Shooting for the Sky

BY : Lolismasher
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Disclaimer: This story is fiction it didn't really happen and I don't know Sky Katz or if she even does any of these things. The only thing I know from this to be true is that she's bi .NO MONEY OR PROFIT Was made from this story

Hey Wassup Everyone It's me DJ again and WOW! do I have something to tell y'all . Well It all started when I had to go on the promotional tour for our new show " BIG little" and it was just like everyone says. Nothing but P.R. stunts like meeting the fans and talking to this reporter and that one. My agent Liz told me I had to go to New York for the press tour which is kinda exciting but I did miss my time in L.A., technically I missed Lulu and her sexy loli ass. As I thought about her I started to get a little hard but I couldn't let everyone else see my hard boner so I stepped out to take a breather. I guess Liz saw me cause she came up to me and asked if I was ok. I told her "yeah I'm ok just needed to stretch my legs". She could see I was kinda of tired of all the press so she told me I could take the day off. "You can go explore the city but be careful and don't go anything that would be bad press" she said sternly. "I won't I'm going to just find somewhere to go shoot hoops at" I told her trying to get her to let me go. "Ok but be back at the hotel at 5 p.m. cause we are doing the meet and greet with the cast and all of your fans" she said looking at her phone "plus I am responsible for you and we can't have anything happen to our star" she said still not even looking up at me. "I get it I can't get caught smoking weed or in some shady nightclub coming out puking" I said angrily. "I know I sound like a warden or something but I really do care about you as a person"she says finally looking at me in the eyes . "I've also seen what show business has done to a lot of "Disney Kids" and I don't want that to happen to you" she said giving me a motherly look. "I'm just going to find a basketball court somewhere hell we are in New York after all" I said giving her the best puppy dog face I could make. She paused for a few then she said "ok but be back here by 6:30 and please don't get too sweaty or dirty cause we need to take pictures and talk to the head hunchos and maybe we can get you one of those Disney movies like Dove and them have". "Ok can I go now I wasting time here" I said impatiently ready to jet out of the building. "Ok go but remember what I said" Liz said shaking her head as she watches me jet out of the door "This kid is going to be trouble... At least he can run cuz all these girls out will be chasing him". As she continues to sit there and think she says " Hell why not he is a hot guy  and I know I would fuck him" then she walks away fantasizing about sucking and fucking me. As I run through town trying to find a court and finally find it .... "THE HISTORIC RUCKERS PARK"  , this is the place where the greats played at least once and now it's my turn. So I look around and finally realized I didn't have a key thing to shoot some hoops.... A BALL.

Just as I was about to go back to the hotel disappointed I heard distanced faint sound of a ball bouncing. When I turned around I saw this short little white girl shooting around and MAN SHE IS GOOD. Just as I was thinking about how nice this little girl was I felt something hit my shoe . "Hey there dude can you pass me my ball" she said sweetly looking at my foot. "Oh sure here you go" I said as I bounce pass her the ball as I finally look at the athletic girl. "Damn she hot"  I thought as I looked her up and down. She is 5" tall and what looks a small bust probably like a 30 A-cup and a tight little butt that looked great when she bent over and her pale skin dripping with sweat. I watched as a bead of sweat dripped down here her neck down to her small luscious tits. I guess I was staring cuz she snapped me out of my gaze and said "whatcha looking at , bro?" . Looking her in the eyes I said "Nothing ummmm wanna play?". Sky laughs and says "Are you sure you can handle this?". As I sit here and thought does this 14 -year-old mean to sound so sexual or not . I let it slide and said "let's go you get ball first" I said as I checked it to her. She starts to dribble trying to get pass me she tried to back me down to the basket I can feel her little ass grinding on my dick . "Come on Are you going to even stick Defense?"Sky said as she turns to shoot the ball. SWISH! . I looked at her in amazement " ok lucky shot" I said trying to act unfazed dribbling the ball I shot it , THMPH!! , I missed . She grabs the rebound and dribble it pass the 3 point line to clear it and then she back down on me like she did before. SWISH! She makes it again. She checks it bending down just enough for me to see her itty bitty titties. I wish she didn't have that sports bra on I thought to myself as I try to steal the ball I felt something else in my head. It's definitely smaller than the ball and more squishy. "Oh SNAP THAT WAS HER BOOB" I thought to myself "They did feel good". "Yo pay attention cuz Imma bout to beat you" Sky says with a sly grin as she backs me down again. She knew I was getting a boner hell she knew what a dick felt like as she dealt with guys giving her hugs while she took pictures and signed autographs for them and their kids. One time A father had grinded on her and tried to feel on her ass WHILE SHE WAS TAKING A PICTURE WITH HIS DAUGHTER!!. She also saw me Isaac's dick when her friend and co-star Navia Robinson dared her to sneak in his dressing room, what she did dare her to do was to suck his dick tho. "Next point wins" Sky checking with me. "Ok check" I said passing the ball back then she starts to dribble the ball trying to get pass me. I could feel her ass on my dick now I know she doing it on purpose now so I let her get pass me to see what would happen. "YESSS I WIN" Sky shouts running around the court and then stops in front of me and starts to do a little dance. "So what I let you win" I said sarcastically not wanting to admit she actually beat me. "Mmmhmmm" Sky said with a small smirk , "Hey you wanna come back to my place for a few and get a drink?"she asked as she picked up her towel and bag.


