Taylor Swift - Returning to the Club

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Taylor Swift. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story

“Can I help, miss?” the old bartender asked the clearly confused girl.


“I hope so. I’m 99% sure I was here at this building last night, but now it looks completely different,” Taylor Swift replied to the man in a red sports jersey.


“Ah. You’re not the first to be confused,” the man with healed scars on his face replied. “Follow me,” he said with a wave of his hand.


Taylor followed the man but with each stepped deeper into the British-looking pub, filled with only middle-aged men, she grew more and more weary. However, after only a handful of steps past the bar, the pub employee clicked an intercom on the wall and spoke. “Hey boss. Got a lass here from last night.”


The reply was a buzz and audible click as the door seemed to release. With a tug, the burly man opened the heavy barrier and admitted the pop superstar through into the new area, which is what Taylor expected when she first entered the premises this morning. The familiar circular bars, the dark walls with chrome finishes, the neon light and laser projectors.


“Hi...oh,” the young-ish bartender greeted before recognizing Taylor Swift for the famous singer she was. “This I am genuinely surprised about. And thank you Bill.”


“Aye,” the older man grunted before returning to his pub filled with rowdy men.


“What is this place?” Taylor couldn’t help but blurt out.


“Well I realized that LA has a lot of soccer fans but not many Supporters clubs. So I sectioned off party of the club and opened up to a whole new market,” Sam the bartender explained.


“You sectioned it off? So the handsome bartender is actually, what, the manager?” the pop singer asked.


“Not quite. Owner and operator but when a bartender called in sick at the last minute then I fill in. After all, Taylor Swift was the headline guest so it was all hands on deck last night,” he joked, drawing a laugh from the leggy girl.


“Which is why I’m here…”


“What did you leave behind,” he asked, putting down the bottle he was stocking and walked towards his office.


“My purse. Well, clutch. Silver with a green snake on it,” Taylor said, watching him walk and appreciating the bulge of his ass cheeks with each step.


“This one,” the owner asked, re-emerging a moment after ducking into the office with the described clutch.


“Oh my God, yes!” Taylor exclaimed as she launched herself forward, wrapping her long arms around the tall man and hugging him. After a half-dozen seconds she broke the friendly embrace and took back possession of her purse which miraculously still had all it’s cash and cards contained within.


“Okay you totally have to let me make you a thank you drink,” Taylor said with enthusiasm.


“Sure,” Sam replied, walking to the nearest bar and opening the tabletop, allowing the leggy girl to step inside the circular bar. “But I’m not much into vodka.” he mentioned, seeing Taylor grab on of the bottles.


“Not yet you aren’t,” the flirty girl responded as she poured the clear liquid into a large mixing glass. “You just haven’t had the right drink made by the right woman,”


Sam let the singer work in a few moments of silence as he pointed her in the direction of the frills for the drink. As she began to slice a few whole lemons in half before squeezing them in after the vodka, Sam took stock of the 28-year old singer. She had time this morning to apply some basic makeup and straighten her long golden hair, making her look stunning beyond belief. Her choice in clothing, a well-fitting white blouse, skin-tight black skirt and matching heels, highlighted her slender figure, impossibly long legs and thickening booty.


“I take it last night didn’t go as well as you hoped,” the man roughly her age commented, remembering back to the night before when she left with a greasy-haired, cocky gentleman.


“You could say that,” Taylor replied, her mood souring. However, it rebounded quickly as she spoke again. “Close your eyes for the mystery ingredient.”


Sam was a good sport, plus if Taylor Swift gave you an order you did your best to follow. He did as she asked then heard her muddling something, a herb of some type. Given the fact she was using vodka, lemon and simple syrup, his bet would be basil, making a more savory Lemon Drop drink.


“And open,” Taylor said excitedly, sliding the yellow-tinged drink towards the owner. Taking it into his hand, he gave her a chink of the glass before having a mouthful. “So? What do you think?”


“Actually, pretty damn good,” Sam replied honestly before taking a bigger sip. “Is that...lavender?”


