All Red Returns

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“Toni Storm Released” wasn’t a headline any wrestling fan had anticipated after Sunday night’s Evolution PPV. She had just hit the highest point of her career by winning the Mae Young Classic only to then ask for and be granted her future endeavoring? Something didn’t add up here. Dirt sheet after dirt sheet and forum after forum speculated on what could possibly be the root of the NXT UK star’s exit. However, even the craziest of theories couldn’t predict the true nature of the situation.

The once proud Toni Storm was now lying naked at the feet of her superior, leaning forward and lightly kissing her ruby colored boots, alternating back and forth between each foot. In between each peck, the New Zealand born Australian wrestler heaped praise onto her owner.

“Mmm, I love you, Mistress Marie. Thank you for letting me serve you. Oh God, yes, thanks for allowing me to be one of the Red Queen’s slutty subjects. I don’t even deserve to share the same room as you, oh, that’s why I’m so lucky that you’ve permitted me to be your pet. I used to think my role in life was to wrestle, but now I’ll never step foot in a ring again. No, my only purpose in life is to grovel at your feet and spread my fat ass cheeks so you can fuck me.”

As she stood in the SmackDown women’s locker room (uninvited of course) in a black crop top and red denim shorts, Eva Marie looked down at this sad excuse of a woman and failed to withhold her laughter. In all the years she had spent molding supposedly tough workhorses into fucktoys, the Mae Young Classic winner had been one of her easiest conquests by far. The facade of being some big bad force had faded away fairly quickly as the hot Aussie was merrily made into a mindless minion for Mistress Marie. It wasn’t like this transformation was that huge of a shock. All Red Everything had plenty of experience in making sure all ‘internet darlings’ crashed back down to Earth and realized that they were inferior to her. What was a bit astounding was the fact that the gorgeous Gold Coast grappler gave up on what was allegedly her greatest ambition and left the pro wrestling business altogether in order to focus on being the perfect submissive for her new dom. Knowing that she had the power to cause someone to throw away everything they had spent their entire life building towards turned Eva on beyond belief.

“You‘re such a depraved little whore.” The majestic model said with a snicker which caused the blonde bombshell to beam.

Eva didn’t return her smile.

“Did I give you permission to stop kissing my boots?”

“No my Red Queen! Sorry my Red Queen!” Toni apologized before very quickly returning to properly worshipping her top’s expensive footwear.

Ah, this was the life. Eva felt like she could just stand here forever, closing her eyes and basking in the glory that was another woman displaying her unadulterated devotion to the domineering Diva.  She was so lost in feeling this elation that she didn’t even hear the door swing open and the footsteps that followed.

“What in the bloody hell is this?” A familiar British accent rang out in the room.

Eva smiled. Right on time.

“Paige, so good to see you again!” The glamour girl gushed. “How’s GMing going?”

Ignoring the question, the Glampire simply stated, “Eva, you can’t be back here. This is for WWE personnel only.”

The model gave a pout and pointed to the blonde beneath her, “Then why aren’t you scolding her? She doesn’t work here anymore either.”

“Who is th-“ The brit’s eyes bugged out. “Oh no...Toni, honey.”

Eva’s mouth curled into a wicked grin and she softly kicked her sub away from her feet before instructing, “Go ahead and face our guest.”

“Yes Mistress Marie.”

The younger woman spun around and looked up at SmackDown Live’s General Manager dressed in all black-black jacket, black tank top, black pants. For a brief moment the overwhelming shame Storm initially felt after bottoming for Eva returned to her. Here she was in front of one of the most skilled women’s wrestlers to enter the WWE and she was on all fours acting like a puny little bitch. Paige had unfortunately been forced to retire prematurely. What was Toni’s excuse for leaving her career behind? She loved taking it up the ass too much?

However, when her top crouched down, swung her hand back and smacked her right on her giant behind, she was instantly reminded how much more joy being a good little bottom brought her than wrestling ever could.

“Tell Paige exactly what you are!” The former Total Divas star shouted at her sub.

“I’m the Red Queen’s property. Then, now, forever.”

“And what do I do to you?”

“Mistress Marie does so much! She’s the best! She pounds my asshole hard and deep every single night, making sure it’s always left a gaping crater. Then she makes me clean all of my booty cream off her big red cock. Mmm, it tastes so good! I love being fed my big butt. And if I’m really good, Mistress Marie will allow me to honor her flawless body. Sometimes I get to bury my tongue deep in her yummy little pussy, or kiss her perfect ass. Oh God, her ass is so nice and firm, not a jiggly and disgusting disgrace like mine!”

The Flame Haired Femme Fatale flashed a smirk as she locked her eyes on the Norwich native.

“Sounds just like old times, doesn’t it Paige?”

Paige’s pale face turned bright red at that remark.

“That was one night, Eva.” She countered. “Now I’m not sure what on earth compelled you to invade MY locker room, but you can take your new little friend and get out of here. I have a show to run.”

The stylish redhead gave her a glum look.

“Aw, don’t be like that. Think of how much fun we had the last time—me filling that hot little whore hole you call an ass, you begging for me to bang you harder. Think of how much you came. Oh God Paige, you made such a mess, squirting all over the place like the dumb lesbo slut we both know you are. Don’t you miss that? Huh? Don’t you want to feel that good again?”

