More Than Curiosity

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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. I do not know Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. I make no profit from this fanfiction story.

More Than Curiosity

Come see me in my suite.  Please?  I’ll be up.  Let’s talk it out and bury the hatchet.  I think it’s time.  Don’t you?  


As she sits before a luxurious mirror encircled with beaming lights, Taylor smirks down at the note, written in magenta ink on a white napkin, the imprint of Katy’s deep pink kiss, emblazoned at the bottom.  

Even her notes are colorful.  Playful.  Whimsical.  Just like her stage costumes and public persona.  

But beneath her girlish, innocent veneer, lies a malicious, pink demon with a penchant for dabbing her cake-like words with barbed, whip cream.  

Taylor’s been hurt by this behavior but she’s tried her best to play it down and ignore it.  

But then one day, Katy took things too far.  

In fact, she took a cherry pie that she’d made with the headaches Taylor experienced after she snatched her tour dancers from beneath her for her own tour and smashed it in Taylor’s face.  

This horrific event was all things bitter and nothing sweet and the cherries of this figurative pie, were so sour, Taylor spit them out along with what little was left of their friendship, at the time.  

Now, things have devolved to the point where the public and the media, constantly gossip about the turmoil between them.  

Taylor has even released a song and video in response to Katy’s song and video that was so obviously meant as a punch at her, skewering and mocking Katy in both subtle and blatant ways.  

Her holding the Grammy that Katy’s never won, in the crashed car while dressed similar to her, is a really nice touch, she thinks.  

Taylor’s smirk expands with both a sense of pride and sadistic satisfaction as she reflects on this part of her video treatment which her own mind concocted.  

Taylor shrugs a shoulder while releasing a silent snort.  

I’m such a genius.  

Taylor leans towards the mirror before touching up her red lipstick.  

A snake, am I?  Perhaps you’d like to see how snake-like I can be!  

Taylor releases a mockingly evil laugh.  

Aladdin’s one of my fav films.  So hilarious.  

“Tay!  Are you alright in there!” she hears her mother shouting from the living room area.  

“Yeah, mom!  Just being goofy!  You know me!”  

“Yes!  I know you!  Being goofy as always!  Well, I’m gonna be heading off to my suite!  You already know I have to get to bed early to catch my plane back for work, tomorrow!”  

Taylor combs her fingers under and through her wavy-curly hair which falls right above the top of her shoulder, as if attempting to fluff it up.  

“Yeah, I know!  See you later, then!  Oh!  And call me when you get off the plane!  Let me know you made it safe!”  

“I will!  Love you, honey!  Make sure you eat, okay!”  

Taylor chuckles, in an ironic way.  

“Have you seen the fifteen pounds I’ve put on, lately, mom!  I’ve got boobs and booty and everything, now!  Of course, I won’t forget to eat!  Plus, I’m not touring for the next few months!  Love you, too!”  

“Okay, hon!  I’m out!”  

“Okay, mom!”  

She hears the door close.  

As she fluffs her hair, she starts thinking, again.  

She wonders if she should honor Katy’s request or pretend like Katy’s round bodied, personal assistant, ate the note on her way to Taylor’s suite, instead of delivering it.  

The snaky Taylor hisses into her ear that why attempt to squash the beef between them when it’s such good publicity?  

And now with her trying to adopt a ‘bad girl’ image, perhaps stoking the flames even more, would be a better option.  

Snaky Taylor keeps hissing that she should send a note back saying, ‘Fuck you, hoe and the pink, fairy dust sprinkled cloud you floated in on!’  

Then she should have her people leak the note to TMZ, so some of the public can gasp in awe, at how much more ‘bad-assed’ the new ‘Tay-Tay’ is while others weep even more over her declaration that ‘The old Taylor is dead.’  

The whole comical scenario makes Taylor snicker with childlike amusement.  

The truth is that she is tired of the strife and space that has grown between them like a ‘Great Wall of China’ made of thorns.  

They used to invite each other to get-togethers at each other’s places and they were texting pals and everything.  

It sucks having to go through so much complications, avoiding her at awards shows and other events they both have to attend.  

Perhaps, she can come up with a compromise to appease herself and ‘snaky Taylor.’  

Maybe, she can craft a deal with Katy, after they make up, that they’ll still pretend to be at odds, publicly.  

With a feeling of satisfied resignation pooling through her, Taylor leaps up from her chair before checking out and adjusting her outfit, a black, bandage, mock neck, leathery dress that floats just above her knees with its geometric patterns.  

As she slides her hands down over her waist, she sinks her teeth into half her lip while feeling like a female ‘Neo’ who’s just strutted out of ‘The Matrix.’  

“Why.  Hello, new Taylor,” she admiringly says to her sultry, powerful reflection.  