“It is! Good recognition.”


“I aim to please,” Sam said, watching as Taylor lifted her own glass for another drink.


“Too bad my date last night wasn’t so kind,” Taylor said.


However, before anymore could be said another figure emerged from deeper in the club. Taylor first heard the creak of the stairs that she didn’t know were there at the dack of the space as a girl with tousled hair, slightly smeared make-up and a party dress came into view. With a satisfied grin on her face, the 20-something girl gave Sam a warm smile and thanked him for last night before exiting the building.


“Damn, Sam,” Taylor said with a grin. “Looks like you really do aim to please...and pleasure based on the smile plastered on that girl’s face the morning after.”


Sam blushed but when he looked up at Taylor a few heartbeats later he noticed a very definitive shift in her demeanor, including the look in her eyes. It was as if a hunger had come over the 28 year old singer, almost as though he was prey for her sudden predatory mindset. As Taylor took another long pull of her drink she not-so-subtly looked around and noted the 2 entrances were locked and that this were alone inside the massive club.


“Sam...can I be extremely open and frank with you?” Taylor asked, leaning over the bar to stare him in the eye. When he smiled and nodded, she continued. “I need to fuck. More importantly, I need to get off, the more times the better. So, my proposal is that you can do anything your devious mind can think up provided you can do what I need. So, Sam, can you help me out?”


Sam allowed the information to seep into his brain and soak in, mainly because it sounded so implausible. However, the business owner recovered fairly quickly given the news, aided by him buying a little more time as he finished the last sip of her surprisingly good cocktail.


“Now, sometimes girls say they’ll do anything when really they don’t mean that at all,” Sam commented, already feeling a stirring in his pants.


“I’m not most girls though,” Taylor replied.


Before any more words were exchanged, Taylor pushed herself away from right near Sam and sexily strode to the opposite end away from him. It gave Sam another chance to admire her ass, which she was clearly putting time in at the gym for as it had a pretty decent thickness for a girl so slender as she. Sam’s jaw soon slackened and nearly hit the counter when he watched as Taylor fucking Swift hiked up her skirt to first reveal a lack of panties, and secondly to show the black butt plus currently embedded in the tight ass.


“Holy damn,” the club owner exclaimed before regaining some composure.


“So fuck me wherever and however you want. All I want is orgasms. Strong and multiple,” Taylor said, tossing her golden locks over her shoulder to look at him. “Deal?”


“In that case, climb up,” Sam dictated after agreeing easily to her terms.


After seeing a stool to step onto, Taylor reached out for Sam’s helping hand as she managed to swing a knee onto the top of the bar despite the tightness of her black pencil skirt. Pulling her hand back, the leggy pop singer pulled at the edge of the surface to get her second leg up, kneeling a top the bar as she felt a pair of strong hands run up her long thigh before giving each of her bubbly cheeks a firm grip and slap.


Sam’s mind was racing with all the possibilities as he gave another light spank to Taylor Swift’s ample booty. Maybe sensing his sensory overload, Taylor’s hand reached down to lift her skirt up around her narrow waist, allowing the singer to have greater hip range of motion but also so he could spy the dildo buried in the wholesome-seeming girl’s ass. Sam snapped himself out of his fog as he reached up and ran a hand through her silky golden locks before cupping the back of her head.


Feeling his stronghand rummage through her hair caused a visceral response to run through Taylor. First her mouth dropped open to allow a low moan to escape her full lips. Secondly her head rolled more into his palm, allowing him to cradle her as he began to pull her down towards his face. And lastly, her pussy instantly began to dampen, a great deal in fact.


“God you’re beautiful,” Sam commented a moment before their lips touched.


Some kisses are soft and gentle. The first one between Sam and Taylor Swift would not be described as that by anyone. It was intense and a little sloppy, with their tongues spilling out on occasion between the seal their lips made. Every few seconds they would surface for a gulp of air and to turn their heads to the opposite side before they’d lean back in, feel their noses rub together before attempting to cram their tongue into the other’s mouth.