"Sure I got time" I said looking at the time and grabbing my stuff. As we walked she showed me around town until we came to a small loft I looked at it and with amazement I asked "Is this your place?". "No well.. yeah it's a place Disney pays so I don't have to travel all the way from Melville so I live in the city " She said opening the door, " It's easier for me to get to the airport and my family can get to me when they want".  I walked in the door and looked around ," Cool so where's everyone?" . I realized that it didn't really look like more than one person lived there. "I told you I stay by myself" she said as she disappeared upstairs to take a shower. Once I heard get the shower I started to look around and saw the usual a couple pictures of her and her sisters a couple basketball trophies and other awards. "You like what you see ?" Sky said creeping up behind me. " Yes you got slot trophies damn" I said laughing, " Maybe I should've underestimated you.". "Yeah maybe so" She said with a laugh "Hey let's see what is on t.v.". She grabbed the remote and turns on the television flipping to a basketball game between the Knicks and Wizards. "COME ON KNICKS FUCK THEM UP" she screamed like a fat drunken dude. It was cute to hear that come from someone so small can swear like a grown man at a football game. "The Wizards are going to win" I said finally realizing she had changed. She had changed into some short basketball shorts that stop right on her thighs and a sports bra. I can feel my dick get hard. "I'ma get us popcorn do you want something to drink?" she asked as she got up trying to adjust her shorts I swear I didn't see any underwear. Maybe I am just tired then I realized that I hadn't called Liz I might as well call her before she has a heart attack. The Phone Rang.  "Hello DJ where are you?" She answered angrily. "I'm ok I'm over a friend's house I'ma crash here cause I know the traffic is going to be killer after the game" I said smiling at Sky. That's when I noticed that Sky's legs were wide open. "I got to go I'm making too noise for the people in here" I said looking at Sky I could see she didn't have any underwear on. I could feel my dick spring to life hoping that I will let him play and not a false alarm. As the game continues Sky suggest that we get more comfortable "Why don't we lay down and rest a little?" She asked not waiting for my answer. Next thing I know she was laying on my chest with one of her legs wrapped over me. "Damn now I will never get rid of this boner. "Hey D.J.? She asked "Yes Sky?" I answered "Do you find me attractive?"she asked looking up at me with her big brown eyes. "Well of course you are cute" I answered trying to avoid the question. "That's not what I asked" she said now straddling me , "I asked do you find me attractive?" She asked with a devilish smile. "W-w-well Yes" I said nervously. "Well what do you want to do about it?" She moving closer grabbing my dick through my shorts. Before I could do anything she plants a kiss on me tongue and all so I did what any guy would do in the situation I kissed her back. Before long she had nothing but her shorts on I started to suck on her 30a -cup boobs as she moaned for more. She removed her shorts to reveal she didn't have any underwear on. "I kinda knew where this is going to lead" she smiled devilishly. "This has to the best day of my life ,do you know how long I have wanted to fuck you" I said to her still sucking and kissing on her tits and neck. "Oh how long?" She purrs like her namesake. "Since I seen you on Instagram and I saw your budding breast and your nice round ass and those sexy ass lips" I told her as started to lick and suck on her clit while fingering her hole. "Mhhmm just like that daddy" she moaned arching her back trying to get my fingers deeper, " and don't forget my asshole" she said through the moans. Being good pussy pleaser I did it. When I say my finger slipped in with ease with little to no lubricant I mean it. As if she knew what I was thinking she responds "Isaac