Alexa On Top

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Disclaimer: See below.

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. I do not own WWE, and I do not know or own Alexa Bliss or Becky Lynch. I make no money off of this story.

Author’s Note: Due to the positive response my first fic recieved, I decided to finish this one up and post it. This was the second fanfic I had ever written (circa late 2016-early 2017) and is a lesbian/femslash story containing humiliation and a dom/sub relationship inspired by the works of fanfiction by MTL. MTL’s stories really inspired me to write so please check them out. Hope you enjoy and feel free to give me any constructive feedback, positive or negative!


SUMMARY: The SmackDown Women’s Champion humiliates The Lass Kicker.

Becky Lynch sat in the SmackDown Live women’s locker room on a hard, wooden bench and stared at herself in the mirror. Still in her ring gear, which for her was a sleeveless low cut plain black T-Shirt and a pair of black trunks, she had sweat pouring all down her body and a sour expression on her face.

The experienced Irish native had just lost her SmackDown Women’s Title rematch against the reigning champion Alexa Bliss, Becky failing to reclaim her title. Becky let out a sigh, remembering back when she won the SmackDown Women’s Championship and felt like she could do anything. However, she guessed she shouldn’t be surprised that Alexa was able to handily defeat her. After all, since day one of the Brand Split, Alexa Bliss had completely owned Becky in all facets: emotionally, physically, and above all mentally.

Bliss owned her emotionally by constantly making her doubt her abilities, constantly telling Lynch how pathetic she was and how she couldn’t accomplish anything. She owned her physically by dominating her in the ring at every turn. Despite how skilled Becky was in the ring, Bliss always seemed one step ahead of her as far as strategy, whether it was sneak attacking her, shoving her into a table, or always finding a way to take control of a match when Becky let her guard down. And she owned her mentally by being constantly on her mind. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get Alexa out of her thoughts. Becky constantly found herself thinking about the fact that Alexa could so easily beat her in all of their matches against each other, and the fact that she crushed her title reign, and the humiliation she made Becky suffer, and how she secretly kind of enjoyed that.

She found herself constantly thinking about the champ’s sexy body, all of her wonderful curves, and what her lips would taste like, and what it would feel like to run her fingers through her blonde hair, and what she would do to her behind closed doors and..look, needless to say, Becky was hopelessly attracted to Alexa Bliss. She was so cocky and controlling, and for some reason that was a huge turn on for Becky. After all, it’s what attracted her to Sasha Banks back in NXT, and later Charlotte on the main roster.

However, she never had as much pure lust for them as she felt right now for Alexa. Speaking of, Bliss had just entered the locker room, also still in her ring gear, a loud pink, blue and black get-up, and was making a pained expression while clutching her arm, as she had popped it out of place during her match against Becky. Lynch saw the pain she was in and immediately the good natured Dublin native felt concerned.

“L-Lexi, I’m so, SO sorry. Are ya okay?” The orange haired beauty asked in her thicker than oil Irish accent as she got up from the bench and put a comforting arm on Alexa’s shoulder.

Bliss immediately tossed Becky’s arm off her shoulder and glared at her. “For the thousandth time, it’s ALEXA, and what the hell do you care if I’m alright?”

Becky was slightly hurt by Alexa’s blatant rudeness, but a bigger part of her loved how worthless Bliss made her feel, treating her like a complete nothing. Becky took a step back, not wanting to upset her enemy-turned-crush too much.

“Well, I mean, I can’t stand ya,”

She lied, not wanting to reveal her true feelings to Alexa.

“But I still wouldn’t want to put ya on the disabled list.”

“Well, I appreciate the concern but I’m actually just double-jointed, you know, since unlike you, I’m a real athlete.” Bliss retorted in a snobby manner.

Lynch found herself getting a little heated at Alexa implying she wasn’t a real athlete, but then she looked into Alexa’s eyes, was reminded of her insane amount of hotness, and found her anger melt away and replaced by arousal. Becky’s eyes scanned the amazing Women’s Champ. From her ample breasts to her thick ass, Alexa truly had the body of a goddess and Lynch couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

“Why are you staring at me?!” Bliss shouted.

“Seriously?! Why do you always stare at me?!” She asked with slight disgust evident in her voice.

“Wha..well..I” Becky tried to snap out of the less than pure thoughts about Alexa that were popping into her head right now and now tried to come up with an excuse.

“Are you going to ask me to fuck you or what?” Bliss then asked, catching Becky off guard with that comment. Becky tried to play dumb.