They’d been moving as they kissed, with Taylor doing the larger movement as she rotated so her ass was no longer pointed at him but away so she could be directly in front of him as they kissed, on hands and knees still perched atop the bar. Meanwhile Sam’s motions were smaller, contained to using only his arms and hands. With skilled fingers he undid the buttons of the singer’s blouse, but a hand from the blonde singer reaching down to rub his crotch made him forget that strand of thought.


“Coming up,” Sam said before hoisting his athletic 6’2 frame up onto the bar to kneel beside the talented singer.


While Sam went to undo his belt, Taylor was already a step ahead. With her right hand she deftly unzipped the front of his pants. A series of heartbeats later and the leggy singer had his fully erect cock gripped lightly in her hand and was sizing him up. Luckily for both parties concerned Taylor found his offering up to her somewhat lofty standards as it was of both sufficient length (roughly 7 inches) and width (not too slim or freakishly thick). With her blouse wide open and exposing her bra-covered tits, the singer had a singular focus as her hand lightly stroked the cock in her hand.


“Please tell me you want me to suck this beautiful dick,” Taylor asked, practically salivating at the thought of getting his pole in her mouth.


“I want you to suck my cock Taylor,” Sam replied, meaning it with all his heart


“Oh thank God,” Taylor said with glee, scooting her ass back to rest on her heels. “I’ll make sure you won’t regret it.”


Taylor smiled wide at being ordered around by the attractive bar owner before giving his cock her full attention. With a final flash of her gorgeous blue eyes back up at Sam, the horny blonde bent even lower at the waist before instantly engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth.


“Uhhh,” the older man groaned in response to her wet touch.


When it came to sex, Taylor Swift had many talents but foremost of those was with her exceptional mouth. Wanting to show off and perform better than the girl that literally just left his bedroom, Taylor wasted no time in bobbing her head along half his length while her hand worked in perfect unison to stroke the remaining portion.


“Yes. Suck it babe,” he moaned in delight towards the dirty blonde.


“Mmmmm,” Taylor moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.


Already into her stride, Taylor would thrust her head towards his groin with speed. On the return trip she would stop for a moment before applying even more suction, causing her cheeks to hollow. By the tightness of his hand in her shiny golden hair and the groans emitted from Sam’s lips she figured he was enjoying himself handsomely.


Wanting to show off her full bag of tricks, Taylor pull back one final time and swirled her talented tongue sloppily around the head of his cock. With loads of spit already supply she beat his entire length with her fist as she tilted it skyward while crouching even lower. Opening her mouth Taylor captured the first of his nuts between her lips while never missing a beat with her hand.


“Oh mother fucker,” Sam groaned yet again, giving her shoulder-length, wavy hair an even harder squeeze.


Sam felt a bit like an asshole comparing the two women, but he couldn’t help it. While his hook-up last night was more than adequate, she didn’t go anywhere near his balls, much less gave him a spit shine with such glee as Taylor fucking Swift was currently giving them. This kinky singer took her time wrapping her plump lips around each nut as she sucked while using her skilled tongue to caress the sensitive sack.


As much as she loved the reaction she got from fondling the balls, Taylor simply loved the feel of a dick in her mouth. Getting him back in her mouth was the goal and she accomplished it swiftly by extending her tongue and running it from balls, along the underbelly of his shaft until feeling the bulbous head poke against the back of her throat and holding him there for good effect.


“Glllcckkk,” she gagged while spitting up extra saliva onto his prick.


Taylor had her nose pressed against his relatively flat stomach with his tip blocking her airway for as long as she could until finally releasing and pulling him out. The result was thick strands of her spit now decorating his veiny member, however she didn’t take the time to admire her work. Instead Taylor parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before Sam moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging into the top of her head.


She enjoyed the effect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether. She wasn’t done with him though as she extended her tongue and used it to rub against the head of his dick, tasting the first tiny dribble of precum.


