Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny (Pt18)

***Note: To give the readers an idea what the yacht looks like, other than the few details that I have put in the story, follow this link.

Oyster 1225 | 120 Foot Sailing Superyacht | Oyster Yachts

I did make a few changes to fit with the story though, nothing that might be noticed. Well the name for one Can’t find where I mentioned it was 60 foot.



By weeks end, Travis sailed the yacht through the Straits of Gibraltar, leaving the blue waters of the Mediterranean behind and straight out into the Atlantic Ocean. Changing course to southwest forty miles out, would take them parallel to the coastline of Morocco. The waters were calm and the skies sunny and clear for those up and about during the day. At night, the brilliant sparkling stars lit the dark skies by the millions, unobstructed by large city lights.

The days and nights passed quickly for those aboard the sailing vessel Obsession, everyone fell into a comfortable routine of everyday life at sea.

Nick lived up to his word of schooling Crystal, using the books he had ordered and his own knowledge to teach her. Sav or Joe would sometimes sit in with the lessons and give their input to help her. During the day light hours, Travis and Chelsea taught her the inner working of sailing the yacht, which she enjoyed immensely. Evenings found them together fixing dinner for them, bringing their relationship closer with every passing day.

Not having a steady mother figure for almost five years, Crystal found it very easy to talk with Chelsea, telling her of her past and how she came to live with Joe. How he had treated her like his own daughter and took very good care of her. It was during one of their talks that Crystal divulges her secret of loving someone from afar. Chelsea had taken her hand and giving her a warm smile, telling her that she had her whole life ahead of her to find that special someone, not the first one to come into her life.

However, tension remained in the air between Joe and Sav. Joe went out of his way to please Sav, but nothing seemed to work. Even going as far as pulling out the acoustic guitars that Nick insisted on bringing with them and maybe write a new song, many times he ended up playing by himself or teaching Crystal how to play.

Joe became more frustrated with each passing day in his attempts to make amends with Sav and begin to spend more time in his little room away from everyone. His dream filled sleep began to take its toll on him, both physical and mentally. Travis commented one evening how tired he look, Joe blew it off, telling him he was still getting use to the movement of the yacht.


Joe was slowly pulled from sleep “mmm.”

Dad wake up…..its time to get up daaaad…”

Thomas Richard Elliott. How many times have you been told not to bother your father when he’s sleeping?”

Kneeling on the floor beside the bed he turned to his mother. “But mom, he promised to watch me tonight.” 7 year Thomas whined.

Yes he did, but that doesn’t mean wake him before its time.”

Joe yanked the little boy on the bed with him. “I should spank your butt for waking me.”

Thomas giggled knowing he wouldn’t do it.

Do you know what I do to little boys who wake me?”

You tickle them.” Thomas replied with a big grin.

No, I have them for breakfast.” And promptly started tickling him.

Stop……hahhahha…..daaad…..” Thomas wrestled with Joe’s larger hands, getting in a few tickling pinches to his sides.

Joe.” Rebecca came over to stand beside the bed. “Joe!”

All movement on the bed stopped. “uh oh, I think you got us in trouble for screaming.”

Mommy can spank you for making me scream.”

Rebecca stifled her giggle as Joe turned to look at her with a wicked expression. Joe reached up and snagged her around the waist, pulling her down on the bed with them. “Let’s get mom-mee!”

Rebecca squealed in surprise, then started laughing as both of them began to tickle her. Sav came in a few minutes later and smiled watching them.

Can anybody play?”

Rebecca grabbed Joe’s hands to stop him. “oh…no….that’s enough, my sides hurt.” She scrambled from the bed with Sav’s help. “Thomas, its time for dinner.”

aahh…can’t it wait till after daddy…”

“No sir, dinner first.”

But mom…” He whined and hopped from the bed.

Do as your mother said Thomas.” Joe swatted his butt. “When you finish eating, I’ll watch you ride your bike.”

OK.” Thomas reluctantly agreed.

Sav ruffled his hair as he ran passed. “Don’t eat to fast.” Sticking his hand in his back pockets he turned back to Joe. “I bet you’re hungry.”

Joe’s beckoned him closer with his finger and devilish grin.

Let me close the door first.” Sav was a blur across the room.

When dusk fell and it was safe for Joe and Sav, they all clamored outside to watch Thomas ride his bicycle.

