The League

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Hotel Shangri-La,

Paris, France

A little moan came from the sleeping young woman on the surface of the bed at the same time that her hand – unconsciously, for she was still asleep – reached for the other side of the bed that she was on. It was empty, and almost instantly, her eyes flashed open, fully alert to the fact that she was alone on the bed.

The lights in the room were turned off, but it was not as if that was the only source of light. It was true that it was night, but Paris is not known as the City of Lights for nothing and while most of the night lights of the establishment outside would provide only meager lighting for inside the room, it was still enough for the woman to be able to see around her.

The door to the en-suite bathroom of the suite was closed, but she could see that the lights were turned off, and that told her that the person that she was expecting to be beside her was not inside the bathroom. More to the point, she saw that the door connecting the bedroom with the living room, and it was open. That was all that she needed to see in order to realize that the person that she is supposed to be with – the man whom she calls as her master – was outside their bedroom.

Gingerly, she brought herself out of the bed, taking sure to slip her feet into the comfortable complimentary slippers that the hotel was good enough to provide for them. She glanced toward the window in the bedroom – the lights from the city filtering in despite the fact that the translucent curtains that remained close – but decided that she would rather see him than anything else.

She carefully walked toward the living room, though she was not surprised to see that it was empty. A slight frown did cross her features at the sight of the opened bottle of wine – also complimentary, she noted, but one that would have been worth thousands of dollars if not – on the center table, and before she could stop herself, she walked toward the table and closed the bottle. Her actions prevented her from actually looking around her, though that was not something that she concerned herself with as she was sure that the person that she was looking for was not inside the room.

Her self-appointed task done, she turned her attention toward the verandah that came with the suite that her master had reserved for them. She supposed that it was a good thing that he was the one who had reserved the suite, because if it had been her, then even if she were to make a request that her name not be used, people would still recognize her. In his case, however, anonymity has certain advantages.

A sigh escaped from her lips. Sometimes, she really was envious of his anonymity. That he would have power that she could never even dream – even if she was one of the most recognized faces in the world – yet remain unknown to the world at large, that was something that she could never have.

 Her left hand unconsciously reached to her neck and she felt the metal of the collar around her neck – that was the only thing that she was wearing aside from the yellow fly-away baby-doll that her master had asked her to wear for she was not even wearing panties – and a slight smile came across her face. ‘That he would own me and not be known to the public,’ she thought.

The sound of someone at the verandah tore the young woman out of her reverie, and she turned her attention toward that direction. The figure of the man was turned away from her, toward the tower in the distance. Powerful lights illuminated one of the most iconic buildings in Paris, but she knew for a fact that the tower had been closed for the evening.

The authorities say that there is a credible threat to the monument. It would remain close for the next day, but the public does not know the last part. In fact, the young woman knew that the only reason that the tower was closed was because her master does not want anyone at the observation deck of the tower, not when that observation deck could house a lucky voyeur who could turn his attention toward the verandah of the suite that he had reserved.

“Master,” the young woman said at the same time that she stepped out of the suite. The cold wind gently lapped against her naked womanhood, and she fought the urge to let out a moan at the sensation given to her by the cold wind.

The man that she referred to as her master turned her attention toward her and gave her a smile the moment that he saw her, “My pet,” he said, he extended his left arm toward her – his right was holding a half-filled glass of wine – and motioned for her to approach, “Come,” he said. She almost instantly dropped on her hands and knees – she knew that the show of submission was something that he enjoys seeing, especially if it was coming from her, an icon of gender equality – but he laughed before he added, “I don’t need you on your hands and knees right now, dear, I need you here beside me.”

She shot up to her feet and walked toward where he was seated. There were lounge chairs on the verandah, but she knew for a fact that both of them would only need one. She swayed her hips as she approached him, and from the smile that blossomed on his face, she could tell that he wanted the show that she was putting up for him.

The distances involved meant that it did not take long for her to actually reach the lounge chair, and as she prepared to take a seat beside him, he placed his half empty glass on the surface of the chair before she took her wrist in his hands and pulled her so that a few moments later, she was seated on his lap.

The position that she was in meant that she could feel his arousal poking against her naked ass, and that brought a smile on her face, “Are you wet?” he asked her at the same time that his right hand brushed against her naked womanhood.

“Yes, master,” she replied huskily at the same time that his index finger brushed against the lips of her womanhood. True to her words, she was wet, and that made him smile, “I’m always wet for you, master,” she added.

“Yes,” he replied, she gasped when he pushed his index and middle finger past the lips of her most sensitive of parts and inside her womanhood, but to her surprise, he removed his fingers from inside of her almost immediately, “but this is not the time for us to be putting up a show.”

Her eyes widened in surprise at the same time that she turned her attention toward the tower. Her mind focused on the words that had escaped from the mouth of her master, and she thought that they were being watched. That would be her worst nightmare, for someone to see her wearing almost nothing and in the arms of a man who is not even her boyfriend – not that her boyfriend was aware of the fact that he is just a smokescreen to hide this relationship.

“No, no one is watching,” he said. He raised his two fingers so that they were close to the mouth of the young woman and she did not even hesitate to take them into her mouth. Obediently sucking on his digits, she nearly missed the next words that came out of the mouth of her master, “There was another attack thirty minutes ago,” he said, “it’s the reason why I had to stand.”

The young woman stopped what she was doing. As she gently guided his fingers out of her mouth, she turned toward him, “Master…,” she began.

He stroked her hair at that moment, “It was half a world away, pet, but my position meant that I had to be informed about it,” he said, “Backwater control node that no one was supposed to even be aware of, much less realize was a threat, but it was one of the power source alternative for the hyperlink transmitter,” he shook his head, “They’re getting bolder with every attack.”

“Four attacks in two weeks,” the young woman said. She knew that it was not her job to keep track of things like these – her master has a chief-of-staff for that, and besides her job of being his pet and toy takes up more than enough of her time – but she was intelligent – even her master with all of his experiences would praise her for that – and she genuinely wanted to be of help to him.