“I want to taste you so badly,” Sam groaned, the sight of her ass swaying with her bobbing making his mouth water.


“Then do something about it, big boy,” Taylor said with a smirk.


Deciding to do just that, Sam decided to act rather than dictate this time around. Since his bar was freshly cleaned, it allowed the club owner to clutch Taylor’s hip and spin her 180 degrees around without giving her a friction burn on her model-esque legs. Since the singer had foregone panties and still had her skirt up around her waist, Sam was greeted to the sight of her glistening pink pussy made to stand out even more by the jewel-tipped butt plus still nestled in her ass.


“Whoa!” Taylor shrieked as she was first spun then flattened so her thin body rested prone on the bar top.


As much as Sam wanted to pull free the stopper in her ass and dig as deep into her backdoor as his tongue would allow, he showed some resistrant...for now. Instead he licked his fingertips before running the slick digits through Taylor’s folds, drawing a moan from the gorgeous singer, before closing his mouth around the butt plug and pulling lightly on it. His force wasn’t enough to dislodge it from her cavernous asshole, but it did provide enough pressure against her sphincter to open up another realm of pleasure for her.


“Oh God damn!” Taylor screamed in joy, already experiencing more pleasure after 10 seconds this morning than that dud from last provided in their sexual encounter.


Of course Sam was more than a one trick pony, as Taylor was finding out. After a minute of exploring her folds with fingertips and pulling on the butt plug with his mouth, Sam shifted his approach. This time his tongue did a lick all down her pussy before nestling deep in her honey pot, drawing another scream from the singer, as his fingers took over spinning the toy in her ass.


Taylor’s clean shaven pussy tasted as yummy as it looked, with a hint of sweetness being the predominant flavor. It was difficult craning his neck between her slightly spread legs since she was still flat down on the bar top, so Sam swapped his mouth and hand again so his two digits could submerge fully into Taylor’s cunt and began pumping in and out. Meanwhile his tongue was now being used to lick the rim of Taylor’s asshole that became available as he used his free hand to hold the butt plug as far out as possible while still leaving it spreading her asshole.


Sam took pride in his ability going down on women, so it wasn’t too surprising when he started hearing Taylor’s moans and screams taking on a more desperate tone to them. Not only that, she was pushing her ass slightly up off the table top, trying to push it back to aid his fingers and tongue on her respective holes. In short, after only 5 minutes she was displaying all the typical signs of a woman on the verge of an orgasm.


“Gonna cum, Taylor?” Sam asked with a smirk etched on his face.


Though Sam had correctly picked up on the tell-tale signs, the leggy singer hadn’t realized she was that close until his words. However, now she couldn’t believe just how close to the summit of her climax she had come in such a relatively short time. However, as the club owner’s left hand stimulated her asshole by tugging on the butt plug while his tongue worked inside her pussy at the same time the fingers of his right hand rubbed her clit, she knew she didn’t stand a chance of lasting much longer.


“Yes! God, yes!” she screamed in excitement, moments from cumming.


Sam knew all he had to do was keep doing what he was currently doing in order to give the already legendary pop singer a good orgasm. But Sam had always been a risk taker, and his fuck session with the gorgeous Taylor Swift would be another to add to his tally. He essentially kept doing the same thing, licking deep in her pussy while twitching her clit repeatedly and pulling on the butt plug, however he decided to give the toy occupying Taylor’s ass a bit more pull. After a moment's hesitation, he felt the tight sphincter finally give and allow the plug to exit Taylor’s poop chute, but Sam didn’t take it that far, instead choosing to leave the toy to fill her asshole but this this with the thickest part stretching out her opening.


“Cum for me! Now Taylor, now!” Sam encouraged before burying his tongue back in her pink hole.


“Oh God! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming!”


Her orgasm was even stronger than she predicted, likely having something to do with her three biggest pleasure centers all being stimulated simultaneously. Taylor would reflect back on her morning later that day and for several more after that, thinking about his brave decision to start fucking her tight ass with the butt plus right as she was on the verge of cumming and how massively it paid off. However currently the leggy popstar was incapable of thought as her mind was solely clouded by carnal bliss.