The Anti-Diva could feel Eva’s dirty talk working her up, her panties getting more and more soaked with each word. Still, she persevered.

“I was in a different place mentally.” The Brit confessed before trying to sound as stern as she possibly could. “Now, I’m in charge. I’m the General Manager of SmackDown, so I’m in control here. Get out NOW. I won’t ask you again.”

Hmm, for all her talents, Eva really would’ve suspected that the Diva of Tomorrow was a better actress. It had never been more clear to the model that she was going to leave here with a brand new pale piece of ass.

“Oh, poor stupid Paige.” Eva scoffed. “Still desperately trying to prove you’re the one in power all these years later. You’re a bottom. Just accept it.”

The Englishwoman was ready to fire back, immensely incensed, when Eva raised a hand to nonverbally cut her off.

“Toni, show our guest your loosened asshole so she knows what she’s missing.”

“Yes Mistress Marie.”

The once mighty wrestler immediately obeyed, scurrying so her plump rump was facing the SmackDown Live General Manager. Eva walked in front of that enormous rear end and slowly pulled the red plug that was lodged in the Aussie’s ass crack. Once that plug was free, Paige got to see firsthand just how well-used the strapping blonde’s bunghole had become. To further emphasize that gape, Storm reached her hands back and clutched her meaty cheeks before slowly spreading them apart.

Paige was practically drooling as she managed to mutter, “Whoa”.

“Tell me you don’t want that.” The Mexican-Italian model laughed at the clear effect this display was having on the Brit.

“I do...don..” Paige desperately tried to deny that she dreamt of receiving Toni’s fate but she found herself getting lost in staring at that Grand Canyon sized crater.

“Tell me you don’t want to become as much of a brainless buttfucked bimbo as that blonde bitch and I promise I’ll walk out that door. Say that your pussy hasn’t become a dam ready to burst and I swear I’ll leave you alone.”

The fantastically fascinating former Superstar got increasingly closer to the Porcelain Princess, a mischievous grin firmly plastered on her face. She pressed her body right against the first ever NXT Women’s Champion and reached her hand down to the pale woman’s crotch, chortling once she discovered just how wet the SDL GM was.

“You really are easy.” The model mocked.

All Paige could do was whimper.

Her career really had been an unpredictable whirlwind. One minute she would be on top of the world, cementing herself as a bonafide badass that could strike fear in the heart of any woman who got in her way, and the next minute she would be face down and ass up, loudly moaning as another woman railed her anus. Her memory quickly trailed off to nights in which her backhole would get double stuffed by Naomi and Tamina, or the frequent fuck sessions she shared with Team Bella which always ended with Nikki, Brie, and Alicia taking her simultaneously in every orifice. However, by far the most mortifying moment of her career had to be when she bottomed for Eva Marie. God, her recollection that memory was way more vivid than she would have liked. Working out an agreement, Nikki had loaned her to Eva for a night, and the flame haired hottie had used every hour she could spend with the British beauty to her advantage. Just thinking about that time they shared caused Paige’s bumhole to ache as she remembered just how thoroughly wrecked her rectum had become by the end of the night and how she had done nothing to stop it. No, if anything she encouraged the rough treatment. After the gorgeous glamour girl had put her red strap-on away, Paige had begged for the model to get her nice handheld red dildo inside the deepest part of her bowels and she cried out in ecstasy once every inch was inside her puckered hole.

However, she had changed since then. Her in-ring career had been brought to a very tragic early end, but she did get the consolation prize of being SmackDown’s GM which meant she once more actually had some authority within this company. For the first time in a long time, she felt some semblance of dominance. Could she really give that up by submitting to a fitness model?

Eva extended her hand, looking Paige square in the eyes and commanded her, “Follow me.”

The raven haired rebel knew she had a choice to make here. What move she made next could not only dictate tonight but dictate the rest of her life. The fucktoy in the middle of the room still spreading her cheeks was living proof of that. Paige took a deep breath.

She took Eva’s hand.

The red haired smokeshow led her pale prey so that they were both in front of Toni. Eva grabbed a hold of the back of her future pet’s black hair and pulled her into a rough, wet, and sloppy kiss. Hesitant at first, the Anti-Diva kissed back, overtaken by All Red Everything’s allure. She could think about what all of this meant later. For now, she just wanted to lock lips with the lavish Latina.

Toni looked up at this hot sight with an intense yearning to be in Paige’s place. Oh yes, she severely wanted to feel Mistress Marie’s mouth crash into hers, but instead she was relegated to merely watching the action. How unfair was that?! She had been such a well behaved bottom, gladly bending over anytime the dominant Diva demanded her too. She never complained about her ass being too sore or not being in the mood, she just shut up and took the redhead’s rubber rod like the butt slut she was.

Sensing her toy was feeling excluded, Eva broke the kiss and turned to Toni.

“Aw, is the needy nympho feeling jealous?”

The once respected ring technician let out a pitiful whine and nodded her head. Her curvaceous conqueror offered a smarmy smile.

“Well, you’re FAR from worthy of making out with me, but I know something else you can kiss.”

The fashion entrepreneur pointed to her rear end and the world renowned 23 year old shamelessly slobbered as she nearly tripped over herself while crawling up to the superior woman’s perky posterior. She went to pull her mistress’s red shorts down only for her hand to be promptly swatted down, causing her to yelp in pain and shock.

