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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, or Hayley Kiyoko. I do not make money from this fic.

Selena Gomez woke up with the worse hangover of her life. Her head was pounding, her body felt out 200 pounds heavier and she could barely remember what happened last night. She just lay there for 10 minutes trying to remember. Last night she went drinking with Taylor Swift after the blonde’s concert. Selena did a surprise duet with her and the two then went to a private club. Justin texted her last night about their date today but Taylor accidentally bumped into her and stepped on it before Selena could reply.

Taylor got her some giant rainbow cocktail with tequila, vodka, and some other things as an apology. That’s the last thing Selena remembers coherently. After that it was a blur of rainbow lights, glitter, dancing, and Taylor helping her home. She blushed as an image of Taylor kissing her popped into her head. It was surreal, almost like a memory as the blonde dragged Selena into the hotel room.

“Must have been a dream” Selena muttered to herself.

“Hope it was a good one” Taylor said. At that Selena’s eyes finally opened. She saw the blonde singer standing by the bed. Taylor was wearing a sleeveless leather top and skirt that looked like it came straight out of a BDSM porno. Selena tried to get up only to realize she couldn’t. She was tied to the bed spread eagle.

“Tay? Taylor? What is going on?” the tied up singer asked. She struggled against the leather restraints. “Did, did we do something last night?” Selena worried. She heard some stories about Taylor, but just assumed it was the general gossip by singers who couldn’t fill up stadiums. Not that Selena never thought about it before.

“Aww, you don’t remember? That’s a shame really.” Taylor smirked predatorily at the younger singer. “But that’s fine. I figured all that alcohol might not mix with the drugs I added and your memory be cloudy. I got it all on video for us.”

Before Selena could protest the giant TV screen behind Taylor turned on. “O god Tay-Tay, you’re so good at this.” Selena was lying on the bed as Taylor ate her out.

Taylor took a long, slow lick before answering. “Thanks, I practice. Hayley really taught me a lot.” She went back to the cunt in front of her. Soon she could hear the tell tale signs of orgasms from Selena.

“O, o god. I wish you could teach Justin this, god.” At that Selena just began screaming in orgasm.

“So, think you’re willing to give it a try?” Taylor smiled with Selena’s cum on her face. Selena answered by pulling the blonde into another kiss before working her mouth lower.

“Enjoying the video? It’s a shame you didn’t remember eating my cunt. But don’t worry, You’re a natural.” Taylor climbed onto the bed.

“Wait, Taylor, I won’t tell anyone, I swear. But come on, I was drunk. I didn’t agree to this” Selena begged as she suspected what was coming next. She had no idea why Taylor was doing this. They were always good friends who never argued. Except for when Selena got back with Justin.

“Yea but you need this. You need a good fucking. Not just sex, you need a nice hard fucking. You need to learn how well girls can make you cum. How much better we can be than addict Justin who cheated on you 3 times that you know of and don’t give a crap about you. I’m tired of you coming to me bitching about him when he breaks your heart. I at least deserve a little something for it.”

Taylor stood over Selena’s face and began lowering her pussy. “O and if you think of biting me harder than I like or anything I got plenty of video of you last night without my face in it. TMZ will get a copy if you try anything. If you thought Kim’s video was a hit, just think what yours will be. Could be the first celeb dyke sex tape.”

At that Selena knew she was done. That type of thing will set her career back to the beginning. Maybe she could angle something and play to the lesbian demographic but Haley Kiyoko already had a stranglehold on them.

“Come on slut, I know you don’t remember but this isn’t your first time eating pussy. I’m not going easy on you” Taylor grunted as she began to grind into Selena’s face. “Go on, put some tongue to it.” The tied up singer began to lick the cunt right in front of her. She hesitated at first, trying to figure out how to best eat her friend out.

“Get your tongue in there, come on that’s it. You’ll be a trained dyke before long”. Selena began to focus on the blonde’s pussy instead of her words. She tongue fucked the blonde superstar as fast as possible for a few while.

“O yes, yes, more, you little cunt lapper.” Taylor began to grind faster and faster on Selena’s face. Soon the Hispanic singer was just lying there, used as a fuck pad. “Go on, find my clit you dyke whore.” Selena instinctual obeyed, swiping at the nub a few times with her tongue before sucking it.

“O yes, yes, yes” Taylor repeated as she came. The taste was sweeter and less nauseating than Selena expected. Not that she got too much of a taste as Taylor continued to grind. Selena’s entire face was drench in cum by the time Taylor stood up.

Selena just lied there wondering what will happen next. “Now smile darling, you look so pretty. Maybe this can be your next headshot.” Selena looked up quickly to see Taylor snapped a phone with an old Polaroid.

“What the hell are you doing?” she screamed. She didn’t know why, she was already on video. But a picture was different. There were already thousands of celebs online. Fans will love to add her there.