“Holy damn! Even your cum is breathtaking,” Sam commented, her cum smearing the skin around his lips.


If Taylor heard him she gave no indication as she stayed laying on her stomach a top the bar, heavy breathing. Realizing she expected him to be in control, Sam seized control of the situation as well as the popstar’s hips and pulled her backwards. With ease Taylor was propped back up on her hands and knees, her surprisingly bubbly booty facing him and, more importantly, his fully erect cock.


“Thanks,” she said, looking back over her shoulder with her best ‘fuck me’ eyes as earlier. “Now please get that lovely cock in me.”


Sam had no intention of doing anything but her request. With this being their first time having sex, Sam didn’t know her rhythm of whether she liked it slammed in hard or eased in. Despite her wetness from the recent orgasm, Sam opted for the latter option given the fact she was pretty tight despite her sexual reputation. Also the fact she had a butt plug in her ass meant that space would be at a premium as well.


With his right hand holding his shaft and his left steadying her hips Sam pressed his hips forward until his head touched her folds. He rummaged his tip through her glistening pinkness to coat his cock in more moisture before applying more pressure until half his dick was soaking in Taylor Swift’s pussy.


“Ooohhh! Yes!” Taylor moaned in excitement as his cock began pulling out.


Just as he initially thought, Taylor was a snug fit around his healthy-sized cock so he used practiced, careful motions to push in and out of her cunt. However, within a few dozen strokes taking less than a minute he had managed to slowly edge more and more cock into her hole until his entire cock was being repeated sheathed inside Taylor’s pussy.


“God you feel so good,” Sam grunted as he began picking up his pace, upping it from the slow careful strokes to something with a lot more speed behind it.


The butt plug was the wild card for both individuals and its effect was positive for both. For Sam, having the toy lodged in Taylor’s ass felt great as it made her wet pussy huig his dick with a little more vigor while also giving the top of his shaft a massage for extra pleasure. However, for Taylor it made every thrust that much better. Not only did she benefit from the plug tightening up her pussy, but it served to shift what is being stimulated. Suddenly, her G-spot was getting much more stimulation due to the new, smaller, tighter space.


Though it had only been a few minutes since he slipped inside her, Sam was gaining speed each time he sank his entire cock into Taylor. The popstar’s inner walls clung to his condom-less member, making the club owner grunt behind her with each thrust. Clutching onto Taylor’s womanly hips for support, Sam pushed himself back inside the leggy blonde to his hilt repeatedly, his balls slapping against her wet slit with an audible thud loud enough for the thawking sound to reach his ear.


“Fuck Taylor! We’re so tight,” Sam groaned as he relentlessly hammered inside her, receiving extra stimulation from the butt plug wedged in the blonde’s ass.


Based on her own moans of pleasure, Sam knew that the pop singer was not only up to the task of his relentless pace but thriving under it. The slightly older man kept up the brutal hammering and continued slamming his entire length into her tightness over and over again, much to their shared pleasure.


“Keep going, just like that,” Taylor found herself saying, using her arms to shove back onto his dick.


Content to do just that, Sam brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. Sam couldn’t help but look down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the slender blonde, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her skinny ass to ripple in response. However, the jewel-tipped toy plugging Taylor’s ass caught his attention so he removed one hand that was rearing back on her hips so his fingers could deftly close around the toy.


Shit! God! Fuck!” Taylor chorused out a series of cuss words she rarely ever used.


Sensing he was on the right path for obvious reason, Sam continued with deep hard thrusts into Taylor Swift’s pussy while his fingers twirled and pulled gently on the butt plug filling her backdoor. The singer was unaware if her current hookup had vast experience working with anal sex toys or if he was just some sexual savant, in either event she was on the receiving end of her second climax of the morning coming like a freight train.  


“Cum for me again,” Sam insisted, pulling back hard on the plug again until it started to widen her asshole.