Are you watching?” Thomas twisted on the seat.

I’m ready when you are, just be careful.” Joe draped his arm over 11 year old Amber shoulder's as Rebecca gave Thomas a steady hand as he started off down the drive.

Amber jumped up and down, clapping her hands. “Yeah, he’s doing it.”

Without training wheels. When did he learn how?”

“Mom and I helped him learn last week while you were away.”

Thomas peddled down the long drive-way toward them, a huge smile on his face.

Not too fast Tommy.” Amber called out.

He stuck his tongue out at her and peddled faster, causing him to wobble the handle bars too much and he lost control.

Joe was in motion before they hit the concrete. He saw his little boy tumble from the bicycle, hands and knees skidding on the rough concrete surface. When he reached him and knelt down, it wasn’t the crying little boy that he gathered in his arms, but a grown man. Joe leaned back to look at him, seeing his blood soaked shirt front and lifeless eyes staring back at him.

He bolted upright, the yell tearing from his lungs. Pulling air rapidly into his lungs, Joe darted his eyes around the small cabin, feeling the gentle rolling of the yacht. Drawing his knees to his chest he wrapped his arms around them, then dropped his head down. A few minutes later a knock came on his door, Chelsea’s soft voice floated through. Joe quickly sat up and wiped his face free of tears.

“Come in.” Joe called out.

Chelsea opened the door and leaned in, light spilled in from the hallway, washing over Joe’s haggard appearance. She came further in to turn on the small lamp, then closed the door, taking a seat in front of him.

“Are you alright?” Chelsea finally asked.

Joe tried to smile and failed, shaking his head, then looked away from her. “No.” He replied just above a whisper.

“Joe, I don’t mean to intrude, but every evening I hear you yell while preparing dinner. Is it bad dreams?”

“You don’t know me well enough to understand.”

“Maybe not.” Chelsea’s smile was warm and inviting. “Travis and I are avid music fans, many different types. We are no stranger to who you and Sav are and your band. Shocking to learn of the vampire part of it.”

Joe sniffled and wiped at his face. “So was I.”

“Nick has told us a little bit about the last few years, what happened with your family. Why you are all on this trip.”

Joe darted his frowning gaze to her. “That wasn’t his place to tell you any of that.”

Chelsea held his eyes until he looked away. “We lost our only child. It was a very long time ago. Mason was barely nineteen when he was killed by a drunk drive. So I understand some of what you are going through.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that Chelsea.”

On impulse, she took his hand in hers. “Your pain and anger are still raw, in time it will ease. We have had thirty years since Mason passing, it has gotten easier.” Chelsea squeezed his hand. “Are your dreams of Thomas?”

Joe looked away from her, trying to see the waning light through the window. “I...I don’t want to talk about that.”

“Talking to someone may help you make sense of them, perhaps in time, to forget them.”

“These dreams will not let me forget.” Joe twisted on the mattress. “I should get up before slave master Nick cracks his whip.”

Chelsea chuckled at his reference to Nick. Knowing the conversations wasn’t going any further, she stood up, easing toward door, opening it she stopped and turned back to him. “If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m a very good listener.”

“Thanks Chelsea.” Joe replied pulling soft cotton shorts and t-shirt from his drawer.

Emerging from his room some twenty minutes later, Chelsea was placing bowls of food on the table. Crystal greeted him with a soft kiss to his cheek and sat down. Opting to take his liquid meal to the deck, he found Nick at the helm, humming softly. Joe casually reclined back on the soft cushions sipping his drink and watching Nick steer the yacht through the dark waters around them.

Nick glanced at him. “Something troubling you Joseph?

“No, why do you ask?”

“You are very open right now. I sense a deeper, more disturbing feeling from you and for me personally, it’s unnerving. It has nothing to do with your situation with Rick, that much I know. So talk to me, what is it?”

“It’s…nothing.” Joe looked away from him and threw up the wall in his mind so that Nick couldn’t probe any deeper.

Shifting on his feet Nick took in his movements, the strain in his voice. “I understand and know when I’m not wanted. I’ll leave it alone for now, but if you are in need of …”

“You have never been wanted here.” Joe grumbled.

Nick kept the smirking smile until Joe looked away. “The offer still stands.”

“I learn something new about you every week, no make that everyday, little things mostly.” Joe began, changing the subject to steer Nick away from where he wanted to take the conversation.