After all, when his people finally descend from the heavens and conquer the planet, being the intelligent pet of the man – and she knew for a fact that he is not even a man, at least, not within the traditional definition of one – who had made it possible would be better than being the pet of the man who had made it possible.



Fitz-Simmons Estate, East Lothian

Scotland, United Kingdom

The mansion was as isolated as it could possibly be, but the young woman who sat at the back of limousine that was sent to pick them up from the nearest airport did not think that that is something that she should be concerned about, after all, she recognized the fact that there are some people who value their privacy a lot, and for this person that they are supposed to be visiting, she supposed that there are a lot of reasons for the isolation of his home.

Ellie Bamber, one of the newest upcoming actresses from the United Kingdom, stared at the Scottish countryside that they are passing as they made their way to the mansion. Through the heavily tinted window of the limousine, she could see the natural beauty of the Scottish countryside and for a brief moment, she wondered if that was the reason why the man that she was supposed to meet had chosen to make his home here.

Of course, Ellie knew that there are other reasons, and as she turned her attention away from the countryside and toward the man who was accompanying her, she mentally listed those reasons that she had been given.

The man that she is meeting is probably one of the richest persons in the world right now, yet a simple internet search would not list his name in the list. A more complicated search would find his name in a list of those who have graduated from a university – and here, she noted that her father was amongst his peers – but that was a list that was dated so long ago. Ellie had tried to find everything that she could about the man, but the precious few bits that she was able to find would list him at the board of several corporations and an estimated net worth of about five billion pounds, but that was it.

The slight frown that developed on the lips of the young red head was noticed by his companion, and he shot her a disapproving look. It was fortunate that by that time, Ellie had turned her attention toward him – with the intention of asking him some questions about the person that they are supposed to meet – and when she saw the disapproving glance that he was giving her, she quickly shook her head and removed the frown on her face.

Martin had been the manager for Ellie even before her debut in the screen. Over the years, he had found her enough roles to keep her busy and while it would take some time before she could be a household name, it was mostly thanks to his efforts that she is now on her way there. It was for that reason that she agreed to accompany him on this trip.

Martin had told her that he was going to meet with a man who was planning on financing some movie, and since whatever contribution the man would have would probably see him making executive decisions for the film, Martin had said that it would be best if Ellie were to come so that they could convince him that she is perfect for the role of the lead actress. She was more than happy to oblige when that was mentioned.

Of course, had she known that the place would be so isolated; she would have brought far more than just her mobile phone, especially when it became clear that the place is so isolated, the signal of her mobile phone was so weak, it may have been non-existent.

Further musings on the part of Ellie were cut off when, out of nowhere, a low fence appeared to the side of the road. It was not the kind that the government would place on the side of the road to protect the fields for it looked expensive, and she only had to look at it once to realize that they are about to enter a private estate.

Her suspicions were proven correct a few moments later when the driver of their limousine turned the stretched vehicle on what could only be a private road. For a few moments, she stared at the trees that flanked either side of the road. She could not tell what kind of trees they are, but she could tell that they are immaculately maintained. Under fifteen feet, not a single branch protruded from the trunk of the trees, and they are also of almost uniform size and – as far as Ellie could tell – height. Despite the fact that there was not a single branch under fifteen feet, the trunks of the trees support a cover made entirely from the leaves of the trees, preventing any heat from the sun to bear down on the road.

Stretching for a kilometer long, Ellie had ample time to stare at the trees even as their driver decelerated the car, perhaps having sense that the red-head actress and her manager that he was conveying was finding some amazing in the trees. As for him, it was a route that he drives through almost every day, and the awe factor for him had already faded.

The Fitz-Simmons Estate – and Ellie realized that that was the name of the estate when she saw a large coat-of-arms bearing that name on top of the gate – was not as gaudy as Ellie would have expected. If not for the fact that it was so isolated and for the flanking trees on the private road, she would have mistaken it for just another estate. She, of course, was forced to change her opinion when the limousine turned toward the driveway – marked by a circular fountain with cherubs carrying buckets from where water was spilling from.

A man wearing dark shades was waiting at the foot of the staircase that connected the driveway to the foyer of the house that Ellie could only describe as non-descript. He reached for the latch of the door of the car and opened the same, allowing Ellie and her manager to step down from the vehicle.

What made her change her opinion that this was just like any other estate in the United Kingdom was the fact that the man who had opened the door was armed. A single pistol was holstered to his side and he was not making any kind of effort to hide it from her. Ellie decided against making a comment about that fact, instead, she turned her attention toward Martin and asked, “Inside?”

For some reason, Martin was suddenly nervous. He glanced toward the guard and noted the sidearm that he was wearing before he let out a small sigh and nodded toward his charge. At the same time that he did so, he mentally prayed that Ellie would not sense his hesitation, though when he took his first step toward the foyer, he realized that things were already too late as they were already inside the mansion. One way or the other, the life of Ellie – and his – would change today.

The double doors that marked the entrance to the mansion opened automatically as the two of them approached it. Martin was pleased to see that the man that had opened the door of the limousine did not accompany them – rather, he took a ride aboard the limousine as it maneuvered from the driveway and toward the garage – but that did nothing to lessen the trepidation that he was feeling. He could not see it, but Martin knew for a fact that he and Ellie are being watched even as they walked through the hallways of the mansion.

Ellie and Martin took their first twenty steps past the front doors before it automatically began to close, though before they could turn their attention there to watch, a man was suddenly in front of them, “Welcome,” he said, forcing the two guests to turn their complete attention toward him, “Lord Harry has been waiting for you.”

Martin frowned, he did not really think that the man who had blackmailed – yes, for despite whatever reason that he had given Ellie, he would rather not be here at all – would be a peer of the realm, but he was not going to voice that out loud, at least not here.