Just like when he was eating her out no more than a handful of minutes ago, the feel of the toy stretching her sphincter wide open was the catalyst the horny singer needed. Though she had been helping by pushing her body back onto his cock, all movements from Taylor suddenly stopped, other than the whole body quivers and another almighty bellow from the pop star.


“OHHH GOOODD YESSS,” Taylor screamed as she came all over his dick.


Though he’d been doing well at staving off his own orgasm, the feel of Taylor;s pussy clamping down on his cock as he continuing thrusting inside her was a true test for his endurance. Ultimately his willpower won out and he avoided blowing his load into the famous singer, but it was a much closer call than he would have likely, even though he had came last night and earlier this morning with a different woman.


“Holy fuck,” Sam huffed, slowing his strokes into Taylor to a crawl but still pumping.


“You’re telling me,” Taylor said, head still hanging between her arms. “But you haven’t cum yet so what do you think stud? Up for some naughty sex,” she added as she swirled her index finger over her butt plug. “Game for some anal?”


“Always,” Sam said excitedly, hoping that this was where they were headed.


“Had a feeling you might say that,” Taylor replied, looking back over her shoulder and flashing him her widest smile. “Any lube?”


“Was thinking the same,” the club owner replied before pulling out a bottle of clear fluid. “Simple syrup?”


“Not my first choice but better than going in dry,” the singer replied before suddenly her anus expanded before being left completely void. “Ugh! Damn that was a big one.”


Sam knew that time was of the essence once the butt plug was removed in order for anal sex to happen as smooth as possible. Once he pulled the toy clear, he placed the metallic butt plug on the bar by her knee as he poured some of the fluid right onto his dick. The sticky liquid combined with Taylor’s cum already coating his tool to make a frictionless surface while his right hand massaged it in. Lastly he placed his tip right at the yawning (and he meant yawning) entrance of Taylor’s asshole, further proof she was far from an anal virgin before the smallest push took his tip into her poop chute.


“Uhhh,” Taylor grunted with a wince of discomfort that always accompanied the first penetration of an actual dick into her ass, regardless of her vast experience level.


“You okay? Or need a minute,” Sam asked, using his hands to stroke her sides, calming her as he left his dick resting in her ass.


Taylor reached down between her slender thighs and touched her clit with her middle finger. As she circled the little nub with her finger she moaned, feeling the pleasure she was deriving from herself. Sam felt her body relaxing before she actually pushed back against him, something he was hoping and prepared for as he took the chance to ease a little more into her.


“Much better,” Taylor cooed, free hand going to her exposed breasts to play with her nipples. “Keep fucking my ass.”


Sam made sure to perform smooth strokes into her ass, using only half his length and was pleasantly surprised to find the singer up to the challenge. Not only that, but Taylor was actually moaning and writhing in front of him, no doubted aided by one of her hands rubbing her sensitive clit while the other continued tweaking her nipples.


Even though he was mystified at how such an innocent seeming girl who was as slender as she was could take a dick in the ass so well, Sam continued pressing his luck. Still only using half his length, he started to push in with a little more speed, making sure to prioritize even smooth thrusts. When that was well received then he started edging more of his pole into the singer.


Just as the club owner was prepared to stay with this status quo, Sam was once more surprised by the popstar. Taylor had used her free hand on the bar top to push backwards against his cock even further the next time he thrust in, with the only thing stopping his forward progress was his abdominals on her bubbly cheeks.


“Holy Christ!” Sam couldn’t help but exclaim before adding inaudibly. “I’m balls deep in Taylor Swift’s asshole.”


“My thoughts...mhmmm...exactly,” Taylor agreed, adding in a little shake to her rhythm to increase pleasure.


If Taylor was in pain from the relentless ass fucking he was doling out to her, the club owner would never have known it. With each time the full length of his cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was balls deep, she moaned. In fact, as she now used two hands to push back towards him, the blonde singer demandingly urged him to keep fucking her ass.


“God! Jesus! You are...this is...fucking unreal,” Sam huffed as his strokes just their smoothness, becoming more ragged.