“Ah ah ah—not yet!” The redhead reprimanded. “I’m not gonna show off my body before our little guest does. So, how about it, Paige? How about you strip for me and my bitch?”

Those questions were asked almost playfully, but the Glampire knew those were orders. Were they orders she would carry out? She was retired from in ring competition, but she was still pretty sure she could punch this fame whore in the jaw and leave her laying. So why didn’t she? Why instead did she actually feel compelled to listen to what Eva said?

“Hey Casper, let’s get to it!”

Before she knew it, she was complying with the fashionista’s commands, albeit while closing her eyes, trying to imagine she was doing this for someone who was respectable enough to top her, like Asuka or Charlotte or really anyone else other than the woman in front of her. First, she swiftly removed her jacket and tossed it to the ground, allowing her already prevalent cleavage to take more of a spotlight. Then she slowly pulled her black tank top over her head and let it drop to the floor. Her b-cup breasts paled in comparison to the Red Queen’s superior c-cups but they were still nearly spilling out of her black bra. After allowing her soon-to-be owner an opportunity to ogle her tits, Paige turned around and slowly pulled her pants down, her adorable ass accentuated by the black thong she was wearing. Finishing off her little show, the British babe gingerly unhooked her bra and took off her thong at a snail’s pace, letting the supermodel salivate over her beautiful behind.

She turned back around and opened her eyes, eager to see pure lust on the stylish stunner’s face.

“That was quite the little show you put on.” The glamour girl grinned. “Now you can get what you want, Toni. I have a bitch to kiss!”

As Eva pulled Paige into another aggressive kiss, the Australian raised wrestler squealed with glee. She very quickly pulled down those sexy shorts and used her mouth to slide Eva’s panties off—a task she was becoming extremely skilled at—and at last she could claim her prize. She leaned her head forward and planted a series of kisses on her owner’s left cheeks before following suit on the right, her red lipstick marks evident on the superior woman’s pert posterior. With each kiss she gave, Storm could feel her already moist cunt become a waterfall, the chance to revere a real woman’s rear turning her on to an extreme degree. Mistress Marie had constantly reminded Toni how nauseating and appalling her flabby butt was, so it was all the more refreshing to exalt her owner’s rock solid behind in order to know what a perfect ass felt like.

Meanwhile, the irresistible glamour girl continued passionately kissing the nubile Norwichian, slipping her tongue in her future sub’s mouth. Paige had been in this position many times before and knew what she should do. She should tongue wrestle with this top and take the first step towards turning the tables on her by gaining control of the kiss. The problem was the Anti-Diva really didn’t want to. So instead she eagerly accepted Eva’s tongue, sucking on it like a piece of candy, which elicited a moan from Mistress Marie.

But the glamour model wasn’t the only one adding a tongue to the mix. Wanting to do more than just kiss the exemplary backside in front of her, Toni pressed her face in between Eva’s cheeks and began licking up and down her owner’s asscrack, hoping her mistress would be too preoccupied frenching the pet she was grooming to complain that she hadn’t given permission for this rimjob. Fortunately, that seemed to be the case, allowing Storm to lustfully lap at the superior woman’s puckered hole. Though, she overreached by greedily trying to actually get her tongue up inside that orifice and of course failing miserably, causing the ex-Total Divas star to break the kiss and laugh uproariously.

“How cute. You think my ass is a shameful trashy cockpocket like yours? Nope! I know this may be hard for you to comprehend, but not every woman is an anal craving tramp like you. No, some of us actually have things like ‘standards’ and ‘dignity’, though I know you have no clue what those things are anymore. You really never did! You were always a worthless buttslut who was begging to be enslaved by your flawless Red Queen. Mmm, but don’t worry, Toni, we have someone here who’s just like you! Hell, it’s hard to believe, but she may be even skankier. Go over and stick your tongue up her bunghole. See firsthand that she’s nothing but an ass sex loving ho like you!”

Never one to disobey an order or miss an opportunity to eat some booty, the gamey golden haired girl glided over to the blushing Brit, ready to tongue her tush. Eva pushed Paige’s head forward as if she was about to pull her into another deep kiss but instead pushed her down to the ground, the Glampire yelping pathetically and sticking her hands out at the last minute to break her fall. She was given very little time to recover before she felt the saucy Aussie grab a hold of her pale rump. Her eyes grew wide and she let a brief moan escape her once she felt Toni’s tongue slide up and down her backhole, coating it with saliva.

There were few sex acts that Paige adored more than rim jobs, specifically receiving them. Don’t get her wrong, she loved how nasty doling out rim jobs made her feel, her memory floating back to moments in which she seemingly tried to get her whole face inside the butts of Emma, and Layla, and Aksana, and AJ Lee, and Natalya, and Sasha Banks, and Summer Rae, and Dana Brooke, and Mandy Rose, and…ok so maybe she had a lot of experience delivering extensive rimmings, but that just made getting it done to her more special. Oh, and Paige was doing a great job right now of showing just how exceptional this butt licking was, as she pretty constantly gasped and grunted like a lowly hooker. Yes, the sounds coming from the GM’s mouth could easily be mistaken for the moans of a two dollar whore. This especially became the case when Storm’s tongue actually pushed forward into her back passage, her butt getting penetrated by a wet pink tongue, reminding her how well used her anal entrance was. That degradation alone would’ve been enough to ensure her cunt was sopping, but then Eva started talking, which only made things worse (or better?).