For her part, the eyes of Ellie widened at the realization that the man who was asking for her is a peer of the realm. Lacking the information that her manager already has, Ellie did not think that anything was wrong, and she would not think that anything was wrong until the last moment.

“This way, please,” the man who had welcomed them said. He did not stay long enough to see if Ellie and Martin would really follow him, he just assumed that they would, and to be honest, there really was nowhere else where the two of them could go but follow him.

He led them toward one of the ‘public’ rooms in the mansion. Although very few people could actually get into the estate, the mansion still has rooms that are considered private, and those are rooms that no one – not even many members of the staff – could access.

For this particular meeting, Lord Harry had chosen the main dining room, and by the time that Martin and Ellie had arrived, he was already seated at his usual seat at the head of the dining table, an impressive table that could sit thirty people – fourteen on each side and two at the opposite heads – but which, at that moment, was empty.

Ellie turned her complete attention toward the man in front of her and blinked – twice. For a billionaire, he seemed to look young, and her first thought when she saw him was that he could not be a day older than twenty five. He was wearing a green polo shirt, but because he was seated behind the impressive dining table – and because Ellie and her companions were on the far side and the flower vases on the surface of the table were blocking her complete view – she could not tell if he was wearing pants or shorts.

“I must admit,” the man said. He turned his attention toward Martin, forcing Ellie to turn her attention toward her manager as well, and for the first time, Ellie saw that he was actually sweating despite the relative humidity inside the room. The voice of their host was cold and it made Ellie wonder what was going on, her first indication since this trip began that something was wrong, “I did not think that you would come through with your end of the bargain.”

Martin stared at the man at the other end of the table, and thought about challenging him to a staring competition, but realized how futile – and petty – that would be. Not trusting his own voice to break should he use it, Martin simply nodded, and allowed Lord Harry to take what he will from that simple gesture.

He raised his right hand toward Martin and said, “Your payment is waiting outside, as is evidence that I have destroyed every evidence of your little misdeed that made you fall in our hands in the first place,” before anyone could make a comment, he turned toward the man who had guided Ellie and Martin into the room, “Daniel, please.”

The man that had guided Ellie and Martin in the room bowed once toward his liege lord before he placed his hand on the shoulder of Martin. He looked ready to resist for a few moments, but the pressure that Daniel placed on his shoulders convinced him of the futility of such an attempt. Shamefaced, Martin turned his attention toward Ellie and she was struck by the look on the face of her manager, it was enough to make her eyes wide, not in surprise, but in fear. Fear of what is going to happen to her next, to be exact.

Martin tried to reach for Ellie, but then he saw the look that Daniel was giving him, and – if he was being honest with himself – it frightened him enough that he stopped reaching for her even before he could fully extend his arm toward her. He tried to mouth a ‘sorry’ toward her, but she had already turned her attention away from him and toward Lord Harry, something that he could understand given that the billionaire had already taken to his feet – at least the earlier question that Ellie had for herself in regards to what he was wearing had been answered, and he was wearing pants.

“It is so nice to make your acquaintance,” Harry said as he approached Ellie. By that time, the red-head had already turned her full attention toward him – her future master, though at that point in time, she still did not know that – preventing her from seeing Daniel practically drag her manager out of the room. It was only after she heard the sound of the door closing that she turned her attention toward that direction, and she did not even see Martin and Daniel.

By the time that she returned her full attention toward Harry, he was already practically beside her, which meant that when he extended his hand to touch her chin, there was nothing that she could do aside from shudder at his touch. That she was touching her face with gentle hands did not register to Ellie until a few moments later when she suddenly flinched and stepped away from him.

The smile on the face of Harry was broad, but it did not match the action that he took next. Before Ellie could even think, Harry already had his right hand sailing through the air, and when his open palm hit her face, she cried out even as the force of the slap made her turn her head opposite the direction of where the slap came from.

“Its your first day so I would forgive you for flinching,” Harry said, “but you must be reminded that you are now mine.”

The eyes of Ellie flashed at that, but once more before she could react, Harry grabbed her red-hair and used that as leverage in order to force her to look at him. Their eyes met and she could tell the lustful look behind his blue eyes, “This is not standard, admittedly,” he said, and before Ellie could ask what he was talking about, he planted a kiss on her lips.

It was unlike any of the kisses that Ellie has ever had, for the stolen kiss of the man was just that, stolen. There was possessiveness in the way that he kissed her, and despite herself, Ellie could not help but actually be swept away by the kiss. Of course, a few moments later when Harry ended the kiss, he slapped her again, this time coming from the opposite direction of where the first slap came from.

A cry of pain escaped from the lips of Ellie, “Please,” she said, finding her voice at last, “Please.”

The begging word that came from the mouth of the pretty red-head in front of him did nothing to help limit the arousal that Harry was feeling, in fact, it had the completely opposite effect as he leered at her with a lustful grin. Her eyes widened when she saw the look and she tried to escape, only for Harry to grab her right wrist with his own and use that as leverage to pull her closer to him.

She thought that he was going to kiss her again, and that was her first mistake. Instead, Harry grabbed the front of the white blouse that Ellie had chosen to wear for this event and with an economy of movement; he ripped the top off of her, revealing the white bra that she was wearing underneath her blouse.

“Very nice,” Harry said at the same time that his other hand cupped her left breast. He squeezed tightly, causing a sharp gasp of pain to escape from the lips of Ellie, but he ignored it, instead, his left hand continued to play with her breasts, while his right grabbed one of the loops on the pants that Ellie was wearing.

Her eyes widened when he suddenly grabbed her crotch, and despite the fact that she was still wearing her pants, she could not help but feel dirty at what he was doing. She knew, however, that that was going to be the least of the things that she would experience in his hands.

