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There was a look of total dejection upon the normally happy and loving face of Bayley. Her brown eyes filled with the warm tears of betrayal. “But why Charlotte? Aren't we friends?” “Friends? You're so stupid I almost feel sorry for you, I'm here to win matches, something that'd be impossible teaming with you, loser.” The muscular blonde spat back.

The athletic brunette was surrounded by the BFFs, willowy Summer, slight Sasha and the woman who had just slapped her. Sasha glared at the broken women. “Well loser, I'm sure you were told you need to bust your ass to make it in wrestling. Well guess what? We're about to bust your ass, bitch.” The second-gen wrestler then crowed “I can't believe you agreed to a Divas rules tag without even knowing what it means.”

Summer, the erstwhile leader, decided to take the time to speak. “Honey, you just can't compete with women at our caliber, but you still have a place here, so how about you get on your knees.” Bayley suppressed a sob as she knelt before the Beautiful Fierce Females.

“And how about you get down right beside her, Charlotte. You lost the match too.” The small black women snarled. “How about we go one on and one and then I'll bust your ass next.” Charlotte retorted. “Ladies, let's focus on showing this loser what her proper role is.” Summer looked at both Sasha and Charlotte and they nodded before turning their attention to the prostrate Bayley. 

The BFFs circled the young Hispanic women like wolves surrounding an injured prey. Charlotte spoke again when she got behind the felled woman. “Bayley, you're dumber than a bag of bricks, but you've always had one hell of an ass. Only reason I agreed to be your partner. And I'm going to enjoy breaking it in.”

With that Flair reached out and pulled down the superfans colorful tights and exposed her large, firm buttocks. Bayley whimpered as the three cackled. Charlotte's hands traced around the globes before parting her cheeks and spitting on the puckered brown starfish between them. “Oooh, this looks virgin tight, girls, I”m going to enjoy this.”

Summer rested her hand on the fellow blondes shoulder. “Well, let's take it slow, we don't want to rush this. But before we get to the rear, let's start here.” Pointing at the downed woman's mouth. “Ever eaten pussy, Bayley?” The southern belle mocked. Bayley sadly shook her head. “I'm surprised, given how much you like hugging me, I was sure you were a dyke.” Charlotte remarked as she absentmindedly stroked Bayley's backside.

“Well, I know just the person to start with.” Summer moved behind Sasha, and quickly pantsed the petite lady. “What the hell are you doing?” The Boss yelled, a good deal of fear in her voice. “Relax Sasha, you got the pin, you go first.” Summer reassured her, though as she backed off she give a quick slap to her light brown ass, drawing a squeak from Sasha.

“Alright, I'll break this bitches mouth in, but all of you ladies are losing your bottoms too, I'm not going to be like her.” Sasha said while pointing at the tear-soaked face of Bayley. “Okay.” Summer acceded “Whatever, Sasha.” Charlotte grumbled as the two blondes shimmied down their bottoms.

“Wait.” Charlotte interjected “Why should this loser be wearing anything?” And with that the three jumped on Bayley, Charlotte pulling her back as Summer and Sasha pulled the top over her head, revealing the large natural breasts of the San Jose native. The three girls maneuvered Bayley onto her back as they admired the curves of their opponent.
“Damn Bayley, who knew you were hiding these?” Charlotte said, surprised as he fingers cruelly twisted the Latina girls nipples. “We can get to them later, right now I'm sure she wants an after match snack.” Sasha grinned as she lowered her tightly groomed pussy onto the confused fans face.

Bayley didn't do what to think. Sure she had always had dreams, but to actually see a fellow wrestlers...place rapidly approaching her face filled with dread, fear, shame and a little sliver of lust. Soon, her entire field of vision was taken over by the overpowering presence of Sasha's...vagina. She simply inhaled the smell of Sasha as her fellow rookies flower rested on her nose and mouth. But, her peace was short lived. “Eat me, you stupid bitch!”