“Whoa. Wh-why would I as-”

“Oh please Becky! Do me a favor and quit the act! Do you realize how you pretending that you hate me all the time drives me crazy?! I KNOW you can’t resist me! Not that I can blame you for that.” Alexa said, giving a cocky chuckle at that last sentence.

Becky debated giving up her rouse and confirming Alexa’s accusations, but ultimately tried to keep her cover.

“Erm, I’m not sure if some of that pink hair dye has seeped into your brain but if ya think I’m attracted to ya, you’re dead wrong. How could I be? We despise each oth-”

Eventually, Alexa could take no more of this and aggressively pinned Becky to the locker room wall and began kissing her.

Becky let out a little squeak of surprise as the Smackdown Women’s Champ began passionately making out with her. She was very hesitant to give in and return the kiss when just then Alexa began to get more and more aggressive with it. The Dublin native eventually allowed her lust to take over and she eagerly began to kiss the younger woman back, moaning into the kiss. Seeing this as a sign to take things a step further, Bliss forcefully shoved her tongue into the Lass Kicker’s mouth, and both women’s tongues began battling for dominance, a battle Bliss won easily as she took complete control of the kiss, making Becky moan even louder than before.

While continuing to french kiss the Maiden Ireland, Alexa pulled Becky in closer and quickly yet forcefully squeezed Becky’s ass through her trunks. This caused Lynch to moan the loudest she had yet. Noticing this, Alexa broke the kiss and put her full attention on squeezing that gloriously plump behind, now squeezing it with both hands, and with each squeeze it caused the Irish babe to moan louder and louder.

“Mmm, ohh, mmmm, oh Lexi.” Lynch cried out.

In response, the SmackDown Women’s Champ delivered a hard smack to Becky’s rump, causing the Lass Kicker to whimper in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“It’s ALEXA.” Bliss snarled back before aggressively pulling Becky in for one more rough kiss and then just as aggressively pushing her away.

Becky began panting in lust and exhaustion.

“So what was that about not being attracted to me?” Alexa questioned with a knowing smirk. Becky tried to catch her breath.

“I may have fibbed a wee bit.” She admitted with a laugh.

“Well I’m glad you finally came clean.” Bliss said, that smirk still plastered on her face.

“And why are you glad about that?” Becky asked, returning Alexa’s smirk.

“Because it gives me an excuse to do this!”

She shoved Lynch to the ground, and Becky landed on her hands and knees.

This sudden aggression by the SmackDown Women’s Champion caused the Irish beauty to let out an adorable gasp of surprise. Alexa then got behind Becky and tore off Becky’s trunks, making the Lass Kicker gasp once more. Bliss then chuckled and she picked up right where she left off, once again returning to smacking Becky’s tanned ass.

“Mmm, ohhh, yessss, oh smack me arse!” The muscular woman cried out as Alexa continued to assault her plump rear end.

Alexa admired the beautiful sight in front of her. She had complete dominance over this in ring veteran, happily smacking her plump behind and turning it from tan to red. Despite this intense spanking, Becky did nothing but moan as Bliss absolutely went to town on smacking her ass. The Women’s Champ let out a chuckle.

“Fuck Becky, you really are a submissive little slut, aren’t you?” Bliss asked in a mocking tone.

The only response the older Irish woman could let out was a whimper, causing Bliss to laugh in response. She then couldn’t stop laughing, a twisted glee overcame Alexa as she continued to smack the sexy Lass Kicker’s ass and continued to get rewarded with moans. Right now, she had everything she had ever wanted.

She was a champion in the WWE, at the very top of the mountain of the SmackDown Women’s Division, but above all that, she had Becky Lynch completely under her control, something she had fantasized about since making her main roster debut. Alexa constantly dreamed about topping the mighty Lass Kicker, and now her dream had quite literally come true, as she had nothing but utter dominance over her rival.

As if to prove just how dominant she was, Alexa abruptly stopped smacking Becky’s behind, causing Becky to let out a cry of frustration. What Alexa did next might have been even better though, as she took a finger from her left hand and gladly shoved it inside Lynch’s asshole, slowly pumping it in and out.

This caused the sexy Dubliner to gasp and moan at an increased volume. The Women’s Champ smiled as she then quickened the pace of her finger, roughly pumping it in and out.

“Ah fuck, Alexa, fuck, aahh!!!”

The Irish superstar cried out as this younger woman continued to roughly finger fuck her asshole.

“Oh, Alexa, oh babe! I love this!”