A memory drifts into her mind of all the people, including Katy, who were staring at her as she strutted into the mansion party she attended, earlier.  

Usually, she avoids parties Katy’s attending but on this evening, she really wanted to make her seethe as she beheld the new and improved, scintillating Taylor.  

After leaving herself with a smirk, she abandons her vanity room.  


Taylor ends up in front of the door to Katy’s suite before knocking.  

She is soon greeted by the sight of Katy dressed in a long, lacy, twilight-blue robe with her black hair mid-length and in a Fifties type hairstyle.  

She gives her a smile that has a contemptuous, synthetic, creepy quality to it.  But Taylor doesn’t take it personally.  That’s how she always smiles. 

“Taylor!  You came!  Good to see you, dear!  Come in!” Katy sings.  

Once Taylor is inside, Katy apologizes to her for her super casual attire before offering her a seat on her plush, leather couch.  

She asks her what she’d like to drink before preparing it and then bringing her a glass of red wine while she clasps a glass of white wine for herself.  

After sitting next to her, they face each other and begin to talk as they sip their beverages.  

At first, they partake in small talk such as Taylor telling Katy what she’s been up to with Katy eventually commenting on how breathtaking she thought Taylor looked, at the party.  

Taylor finds Katy’s words shocking but even more so, the actual sincerity in them.  

The time comes when Katy segues into the reason why she invited her there.  

“The reason why I waited so long to say this is—I was being really silly and prideful—so sorry.  Like sorry.  Yeah.”  

Katy looks up.  

“That’s what I was trying to say, right?” she mumbles as Taylor curiously looks at her.  

“About what?” Taylor says in a half peevish way.  

Katy’s stunned eyes shoot her way.  

“Um.  Well.  Um.  Yeah.  Sorry about the dancer thing.  That’s what I meant.”  

Her eyes fall.  

“To qualify.  It was never my intention to offend you when I used them.  But I do realize that even if they wanted to tour with me, I should’ve been the one to tell them ‘No.  You should stay with Taylor since she still needs you.'  I understand the inconvenience it caused you.  I understand your frustration over it.”  

Taylor stares at her.  

She just can’t believe what she’s hearing.  Even more so.  She can’t believe that there’s something in her that wants to forgive her.  

But then again.  That’s not the only thing she’s done to her.  All those nasty, verbal daggers she’s thrown at her.  That mean song she made.  

Keep calm, honey?  She doesn’t think so.  

Right when Taylor’s full, lush lips are curling under and her neck is jutting forward, in preparation to scald her with a bitter retort, Katy goes on.  

“And I know that wasn’t the only thing I did to hurt you.  There was the song.  And the backhanded things, I’ve said.”  

She tilts her head, her brows lifting, ironically.  

“And the time I stumped on your foot while you were wearing those killer, painful looking heels and then pretended, it was an accident.”  

Taylor’s eyes grow as large as blackholes at the center of galaxies.  

Everything in her wants to shout ‘Why, you bitch!’ and she can feel her body trembling like a thunderstorm.  But instead, her folding arms contain her while her pursing lips, restrain the venom ready to pour from her.  

Katy smiles in a playful way.  

“If you’d like, I can make it up to you by getting on my knees, right now and massaging your feet.  Sure, they may be built like a dragon’s since you’re so tall and all but I can get around those big, bad boys and get the job done, I promise.”  

Okay, that does it.  

“See.  There you go with that backhanded, slimy crap.  And they say I’m a snake!” Taylor tells her in her husky yet girlish voice.  

Katy’s large, round, fake lash decorated, mascara and liner heavy eyes, flash towards her.  

She lifts her hands, apologetically.  

“Tay!  I didn’t mean it that way!  I promise!  Don’t!”  

Taylor cuts her off as she points at her.  

“What if I said you look plain underneath all that make-up!  And that those giant ‘tah-tahs’ don’t make you all that special!  And that you may be better at spreading your legs for Orlando and John and the rest but I give better head than you can ever dream!”  

Katy gasps in horror at her vulgar utterances.  She’s definitely not used to this side of Taylor.  ‘The old Taylor is dead,’ indeed.  

But Taylor goes on, unperturbed.  

“And that my tits are as big as yours, now but unlike you, I don’t need to rub them in the whole world’s face while showing them off, all the time!”  

Katy appears taken-aback with her hand daintily placed against her chest.  

Taylor gives her a disgusted look dipped in sauce.  

“And enough with that angelic, melodramatic act of yours.  The fifties passed a long time ago, Katy.  Get a new shtick, please.”  

Taylor throws the rest of her wine back like it was a shot as Katy keeps watching her as if she’d just popped her head off like she was a Barbie doll.  