“Yeah that’s it Toni, get up in there. Eat that ass. Yeah, fuck this whore’s hot hole with your tongue. Mmm, slide your soft little tongue in and out of this slutty shitpipe. God Paige, your ass is so used-up that I’m not even sure if you warrant becoming my bitch. I rarely go for someone’s sloppy seconds. Or I suppose in this case...fuck...sloppy seventeenths? I mean seriously, how slutty are you? Did anyone ever tell you that you don’t HAVE to bend over for everything that moves? That you can actually still have a little bit of pride and modesty? Hmm, I guess not, because you certainly seem all too happy to be fucked by anything that walks.”

The Diva of Tomorrow couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this demeaned. Plenty of doms had unleashed similar verbal onslaughts, but to hear all of this come from this model made her feel truly empty inside. She used to be the quintessential alternative to Eva and her ilk. She literally had been wrestling since she was in the womb. She had poured her heart and soul into this business, always trying to make her mark and leave behind a legendary legacy. So how had everything gone so unbelievably wrong? How had she been able to walk into NXT at 19 years old so self-assured and confident, only to now be reduced to nothing more than a hollow shell of herself, willing to bottom for anybody and everybody? That was the most damning element of the Diva’s disparaging dirty talk—all of it was unequivocally true. It was easy to see that the beddable Brit had been butt banged on a regular basis based on how effortless Toni’s tongue had slid deep into her bowels. Oh yes, Toni had shoved her tongue as deep as it could go into Paige’s butt and all the two time Divas Champion could do was continue to gasp and moan. While it wasn’t the rough pounding her worn out hole was used to taking, she was still essentially getting buttfucked right now, Storm’s soft tongue getting her backdoor nice and wet. Of course, she knew that Eva was directing the broken blonde to rim her so that her pale booty could be prepared for the inevitable strap-on fucking that was to follow. And Paige was very much looking forward to said fucking. Oh God, she really was just a useless whore. There was no way she could deny it anymore—she was an anal loving bottom...and pretty soon she would be EVA MARIE’S anal loving bottoming.

As the reality of this situation settled in for the Anti-Diva, the already ruined Toni Storm was in absolute paradise. It was hard not to be. Anytime she had the chance to feast on another girl’s juicy ass was a joyous occasion. She recalled the times she had got done wrestling a match at an NXT UK taping and was rewarded for her hard work by the welcoming sight of Killer Kelly or Rhea Ripley on all fours, awaiting every inch of her tongue to be buried inside their hot holes. Of course after she did that, she had actually slipped on a harness and tried her hand at shoving a strap-on inside their beautiful back holes, but only because back then she was under the absurd delusion that she was a switch. Mercifully, her Red Queen had crushed that ridiculous notion and she now knew her true place in life, although Eva wasn’t the first woman to top her. No, there was a period of time where Storm actually thought submitting to Kairi Sane was a good idea. Undeniably, she had a lot of fun with The Pirate Princess but the former NXT Women’s Champion was way too docile and sweet to be a proper dom. She needed a real woman like Eva Marie to own her in order to know the true delights of being nothing more than a hole made for pleasure. Sure, there may have been more actual quote unquote ‘romance’ between her and Sane, but by now, concepts like ‘love’ and ‘mutual respect’ had gone out the window for the gifted grappler. All that mattered to the blonde was that she got used like the object she was and that she was made aware of her inferiority to this All Red goddess.

Though there were the rare moments her dom would compliment her, the red haired smokeshow saying, “Mmm good girl, Toni. Look at you, getting all the way up this bitch’s butt. But you can go a little faster. When an asshole is this frequented, there’s no need to take it easy. So go ahead, really pump your tongue in and out of there!”

The 8 year wrestling veteran was glad to do what she was told, and she began thrusting her tongue in and out of the SmackDown GM’s anus at a brisker pace. On one hand, Storm felt a trifle bit disappointed as the required increase in speed didn’t allow her to get as good of a taste of the Englishwoman’s arse. Contrariwise, she took solace in knowing she was pleasing her top and seemingly pleasing the former Absolution leader as well.

Paige couldn’t contain herself, a steady stream of squeals and expletives spewing forth once Toni’s tonguing took on an exceedingly hastier tempo. The hot blonde was hitting all of the right spots and the once rambunctious raven haired girl had to keep herself from begging for more. Eva was exactly right, there was no need to go easy on her. She had plenty of anal experience so she desired something much more extreme, but it seemed the Red Queen wasn’t feeling inclined to actually fill her hole with that thick red cock quite yet. So the Glampire took what she could get for now and just closed her eyes, getting lost in the bliss that was this eager rimming from the younger woman.

After several minutes of Toni tonguefucking her butt, it seemed that Paige’s cravings towards taking this night to the next level would finally be answered as Eva uttered her next order.

“Mmm good job Toni, but I think her ass is plenty ready.” All Red Everything instructed, pulling Toni’s face away from her soon to be sub’s hole. “Truth be told, I probably could have just shoved my cock inside of that hole the moment you walked in here. You probably wanted that didn’t you? You certainly want me to ‘shag’ you right now, don’t you, you British whore?”

The only way the raven haired woman could respond was by blushing with profound embarrassment, the deep red shade dominating the milky white complexion of her face.