Bliss responded by using her other hand to shove two fingers up the other woman’s pussy. This, combined with the finger Alexa was eagerly pumping in and out of Becky’s butt and the passionate makeout session earlier was enough to push Becky Lynch over the edge, as she then came onto the Champ’s fingers. Alexa stopped what she was doing and made a face of disgust.


She asked in a mocking tone, happily sucked Becky’s juices off her fingers and then started to spank her ass again.

“Did you seriously just cum? Did you actually cum from that? What a slut! I’ve barely even done anything and you already came! And the worst part is you’re probably craving more! In fact, by the way you’ve acted thus far, you’re probably just begging for me to bang your big butt at this point! Isn’t that right, Becky? You want me to quit teasing you, grab my strap on, and ram your big behind! Am I right?”

Red welts had formed on Lynch’s large behind now, Bliss was spanking it so hard it was almost like she was on a mission to just completely destroy Becky’s ass. As she continued this glorious assault of the Irish woman’s rear end with her hand, she also continued trash talking the Lass Kicker, and didn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

“Ugh, you’re PATHETIC. And I love it. I love how you’re nothing more than a little plaything made for my pleasure. You do realize what a useless little submissive whore you are, right?! You realize that you’re nothing but a piece of trash made for my disposal? Do you realize that? Huh? And you do want your big ol’ butt fucked by me, don’t you? You would love nothing more than to have my thick 8!inch strap on pummeling your big butt, wouldn’t you? And, you know everything I’m saying right now is true?! Answer me bitch!”

The SmackDown Women’s Champ relentlessly trash talked the Irish Lass Kicker and after each sentence she delivered a spank to her ass, making sure each one was harder than the last, and the harder they got, the louder Lynch moaned.

The older submissive woman tried to find any words to respond to Alexa with, but she had extreme difficulty forming any coherent thought, the only thing coming out of her mouth being loud moans due to the amount of pleasure she was receiving from Bliss treating her like a completely worthless piece of meat, saying such demeaning and degrading things in a way only she could, her wicked words stung and humiliated Becky but also made her wetter and wetter by the second, and in addition to that, the immense pleasure she received by getting her big ass spanked, just imagining how red her ass cheeks probably were right now, was enough to turn her on beyond belief.

“I said answer me!”

The younger woman shouted, delivering a smack to Becky’s backside so hard that Lynch lost balance in her current position of being on her hands and knees and collapsed onto the floor.

Eventually she managed to get back up onto her hands and knees and form a complete, albeit short sentence.

“Y-yes Alexa, it’s true.” Lynch said out of breath, then went right back to moaning as the Champ smacked her plump posterior, but shortly after, Bliss took this moment to stop spanking Becky’s ass, making the Irish babe cry out with a certain sadness since the spanking had come to an abrupt end.

“What’s true?” Alexa questioned in a stern tone.

“Oh, Alexa, it’s all true. I’m nothing more than your pet. I’m a bitch who needs to be put in her place. Everytime I think about ya and your sexy body, my pussy tingles. I want nothing more than to be your property, babe! I want nothing more than for ya to slam your thick strapon cock up my shit pipe! I can’t tell ya how long I’ve dreamed of bendin’ over for ya and having ya take me slutty little arse! Please, please Alexa, show me what a worthless little fucktoy I am and fuck me arse! Please Alex-”
The Irish beauty would have continued to beg for her new master but Alexa cut her off. Bliss got in front of Becky, who still remained on her hands and knees.

“That was some pretty good begging.” She complimented, for once actually saying something nice to her rival. “But not good enough.”

Alexa then quickly tore off her own wrestling trunks, exposing her bare trim. Becky’s eyes widened at seeing the sugar walls of the SmackDown Women’s champ.

“Lick my pussy like a good little whore and I’ll consider giving you what you want!” The champ ordered coldly as she grabbed Becky by the hair and shoved her face into her sweet little cunt. Lynch needed no prompting, happily letting her tongue explore her rival turned master’s nether regions.

“Ahhh,OH, augggh, oh fffuucckk! Becky! YESSSS!! OHHHH yesss!! Lick my pussy just like that!! OH BECKY! Yes! Oh, please your mistress, baby!” Alexa cried out as the Irish Lass Kicker quickly became the Irish Lass Licker, her tongue moving all around the Women’s Champ’s tasty twat. Eventually, Lynch’s tongue met Alexa’s clit. Bliss gasped.

“Ohh! Ohh yess! Pleasse! Be a good little bitch and lick my clit with your sluttly little lesbo tongue!” Alexa screamed as Becky’s tongue just brushed the surface of Bliss’s clit.