And slowly, tentatively, Bayley began licking, her tongue going up and down the lower lips of the Boss. A low moan escaped Banks' lips and Bayley, happy to hear even her enemy's joy, redoubled her efforts. “This bitch might not be a natural in the ring, but she's a natural at this. Now enough foreplay, get your tongue in there, I know you love my pussy, ho!”

Bayley gulped as she prepared to truly taste the wrestler above her, she closed her eyes, not like she could see anything, smothered as she was, and dug in. Her tongue penetrating the lithe woman gyrating on her face. She shook her head and her nose tickled Sasha's clit and she screamed. Heating up, Banks reached for her top and shimmied out of it, showing her small, perky tits to the lustful crowd.

“Yeah, get it in there, I'll get you in shape, cause you're switching to an all-pussy diet now!” Sasha cajoled her defeated foe. “Just a little bit more!” With those words Charlotte grinned before popping her middle finger into her mouth, making sure to get saliva all over it. “Let me help” the well-built blonde said before sliding it into Sasha's tight asshole pushing the Boston native over the edge. The Boss's howl threatened to shatter their eardrums, but Charlotte grabbed the bucking girl from behind and finger-fucked her ass as she groped her teammates breasts and kissed her neck from behind, nipping at her skin. Finally, Sasha stopped shaking and Charlotte released her, taking her finger out of the black girls rear and slipping it into her mouth.

“Tasty.” “What the fuck, Charlotte?” “You needed a little push, I didn't think it'd slip in.”
Sasha responded with a finger of her own as she fell back onto the cool ground of the locker room. 

Summer Rae pulled her fingers from her snatch as headed towards Bayley. “Calm down Sasha, you came, didn't you? Now, onto my fun.” And with that Summer straddled the overwhelmed woman and slid her left hand down Bayley's body towards her cleft while her right reached behind behind Bayley's head and brought her up for a kiss. “See? We can be nice, as long as you know what your place is.”

Bayley sighed as the long fingers of the First Lady of NXT slid into her, stroking her insides and gently brushing over her hood. Summer licked Sasha's residue off of the face of the naive girl and Bayley's pussy opened up enough for the BFF's leader to slip another finger in. “Yeah, I bet you're enjoying this.” Bayley nodded. “If I make you cum, will you do me a favor?” Bayley nodded again. “Are you sure? It could be anything.” “Yes, I'll-I'll do it, whatever you want.”

Summer smiled before stabbing her fingers deep inside Bayley, thumb brushing her clit and the already worked up Latina squirmed and writhed as she was played inside and out. Summer's tongue had invaded her mouth and her fingers were playing a symphony in Bayley's pussy. Bayley started gyrating in time with the tall blonde's movements, suddenly Summer shifted her hips and moved Bayley back, disconnecting the kiss in the process. With a firm grip on the prone girl's amble behind, Summer began increasing the speed of her strokes, Bayley felt it build, and build. The First Lady put her own hips into the thrust, using her hand as mock-phallus. Bayley felt waves of pleasure cascade through her body, they were intense, far more severe than anything else she's felt when she explored herself or let one of her shy boyfriends have their way with her.

“Come you dirty bitch.” Charlotte said as she tweaked the girls nipples. As her breasts were attacked and Summer manipulated her cunt the defeated brunette erupted. Summer cackled as she watched her machinations succeed. “See? Submissives like you can have fun, as long as you play along.”

The long-legged blonde stood up and stretched like a cat, sticking her ass directly into the air.
“But fair's fair, and now it's time for you to pay the piper. I'm sure whatever loser who reached their shaking hands underneath your shirt never asked you to do this, but given what you've said about me and what I've done to get to where I am today, this seems like poetic justice. Now take your slut tongue, and eat my ass!”

Charlotte hooted as it looked like Bayley was about to burst again into tears. “But-that's dirty. I'm not the sort of girl-” Charlotte cut her off. “Let me explain something to you, Bayley. I can to do whatever I want to your body, but right now I'm going to give you a choice. I'm going to fuck your virgin ass, and it's going to hurt. But there's a world of difference between taking my nine-inches lubed, and going in dry. So get on your knees, and get your tongue so far up Summer's ass that you can taste what she had for dinner last night, or I'm going to turn your asshole into a crater!”