Finding her strength – finally – Ellie suddenly slapped the face of Harry, and though he saw the slap coming even before she sent it, Harry allowed her hand to land on his cheeks. She must have placed all of her strength on the slap that she gave Harry, yet for all the strength that she had, she may as well have just tickled him. That was not to say that he did not feel the slap – he did – but it was still nothing.

Harry was actually thankful that Ellie had tried to resist, not only did it give him an excuse to punish her – his colleagues, he knew, would not have needed an excuse – it also meant that he is putting up a show that his colleagues would be happy with. Three years since becoming a master and not having his own personal slave at his beck and call had made some of them very suspicious of him.

The backhanded slap that Harry gave Ellie actually lifted her off of her toes and when she came back down, she lost her balance and she tumbled down to the floor. Before she knew it, she was kissing the floor of the dining room. Harry grabbed her wrists once more and used that as leverage to pull her back to her feet, but this time, he also slammed her front on his impressive dining table.

Ellie let out a pained scream when she felt her breast being pushed against the wooden surface, but suddenly, that was the least of her problems when she felt the hand of the man who was supposed to be supporting her upcoming movie on her clothed ass.

Despite the clothes protecting her naked skin, Ellie could still not help but squirm, and when Harry finally pulled her pants down, she actually screamed. That, however, was a plus for Harry, “Good,” he told her in response to his scream, he pulled hard on her hair and used that as leverage in order to get her to arch her back as much as possible, before he suddenly let go and once more, her front slammed against the surface of the table, providing Harry with enough distraction with which to reveal the white panties that she was wearing.

“Very nice,” Harry said at the same time that his hands returned to her breasts. Another gasp escaped from the mouth of the young actress when he cupped both of her breasts from behind, and this time, he roughly played with both of them through the thin material of the bra that she was wearing.

The position that she was in meant that Ellie could feel the arousal of her captor poking at her ass through the pants that he was wearing, and tears started to flow from her eyes when she realized how this particular encounter would end.

She let out a scream as he continued to maul her breasts, hoping that someone would come to rescue her, but at the deepest corner of her mind, she knew that no one is coming, not when it appears to her that her own manager had betrayed her to this man. She had enough presence of mind to wonder how these people were able to convince Martin to bring her here, but even that corner of her mind would have to take notice of the fact that her captor had just removed his right hand from her breasts, though she took no comfort in that fact because the reason that he removed his hand was so that he could insert the same into her panties.

Another scream escaped from the lips of Ellie even as Harry pulled hard on the white panties that she was wearing. It was evident that he was making a statement because unlike her pants, Harry did not pull her panties down, instead, he ripped them. She felt the flimsy cloth of her underwear against her skin before she heard the tell-tale ripping sound made by the cloth as it was destroyed though brute strength, and she felt the exposure of her womanhood as the panties finally gave way.

Harry smiled – though he was sure that no one would notice his smile, not Ellie and certainly not the hidden cameras that he was sure was inside his own dining room – at the sight of the pink lips of the womanhood of the young woman bent over in front of him. The smile on his face, Harry knew, was the same as those of his colleagues whenever they find themselves in this position – ‘except, perhaps, the Archduke,’ Harry thought – and he wondered if he was becoming like them, despite the fact that he was born in Terra, not in Avalon, or in any of the other places that the Empire had already claimed as their own.

It’s for her own good,´ Harry thought, and even as he told that to himself, he still felt as if he was justifying the things he is about to do – and would do – to the beautiful woman in front of him. What made it worst in the opinion of Harry was the knowledge that what he is about to do really would be for the good for Ellie.

Another shout escaped from the lips of the bent over red-head and that tore Harry out of the reverie that he found himself in. Using his upper body, he pinned Ellie against the table – he did that by leaning on her – and with his hands, he opened the zipper on the pants that he was wearing and retrieved his already engorged cock. He knew that she could feel his arousal – there was another scream – and a smile came across his face when he guided the tip of his cock against the folds of her cunt.

“Please,” Ellie said, sobbing even as Harry used his free hand to open the folds of her womanhood. That she was relatively inexperienced was obvious, but that was not the concern of Harry at that moment, “Don’t,” she said.

“You remember that scene of yours in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when you were chained?” Harry asked, he pointed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her cunt before he added, “That’s’ your life now,” before he pushed his cock – as deep as possible – inside of the cunt of the pinned red-head.

The scream that escaped from the lips of Ellie was unlike any of those that had escaped from her lips before, and this one truly broadcasted the pain that she felt at the unwelcome penetration. The walls of her cunt tried – in vain – to expand fast enough in order to accommodate the invader, and he grunted when he felt her resistance even though Ellie was yet to take even half of his length inside of her.

While that would have caused some of his colleagues to curse, Harry was unlike most of them. Instead of punishing the woman that he was penetrating to get her to accommodate him, he pulled his shaft out and waited for a few seconds before he slammed himself back in. although he was not able to achieve a deep penetration as he would have wanted, at least he was getting there, though he would still have to repeat the process numerous times.

In response to the hammering that she was receiving, Ellie continued to scream. She willed her womanhood to expand to accommodate the cock of her rapist, and when she finally felt his balls slamming against the lips of her womanhood, she actually let out a sigh of relief.

His hands returned to her breasts, cupping them from behind once more even as he started to move inside of Ellie. She felt the sawing motion and more tears spilled from her eyes, though some of the tears that were spilling from her eyes were in reaction to the mauling that her breasts were receiving from his hands.

“Fuck,” Ellie heard him mutter. A few moments later, she felt the cock inside of her twitch and more tears spilled from her eyes as she realized what that meant. The pretty red-head could not even gather enough courage to beg her captor not to hose her insides with his seed when he did just that. She could feel his warm and wet seed inside of her, and already, she knew that her body was absorbing some of them.

A contented and pleased sigh escaped from the lips of Harry at the same time that he pulled his cock out of the abused snatch of Ellie. That she was defeated was obvious, and the fact that she laid bent over against the table even when he had already pulled out from her advertised that far more effectively than his seed spilling out of her abused hole did.