The Dubliner’s tongue then slowly stroked back and forth on the clit, causing Bliss to actually lose her train of thought and just get lost in pleasure.

“Mmmm!! Ahh!! Ohhh! Something tells me this isn’t your first time doing this!” Alexa said with a smirk. That caused Becky to let out a light chuckle, which didn’t go unnoticed by Bliss.

“Less laughing, more licking! FOCUS!” Alexa ordered, smacking Becky on the back of the head.

Lynch was in no position to disobey and she eagerly continued to lick away, but the reason she had laughed at Alexa’s statement was because it was so on the money. This was far, FAR from the first time she had done this, and it was far from being the last, pussy licking had now become one of her favorite past times. As Lynch’s tongue continued to do its job above and beyond right now, she couldn’t help but reminisce about the day she first realized what her tongue was made for when Sasha made her her bitch back in NXT.

After first getting signed by the WWE, it was one of Becky’s goals to be the most dominant top she could be, and she had very quickly failed at that goal, Sasha shoving Becky’s pretty little face into her cunt just a week after Becky’s TV debut and showing her who was boss in the bedroom pretty much every night after that. The same thing had occurred after the night she got called up to the main roster with Charlotte and Sasha. Becky was so full of ambition and adrenaline but it wasn’t too long before Charlotte took control of her and she soon found herself spending hours between Charlotte’s legs every night, following her every command and doing anything she could to please her. And of course she would never forget the night of WrestleMania 32. After her incredible triple threat match for the championship against Charlotte and Sasha, she found herself under the control of both these women she had served, and she got to spend hours using her skilled tongue to please both of them, before they passed her ass back and forth like it was nothing more than a toy, and finally finished her off with a double penetration so good she still got off thinking about it to this day.

However, what was occurring right now may have been even better. Becky couldn’t quite explain what it was, but there was something that made Alexa one of the most appealing women she had ever come across. With Alexa, she felt a constant need to impress her, making sure to get her tongue to cover every inch of Alexa’s twat. She would always love getting dominated by Charlotte and Sasha, but they were always her friends deep down, and they would still bond regardless of whether they had sex or not. Becky and Alexa had shared zero friendly moments, and so the fact that she was using her right now as her personal rug muncher made her feel so dirty, the fact that she was submitting to someone who almost definitely hated her guts and the fact that it was turning her on so much making her feel a certain sense of shame, yet she had little time to linger on that shame as her tongue had just discovered Alexa’s entrance. This caused Alexa to moan.

“DO ITTT!” Alexa ordered as Becky’s tongue teased Alexa’s opening.

“Don’t teassse mee!! Just fuck me with your tongue!! Shove your slutty tongue inside of me Becky and make me OHHHHHH YEEEEESSSS!!!” The Women’s Champ cried out as the Lass Kicker’s tongue slid through the opening and Becky began to move it in and out, tongue fucking her rival.

Alexa couldn’t stop screaming and moaning from this treatment, loving just how eager this Irish beauty was to please her.

“Ohh YESSS!! Mmmmm!! FUCK! Oh!! That’s a good little carpet cleaner! OH! That’s a loyal little rug muncher! YEEESSSSSSS!! Fffuuucckk mee with your tongueee AAAAAHHHH!!!!”

The Champ was in pure bliss (pun intended) as her opponent’s tongue continued to invade her hole. Alexa wasn’t sure how much more she could take. She was ready to climax.

“Maaakkkee me cuummm!” She ordered. “Make me cum you little rug munching dyke! GAHH! C’mon you bitch! Make me squirt all over your mouth, you worthless little fucktoy! Make me cum or else I’ll-AAAHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!”

Becky rapidly increased her tongue work, doing anything she could to please her master.

“FASTER! FASTER!” I’m almost there!! C’mon Becky! Be a good little bitch and GAAAHHHHH!! OH SHIIIIIIITTTTTT!!”

Lynch’s speed increased to an almost superhuman degree which finally pushed Alexa over the edge and caused her to squirt her juices down Becky’s throat, the irish Lass Kicker eagerly gobbling them all up. Bliss panted heavily and stood for a few seconds, almost frozen in place from the incredible orgasm she just experienced. When she at last caught her breath, she ripped off Becky’s shirt and then barked another order at Becky.

“Stay right there! It’s about time for you to get your ass fucked!”