The bent-over Summer, the exhausted Sasha and especially the woman Charlotte's rant was directed at dropped their jaws in shock, and collectively their sphincters twinged in fear. Bayley slowly and silently rolled over and gazed at Summer's brown-eye. “Who's the butt-kisser now, Bayley? You consider yourself good girls, but I know how all of you other girls talk about me. You're such a fan of WWE, well welcome to the Summer Rae Kiss My Ass Club!”

Bayley felt even more nervous about this then she did about the...vagina-licking. At least that was something she heard people enjoyed, well at least her old boyfriends used to say that, but the butt? That's gross, it's dirty, surely Charlotte was just joking about doing what she was talking about. There's no way she could take nine-inches in her own...place, let alone her backside. A firm smack across her cheeks roused her from her day-dreaming and she began to do the deed. She slowly put her tongue on the pursed ring and made gentle loops around it, Summer cooed. “Yeah, that's it. Bet you love the taste of my ass, girl. I've seen you watch me.”

Bayley blushed as she continued to eat Summer's ass, the earthy taste was better than she expected. “I bet that maybe you're smarter than you look. You knew what Diva's Rules are and you knew that you'd never beat us. You want this, don't you, you little trollop!” Bayley blushed deeper and began sticking her tongue into the rectum of the graceful blonde. The long arm of Summer Rae grabbed the brunette by the ponytail and held her in place as she began to fuck herself on Bayley's mouth. “Damn girl, I should've had you eating my ass the day you walked in here, but here's making up for lost time.”

Summer's talented fingers made circles around her her lower lips, doing a similar dance to how she got off the woman currently tossing her salad. It was a lower, slower, deeper sort of pleasure that Summer had arranged for herself. She'd never tell Sasha, and definitely would never tell Charlotte, but she enjoyed having her ass eaten more than her pussy. Her ass had always been extra sensitive, she was capable of cumming with stimulation of her tight ring alone. And while some of the pleasure was the thrill of humiliating whomever she had got in position to do it, more of it was just the pure naughtiness of the act. And the juxtaposition of a girl as innocent as Bayley doing it to her? Pure bliss.

Meanwhile Charlotte had slid in behind the recovering Sasha, and pulled her up to a sitting position, the bigger wrestler spooned her, arms draped over the African-American woman's frame. One hand reached down to stroke the still moist pussy of the younger woman, the other moved around the front, tweaking Sasha's nipples before sliding up to her neck. Charlotte twisted her head and met Sasha's lips in a kiss. Banks moaned. “I'm starting to think that you got a thing for me, Flair.” Charlotte responded with a light slap to her vagina, Sasha hissed in pleasure. Flair leaned in real close and nibbled on the black girls ear. “It's cause I know how to recognize a dirty bitch. Pay close attention to what I'm going to do to that slut's fuckhole, cause you'll be next.” Sasha bit her lip and shuddered as the light orgasm overtook her, Charlotte exuded power and confidence, fear and arousal were two sides of the same coin, and Flair's quiet menace made Sasha's pussy weep.

“Come on Summer, if you need somebody to finish you off, I'm sure Sasha would be more than happy to do so. Like all things Flair, it's time for me to main-event.” The leggy blonde let go of Bayley's ponytail and stood up, Bayley's face was streaked with her mascara. Summer cackled and slapped the shorter girls thigh. “Cheer up, I bet you'll like it. And even if you don't...well, you will in time. Charlotte's got first crack, but next week it'll be all of us. Though I guess by then it won't be a crack, it'll be a canyon.”

Bayley just laid there, bent over the bench, head hung low, tears dripping down her face. Charlotte got up, stretched a little bit and stepped over the still prone Sasha and walked over to her bag. She pulled out a purple dildo, obscenely distorted in its features, flared glans, grossly exaggerated in its veins that ran around it, heavy fake balls beneath it. Along with the phallus she removed a harness and began assembling the weapon of ass destruction. “Charlotte, please, didn't you say something about...y'know...not going in dry?” “I'm going to ignore you just talking out of turn. Here's the thing Bayley, only good bitches get lube, so show me what you can do.”

