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A woman of sixty walked into her office, briefcase in her hand. A look of determination was plastered on her face. Taking a seat at her desk she booted up her computer and stretched her fingers. 

The decision that she made the month before was hard indeed. Letting the public into her wild, crazy, hard, sad, loving, and happy life was something she had always been advised against her whole life. Now it was time for her to leave her legacy to the new generation before she was too old to remember it clearly. 

It started with her father, who was her biggest fan and confidant for many years. She was his great defender and backbone. Neither of them knew just what was going to happen. What curveballs were going to be thrown their way. 

It ended with her husband, who was an enigma and a half. He made her want to pull her hair out by the root and jump his bones at any given time. The journey they went through wasn't easy, but it was worth it. 

Both men were with Jehovah now and it seemed to be the right time to let the world know the truth. Good, bad, or ugly. Her truth was her truth and it had been too long coming. 

Taking a deep sigh she placed her fingers on the keyboard and started typing.

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