“What? Mhmm! Didn’t expect to...uhhh...fuck Taylor Swift’s ass this morning?” the popstar jested, flashing him a smile from over her shoulder.


Taylor recognized exactly what Sam was doing with his sudden random fucking style. He had thus far showed remarkable endurance and had made her cum twice, rather strongly in fact, however he was showing signs of his own pending climax. His smooth thrusts were replaced by a slow push deep into her bowels, burying his whole length in her dirt road before letting it soak in her bowels. After a few heart beats he would withdraw and pump a few times, a lot slower than his torrid pace only minutes prior before sheathing his flesh sword back in her ass and resting for a brief spell.


Sam found a new way to slow things done. After pushing in as deep into her ass as possible and letting it rest for a few seconds, the club owner withdrew completely. Using hands on her slim but plump cheeks, he pulled them apart with his substantial strength so that it afforded him a view of her cavernous hole. Her pale white skin quickly gave way to a straited red and purple ring before the darkness of Taylor’s wide open ass devoid the light much like a black hole.


“Fucking spectacular,” Sam said after repeating the feat of stabbing his pole deep into her ass and looking at the gaping wake it left after pulling out.


“Okay pervert,” Taylor said with a little giggle. “Time to let me ride you to your just deserts.”


“No time,” the club owner responded, taking back control of their encounter. “Hop down.”


Knowing that time was of the essence, Taylor listened to the man who had worked up a bit of a sweat with their fucking thus far. Once he left her ass and jumped to the ground below, she sought to do the same with Sam ever the gentleman and helping her down. Despite the clear time crunch, Sam still found the time to plant a lengthy wet kiss onto Taylor, savoring the deep tongue-filled action since it was likely his one and only time with the leggy singer.


“Please get that big cock back in my ass,” Taylor cooed as she was spun around and had her small but perky chest and face laid on the bar top.


Her words nearly broke the last reserve of Sam’s endurance but he managed to subside his orgasm a little longer. Still considerate of the woman he was fucking, the club owner reached for the simple syrup bottle to dribble more of the makeshift lube onto his cock. As he thought of her, Taylor reached behind her with both hands to spread her cheeks, making her already well-used asshole an even bigger, more inviting target for the handsome small business owner.


“With pleasure,” he replied after having worked the fluid into his now slippery cock.


Despite her ass having closed up by at least half its width when he last pulled out, it took very little effort to pierce Taylor’s bowels once more. She howled at the action, though not a tone of discomfort was noted in her voice. With her hands still pulling her ass apart, Sam found his journey into Taylor’s ass to be smooth, instantly pushing half his length into her rear and continuing at that depth to fuck just with more speed.


“Ahhh! Ohh! Yes!” Taylor moaned as her flawless long legs were locked with straight legs, taking all the pounding the club owner threw at her. “Give it to me! Give me all that dick!”


“You want me to fuck you harder?” Sam panted, picking up the pace as her asshole clenched around his cock.


“Yes, do it,” the popstar ordered assertively, slipping a hand underneath her to play with her pussy. “Use my asshole until you cum.”


Growling, the older man used his grip on her hips to pull her onto his cock. When Taylor grunted, Sam hoped it was out of pleasure and need and gave her another hard thrust. This time, there was no doubt as the singer’s grunt was mixed with a moan of pleasure from getting her ass fucked like they both so desperately wanted.


“That’s it, stud,” Taylor hissed, her fingers strumming her clit for a bit before dipping into her pussy and then back to her clit. “Ohhh, fuck my tight little ass. Fuck me!”


Cheered on by the suddenly vocal singer, Same lost himself in the pleasure. He somehow pushed the need to cum to the back of his mind for another minute or two in order to ram forward with both full force and full shaft with a spike of pleasure each and every time his dick was swallowed by her very hungry ass. Apart from their grunts filling the club, there was a repeated slap of flesh on flesh created when Sam slammed his healthy-sized cock forward, his pelvis crashing against Taylor’s small but curvy ass.