Charlotte finished sliding the strap on up her legs and locking it into place before marching over and standing in front of the shy Latina. “How about this, I'll give you five minutes to get this cock nice and wet and then I'll get to it.” Bayley shuffled forward and moved her head and grabbed the dildo, it felt strange in her hands, a little bit of give but a core of iron, she tentatively opened her mouth and put her tongue on it.

“Bayley, I really don't give a shit how wet this dick is, it's going in you, but just because you're so stupid it hurts, I'm going to give you some advice. Suck my fucking cock.” With that Charlotte's soft grasp turned to steel and pulled Bayley down her dick. The brunette spluttered and coughed as the dick got around halfway down her throat. Bayley felt like she was suffocating. Charlotte slid her hips in and out a couple times as she face-fucked the superfan.

Meanwhile, Summer had curled up with Sasha and positioned her hips across from the smaller girls. With a twist and a gyration, she began rubbing her pussy against her proteges. “Come on Summer, I'm tired.” Sasha protested. “Oh honey, you always enjoy this.” “What's with you Southern blondes being such freaks.” “Maybe you're afraid that Charlotte is freakier than you.” “What's that supposed to mean?” “Well, taking somebodies ass is a rather important step in breaking them, all I'm saying is that Charlotte got her finger in you, and is about to get her cock into Bayley.” “I'm playing nice.” “Bosses play nice?” “Not when they're provoked you blonde bitch.”

Sasha bit her lip and began rolling her hips with more energy, the girl lived for cardio and she wouldn't be shown up by the talkative blonde. Charlotte wasn't the only Beautiful Fierce Female that knew how to sexually dominate. Summer felt the younger girl start to respond and smiled, Sasha was so easy to manipulate, she almost felt sorry for the girl. Sasha was a puppy with a big bark, but that didn't mean that the feel of her pussy grinding against the dancer's own didn't feel damn good.

“Time's up Bayley, let's get you squealing.” Charlotte had only ever managed to get maybe 2/3rds of her strap-on down Bayley's throat, saliva dripped from her faux-cock but it certainly wasn't enough. Bayley gulped and Charlotte let out a slight smirk. “Goddamn you're dumb, Bayley. I've got actual lube.” Charlotte pulled out a small purple bottle and moved behind the girl. “Face down, ass up, that's the way I like to fuck.” The blonde continued her trash talk as she grabbed the curvy hips of her victim. She positioned her cock at the entrance to Bayley's vagina and began stroking it slowly between her lips. Bayley felt spikes of pleasure as Charlotte passed by her button, it was different from the feelings Summer brought out in her, it felt more massive, more dense, more powerful. Not the light strumming of a guitar but the heavy crunch of a bass. As soon as Bayley's hips moved in time with Charlotte's the blonde slipped her dick into her.

“Comeon Charlotte, comeon, we're partners, there's no way that could fit, there's no-ungh.” Bayley moaned and Charlotte cackled. She began applying steady and even pressure into the Latina's pussy. This was bigger than anything Bayley had ever taken before, she was tight down there, but Charlotte was being careful as she opened up the hug-aficionado's body. As the glans made it through her lips and into her hole she held her breath, surely it would destroy her. But she made it, and Charlotte plumbed deeper into her body, eventually, she felt the blonde's muscular thighs make contact with her bubble butt. It felt like what she read sex was supposed to feel like. Not the underwhelming encounters she's had with boys past, but a union, a meeting of  bodies and souls. The backstroke made Bayley's voice undulate as Charlotte played her pussy like a violin. How could this feel so good? How could Charlotte, cruel, backstabbing Charlotte, make her feel so good? She was losing herself in it, when suddenly she was brought back to earth. A thick, viscous something fell on her exposed butthole. A glob of goo, cool and heavy, and then Charlotte's thumb. Rubbing in small circles as the purple penis sawed into Bayley's body. Bayley's heart jumped into her throat when the thumb pierced her seal and stroked the inside of her sphincter. She felt the goo inside of her, moving, sliding, getting everywhere, and Charlotte's thumb, it was like a spear, a baseball bat, a pillar, forcing her open, entering her, violating her. It was shame, pain and fear all at the same time.

