Dixie and Me

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Disclaimer: I do not know or am in any way affiliated with the Damelios. There is mention of child abuse Sexual interactions between people ages 8-18 dont like it dont read I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. Enjoy ;)



I remember the first time I had met Dixie. I had been 7 years old, the same age as her younger sister, Charli. Dixie, herself was 9. I had met her when her family was on a vacation trip to my hometown of Las Angeles. I had been running away from my foster home and had wound up a LAX. I had saved up just enough cash to pay for a one way flight.

I booked a random flight to the earliest one to leave which would take me to some place in Connecticut. While buying my ticket i had noticed a little girl with pigtails pointing at me from behinf what looked like her mother. And as this little girl was cute it was her sister that had really caught my eye. Even at 9 years old she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.After deciding to pay them no mind, i began to walk to the flight gate as the plane would take off in just 10 min. It was here I noticed they were following me. I figured I would sit down and let them go by me. Then she came up and sat down next to me.

Hi, I'm Dixie. What's your name?

At this point, I was trying to ignore her and not draw attention to myself because i didnt want to go back to the shithole they call a foster home. Where a grown man could choke out a 6 year old and nothing would happen.

Hey! I asked what your name was!

This had snapped me out of my trance and shot an angry glare at the tiny girl.

Huh? Oh,you mean me?

Yeah! Who else? I said my name is Dixie. What's yours?

Oh umm i'm Mazen. Nice to meet you.

Yeah, ok. Why are you here alone? And what happened to your eye?

At this point the rest of her family reached me and i realized she had ran over here to greet me.

Daddy, daddy. This is Mazen. He's my new friend.

Wait, did she say friend. I've never had a friend before.

Hey little man. You here alone? 

Uhh, Yes sir. Im going to um... I had to look at my ticket to find out where i was headed.

Norwalk, Connecticut. To see my uncle, yeah. Im going to see my uncle.

Oh well what happened to your eye?

My foster dad punched me. I had said quickly before i realized what I said.

Oh well then i think it best you come with us. Seeing how we're going to the same place and all. We'll drop you off at your uncle's house and then we'll see about going to the police.

Noooo!! We can't go to the police. He's a policeman. And Im not really going to see my uncle. I'm just running away.

Oh, well. Then you can stay with us until we find you a good home.

Ok thanks Mister.   

After he had left and started to talk with his wife, the younger child had made her way over to her sister and I.

Dixie, who is this?

He's our new friend, Charli. Daddy said he could live with us.

At that point the P.A system had started.

Now boarding flight 396 to Norwalk, Connecticut!! I reapeat Now boarding flight 396 to Norwalk, Connecticut!!

As we walked onto the flight I realized that i was seat in right next to Dixie and her sister. As the flight the young girl I had befriended managed to fall asleep on my shoulder.


2 years later.

On christmas eve, the day of my 9th birthday, which had became more of a holiday than Christmas in the Damelio house, due to my being there, was the first time I had realized the feelings I had for Dixie and her younger sister. As the three children were sitting at the table eating cake and K sat there opening gifts. I heard Charli say that she had a special gift for me. She had waited for her parents to exit the room before she gave me my "present", which was a kiss. As she did, her older sister walked in, noticed us kissing and turned around. Charli tried to yell after her but she wouldnt come back.

I'll go check on her. I said before running after her into her room. She was laying on her bed. As I walked up to her, she got up and locked the door. 

What are you doing Dixie?

Well, if Charli can give give you a special present than why can't I? I want to show you something my friend taught me. As she layed back down on the bed, she slid her pajama pants down to her knees and her underwear was to followe. My friend showed me this video and she said that if you lick my private part and put a finger in there then it feels really good. And i want you to do it for me since you're my best friend.

Are you sure, Dix? It seems kind of wrong.

It'll be fine because mom and dad are at the store.And Charli is in her own little world.Now hurry up im getting cold.

Ok but where do i put my finger in and where do i lick?

I don't just in between my legs. Like where I go pee from.

Eww! You want me to lick your pee. No way!

No just like by it and i just showered. Please hurry up!

I walked over to where she was laying on the bed and traced my finger up her fold

Come on just put it in there.

I started to run my finger faster along her crease before slipping 1 finger inside of her as she let out a shriek of surprise. As i moved my finger in n out of 11 year old pussy I began to lick up down her crotch as began moaning more and more 

Just like that! Oh god yes!!

Her eyes rolled back as I had manged to push her over her breaking point and slip in another finger. 

OH MY GOD! That felt amazing. Thanks M. You know I love you, right.

Yea I love you too, Dix.

You should probably wash your hands before you back out to the table. She had pulled up her pants and gave me a quick kiss on cheek before leaving me stranded in her room. 

Yea i should probably wash up.








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