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BY : HereForPoki
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It was Friday and Poki had just finished her stream and was exhausted. She flopped onto her bed and huddled under the blankets. It had been a long day of streaming and gaming and she couldn’t wait to fall asleep… or could she. After all of these days of streaming she has never had a moment alone to herself. She has been so tired and exhausted after all of these streams that she has been falling asleep almost immediately after laying in bed, but it is a Friday night and the only person in the house was Lily.

She reached down and started rubbing her pussy, letting out a small moan. She lifted her fingers up to see she was soaking wet. She quickly decided to pull out her phone and searched up lesbian porn. Poki wasn’t a lesbian or at least she didn’t think she was, she just always had a thing for lesbian porn. Poki pulled up a video for herself and started to masturbate. She was rubbing her pussy letting out small moans not trying to be too loud just in case. Poki kept rubbing her sweet pussy faster and faster letting out louder moans. “Surely Lily is just streaming right now”, she thought, “There’s no way she would hear me”. Poki let out loud moans as she rubbed and fingered her pussy. “Oh fuck me”, she moaned, “Fuck my sweet pussy”. 

Lily was walking down the hallway to take a quick break from her stream. She had been streaming all day and decided to go grab some food from her fridge. As she was walking down the hall she heard something coming from Poki’s room. She tried to ignore it thinking it was nothing so she chose to ignore it, but she heard it again. She wanted to investigate the sound coming from Poki’s room. As she got closer she started to hear moans. Poki moaning. She didn’t want to annoy her or make things awkward so she started walking away, but something told her to stay and just peek in. So she did, Lily peeked into Poki’s room and saw Poki laying on her bed fingering herself. Lily couldn’t see what she was watching but she didn’t care about what she was watching Poki. Lily couldn’t stop watching Poki let out sweet moans and fingering her pussy. Lily reached down herself and discovered she was wet just from watching Poki. Lily couldn’t control herself and she started rubbing her pussy, keeping in her moans and watching Poki masturbate. The thought of watching her friend masturbate and could get caught was euphoric to Lily. She kept rubbing her pussy faster and faster. Her mind was blank from how good it felt. So good that she fell into Poki’s room and hit the floor.

Lily slowly got up hoping Poki didn’t notice her, but once she got it Poki was obviously looking at her. Both ladies had there pants and panties off after pleasuring themselves leaving them with only their shirts and their awkwardness. Lily got up and started walking away but Poki stopped her, “Wait Lily”, she said, “Can you help me”. After saying this Poki slowly spread her legs revealing her sweet pussy. Lily looked back to see Poki revealing herself to her and looking at the ground. Lily walked over and sat next to her on the bed while Poki was still looking down, shyly. “What do you mean help you”, asked Lily softly. Poki grabbed Lily’s hand and started moving it to her pussy. Lily quickly snatched her hand back in surprise. “Poki what are you doing”, Lily said in shock. Poki shoved her face into her hands and turned away, “Sorry I don’t know what I was thinking”, said Poki shyly, “you can go if you want”. Lily looked at Poki looking away shyly and decided to grab Poki from behind and hug her, “I can help you if you want”, said Lily. Poki turned around and looked at Lily. “I mean if you don’t want to we don’t have to”, said Lily flustered. Poki smiled and nodded. “So you 100% want to do this”, asked Lily. Poki nodded again.

Lily now with confirmation started kissing Poki. Poki kissed her back. Lily moved her hands towards Poki’s pussy and started rubbing it. Poki let out a moan and it made Lily hornier. With her other hand Lily reached under Poki’s shirt and grabbed her breast making Poki release another moan,”Oh yes”. Lily started rubbing Poki’s pussy faster and faster making Poki release louder moans, “Oh yes Lily. Keep going please. Fuck me Lily”. Lily stopped and looked at Poki who was gasping for air after what Lily did. Lily pulled off Poki’s shirt and bra revealing her cute boobs. Lily couldn’t hold back and she pinned Poki down on the bed and started sucking on her beautiful breasts causing Poki to squeal. Lily was sucking on Poki and fingering her. Poki was moaning hard, “Ah yes fuck my pussy Lily. Ahhhhh. Fuck me please”. Lily did so, rubbing Poki’s pussy harder and harder until Poki started yelling “I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum. Please make me cum Lily I want to cum. Ahhhhhhhhhh”.

Poki sat there breathing heavily like she had just run a race while Lily had stopped touching Poki and started touching herself. Lily rubbed her pussy to the cute naked Poki next to her. Poki grabbed Lily’s hand. “Let me make you feel good Lily”, said Poki who already started rubbing Lily’s pussy. Lily let out cute small moans while Poki looked at her in euphoria. Poki took off Lily’s shirt revealing her small but cute boobs. Poki kept rubbing her sweet pussy but Poki didn’t want only Lily to enjoy this. Poki put their pussies together and started rubbing against each other. Both girls letting out sweet moans and rubbing back and forth. Each one enjoying the other. “Oh Poki fuck me Poki. Keep rubbing against my sweet pussy”. Poki moaning in ecstasy, “Oh yes yes yes Lily faster Lily. I’m gonna cum Lily. You’re gonna make me cum Lily”. “I’m gonna cum too Poki. Make me cum Poki. Make me cum”. Both girls screamed, both of them cumming. Lily and Poki laid on the bed together and both were smiling. Lily hugged Poki, “We should do that again sometime”, said Lily. Poki laughed and they snuggled up. “Oh my god my stream”, yelled Lily. Lily ran out of bed and struggled to put her pants back on and she ran into her room and sat down at her desk. “Hey guys sorry I took so long”. 

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