The Irish superstar squealed in delight at this which caused Alexa to roll her eyes. She then left her spot and grabbed a duffel bag. She unzipped it and pulled out a thick, 8-inch strap on dildo. Lynch’s eyes widened at the size of the dick she was about to get penetrated by. Alexa put her toy on until she was right in front of Becky’s face. She smacked the Lass Kicker right in the face with her 8-incher before shouting out another command.

“Suck it bitch! Get this nice and wet so I can fuck your pathetic ass! Although, who knows? You seem like such a whore that you already may be loose enough back there as it is! Still, I wanna see your pretty little mouth wrapped around my cock, so get to sucking!”

The orange haired beauty opened her mouth and her mistress immediately shoved in 3 out of the 8 inches pretty easily into her mouth. Becky moaned as she tasted the black plastic cock that her mistress was force feeding her.

“Oh Becky. Oh! You’re such a whore! Oh! You look so hot like this!” Bliss giddily shouted as her new bitch bobbed her head up and down, getting this plastic cock nice and wet for an anal pounding in the near future.

Alexa then slid 2 more inches in, causing the Dublin native to gag, which in turn just made Alexa laugh. Bliss won her Women’s Championship back at TLC, but this was really the prize she wanted to claim. Getting this Irish beauty, her newly found arch rival, to get on her knees and eagerly submit by taking this fake plastic cock was an achievement bigger to her than any championship win could possibly be. She finally pushed the last 3 inches of her long cock into the older woman’s mouth, causing her to gag once again. However, the in-ring veteran quickly adjusted to the full length of the fake cock in her mouth. The Wicked Witch of The WWE grinned at her prey, thrusting her plastic 8 incher in and out of the other woman’s mouth. Becky let out a series of moans and gags as her fellow Smackdown Live Superstar brutally fucked her face.

“Take it bitch! Take it! Fucking take it! Take my plastic cock in your mouth like the skank you are!”

“MMMMMM, MMMMMMM,” was all that Becky Balboa could muster in response, moaning like a cheap slut as she enjoyed the taste of Alexa’s toy.

The Smackdown Women’s Champ then pulled her strapon out of the other girl’s mouth, causing her to pathetically whimper and reach out to try to grab the cock. That behavior earned her slap in the face from her dom.

“I’m calling the shots here, bitch! Understand?”

Still reeling in pain, the Dubliner weakly responded “Yes, Alexa.”

Little Miss Bliss then slapped Lynch even harder, so hard in fact that Becky collapsed.

“You don’t even have the privilege of calling me by my first name anymore. From now on, it’s Mistress Bliss! Got that, you dumbass dyke?!” The petite blonde interrogated her bottom.

The Irish Lass pulled herself up so she was back in position on her knees and then replied, “Understood, Mistress Bliss.”

“Good! Now get on all fours! It’s time to destroy that slutty ass!”

Without hesitation, Becky put her hands on the ground so she was in perfect position for a brutal butt ramming. Alexa walked behind Becky, salivating at the thought of what was about to occur.

“Spread your cheeks, NOW!”

The older, taller superstar quickly complied, making sure her ample asscheeks were spread nice and wide so Alexa could slam her shaft in her shithole.

“Brace yourself bitch!” The Wicked Witch warned before stuffing 2 inches of her 8 inch cock inside Becky’s loose backdoor.

“GAHHHH!!! OOOHH ALE…MMM…. MISTRESS BLISS!” The Lasskicker purred in pleasure, and made sure to correct herself so she referred to her Mistress by her proper title.

“Nice save, slut.” Responded Alexa, before shoving another inch inside the other woman’s fuckhole, causing her to squeal out in pure pleasure.

“UGH GOD! YOU’RE SO LOOSE BACK HERE! How many cocks have you taken up your slutty butt?” The tiny temptress taunted Lynch, somewhat surprised how easily her strapon was going up Becky’s bunghole.

Although, she wasn’t completely shocked, as she had suspected from the moment she first met the Irish babe that she was nothing but a pure bottom.

“How many, bitch?!” Bliss barked at Becky, pulling her hair back and simultaneously shoving 2 more inches in her asshole. The notion that Becky was a bottom was affirmed by Lynch’s response.


The Lasskicker screamed as the superior woman pulled her hair back harder and shoved the remaining 3 inches of her cock up the Maiden Ireland’s meaty butt, which elicited a moan from the orange haired beauty. Since Alexa wasn’t completely merciless, she let go of her submissive’s hair, and focused solely on destroying the Dubliner’s derriere, watching in awe as she watched her thick cock slide in and out of the Lass’s loose fuckhole. Alexa felt her already moist pussy grow wetter and wetter as she continued to have a magnificent view of her man made monster cock disappearing and then reappearing from her pet’s rectum, and as she got to hear Lynch moan every time she thrusted in and out of her asshole.