Katy’s horror transforms into fury as her arm and pointed finger snaps in the direction of her door.  

“You know what!  Fuck this shit!  Get out!  Get out, now!  How dare you call me ‘angelic!’  That’s your thing, not mine!”  

Taylor’s face flashes towards her as if she were a bat that had just flown out of hell.  

“You want me to get out!  Then you’re gonna have to make me!  How’s them apples!”  

As Taylor defiantly shoves her back against the couch, making herself comfortable, Katy threateningly glares at her, her head slowly shaking side to side.  

“I swear, Taylor.  If you don’t pick your whiney, childish behind up from my couch and haul your anorexic, lanky ass out of my suite, I’m gonna call my security to do it for you.”  

With her arms like a pretzel against her breasts, Taylor’s eyes dip under as they slide in her direction.  

As they rest on the brunette, at first, they are glaring at her.  But then something happens and Katy catches an energy in them like a wounded, fragile gloom before they swing away and she humphs in her obstinacy.  

Katy’s heart sinks in guilt for a moment as she feels her chest deflating before she forces it to inflate, again.  

“Taylor,” she says, ominously.  

The blonde’s face swings towards her.  

“What!” she fiercely says back.  

As their eyes remain locked, Katy’s eyes get a twinkle in them as one side of her mouth quirks up.  

Taylor cants her head sideways, her chin pulling back as her brows become knitted in a questioning way.  

Then before she can blink, Katy is flying towards her and their lips are crushing together.  

Taylor’s eyes bulge from their sockets at the sudden action before her stiffened palm becomes like a steady and moderate, bouncing drip against Katy’s shoulder.  

She also makes sounds in halfhearted, comedic protest while not pulling away, even though she could easily do so.  

As Katy’s lips remain pressed against hers, her eyes closed in playful defiance, Taylor’s protests start to die down.  

Katy smirks against her lips as she hears and feels Taylor sighing through her nostrils with her shrugging shoulders.  

Her eyes put up one last lackluster fight as she rolls them before her lids gently fall and her mouth eases open in surrender.  

Right then, Katy’s eyelids fly up as her eyes beam with mischief.  

Her hand rushes down to one of Taylor’s breasts before she gives it a hardy squeeze while suckling her bottom lip, at the same time.  

Taylor’s eyes spring open in shock before she taps at her hand as if telling her to remove it.  

Katy sighs while her eyes go for a loop in disappointment and irritation before she reluctantly honors Taylor’s wish and pulls her hand away.  

Then Katy goes from letdown to worried and wounded as Taylor moves back.  

But before the uneasy feelings can snuggle in within her, Taylor gives Katy a wicked grin.  

At last, it’s her turn to be plunged into a state of bewilderment.  

As Taylor’s hand moves possessively behind Katy’s head, she attacks the smaller brunette’s mouth with her own.  

From that point onward, everything starts to flow between them.  

As they taste and devour each other, their lipstick starts wondering outside of the boundaries of their mouths.  

Katy’s robe wonders off her body, revealing a smoldering, multiple piece lingerie set that causes her bountiful cleavage to sit up, nicely.  

Their roaming hands cause their hair to become dizzyingly messy.  

Then after some more heavy petting with each other’s breasts being their favorite things to grope, Katy finally suggests in a yearning sigh against Taylor’s heaving mouth, that they remove her dress.  

With nothing more than a zip, some pulls and tugs, Taylor’s own tantalizing lingerie is revealed.  

Once they start indulging in each other some more, the time comes when Taylor’s hand is roaming down underneath Katy’s panties.  

The taller female’s body shivers and her nipples tighten as she feels her slickness, swollenness, tightness against her fingers and fingertips.  

Katy’s body also shivers and she moans as she melts into the kinky, filthy things Taylor’s doing to her.  

She is startled by how dominant Taylor’s energy is to the point where Katy finds herself, hypnotically and submissively following the blonde’s skilled rhythm.  

But Katy’s still a master in her own right and therefore, isn’t quite ready to surrender to being showed up.  

Taylor releases a sweltering hum as Katy’s hand begins to play underneath her underwear.  

As the heat keeps rising between them, everything else between them grows more slippery and urgent.  

Their swirling tongues and suckling lips and stroking, dipping fingers make it seem as if they’re surrounded by the sound of waterfalls.  

Taylor even bites and nibbles Katy’s lip, a few times.  

Then with a howl, they both gush out against each other.  

Katy tells Taylor that she’s heard about her fellatio and cunnilingus skills but that hers is better and she’s going to prove it to her.  

Taylor doesn’t stop her.  

As Katy resides on her knees beneath her, her head bobbing between her trembling thighs, Taylor even licks and suckles her own release off her fingers just to show what a good sport she is.  