“Don’t worry, Selena honey. No one can hack this camera. That’s why I didn’t use this phone. No horny old fan will jerk off to you like the Fappening. Just me. And probably Hayley and a few good friends.”  And that is when Selena looked away from the camera and picture. Taylor was now naked except for a pink harness around her waist and a purple dildo covering her cunt.

“Now, I’m going to untie you and you are going to stay on this bed and let me fuck you hard. If you run, you will get punished. Understand?”

“Yes.” Selena said, nodding her cum covered face. Taylor put the camera and picture down before undoing the restraints. First her legs were release and then her wrists. At that, she pushed Taylor off the bed and bolted from the room. She grabbed the picture of herself covered in girl cum and ran out of the bed room. She’ll find a way out of the video later. Hell, she could probably press charges or reverse the black mail if she tried. First she had to get out of this hotel suite.

As she headed towards the next door she felt her hair pulled back as she was slammed to the first. “You know, Tay Tay thought you’ll be smarter. Said you’ll give into it and like it. You might, but I think you have too much fight in you to be broken by a little pussy licking.” Hayley Kiyoko held Selena down as Taylor Swift came into the room with sort of lotion in her hands.

“I told you not to run. It’s a shame, really.” She took a few dobs of lube and began rubbing it into her fake cock. “I was going to fuck your cunt gently. Build you up until you were begging me to make you cum. But Hayley won the bet so she gets first go at your pussy. A real shame. Guess I got to settle for that sexy ass of yours.”

Selena struggled in Hayley Kiyoko’s arms as the third singer maneuvered her onto a coffee table. She quickly attached the handcuffs already on each leg to one of Selena’s limbs. As the 2nd leg was cuffed Hayley quickly moved between Selena’s legs and licked her pussy. “Oooh” Selena reluctantly moaned. “Please, please don’t do this. Please Tay. You know I haven’t done anal before.”

“Really? Justin wasn’t able to talk you into it this time? Well you shouldn’t have run. Don’t worry. Anal orgasms are great. Especially from a strap on. If you’re good I may even finger that soaking cunt of yours.” She quickly kissed Hayley, some of Selena’s cunt juice still on her lips. “MM, tasty. Don’t worry, it’s for your own good. You need to get Justin out of your system.”

“Please, no, please, I don’t care what it does to my career I’ll tell the press, TMZ will” her words were quieted as Hayley shoved her panties into Selena’s mouth.

“That’ll keep the bitch quiet til she enjoys it. Can’t have her screaming for help. Neighbors may get noisy. So, you going fuck her? Or do I have to?” The rising star asked her more famous peer.

“Just be patient. You’ll get her soon enough.” With that Taylor stuck a lubricated finger up her friend’s ass. “Nice, you really didn’t let Justin in here. That’s nice. I’m not getting sloppy seconds.” She pistoned in and out a few times before adding a second finger.

“O yea, don’t worry. It’s going be so much better than anything Justin done to you.” With that Taylor pulled her fingers out stood behind. “Relax, honey. It’ll be easier.” With that she began sodomizing the tied up singer. She slowly pumped back and forth, hearing a few grunts escape the makeshift gag. Eventually her hips slammed against Selena’s ass.

She bent forward to whisper “you’re going cum so hard today, I’m kinda jealous” into Selana’s ear. She then pulled out before slamming back in. Slowly she increased the pace until the coffee table beneath them was wobbling.

She slipped a few fingers into Selena’s cunt and started playing with her pussy. Soon the grunts turned to moans. “mm, I think she’s almost read Hayley. What do you think?” The exotic looking singer was masturbating on the couch watching the anal domination in front of her.

“Looks like it. Mm, let’s ask her.” Hayley got up and pulled her panties out of Selena’s mouth. “You like the second hand taste of my cunt? Well don’t worry, you’ll get more right after you cum from having a plastic cock rammed up your ass.”

“Oh, ohhh” Selena moaned out. She was almost there. She didn’t care about how this happened, she just wanted to cum. She wasn’t sure how she would deal after this. Maybe she could let Justin fuck her ass. But then, Justin never lasted more than 10 minutes and she was sure she was here for 30. “Oooh, no, no, no” she whimpered as Taylor began to slow down and pulled her finger out. “Please, please fuck. I’ll do anything for you Tay. And you Hayley. Whatever you. Just please, make me cum.”

“O Selena, all you had to do was ask”. With that Taylor began pounding her friend’s asshole harder. The table was about to break as Taylor pinched Selena’s clit. The singer screamed out in orgasm as the table collapsed and she was left on the ground.

The singer was uncuffed again. “Ok, now it’s my turn. Here, bitch.” Selena crawled over to the couch where Hayley sat with her legs spread opened. She quickly went to work.


Notes: At first I wasn't going to put this here. I do not know much about any of the celebs I wrote about here. This was a prompt I was given on a different website. Writing it more as a palett clenser between fics in different fandoms.  I hope you guys enjoy. 

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