Staring at the smooth back – broken only by the straps of the bra that she was still wearing, Harry was too hasty that he forgot to remove her bra – of his newly acquired slave, Harry thought about the perfect way to initiate her into her new life of slavery – whips could leave some damage, but they would never be permanent, not with the advance medical technologies of the Holy Empire – and he was about o do just that when he heard a knock coming from outside the room.

Harry blinked at that moment, but instead of turning his attention toward the direction where the sound came from, he focused his complete and undivided attention toward Ellie. Broken that she may be because of the abuse that she had just suffered from his hands, Harry knew that there would still be resistance left in the girl, and he was actually hoping on that, because if he had truly broken her, then she would be of little use for the things that he had planned for her, and those plans had nothing to do with using her as his sex slave.

The small sounds that she was making as she continued to sob, Harry knew, would not have moved his colleagues, but he was not an ordinary member of the Twelve. He nearly reached out for her – to comfort her – but then he paused and crushed the overwhelming desire to comfort the young woman that he had just raped. The hidden cameras in this room, Harry knew, would note that, more to the point, the ones who are watching, would.

The sound of the knocking once more tore Harry out of his reverie. This time, he turned his attention toward the door, “Enter,” he said.

The door opened and Daniel stepped into the room, “Sir,” the man said, he absently noted the position that Ellie was in – as well as the fact that some of the seed of his liege lord was still spilling from her abused cunt – before he added, “Her manager has already left with the twenty million pounds that he is entitled to as the agreement had said.”

Harry nodded, “Yes, that’s fine,” he replied. He paused for a few moments before he added, “but that is not the reason that you disturbed my fun.”

“Indeed not, my Lord,” Daniel replied; though Harry caught his chief-of-staff raise one of his eyebrows. Neither man made a comment about it, though. “Admiral Granger has just arrived, sir.”

This time, it was the turn of Harry to blink, “Richard Granger?” he asked, and when Daniel nodded, he asked, “Why is the Chief Adjutant of the Archduke here?” but before Daniel could answer the question, Harry continued, “Well, it is not as if he is going to tell you.”

Daniel did not reply, but he politely inclined his head toward his liege lord to tell him that he agreed with that assessment. A sigh escaped from the lips of Harry at the same time that he turned his attention toward Ellie, “have someone take her up to my room and secure here there,” he said.

Daniel nodded at the same time that Harry approached Ellie. Still suffering from the after effects of the abuse, she did not resist when Harry grabbed her hair and used that as leverage to make her arch her back once more. Whispering directly to her ear, he promised her, “We are going to have to continue this after my meeting with Admiral Granger,” he said, “I am so looking forward to using your mouth, whore,” and without saying anything else, he let go of her hair, and, because she was still too tired, she slammed back on the surface of the dining table.


Tea Room, Fitz-Simmons Estate, East Lothian

Scotland, United Kingdom

Harry turned the knob on the door in front of him and gently pushed it forward. He was immediately presented with the sight of the tea room, a fairly large room – well, relative to its function as the place where one could get afternoon tea – covered in green.

Inside the room, those who were seated took to their feet in respect to his entry into the room, but Harry was quick to wave them back into their seats even as he walked toward his designated spot. As he walked, he turned his attention toward the visitor, and a slight smile came across his face.

Vice Admiral Richard Granger was not wearing his uniform – though that was not surprising – but he still looked uncomfortable in the three-piece, single-breast suit that he was wearing. Harry had no doubt that Admiral Granger would prefer to be in uniform, but that is neither here nor there. The reason behind the smile on the face of Harry, however, would have nothing to do with the discomfort that Admiral Granger felt at that moment, rather, it has more to do with the uncomfortable look on the face of the Admiral as he occasionally glanced at the pretty blonde beside him.

Wearing a provocatively cut French maid uniform, the blonde was sourced by the people of Harry from California and she had been trained to be thoroughly submissive. She would have dropped on her knees and served Admiral Granger with her mouth at a single wave of a hand from the chief adjutant of the Archduke, but – as Harry had expected – Admiral Granger had foregone the complimentary blowjob and actually looked uncomfortable about it.

“My Lord,” Admiral Granger said as soon as Harry had made it to his seat. He politely inclined his head toward him – despite his father being a general in the Imperial Forces and Harry having inherited his position after his death, Harry is not a military officer, hence, saluting would have been inappropriate – in conjunction with the greeting, and Harry returned it with a polite wave of his hand.

“Admiral,” Harry said. He took his seat and motioned for the Admiral to resume his. As soon as Admiral Granger was seated, Harry asked, “What brings you here? I thought you were with the Archduke?”

“I was, my Lord,” Admiral Granger replied. He paused for a few moments and Harry noted that the man was studying the companions that Harry had brought with him. Daniel Ellis, his chief-of-staff, and Carl Oberon, his chief of security, were both present, but that was not something that should be of much surprise to Admiral Granger.

Evidently, the admiral thought so as well because he continued, “He sent me ahead to you, My Lord, with orders to request your permission to visit your estate.”

That was not something that Harry expected, and his eyes showed his surprise, he had no doubt that his aides were also surprised by the request, especially when one would consider that – as de facto leader of the Twelve – Lord Alexander Charles York could show up anywhere and he could never be turned away.

“Is everything alright?” Harry heard himself ask in reaction to the surprising request from Admiral Granger.

The admiral nodded, “Yes, my lord,” he replied. There was another brief pause before he added, “You may not be aware of this yet, my lord, but there was an attack yesterday, one of our hyperlink nodes was destroyed.”

Harry blinked and made a show of shaking his head and wiping off non-existent sweat from his brow, “I see,” he said, making his voice sound grave. He should have known that the attack would have gotten the attention of the Archduke, but there was still the question of why the Archduke wanted to go to his estate.