“Doing anything still on the table,” Sam asked with more than a hint of urgency in his voice.


“It is! I can’t wait to see what you have in mind,” Taylor said with genuine excitement and curiosity.


At this point Sam had almost nothing left in the tank. However, despite the needle being on empty his devious and dirty mind was still a buzz with ideas. Taylor had been game for everything thus far so he decided this last gambit was worth the risk, after all she came into his bar at 9 in the morning with a butt plus still wedged in her ass!


While still thrusting forward, albeit with less coordination due to the multitasking, Sam reached over the counter to grab a martini glass. When Taylor caught the image out of her peripheral vision she only had to think for a moment before piecing together what the dirty boy had in mind, giving him a flash of her smile in acceptance.


That knowing smile on her angelic face, not to mention the lengthy spell of their fuck session with her tight holes was finally too much for Sam to handle. Instead of the quick thrusts into Taylor’s asshole, the club owner switched to powerful jabs with his cock as far into her backdoor as possible, causing her lithe form to quake with the impact. Only after a handful of these deep pushes, Sam reached his climax.


“Oh fuck! I’m cumming,” he announced.


“Yes! Fill me up Sammy! Give my ass all that tasty cum,” the normally sweet girl begged.


And with one final plunge into her asshole, Sam shot his entire load inside her bowels. His eyes were squinted shut and his mouth released a mighty bellow as his dick pulsed and spasmed, emptying his contents. The orgasm was intense after the lengthy fuck session and felt much deserved to have reached its conclusion, although it was bittersweet in the sense that his time with the gorgeous megastar was reaching its end.


However, even after his climax, Sam still had the state of mind to remember his plan. After holding himself completely sheathed in Taylor’s backdoor, he pulled out of the leggy blonde and immediately brought the martini glass to be underneath her, only an inch below her still wide gaping asshole.


“Push,” the club owner instructed.


Taylor once more gave him a sultry look from over her shoulder before bearing down with a little effort. It didn’t take much internal pressure to get the cum to reverse it’s course. The heat of her bowels made Sam’s pudding liquify so even though he shot his load a good 9 inches up her ass it still rummaged through her and out into the martini glass. At first the cloudy white fluid dripped from her gaping hole before it shot out in a sudden explosion. Even with a good amount in the glass Sam waited to collect every last drop her dirt road gave out.


“For a guy who fucked this morning, that’s a lot of cum,” Taylor commented after pushing the last few drops from her yawning hole.


“Suck up some of the lube from the bar and spit it in as well,” Sam demanded, not harshly but firm.


Taylor figured she was in for a penny so in for a pound. Lowering her face towards the bar top where they fucked earlier, Taylor placed her lips in the biggest of the puddles and did as she was told. The simple syrup used for bar drinks doubled as lubricant for his cock going in her ass earlier so though it was still very sweet as it rested in her mouth it still had the strong earthy flavor betraying where it had come from.


“I assume this is a Sam special cocktail,” Taylor asked after spitting the slurped up syrup into the cum-filled glass.


“All for you,” he replied, swirling the contents before handing it over to Taylor.


If Taylor Swift was ashamed or had any reservations about drinking down the cumshot and lube that was fresh from being pushed out of her asshole it didn’t show. She accepted the glass without question and had it pressed to her lips in the next instance. She noted the color of the cocktail was cloudy instead of being see-through like the untainted fluid should have been, however she blocked it from her mind. Without delay Taylor closed her eyes and tilted the sweet yet foul tasting concoction into her mouth and swallowed it in one big, satisfying gulp.


“You are on devious boy,” Taylor said after composing herself.


“Guilty as charged,” the thoroughly exhausted man replied,


“I really should be going though,” Taylor said as she straightened and began hunting down her clothing.


“Yeah of course. No problem,” Sam replied, doing likewise.


However before she left, Taylor asked for his phone, which he unlocked and handed over. In only a few seconds she handed it back to him, but now contained within his contacts was the private cell number of one Taylor Swift.

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