“Well, I don’t give a shit what YOU want! You were made to please me. However, lucky for you, I am in the mood to get some of that pale ‘arse’, so go ahead and spread your skanky cheeks while Toni fetches me my strap-on.”

Paige took a deep breath. Was this really happening again? Could she allow this to happen again? Bottom for Eva Marie once in the past was already a pretty big blemish, but bottoming to her twice? She’d be irreparable. All of the work she had done for the advancement of the Women’s Revolution/Evolution, all of the time she had dedicated to putting herself in the conversation as one of the greatest female talents to step foot in the ring, all of it would be for naught because she was nothing but a piece of meat for this model. The very kind of eye-candy diva she had come into WWE to rail against was now going to rail her. Just the thought of that was enough to make her skin crawl. She couldn’t let this happen! This manipulative model had played to her horniness and had her right in the palm of her hand, but the boisterous Brit had finally come to her senses. Like any good babyface, she was going to stand up to this good-for-nothing ne'er do well and make her big flashy comeback. She’d leave here unscathed and nobody would ever know just how close she had come to submitting to this glamour girl.

Clearing her throat, Paige took a firm stance,


At least she tried to be firm. But her normally bold voice was as tiny as a mouse’s and her denial lacked conviction. Still, when she was further questioned, the Anti-Diva pushed back.

“What was that?” The fitness guru asked as Toni wrapped the harness around her waist and helped attach the 10 inch strap-on cock.

“I said no. I’m not bottoming for you, Eva. Yes, you’re undeniably sexy. That’s just a fact. But I will NEVER lower myself to submitting to you ever again!”

“Ok.” was all the redhead said in response, surprisingly nonchalant. Was this really that easy? Was Paige really able to escape unbelievable embarrassment just like that?

“That’s it?” Paige seeked clarification.

“Yup. If you want to deny yourself the pleasures of my strap-on up your ass, that’s your prerogative.”

The Glampire slowly got up, still a bit taken aback with the simplicity of this situation. She looked back at Eva and smiled. She was herself again. A treacherous body and a lecherous hottie were no match for her sheer unbreakable willpower. So she had maybe done a lot of anal and so she maybe had been desperate enough to bottom for this foxy flame haired female in the past, but now she was better. Stronger. She was the General Manager of SmackDown Live for chrissakes! She was a big tough independent woman who gave in to no one’s demands and she had proven that here tonight.

Paige took another step forward and before she left, looked back one last time at the physically weaker woman, who was rubbing a hand on that 10 inch red strap-on.

That 10 inch red strap-on.

That long thick 10 inch red strap-on.

That long thick 10 inch red strap-on that had been all the way inside Paige’s ass before and had made her cum insanely hard.

That long thick 10 inch red strap-on that made Paige’s already prepared back hole tremble with anticipation towards getting her ultra-slutty backside stuffed once again.

Oh God.

At that moment, the Diva of Tomorrow collapsed. She resumed her doggy style position and clutched her big pale butt cheeks, immediately spreading them apart.

“Fuck me.” The GM whispered, shame and horror evident in her quavering voice.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you?” Eva lied, intending to drag this humiliation out a little longer.

“Please don’t make me say it again.” Paige pleaded, and then when she got a cold stare in response, she begrudgingly repeated, albeit a little louder, “Fuck me.”

Eva just smiled.


Paige took a deep breath.

“In the arse.” She mumbled.

“Speak up, you little freak. I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

The ruthless redhead grabbed her prey by the hair, causing the younger woman to shriek with pain.


Eva laughed. Once again, she had won.

“All you had to do was ask.” The domineering Diva taunted. She allowed her new sub to stop spreading her cheeks for a moment and then led her sexpet by the hair, walking closer over to the lockers, trusty Toni right behind them. “Toni, be a dear and open my locker. You know the one.”

The raven haired girl was a bit befuddled by this request. What did Eva mean by ‘her locker’? The one she used when she was still employed here? Obviously, she didn’t have her own locker now.

Regardless, the formerly brave blonde remained on all fours and crawled over to the center lock, reaching up and entering the combination. After fiddling with it a bit, she opened up the locker to reveal a full size mirror covering the entire door.

“Look, Paige. Now you’ll be able to see up close how much of a stupid anal addict you are! Mmm yeah, there’s no going back now Paige. I want you to look yourself in the mirror as you scream like a little bitch while I slam your shithole. No closing your eyes! Oh no, I want you to look at yourself as you cum with my big dick inside your loose ass!”

This looking glass shattered the Diva of Tomorrow. Tears began to well in her eyes; the indignity of this situation she put herself in was too much to handle. The submissive Englander had found herself in plenty of disgraceful positions over the years, but this one took the cake. If there was any doubt she’d be able to live this down, this powerful prima-donna did her best to quash it. The supposedly self-assured GM would have already felt plenty demeaned getting her anus annihilated by the assertive Diva, but now she knew tonight would be the most mortifying night of her life. Her mistress wouldn’t allow her to close her eyes and pretend that she was subbing for a female Superstar she admired. No, she had to watch herself get absolutely ravaged by this dazzling dom. Worst of all, it wasn’t just her eyes that were getting wet from this latest turn of events. Much to the Glampire’s chagrin, her pussy was a waterfall at this point, the prospect of being forced to see how much of a buttslut she was arousing her immensely. God, Eva hadn’t even touched her yet, and she was already equipped for her new mistress to make her orgasm as soon and as hard as possible.