Nick cranked the wench, tightening the rope on the boom, waiting for him to continue.

“You never cease to amaze me Nick. You fought in the Crusades, French Revolution, Civil War…traveled all over the world, knew all those people I can only read about…live in an enormous castle, had countless professions over the years, including a detective…you’re a multi-billionaire ten times over that can boggle the mind and own companies all over the world. Now I learn you can sail a boat.”

“All of that looks good on a resume’ doesn’t it?” Nick smiled again, then shrugged his shoulders at Joe’s rambling.

Joe intently stared at him. “Is there anything you haven’t or can’t do?”

Nick’s smiled faltered. “Yes Joseph there is. I have been unable to achieve the high level of love that Richard has for you.”

Joe looked down at his glass. “You make it sound like a business deal or trying to reach for a goal.”

“The day I walked into your hotel room and sensed that he had crossed over, the first time I saw him in flesh and blood, it has been a goal.”

“You went about it the wrong way." Joe leaned foward, still staring down at his glass. "That is a long time to want that.”

“Yes, to both.” Again Nick shrugged. “But, I do have to be realistic in realizing that I will never achieve that.”

Sav picked that moment to emerge from below deck where he had been talking with Phil over the radio. “Realistic about what?”

“That…Joseph will never like me or accept me in his life.” Nick told him as Sav pushed him to the bench behind the wheel and nudged his legs apart. Flopping down between them, Sav stretched his longs legs out and propped his bare feet on the spokes of the wheel. Nick circled his arms around his waist and kissed his neck, drawing in his scent.

“Of course he has, he wouldn’t have put up with you all these years if he didn’t. Right Joe?” Sav looked at him and noticed that Joe was staring out on the dark water. “Joe, did you hear me?”

“uh....what…were talking to me?”

“Yes, you look surprised.”

“Well I am. You have barely spoken to me since we left. Hell, I could have jumped overboard and tried to drown myself for all you care.”

“Then why don’t you?” Sav’s reply was cold and harsh.

Joe leaped to his feet, almost loosing his balance on the rolling yacht. “If you didn’t want me here Rick, why didn’t you say so before we left?”

“You wouldn’t have listened anyway, because you are to stubborn and only hear what you want to.”

“Fine.” Joe growled and stormed below.

“Asshole.” Sav grumbled.

Nick pushed him forward. “Move…come on move…get up.”

“Give me a second.”

Nick stood up and glared at him. “When will you learn Richard?”

“Wh…what did I do?” He called after him.

Nick raced down the stairs to go after him. “Joe…Joseph!”

Chelsea, Travis and Crystal were sitting at the table eating when they went by. Crystal knew right away that something was wrong.

Stopping at his door, Joe turned to face him, then leaned against the wall and crossed his arms.

“He didn’t mean that.”

“Yes he did.” Joe softly replied, looking at the floor.

“Then you ignore it and keep trying.”

“I don’t know what else to try Nick, nothing is working. It’s killing me to be this close to him and not be able to touch him, because he doesn’t want me too.”

“You have to stop thinking like that.” Nick said angrily and grabbing his chin, staring hard into his tear filled eyes. “Don’t give up….”

The yacht suddenly rolled sharply to port, throwing Nick and Joe against the opposite wall of the passage way. Dishes slid across the table, some falling over the raised edge and clattering to the hardwood flooring. Crystal, unprepared for the sudden change fell from her chair and slid a few feet before coming to a stop.

Travis clamored over the booth seat before Chelsea could get up to let him out, balancing himself as he made his way on deck. Nick and Joe barely touched the floor as they went by and flew up the stairway.

“What the hell happened?!” Travis yelled when he reached the helm, grabbing the spinning wheel as Sav got to his feet.

“The hell if I know!” Sav yelled back. “That fucking idiot left me up here when he knows I don’t know anything about boats.”

“You didn’t have to touch anything, just watch the controls.”

“I didn’t touch anything, it just went…titled that way.” Sav told him throwing his arm up to point to his left.

“A strong gust of wind maybe.” Nick said as he turned the winch to pull the beam tighter.

Travis swept his gaze up the mast. “Rogue wave. Don’t see many of those in this area.” He caught a fleeting glimpse of Joe making his way across the deck to secure the gennaker sail that was flapping in the wind. He lost his balance as the yacht rolled sharply back to starboard and was thrown overboard.



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