“Virgin tight Bayley.” Charlotte said in a low voice, she continued her long strokes as she opened up Bayley's behind. Patience, strength, control, speed, endurance, those are all part of the package of being Genetically Superior. She knew that Sasha and Summer were watching her, let them see how a Flair took their prize. Let them know that soon enough they'd be in this position. Her father never needed to tell her what it took to be a star, to dominate, to be a champion, all she needed was to see the legacy of women whose kisses Ric had stolen. Well, Charlotte wouldn't just continue her families legacy, she'd overcome it, she wouldn't steal kisses, she'd steal asses, and it was time to start with Bayley's.

Bayley was feeling the groove, feeling the relentless, machine-like rhythm of Charlotte's thrusts. They were powerful, and she felt another wave starting to crest before she was ripped away from it. Charlotte had slipped her phallus free from Bayley's channel and the brunette humped the air as she struggled to fill herself. Charlotte held the shorter girl in place by grabbing her full ass. With an iron grip she peeled the wide, round butt of Bayley apart. Bayley whimpered as she felt a breeze caress her...hole. The whimpering stopped as she felt a lump rise from her stomach to her throat. Charlotte let herself pause for a second as she examined the sight before her. A virgin asshole, and her dick ready to enter it. This wasn't quite why she got into wrestling, but the blonde woman couldn't think of a better symbol for her interest in grappling than this. This was conquest and success and greatness and pleasure all wrapped into one nice, tight little bow. This wasn't Charlotte's first ass, but there was a world of difference between fucking old rats and never-was wrestlers and breaking a rising star, somebody in a top promotion who management thought was a future champion, and she was virgin to boot. 

Charlotte shook her head, now was not the time to lose focus, and she shifted her hips, the wide, purple head of her strapon sliding forward and pressing against Bayley's brown starfish, slick and wet from the lube applied. Bayley felt the glans press against her butthole, and with a slow, even thrust, enter her body. Bayley's ring started to sting and burn as it was stretched far more than it ever had before. “Oh god Charlotte, oh please, no, oh Jesus, stop Charlotte, please.” Charlotte just laughed as she continued to press into the prostate girl. Bayley's sphincter bent inwards as the head pressed into her body, Bayley struggled and tried moving her hips forward, left, right, anywhere to escape this terrible pain in her backside, but Charlotte's grip was too strong, and this...this cock in her ass was too demoralizing, Bayley was supposed to be a wrestler, she was supposed to be an icon to all the little girls and inspire them just like how she was inspired, but instead she was kneeling over a bench in a locker room as a big fake cock turned her ass into an alley. Bayley stopped struggling and dropped her head, she deserved this. When Bayley stopped struggling, Charlotte smiled to herself and did a small jerk forward, a noticeable pop was heard and she knew the head of her strap on had made its way past the ring and into the rectum itself. Charlotte increased the force of her thrust, sliding the purple dildo further into Bayley's behind. 

“That's right Bayley, open up for me, open up for my cock.” The horrible burning in her butthole itself had diminished, but now there was a fearsome and tremendous straining in her actual rectal cavity itself, she felt full, tight and absolutely humiliated. It felt like she needed to go number 2 and absolutely couldn't at the same time. She felt her insides get distorted, rearranged, moved as Charlotte continued her inexorable journey into Bayley's core. Finally, Bayley felt the defined hips of Charlotte smash into her rounder, smoother cheeks. “That's right Bayley, I'm all the way inside of you, every single inch is in your ass, and do you know what that means? It means you're about to get fucked.”