Thankfully, she wouldn’t have to wait much longer for at least the start of that process. Finally letting go of her new whore’s hair, the cunning stunner‘s next orders caused the Anti-Diva’s anticipation to build even more.

“Toni, spread her cheeks! Show me the new hole I own!”

“Yes my Red Queen.” The Lightning Down Under subserviently replied, crawling behind the once tough former wrestler and grabbing hold of her shapely behind. 


Knowing how her mistress liked it, she slowly spread apart Paige’s pasty and pillowy cheeks, allowing the lascivious looker to savour staring at the puckered hole being presented to her.

“Oh, this is going to be good.” All Red Everything chuckled.

Assuming the perfect position, the dominant Diva just held her strap-on still for a matter a minutes, antagonizing the Anti-Diva. Not only was Paige being denied the perverted act she was yearning for, but she also had to look in the mirror and see her confident conqueror cackling, taking unspeakable delight in torturing her new pretty and pale toy. If that wasn’t bad enough, the malicious model mockingly moved the big rubber crimson cock around her tiny hole without ever pushing forward so that it would slide inside. No, she just circled that anal entrance for an agonizing amount of time, and all the goth girl could do was watch herself wince and hear herself whimper. The torment didn’t cease there, as the red headed wonder once again pressed only the tip of the fake penis against the other woman’s anus and let it stay there. Paige loudly whined as the superior Diva continued to stall, which of course made her new owner laugh even harder.

“Aw, you really want it bad, don’t you?” The formerly employed fashionista inquired in the most patronizing tone imaginable.

“Yes.” The Anti-Diva admitted, looking into the mirror and seeing the shame in her eyes before adding, “Please don’t tease me anymore.”

Her top just smirked.

“You’re gonna be a good piece of meat for me? Do whatever I want whenever I want? Bend over for me at a moment’s notice and let me abuse your slutty butt so hard that you won’t be able to walk straight or sit right for weeks? Months? Hell, years?”

The tears the former champion had been doing her best to hold back now freely flowed down her face. She did her best to get some words out in between her sobs.

“Yessss. Oh...mmm..God yes. My arse is yours, Eva.”

Paige was promptly smacked in the back of the head.

“It’s Mistress Marie, bitch, ” The glamour girl growled, and added, “Or your Red Queen. Understood?”

Still weeping, the first ever NXT Women’s Champ managed to muster a response.

“Y-yes Red Queen.”

“Aw, what a good bitch.” The confident top smiled and at long last gave the Brit what she wanted, slowly sliding her strap-on forward into her puckered hole.

Toni Storm watched on in amazement as her mistress’s thick and long rubber rod pushed past the Anti-Diva’s anal ring, stretching out her backside before slowly disappearing into that frequented fuckhole. She loved seeing just how much of a butt busting babe her dom was and how easily she could claim another anal whore to be hers. Of course, there was also burgeoning jealousy within her that she wasn’t the one who had the honour of getting rectally wrecked right now, but she let those feelings subside and instead concentrated on observing how skilled of a top All Red Everything was.

The defeated General Manager gasped as the first few inches of Eva’s impressive 10 incher entered her, completely overtaken by her ecstasy. She looked at her reflection, the bliss on her face undeniable. Her crying let up a little bit and her mortification was replaced with confusion. Why had she tried to take charge for so long? Why had she ever accepted the position of SmackDown Live General Manager? It had never been more apparent that her sole purpose in life was to take it in the bum like a good lesbian slut. She wasn’t a leader. She didn’t deserve to possess any power. All she was meant to be was a hot piece of ass for the superior Eva Marie. It was odd, but the thought of being owned by this worthier woman was actually quite freeing. She no longer had to pretend she was supposed to be in control. Instead, she could let a true commander take the reigns and live life how she was always intended to live it by basking in the glory of Mistress Marie.

That revelation still didn’t do much to alleviate her embarrassment, especially when she felt her top’s thighs pressed up against her arse cheeks, which could only mean one thing. All 10 inches of this red dildo had slid inside her rear end like it was nothing and Miss All Red Everything had made sure to push her strap-on in that orifice at as measured a pace as possible, causing this penetration to be next to painless. Well, all things considered, almost any anal invasion Paige experienced would be painless at this point. Her round behind had been roughly banged on such a regular basis that all of the discomfiture she was supposed to feel from getting ass fucked was practically nonexistent.

Nevertheless, Eva showed off once more how much of a natural she was when it came to topping, which triggered Toni to heap acclamation upon the owner she adamantly adored.

“Brilliant, Mistress Marie! You’re the best at making women your sluts!”

“Did I ask for your goddamn input?! Shut the fuck up and keep spreading her cheeks!” The Red Queen snarled, delivering a hard slap to the blonde’s face.

That interaction prompted Paige to smile, reminding her of another reason why surrendering herself to this sexy seductress was so satisfactory: the sheer cruelty. Eva had absolutely no regard towards the feelings of her bitches because as far as she was concerned, they had no feelings. They were objects for her to use and abuse anyway she saw fit. Paige loved that. Oh, she couldn’t fully explain why, but there was just something so unbelievably erotic about devoting so much time and effort to a superior woman and getting treated like a piece of dirt in return. Obviously, that wasn’t what turned her on the most about this arrangement. It was the guaranteed anal attention that the Anti-Diva desired above all else, which is why she moaned like a cheap prostitue when Mistress Marie removed her 10 inch toy and then violently thrusted the full length inside her hole. This was what Paige lived for. Taking it slow was fine to start, but she really didn’t need that extra prep. She was well seasoned in sodomy so she really preferred the period in which her rectum was really getting wrecked.