Also, once again Katy beholds that dominant, startling energy in Taylor.  

However, this time, Katy gets to behold Taylor’s expressions in all their feral, sensuous glory.  

The commanding, obscene way Taylor talks to her and the fiery lust in her eyes and the way her fingers dig into her scalp, makes Katy feel like a puddle is forming under her bare bottom, on the floor.  

Taylor’s all growls and sighs and whimpers and groans which mix mesmerizingly with Katy’s deep throated hums.  

The blonde is also a scandalous, early nineties music video of sweat, taut, rosy nipples, self-groping, full, quivering, snarling lips and height.  

It’s a sight to behold.  

“Eat that pussy!  Yeah!” she growls at her pet tiger before huskily wailing as she squirts her glory all over Katy’s face and down her throat, not long after. 

Katy’s face doesn’t even have time to dry before they’re in her bedroom and Katy’s wildly clawing at her bed and screaming at the top of her lungs as Taylor’s drinking in and taking a dip in her ocean.  

Katy didn’t consider digging her nails into Taylor’s thighs as she clasped them or reaching up and playing with her overflowing breasts or playing with and pinching her nipples but god does Taylor’s way of eating cake, feel awesome.  

Once Katy is wailing up at the ceiling, convulsing like a washer and dryer and clenching down on and gushing against Taylor’s swirling tongue as the bloated and small, round part of her throbs and bobs against Taylor’s fingertip, she is beyond ready for the ‘fucking’ Taylor threatened her with while Katy was still having her for dinner.  

She’s heard plenty rumors about Taylor’s strap-on sex prowess and would like to ‘try her out.’  

Thank goodness, she has a strap-on, set just for this occasion.  

‘She’s gonna hear me roooaaar!’ she humorously thinks with her butt hiked in the air, eagerly ready for whatever the blonde beauty has to offer.  

Katy’s vibe against herself and Taylor plunging in and out of her with the energy of a large, slow moving wave causes her to feel like she’s just landed on The Sun.  

Also, because the strap-on has vibes in it, too, Taylor also gets to feel something similar to really being inside of her.  

The view is certainly something to behold.  

Katy is dripping like an ice cream cone.  Her skin is pulled taut over her glistening butt cheeks.  She’s howling, sobbing and squeaking louder than ever. 

Taylor’s head is spinning with the feeling of savage power coursing through her veins.  It’s like being high on ecstasy.  

When Katy finally comes while passionately crying out in rapture, the knowing that it was her that drove the other singer to such blistering heights, causes Taylor to climax not long after the brunette bombshell beneath her.  

She rams herself in and out of her like a ferocious beast and grunt-screams as her big breasts and stiff nipples wobble with the movement of her body while riding out the searing waves crashing through her.  


“So, are you thinking about going back to him?” Taylor says as she lies next to Katy, in a blissful haze.  

“Mmm.  Maybe.  Really, it’s so hard to choose, though.”  

Katy does a thing with her hands as if weighing invisible objects with them.  

“Orlando?  John?  Orlando?  John?”  

She looks at her.  

“Know what I mean?”  

Taylor sighs in lighthearted exasperation.  

“Yeah.  I wish I didn’t.  I honestly don’t know what you see in John, though.  He was a real jerk to me.”  

She puts a finger up as if remembering something.  

“Oh, that’s right!  I wrote a song about it.  How ironic.”  

Katy guiltily frowns at her.  

“So, you really don’t care that I ended up dating him.”  

“I already told you a million times, Kat.  I could care less about him.  He’s so eight years ago for me.  Plus, I’ve got a new man, now.”  

“That ‘Joe Alwyn’ kid?”  

“Yah.  Him.”  

“‘Kay—and that’s a good thing cuz even though I love fucking ‘Lan,’ I still kind of feel like me and John are twin flames.”  

“I’d rather be twin flames with Satan, himself before being it with that idiot.”  

Katy gives her a playfully menacing look.  

“Watch it now, girlie.”  

Taylor shrugs.  

“I’m just keeping it a million.”  

“Everything has its limits, Tay.  Even honesty.”  

“If you say so, Kat.”  

Taylor gives her a coltish grin, her eyes twinkling.  

“I know one thing though.  Boyfriend or not.  I’d like to have more times like this with you, if you don’t mind.”  

Katy looks at her with a surprised expression before a smile drifts onto her face.  

“Yeah.  I’d like that.  Like your song says, ‘No one has to know.’”  

“That’s right.  No one does.  And we can use each other as a little buffer, for when things don’t work out with yet another lunkheaded, player boyfriend.” 

“I know, right?  Why are guys such lunkheads, anyway?”  

They both giggle like schoolgirls.  


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