kisses your head as she grinds her hips down on your lap, you feel your dick reaching its full length, penetrating her pussy so deep and you feel your tip passing through her cervix already. A few minutes after, you both kiss, and then she turns herself around, she leans back and you hold her lower back, you begin to thrust upwards.

JA: Awwww yeah, oooh fuck. Awww yeah, that's it my son.

Many thrusts later you feel your lower back getting a bit tired, so you slow down. Your mother, not wanting it to slow or stop, begins to thrust her hips downward on your cock. Feeling her body holding on her own, you move your hands from her back to her breasts, groping them really hard as she continues to ride you.

JA: Oh my god, oh that feels so good, oh yeah.

You: Awwww, mom you're so fucking sexy.

You relax your body to rest your back, but your dick isn't relaxing at all as he continues to be rode on by your mother's beautiful mature pussy. Jennifer stops after a few minutes, she gets off of you and gets on her hands and knees by the end of the bed. You muscle yourself up to your knees, seeing your mother's pussy presented to you, you don't hesitate to insert your dick back inside her. Holding her hips firmly, you begin thrusting again, feeling her butt cheeks bouncing with each impact of your pelvis to her beautiful ass.

JA: Yeah, just like that, aw fuck. Oh yeah, that's it son, fuck me.

You start off with quick short thrusts. Then gripping her hips tighter, you slow down, but give her longer thrusts, each time going deeper, your dick hits her cervix again.

JA: Oh it feels so good, that's it, oh fuck.

You: Mmmmm, oh god, mom your pussy feels so good.

You lean forward onto her back, massage her breasts again, your thrusts getting more tense. You kiss her back, and up along her neck, kissing her cheeks, she turns her face and kisses you back. You end it with a series of quick and short thrusts, then pull out. Jennifer feels a little bit tired standing on her hands and knees and lays on her side. She lifts up one leg and presents her open pussy using two of her fingers. You lay behind her and guide your cock back to your mother's pussy. One hand on her breast, and the other on her thigh, you resume your bang bang with your mother.

JA: Oooooh, yes, yes, you fuck me so hard, son.

Your breathing is hollow and quiet, while Jennifer's breathing is soft and moaning loudly. She pulls your face to hers and she kisses you, you hear her muffled moaning as you continue thrusting. Who knows if the neighboring hotel rooms are occupied, or if anyone inside them can hear you and your mother at all. You start getting a feeling inside your testicles, you slow down and pull out. You help your mother lay on her back, opening her legs and moving in to push your dick inside her once more. Your thrusts are harder, more tense, more deep than ever before.

JA: Oh son, harder, harder.

To the best of your physical ability, you go harder. The feeling is inside your balls again, prompting you to thrust faster. You feel your mother's pussy gripping harder, getting more wet, the feeling begins to travel from your balls to your dick, you feel something else traveling along with it through the length of your dick.

You: Awwww, I'm almost there, mom, I'm gonna cum.

JA: Deep, deep, deep inside me, don't pull out, son.

You: Awww, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, mom!

JA: Awwww, son, my son, gooood, aaaaawwww, aaaAAAAHHHH!!!

Jennifer crosses and locks her legs around your back, her hands and arms holding your shoulders tightly, she pulls you in close to her body, her breathes letting out loud moans as she reaches her climax. Your hands grip the bed sheets hard and tight as the ecstatic feeling begins to flow through your dick, you give your mother a few more fast and hard thrusts, then one final thrust pushing past her cervix and into her uterus, and let out a throaty grunt as you let it all go. Your dick pulses inside your mother's pussy, you feel string after string of hot cum shooting out and filling her womb. Both of your bodies tense up at the peak of the moment, which feels like a few minutes rather than just thirty seconds. Your bodies finally begin to relax, you muster your strength to push yourself off of your mother and pull your dick out. As you do, your dick continues to leak cum all inside her pussy. Your tip comes out and shoots one last string of cum over her crotch. You catch your breath and you both look at each other.

You: Did that help, mom?

JA: Get my bags, let's go home now.



You are at a new apartment, unpacking things and furnishing the suite room. You hear a knock on the door.

You: Come in.

The door opens, your mother, Jennifer Aniston, enters the room. She is wearing a red tank top shirt and black pants, her belly expanded out of her clothes exposing her navel.

JA: Hi son.

You: Oh, hi mom.

She puts down her purse and looks around the partially moved in apartment.

JA: How are things in here?

You: Oh, fine, just unpacking everything.

JA: That's good.

She walks up to you and gives you a hug and a kiss.

You: So how did it go at the lawyer's office?

JA: Without a hitch. Your father has signed the papers, and now we are officially divorced.

You: Good riddance.

JA: Isn't it nice? Our own place together, just you and me, and our baby.

You both look down at her sexy pregnant belly and feel it. Movement can be felt from the inside.

You: I'm glad you're home now. I have the bed set up.

JA: Mmmmm, you thinking what I'm thinking?

She gives you a lewd look and a seductive smile, you feel her hand holding your cock.

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