“Jesus! You’re such a loser, Becky!! Tell me what a fucking pathetic loser you are!! Tell me how inferior you are to me!! FUCK! Tell me how inferior you are to the entire SmackDown women’s division!! SHITTT!!!!!” The champ taunted her prey as she continued slamming in and out Becky’s big booty.

Lynch, for her part, quickly complied with her Mistress’s orders.


She cried out in utter ecstasy as her top sped up this amazing anal fucking. Alexa was now rapidly pumping in and out her pet’s plump posterior. Bliss switched between cackling with delight and moaning with pleasure as this woman who had proven to be a thorn in her side was finally getting what she deserved—a good hard anal pounding. Alexa shuddered with arousal as she felt her hips constantly slapping up against her whore’s ass.


As Alexa insulted her, Becky furiously gasped and moaned as The Five Feet of Fury somehow once again picked up the pace of her fucking. The Irish Lasskicker could feel herself on the edge, and was trying desperately to hold on from cumming, both because she didn’t want to displease her top, and because she wouldn’t mind if Alexa fucked her ass forever, this humiliating act turning Becky on in ways she didn’t even know. It was then that Bliss threw in the kicker.


This insinuation from Alexa caused the Lass Kicker to lose it, the Irish beauty orgasming at the thought of that talentless supermodel wrecking her ass. Truth to be told, this might have been the hardest she had came in her life, and she wouldn’t have had it any other way. Becky collapsed on the ground, panting like a dog, completely exhausted from Alexa’s obliteration of her anal orifice. Bliss circled around Lynch, now standing in front of her fallen whore. Alexa picked Becky’s head up with one hand, squeezing Becky’s face tight, and with her other hand, smacked her sub’s face so hard that she fell back to the ground.

“DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO CUM, SLUT?!!!” The petite blonde snapped, furious with her submissive.

“N-no.” The older wrestler sheepishly answered, reeling in pain.

Bliss stepped on her pet’s head, causing her to holler out in agony.

“No who?” The shorter superstar demanded, wanting the Irish wrestler to address her by her proper title.

“No...Mistress...Bliss.” The Irish grappler managed to grunt out, as she felt Alexa’s foot crush her head.

Alexa finally let her foot up and removed her strapon cock, causing her bitch to whimper.

“You don’t deserve the privilege of cleaning my cock tonight whore. Now apologize!!!” She shouted, picking up the orange haired woman one more time and giving her another brutal slap across her cheek.

“I’m sorrryyyyy.”” The other woman whined. However, her dom probed her for more.


“I’m sorry fer cummin’ when I wasn’t ‘sposed to. I’m sorry fer not knowing my place. I’m sorry fer not asking fer your permission. I’m sorry fer just being such a pathetic ho in general. I’m meant to be nuthin’ but a cum dumpster and I’m so glad you showed me my pla—UUUNNNGGGHH!!”

She worked herself up again just from her humiliating speech, and before she even realized it, cum was squirting out of her for the third time. At this point, the SmackDown Women’s Champ just shook her head, in utter disbelief at her bottom’s sluttiness. Alexa then dropped the submissive slut’s head back on the floor and quickly grabbed her phone, walking back behind Becky.

“Spread those cheeks one more time!”

Lynch did what she was told and spread her big booty cheeks, Alexa snapping a picture of her handiwork and promptly sending it to every other woman on the SmackDown roster. This was a message. Alexa circled back around and picked her bitch up by the head one last time and pulled her into a quick aggressive kiss, then gave one last order.

“Open your mouth!”

Becky did so, and Alexa hocked a giant wad of spit in between the Lass Kicker’s lips.

“What do you say, whore?”

“Th-Thank you, Mistress Bliss.”

Alexa let go of her head and got dressed. As she left the locker room, leaving her pet sprawled across the floor, Bliss thought of all the possibilities sending that picture could lead to.

The truth of the matter was, despite the “badlass” demeanor she tried to put on, that Irish cunt could be topped by just about anyone. However, by at least getting her foot in the door in the world of topping, Alexa may be able to build up an impressive resume. Hell, maybe even her wildest dreams of topping all four horsewomen would come true.

Oh yes, topping Becky could lead her straight to those other three sluts, clearly just bottoms-in-denial waiting for a Mistress to show them their true calling. Bliss smirked at that thought, determination sweeping over her. This was just the beginning.


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