The redhead repeatedly rammed the full length of her fuckstick in and out of the Diva of Tomorrow’s ass, causing the GM to howl at the top of her lungs. She loved feeling the Flame Haired Femme Fatale filling her bumhole with this gigantic strap-on, and she also loved having her own catchprases turned against her.

“Oh yeah, scream for me, slut. Mmmhmm, scream you absolute disgrace! Scream for me, you sorry excuse of a human being. Scream for me because this is my house! Yeah that’s right, this is my house now Paige. You just have the privilege of being my little plaything. My toy, my doll! Scream for me, you fucking whore!”

Paige was more than eager to do as she was told. Her loud reactions were probably echoing all throughout the halls of the backstage area, but she didn’t care. The Norwich native had reached nirvana, this brutal buttfucking bringing the Brit a level of euphoria she never knew could be achieved. Her volume grew even louder when she locked eyes with her reflection. She loved having the opportunity to see how much of an effect this aggressive anus annihilation had on her.

The Anti-Diva’s constant moans mixed with the slapping of Eva’s thighs against those globes were like music to the model’s ears. The drop dead gorgeous dom couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. She wanted to destroy this delectable derriere for hours. Paige’s plump rump was positively perfect, and pounding this pale posterior made Mistress Marie practically drool. The raw power she felt while anally taking another woman was always so exhilarating and the mirror was admittedly turning her on as well. Seeing herself dominating this pathetic underling was so sexy. Oh god, if only all those hapless internet dorks could see her now. A beloved little indy darling like Toni Storm was at her behest, hanging onto her every last word, intently waiting for the next command she needed to carry out while spreading the cheeks of Paige. Oh, how rich! One of the supposed kickstarters of the women’s wrestling boom within WWE was nothing in comparison to a real woman like her.

After several more minutes of getting her butt roughly stuffed, the Glampire was remarkably close to climaxing. Feeling herself getting close to the edge, the beautiful British bottom began to beg.


Unfortunately for the 2 time Divas Champion, her pleading seemed to be completely counterproductive, as Eva began pumping in and out of her behind at a steadier pace as opposed to the violent thrusts she had been delivering moments earlier. The white as snow woman weakly whimpered, more than ready to orgasm from this hot cock inside her ass, but she was yet again reminded that her own wants held no bearing on her owner’s decision. Still, her mistress wasn’t entirely heartless, and so she devised a way for her new little fuckpet to cum nice and hard.

Pulling her bottom’s hair again, the controlling Californian toyed with her submissive slave.

“You wanna cum?” She questioned.

“AH! OH! YES MY RED QUEEN!” The woman who won the Divas title in her first main roster match yelped in anguish as All Red Everything yanked her black hair.

“Well, I’m not doing that for you. No, I’m not doing another fucking thing for you. You don’t deserve it one bit. So if you’re aching to cum so bad, you’ll have to do the work! You’ll have to bounce that booty back! Yeah, you’ll have to ride my giant rubber cock to orgasm! SO GET TO IT BITCH! Toni, stop spreading her cheeks. It’s time for this slut to actually do something.”

“Yes, my Red Queen.” The 2018 Mae Young Classic winner nodded her head and backed away as Eva got in position for some reverse cowgirl action.

Paige gave an absolutely pitiful cry before beginning to squat down and impale herself on that giant dildo. For a split second, her shamelessness disappeared and she felt as abashed as ever. Seeing herself bouncing her ass up and down on that big dick and moaning like a common whore, she could barely bear it. She didn’t even recognize the reflection in front of her. She used to be one of the most revered women in this locker room, and now she was dying to fuck her own behind with this long rubber toy. However, her desperation greatly outweighed the degradation she felt, and so she let herself get lost in pleasure, waves of ecstasy coursing through her as she plunged her pooper down on this superior woman’s sexy strap-on. She had dropped any sliver of self-respect and self-restraint she had for herself and thrust back as hard and quick as possible, doing her best to destroy her bowels.

The Red Queen was just as joyful as her slutty sub. In fact, she may have been even happier because she was witnessing the greatest sight in the world right now—another woman’s ass cheeks jiggling as the hole in between them was filled with her slap on.  All the tropical vacations and exotic trips she had been afforded had never offered her a view as perfect as this. The ability to have so much an effect on the Brit that she would debase herself to such an extreme degree to reach orgasm almost made the model cum herself. Almost. Unlike her two sexpets, she wasn’t that much of an indecent whore. Still, she knew she couldn’t last much longer.


Someone who really couldn’t hold back was the 2 time Divas Champ, Paige squirting out her pussy juices. Her cum seemingly coated the room, some of it landing on the floor, some of it landing on the mirror, and some of it even landing on the face of Toni Storm who was sitting right by that looking class. The fluid hitting her face made that feeble floozy squeal with glee, as she adored the taste of girl cum. Undoubtedly, it tasted sweeter when it was gushing out of her mistress’s twat, but she wasn’t going to complain about swallowing this hammered hasbeen’s  cunt cream. When it came to getting another woman’s juices on her face, she truly wasn’t picky.