took anal virginity when Navia dared me to let him" as she spoke of her costars who plays the main characters in the show "He took her anal virginity and and her oral virginity" she said as she adjust to my fingers in her ass, "But I want something bigger and blacker inside me". Just then I felt her small hands wrapping around my cock. "Mmmm I wonder how it taste" she coos. With that she starts to suck my dick like she was a trained pornstar ,"I love this Flavor , Black Cocksicle" she utters before going back to working her magic on my cock. "Hold on before I cum" I said trying to pull her mouth off my dick(I definitely didn't want to). "You're right I want to feel your big black Man cock inside my tight 14-year-old ass make your bitch for life" Sky screamed like nobody else cared. So I carried up to her room which was nothing special but her big ass bed which you can tell is way too big for her but hey when you got money you can do shit like that. I throw her on the bed she automatically flipped on her stomach with her ass in the air. "Come here so I can lube daddy's dick so he can give it to his little white bitch" she said as she shoved more than half of my 8"-9" down her amazingly warm throat. After throat-fucking herself for a while she got up and eased my dick in her pussy "mmmm FUCK ISSAC AINT THIS BIG HOW AM I GOING TO FIT THIS IN MY LITTLE ASS"she screamed as she continues to ride my dick like it was her first bike. I can tell it was her first big dick because before long she was cumming. As I was pounding away inside her ivory pussy not stopping til it was color of her favorite red lipstick I can feel her pussy lips clench around my dick as she came hard on my dick. "Are you ready?" I asked her to see if she wanted to back out . "Mm yes I NEED YOUR COCK IN MY ASS NOW PLEASE" She begged" "PLEASE BEFORE YOU'RE  COME". With that I lubed up my dick bending her over I slowly inserted my dick as I did she let out pleasing sigh of relief "Yes finally Daddy DJ's cock is my ass" Sky said with glee. The two girls she knew can fit a dick inside their ass is Navia and Sky's older Sister , Hayley, but that's cause Hayley has a big ass all the black guys in their neighborhood has fucked Hayley's ass and Navia only fucked them two little dick costars of theirs. "Navia has to try this" she thought to herself. I slapped her ass bringing her back to reality and the fact that I had my cock in her ass. "You love daddy's dick?" I asked already knowing the answer. "Mmphm yes daddy" was all sky could say. All of a sudden I feel the crown of my dick widen and being unable to remove myself from her asshole which by now has got to be a little more deeper . I unleash  and release every last drop of cum I could and unloaded right in her asshole . It was so much when I finally pulled out my cum was just pouring out. Then she got down and sucked back to life (she is a natural born cock whisperer) she continues her revival of my dick bring back to standing action. Once I was fully hard again she said"I want you to cum in my mouth" and she blows me for what felt like forever ( it was like 5-10 mins and I love every second of it) I could feel my last bit of cum bubbling to the surface. "Yo Sky I'm about to cum-m-m-m" I said as I start to cum in her mouth . She took all the cum in her mouth and swirled it around playing with it. "Mmmm it taste better than I imagined" Sky says still playing with it then she shallows every drop. "Damn girl Im so tired I can't move " I said in exhaustion. "Good that was the point"Sky laughed, " Now You're mine for the next 2 days." Wait what do you mean?" I asked in confusion. "My agent called me earlier and told me they postponing our press tour because of the storm that about to hit here", Sky said with a mischievous smile, "so you are mine for the next few days!!!!". "Well I guess I am ." I said trying to keep from smiling myself. If this is the first day I wonder what it will be like for the next few ones . 



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