‘Does he perhaps suspect me?’ Harry asked himself, but then he mentally shook his head when he realized that that could not be the situation. of all the members of the Twelve, Harry knew that he is the one that Lord Alexander trusts the most, which made him the ideal man to take command of the resistance against the Holy Empire, a resistance that, at that moment was so small, it could not even mount an ambush against Imperial Forces in Terra.

“How is the Archduke?” Harry asked, his consciousness slipping back into the one that he had prepared – and lived – specifically when dealing with the members of the Twelve and their subordinates.

“Pissed,” Admiral Granger answered quickly. The quickness of the answer – and the answer itself – raised the eyebrows of the three men that he is meeting with, but before any of them could say anything, he continued, “We were in Paris yesterday, he was with Emma.”

That explained a lot. For all the power that Lord Alexander has, he was obsessed with his personal pet, something that Harry realized he could not really blame Lord Alexander for.

A sigh escaped from the lips of Harry before he asked, “Why here, Admiral?”

Admiral Granger shrugged, “Truth to tell, I do not know, my Lord,” he replied, “He just sent me here and asked me to relay to you his request.”

There was a brief pause on the part of Harry and his staff, as if they are trying to make a decision in regards to the request of the Archduke, but if Harry – and the others in the room – is being honest with himself, there really is just one decision that they could make. No one could deny the Imperial Archduke, hence, the reason why Harry nodded a few moments later, “Very well,” he said, “His Imperial Grace would always be welcome in our estate.”

Admiral Granger once more inclined his head toward Harry, acknowledging the words that had come out of the mouth of Harry, though before he could say anything, Harry asked, “When can we expect the Archduke?”

“Tomorrow, at the latest, my Lord,” Admiral Granger replied, there was another brief pause before he added, “He inspected the site of the attack himself this morning, we left Paris at a hurry.”

Harry turned his attention toward Daniel at that moment, and he saw that his chief-of-staff had also turned his attention toward him. A mental conversation cannot pass between the two of them, but both men could tell what the other was thinking, ‘He is getting suspicious,’ Harry thought, ‘if he is going out there to make the inspection himself.’

Fortunately for Harry and Daniel, the fact that they looked at each other was interpreted by Admiral Granger as surprise in the actions of the Archduke and he made no comment in regards to that.


Masters Quarters, Fitz-Simmons Estate, East Lothian

Scotland, United Kingdom

Ellie whimpered even if she was sure that no one could hear her do so.

Of course, whimpering was the only thing that she could do as a spider-gag – not that she knew that that was what the implement was called – had been stuffed in her mouth, preventing her from closing it. Drool spilled out of the mouth of the pretty red-head even as she struggled against the bonds that she was placed on.

Simple handcuffs had been fitted on her wrists, preventing her from using them. Those same handcuffs were then connected to a mean looking pole at the center of the room, and that was the reason that the beautiful red-head could only sit at the middle of the room and stare at the four poster bed at one corner of the room. Despite the fact that she had already been raped, she still could not look at the bed because she knew that she would soon suffer more abuse on the surface of that bed, and she knew that that would be if she was lucky.

A spreader bar was attached to the ankle bracelets that she had been forced to wear, and that prevents her from closing her legs and using her thighs to shield her abused womanhood from anyone who would enter the room. She was still wearing her white bra, and that was the only thing that she was wearing, though she had suspected that that would be the first thing that the men who had brought her into the room would remove from her.

The sound of the door opening tore the abused red-head out of her reverie, and a fearful look crossed her face at the same time that she turned her attention toward the direction of the door. She watched with trepidation as the heavy looking wooden door was pushed open and she nearly screamed – prevented from doing so by the gag that she was wearing – when Harry entered the room.

He turned his attention toward her after he had closed the door and the scary look on his face suddenly melted into a concerned look. That, of course, confused Ellie, for she had expected a lustful look on his face before he fulfills his promise to her of further abusing her.

She watched as he made his way toward one of the cabinets inside the room, and because his back was turned toward her, she could not see the expression on his face. He returned his attention toward her a few moments later and started to walk toward her, but the attention of Ellie had turned from his face to what he was holding on his hand, sure that whatever it is, it would be something t hat he would use to torture her further. The fact that she had her attention on his hand rather than his face precluded the pretty red head from seeing the concerned expression on the face of her captor.

Harry fitted the black collar around the neck of Ellie easily enough. The black collar was the most basic of the collars that the Twelve have and it denotes a trainee. As much as Harry would want to fit a gold collar around the neck of Ellie – or even just a silver one – he could not do that unless he is sure that Ellie would not betray him, and given what had already happened, he had no doubt that she would jump at the easiest chance to get him into trouble.

“The collar has shock functions,” Harry said, his voice neutral even as he stepped away from Ellie, as if he was surveying his handiwork. He would have to admit that the collar looked good on her, but he realized that that was his father’s side of the family talking. His people would find a collar beautiful at all times because it was a simple of servitude and slavery.

The collar secured around the neck of the red-head, Harry removed the spider-gag from the mouth of Ellie, not even the slightest bit disturbed by the drool that had already stuck on the plastic of the material.

The first thing that escaped from the mouth of Ellie the moment that she could speak again was exactly what Harry had expected from her, “Please,” she begged, “Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone,” she promised.

“It really would not have mattered even if you told anyone,” Harry replied, he removed the cuffs on the hands of Ellie and she started to rub her wrists together, probably realizing that she now could defend herself, but at the same time conceding that there was no way that she could overpower the man who had already raped her before, “and I cannot let you go because if I did, I would probably be killed and you would still be enslaved.”

The words that came out of the mouth of her captor made Ellie turn toward him with wide eyes. She, however, refused to say anything, allowing Harry to continue, “This is for your own protection.”

That got the ire of the pretty red-head. She raised her right hand and before she could truly stop herself, she slapped the face of the man. As with before, Harry felt the sting of the blow, but it was nothing and he did not even turn his head. What was surprising, however, was the fact that he even allowed the blow to land on his face, and he would have allowed Ellie to continue slapping him had she not realized what she had just done. She gasped and covered her mouth with both of her hands when she realized what she had done.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” she whimpered.