With that Charlotte began the long backstroke out of Bayley's ass, she moved until the brunette's sphincter puckered out a little bit before reversing course and entering the girl again. To Bayley it was an experience unlike what she had ever felt before. She was still full, tight and stretched, but there was also a slow pleasure building as the lip of the cocks heads dragged against her insides, every vein, every twist in the distorted dildo felt magnified beyond its already exaggerated proportions inside of her. She let out a moan as the pleasure shot through her belly and up her spine. Charlotte began increasing the force and frequency of her thrusts, her hips sliding back and forward with more and more momentum, Charlotte was building up speed and power as she made Bayley's insides her playground.

Sasha and Summer watched with dropped jaws as they saw Charlotte get to work. Bayley was rocking back and forth as Charlotte impaled her again and again and again. Charlotte's hips were a blur and the purple piston was firing on all cylinders. Bayley let out grunts, moans and squeaks as Charlotte had her way with her. Sasha gasped. “God damn.” Summer just nodded in agreement. Their tribbing had ceased, but they sat, legs entangled as they stroked their own pussies in admiration, jealousy, and more than a little bit of fear as they watched Charlotte do what she had told them she was going to do.

Bayley's moans became louder, longer and deeper as Charlotte continued to pump away at her nether regions. But as Bayley's wave built and built, Charlotte began slowing down, Bayley reached between her legs towards her dripping entrance but Charlotte grabbed her arm and held it behind her. “Bitch, if you want to come you gotta work for it.” “What do you mean?” “Put some work into it, thrust back onto me.” Bayley stood still as the assault slowed, and then, finally, Bayley moved her body backwards, pushing herself onto the cock as Charlotte moved forward, spearing deeper than it ever had before. Bayley exhaled and her eyes popped open.

“That's the spirit, keep it up.” Charlotte changed course, instead of the raw, jackhammer like thrusts, she let Bayley do the lion's share of the work as she rolled her hips, created a churning motion in Bayley's ass. Charlotte's strapon was touching parts of Bayley that the California native didn't even know she had. “I'm making this exit a two-way street Bayley. From here on out, when you sit down, or take a crap, or even stretch, you'll know that I've claimed you, I took your cherry, I'm taking your ass, I'm making it my territory. Your ass belongs to me. Say it”

Bayley stayed quiet, and Charlotte increased the pressure, sawing in and out of her ass. “Say it or I'll stop fucking you and spend the next hour beating your ass red, before doing it again. I'll tan your hide so bad, you'll have to sleep on your stomach for a month.” Bayley bowed her head, she'd already given up so much, she had some pride left. “Bayley, I can do this for hours, and those can be some very enjoyable hours, or I'll make this hurt. You thought me taking your cherry was rough? You have no idea.” Bayley kept quiet, Charlotte stopped moving. “Say it's mine and I'll give you orgasms that you haven't even dreamed about.”

“It's yours.” “What was that Bayley?” “My ass if yours, you own my asshole, you own my slutty little asshole, it belongs to Charlotte Flair.” “Good girl.”

Her victory almost complete, Charlotte pushed Bayley's face into the bench and began angling her hips high to be in position for deep, punishing strokes, Bayley's ass rippled as Charlotte's flat hips pounded into it again and again. Bayley let out a low shriek that grew louder and higher pitched as Charlotte hammered harder and harder into her behind. Bayley was sure her ass was getting torn up, that she'd be crippled, that she was getting broken, but it didn't matter as long as she got eye-rolling, toe-curling, body-shaking, mind-destroying, ceaseless pleasure from it all. She came again, and again, the physical stimulation, Charlotte's hard fingers pinching her nipples, her rough tongue stroking her neck, and most of all, the humiliation of being completely, utterly owned, possessed, taken, conquered. Bayley was unspoiled land and Charlotte had staked her claim to it. Bayley barely even felt it when Charlotte slipped the purple dildo out of her with a lewd sucking sound. Her butt was raw, red, gaping, her tight brown hole was now open and wet. Bayley leaned over the bench, completely spent and worn out. Charlotte unhooked the dildo and laid it on the bench. She looked at the open mouths of Summer Rae and Sasha Banks.

“So, who do you want to conquer next?”

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