Enjoying the pants of exhaustion coming from her latest piece of meat and savouring the sight of her sexy golden haired sub frantically licking her lips to taste the broken bottom’s twat honey, Eva smirked mischievously and pushed the pale Brit off of her rubber cock.

“Toni, it’s time! You know what to get! Oh, and I want my phone as well. A picture of this bitch’s battered back hole would make a lovely Christmas card.” Eva instructed, ready to enact the next part of her plan and the real reason she came to SmackDown tonight.

“Yes Mistress Marie.” The submissive quickly replied, reaching into the locker with the mirror on the door and fetching a pen and some very official looking papers and her Red Queen’s iPhone.

“As for you Paige, spread your cheeks! Mmm show me that gape!”

“Yes Mistress Marie,” was all the defeated woman could answer back.

The formerly respectable General Manager reached her hands back and slowly spread her lily-white cheeks apart. The crimson haired hottie cackled with delight as she observed this ruined backside, satisfied with her handiwork. When Toni crawled over to her with her phone in hand, she was all too excited to snapshot this cavernous asshole, the British babe’s bum stretched out so wide you could ram a semi inside it.

“Good girl Paige. Now turn around and face me.”

Having no other option but to obey, the energy drained girl complied, spinning around at a snail’s pace and still trying to catch her breath.

“You got your skanky ass all over my cock so now you’ll have to clean it! Oh yeah, you want that Paige? You want to suck your nasty anal juices off my All Red cock?”

The GM enthusiastically, going so far as to reach for that rubber penis, the superior supermodel slapping her hand down.

“Not yet! First, you have to do something for me.”

Whimpering, needing to suck on that arse flavoured toy more than anything, Paige cried out.

“What is it Mistress? I’ll do anything!”

Eva smiled and winked at Toni, who placed the pen and papers she was holding in front of the SmackDown Live General Manager.

“I managed to get a real nice contract whipped up for myself and you’re gonna sign it now so that I can be on SmackDown! That way I can fuck your loose ass, and you can guarantee that I become THE top woman in this company, a role I was always meant to have. It’s a win-win. So sign, bitch!”

“Yes my Red Queen. Of course my Red Queen.” The Anti-Diva scrambled to grab the pen and signed her name as quickly as she possibly could, ensuring that Eva would once more be a part of the SmackDown women’s roster.

The glamour girl grinned so wide her cheeks hurt.

“Nicely done. You’ve made the right decision. Now claim your treat!”

Happy to oblige, the Diva of Tomorrow grabbed hold of that 10 inch toy and began rapidly bobbing her head up and down, her mouth engulfing the sexy rubber shaft. The Brit who was born into this business moaned as she tasted the deepest part of her bowels on this ravishing redhead’s ramrod. She slid her large lips up the fake prick, more and more of the dildo vanishing into her oral orifice. When she first debuted in this company, she could have never dreamt of taking such enjoyment in going ass-to-mouth, but here she was, fulfilling her purpose as a lowly ATM slut.

“Okay, that’s enough, you greedy whore! It’s Toni’s turn. Come here Storm! Gobble up my latest pet’s skanky butt. It’s probably ten times tastier than your filthy booty!”

“Yes my Red Queen.” Toni blithely replied, unphased by the insult.

As Paige took her head away in order to allow the lucky Australian raised tramp to take her place, she looked over and saw the rest of the SmackDown women’s roster staring down at her. She stared at all of the ladies she was supposed to lead, but she felt nothing. She was too far gone to care if anyone was judging her. The only person she cared about pleasing was her new dom.

As the 2018 MYC victor loudly slurped on her strap-on, Eva turned and also took notice of the audience that had arrived. Her eyes scanned every one of them, and...good God. THIS was her competition? Ascending to the top of this brand would be easy.

There was the SmackDown Women’s Champion, “The Man” Becky Lynch. Formerly the biggest bottom in this entire company, she had somehow come to the absurd conclusion that she was a top and had even convinced these other weaklings that she was worthy of being SmackDown’s Alpha Female. While it was amusing to see this totally spineless sub masquerade as some big bad dom, the Total Divas star had no doubt she could put her back in her place with next to no struggle.

Next was Asuka, who was admittedly absolutely terror-inducing. Keyword being was. But then one day the undefeated streak that had defined her career was gone in a flash and the redhead had heard rumblings and rumors that the once unbeatable Superstar had bottomed for Carmella of all fucking people, so she was clearly damaged goods at this point.

However, above all the others, one woman really stuck out: Charlotte Flair. She had cemented herself as a nigh unstoppable force and the greatest dom in the company’s storied history. Inferior woman who gave themselves ludicrous labels like “Boss” and “Goddess” had tried their damndest to take her down, but to no avail. She had been able to take on any challenge and come out the better woman. Well, not anymore. No, the alleged Queen would have to accept she was nothing in comparison to the RED Queen, Eva promising herself that she would be the one to finally break the second generation Superstar.

With the defeated GM still by her feet and the former NXT UK Superstar still gobbling off the remainder of Paige’s anal juices, All Red Everything winked at her new coworkers and opponents and smirked, offering what was simultaneously a warm sentiment and a warning.

“I look forward to working with you.”


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