A sigh escaped from the lips of Harry, “Getting hurt would be the least of your worries if you cannot control yourself, especially when the others are here,” he paused for a few moments before he added, “For example, that slap that you just gave me, if you did that while the other members of the Twelve are here, you would know what it feels like t be raped by a hundred men, literally,” he shook his head and before Ellie could say anything, Harry quickly added, “You are here for your own protection Ellie,” and in a low voice, he added, “And mine.”

Ellie watched her captor as he took a seat on the surface of the mattress. He turned his full attention toward her and said, “This world that we both live in, it’s so small compared to what I have already seen, Ellie.”

Staring at her captor, Ellie listened to the words that came out of his mouth, scarcely believing the words that he was saying. The story that he was telling – An intergalactic empire about to launch an invasion of Earth, whom they call Terra, for the purpose of assimilating the planet and the population into their Empire – was one for science fiction, but for Ellie, the longer that he spent telling her the impossible story, the longer that she has to think about a way to escape this hell, and maybe even to build up her strength.

“Slavery is something that we allow in the Holy Empire,” Harry said, “And while we do not actually discriminate between the sexes, you must note that, because of genetic difficulties, our females cannot give birth until they are over a hundred years old.”

“A hundred?” Ellie asked.

Harry actually laughed, “How old do you think am I?” he asked, and when Ellie turned to look at him with a blank expression, Harry added, “Your father was my batch-mate in University, Ellie.”

Ellie knew that, of course, because she did her research, but she did not think that this young looking person was precisely whom the articles were talking about.

“Why me?” Ellie managed to ask.

“As I said, your father was an acquaintance,” he said, he stood from where he was seated and quickly removed the spreader bar that kept her from closing her legs, though instead of jumping to her feet, she merely pulled her legs closer so that she was hugging her knees, “Come,” he said.

Ellie turned her attention toward him and saw that he was standing in front of a window. She realized that there was something that he wanted to show her. Whatever it was, she realized that it would be important, but after the things that he had already told her – not that she believed him – and what she had already experienced, she was actually afraid of what he was trying to show her.

Gathering what little strength she has left, the pretty red-head got to her feet, though before she could even take one step forward, Harry turned toward her and smiled, “You should be crawling,” though before Ellie could actually do anything, he continued, “We’ll spare you that lesson for now, but when the other members of the Twelve are here, you should act the slave.”

Ellie was not sure what she should do next, and did not actually move until Harry motioned for her to join him by the window. She actually inhaled to consolidate her strength before she took one step forward. When Ellie saw exactly what Harry wanted to show her, her eyes widened. She could not help it.

“My father’s flagship,” Harry said. Ellie was staring at something and it was floating over ground. She realized that it was a ship of some sort, and should it had just been a ship, the pretty red-head would not actually make that big of a deal over it, but this one was floating in mid-air. She turned her attention toward Harry with a shocked expression, and she realized that the man was actually telling her the truth. Intergalactic empires, a war with a nomadic civilization spanning light-years, everything that he was telling her was true.


Reception Hall, Fitz-Simmons Estate, East Lothian

Scotland, United Kingdom

Ellie sat at the floor beside the chair of Harry – ‘my master,’ she thought with disgust, though she tried her best not to show that disgust on her face – and stared at the stage in front of her, fighting the urge to vomit at the live show that was being presented in front of her.

Using her peripheral vision, she watched the visage of her master and noted the neutral expression on his face, but she could tell that there was a part of Harry that was also disgusted with what was being presented to him, though like Ellie, she has a role to play. Exactly what that role that Harry is supposed to play, though, Ellie was not sure, because he had not told her, and he specifically told her that he will not tell her, not until he could be sure not only of her loyalty to him, but also of her acceptance of the things that she is about to see.

Ellie suspected that that was the reason that she was seated at the floor beside the chair of her master, wearing nothing but an almost translucent material and a silver collar around her neck. Harry – ‘master,’ she thought, mentally correcting herself – had told her that the color of the collar has some significance, but that was just another thing that he would not tell her.

A scream tore Ellie of the reverie that she realized that she had fallen into. Despite herself, she turned her attention toward the stage, just in time to see a second whip land on the back of the woman who was restrained on the stage. Ellie, of course, recognized her, it was very hard not to.

Cara Delevigne was one of the most recognized faces in the world, but the young red-head actress did not really think that she would meet her here, not in this setting.

There was a pillory on the stage and it was at that same pillory that Cara was restrained on. The famous model was completely naked but for a collar – also silver – around her neck, and while the humiliating position that she was in – bent over with her cunt and asshole exposed – was painful enough, the reason behind the screams of Cara was the fact that she was actually being whipped. Ellie was not sure why Cara was being punished, and Harry had warned her that it would be better for her not to know the reason.

“Ah….!” The beautiful model screamed, she turned her attention toward one of the men in the room and begged, “Sir, please,” she said, only for her words to be drowned by another scream as another whip landed on her back.

The man to whom she had addressed the imploration just stared at her, not even shaking his head even as another scream escaped through the lips of the beautiful girl. Cara winced – even as Ellie consciously prevented herself from doing the exact same thing – when another lash landed on her back, “Sir,” the beautiful model repeated.

“You know what you are supposed to say to stop the punishment, slut,” one of the men – not the one that Cara was begging – said. Ellie tried to glare at that man, but fortunately for her, her master caught her just in time and pulled hard on the leash that was connected to the collar that Ellie was wearing, warning her against turning her attention toward the man.

A bit pissed by the actions of Harry, Ellie made a mental note to confront him about it later, but then she realized that Harry – ‘Master,’ she corrected herself again – did that for her own good. She realized that if she had glared at the man, she would be in deeper trouble, and she had no doubt that she would probably join Cara on the stage.

“Sir,” Cara said, she hissed when another lash landed on her back, but this time, she was able to stop herself from screaming, “Sir, this slut requests….requests for the honor of your cock…inside…inside of her.”

“Is she being serious or does she just want the torture to stop?” one of the men asked casually, as if they were just talking about the weather.

“Whatever is the motivation behind, she is begging,” Harry said almost off-handedly, “And as gentlemen, one of you should perhaps do as she is requesting.”

Laughter echoed around the room after a few moments of the men staring at Harry. Ellie tried to make herself smaller when she realized that almost all eyes on the room had turned toward Harry – and because she was seated at his foot, they were also looking at her – but after a few moments, the men turned their attention away from Harry.

“Bring them in, please,” one of the men – the one that Cara had been calling ‘Sir’ – said. Almost immediately, a door opened and three black men entered the room. all three of them were already naked and Ellie noted the length of their cocks. Her eyes widening, Ellie realized what the three men are going to do to Cara, and she realized that as well, but the defeated look on the eyes of the famous model told Ellie that Cara had no intention of resisting.

Cara was removed from the pillory at the same time that one of the men lied down on the floor on his back, his cock jutting upward. His two companions took Cara and lowered her on his cock, she hissed when she felt the invasion of her asshole, but that was going to be the least of her worries as one of the men compelled her to bend backward, exposing her cunt which was then penetrated by a second cock.

The feeling of having two cocks inserted in her made Cara cry in pain and humiliation, but at the same time, she knew that there was no way that her captors was going to leave it at that, after all, there are three men at the stage with her, and she has three holes – two of those filled, and the other one about to.

Her fears were realized when she saw another cock about to be inserted into her mouth. Rather than resist – and be punished – Cara opened her mouth and allowed the long cock into her oral orifice. Of course, the position that she was in meant that soon, his balls were covering her nose, making it difficult for her to breath. For a few moments, she wondered if this was the climax of her punishment, if her master had already decreed that she should be killed, but then the men inside of her began to move and the feeling of being forced to serve three cocks at the same time overwhelmed the woman who was a known lesbian.

It did not take long for the man who was fucking her mouth to reach his climax. He did not even ask permission from Cara – she doubted that he could because she doubted that he spoke a language that she could understand – before he hosed her oral orifice with his warm and sticky seed. He pulled out of her rather fast, and as he did so, Cara coughed, sending some of his seed out of her mouth and down her face where it covered her eyes after mixing with her tears.

The sight of the beautiful face covered in cum made some of the men hard – Harry would have to admit that it had an effect on him as well – but the show was not yet over. The man who was inside the tight ass of Cara was soon grunting loudly even as he increased the pace with which he was sawing his cock in and out of what was supposed to be a one-way exit hole. More tears spilled from the eyes of the British model – mixing with the cum on her face – but she really could do nothing as the man hosed her anal walls with his own seed, her only consolation being the fact that, even if she had not undergone the standard treatments, she would not get pregnant from such a rape.

The last man to release his seed inside of her was the one who was fucking her cunt. As tight as that of a virgin – thanks to restoration technology – the cunt of Cara had made a person who had been rewarded with a night with the model cum earlier than they had expected, but this black man was different. He let out a howl of pure triumph – and she missed the disapproving looks on the faces of the men surrounding the stage – as he released his seed deep in the cunt of Cara. She would never get pregnant because of the treatment, but it was still humiliating.

The two men pulled out of Cara at the same time and she was tossed to the side of the stage as if she was nothing but a doll, cum pouring out of all three of her holes, with more tears spilling from her eyes.

The three men that had just had the time of their lives fucking the supermodel then presented themselves to those who were watching, standing shoulder to shoulder without even bothering to cover themselves. Ellie stared at them and found that all three of them were actually staring back at her.

With a start, she realized that the men are hoping that she would be the second course of their reward – for she was sure that they were brought here as some sort of reward – and before Ellie could help it, she actually found herself inching toward her master. Harry realized what was happening, and he lowered his free hand to his side, lightly touching the skin of Ellie.

It was not enough to comfort the practically naked girl, but the men at the stage recognized the gesture and they are smart enough to know what happens to those who would dare violate a personal slave – even if it is only implied – without permission.

Of course, a few moments later, they did not care about anything anymore. Ellie actually screamed – she could not help it – when she heard the sound. She would later characterize it as the sound of a cannon being fired, even if it was only actually a pistol.

Ellie did not actually watch as the three Africans who had just had their way with Cara fell on the stage. All three of them looked perfectly fine, except for two glaringly obvious things. The first is that all three of them are dead, and the second is the neat hole – the size of a small rock – on the side of their heads.

She could tell that even the men inside the room had been shocked with what had just happened, but before anyone could truly react to what had just happened, the voice of a man made everyone – even Ellie – turn their attention toward the direction where the voice was coming from, “Such is the fate of incompetents and traitors,” he said.

Almost everyone in the room – Harry was just a bit slower – stood to their feet and turned their attention toward the direction of where the voice came from. Ellie also turned her attention toward the direction, but she did not take to her feet – Harry had warned her against that.

She watched in silence as a man walked – almost casually – into the room, his right hand holding a pistol the barrel of which was still smoking. Despite his almost non-descript appearance – the first, and only, thing that Ellie noticed about him was his glasses – she could feel power rolling off of the man, “Hello, gentlemen,” he said.

“Your Grace,” almost everyone in the room greeted back, and almost all of them also bowed toward his direction.

Complete Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, albeit one with real people as some of the characters. The events depicted herein did not happen and would not happen in real life. The author of this work did not and will never profit from this work and is not familiar with the real persons who are depicted in this chapter, in particular, Ellie Bamber and Cara Delevigne, or any other real people that had been depicted in this chapter and would be depicted in other chapters. Please note that the events depicted in this work are illegal and should not be imitated in reali life

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