Winds of Destiny

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Def Leppard... Joe, Sav, Phil, Vivian, Rick, Malvin...Forever Knight, Nick Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies. No profit is being made by writing this fiction piece.

Winds of Destiny(Pt5)

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Stepping into the glass enclosure, Sav turned the hot water on and stood under it, letting the heat sooth the muscles from the romp in bed with Sharna. He enjoyed himself with her, but there was just something missing from the encounter. It didn’t have that spark of passion he had experienced in previous one night flings. Maybe he shouldn’t have pressured her into being with him, she seemed to enjoy it, just the missing...something. Then the comment she made about the scares on his stomach, put the brakes on the rest of the evening. Taking a deep breath, Sav tilted his head back, letting the water wash away the remaining thoughts of the lack-luster evening. Picking up her shampoo that he already knew smelled liked roses, squirting out a good amount in his palm, working it to a rich lather in his hair. Ducking under the spray to wash it out, his senses suddenly heightened. Wiping the water and soap from his face he peered through the steamed glass doors.

“Anybody there?” Sav called out to the quiet room. “Sharna.” Listening for any other sounds, feeling his senses some what settle, he tried to shrug it off, but the feeling remained.

He finished rinsing the shampoo and grabbed the washcloth, he wiped his face again. Sav remembered the other times he felt someone possibly watching him since he left Dublin over two months ago. It put him on edge every time and Nick would spend the rest of the night and day reassuring him that no one was following him. Once he felt it safe enough, he would relax and enjoy whatever they had planned or the few times he sought out other company, like tonight.

Blowing out a tense breath as the feeling diminished, Sav scolded himself when he jumped at his own shadow on the dark blue tiles in the shower. Chalking it up to his over active imagination and the past years events, he stepped back under the water to finish rinsing the soap from his body. Seconds later his senses roared to life again, he spun around to fast, slipped on the soapy shower floor. He landed heavily, felt the bone brake in his forearm and his head smack the tile wall.


On the other side of the city, after the opera ended, Nick and Crystal sat in the outdoor cafe of the ice cream shop. Crystal was asking questions about it, since she didn’t understand Italian. She got the jest of the story, really enjoyed the music, but a few things were unclear about the plot.

Crystal took another bite of the delicious ice cream, topped with hot fudge, almond slivers, drizzled with crunchy caramel, waiting on Nick to answer her question.

When he didn’t, she looked at him to see a faraway expression in his eyes. Reaching across the table she poked him to get his attention. “Did you even hear what I said?”

“Wh…no, I’m…sorry...” Nicks voice trailed off.

“Still beating your self up over forgetting?”

Nick abruptly stood. “We should go.”

Crystal was taken aback. “But, I haven’t fin…”

“Now!” Nick barked.

She knew better than to question him when he used that tone of voice. Dropping her spoon, she also stood, “Fine. You owe me another ice cream since I can’t finish this one.” She informed him as he dragged her to the darker shadows.

Nick’s arm quickly wrapped around her waist, tighter then they usually did. He barely gave her time to hold on before he pushed off the ground. Crystal yelped at the sudden, stomach jarring ascent into the air, her grip tightened more. She thought Nick would land by the car, but instead he flew over it.

“What about the car?”

“I’ll send someone for it later.” Nick replied.

“What’s wrong?”


“Liar.” Crystal scoffed.

“I could leave you here if you like.”

Crystal glanced at the ground going by in a blur. “Something is wrong or you wouldn’t be flying so fast.”

“It’ll be alright.” Nick answered softly.

Crystal hazard a glance around them, brows furrowed together. “Isn’t the resort the other way?”

“Is it.”

“Where are we going.” Nick didn’t respond to her question. The only reason he would be acting this way. “Is Rick injured?”

“He is,” Nick replied. “Now be quiet, I have to concentrate, he will not be in my mind long.”


Sharna heard the loud thump from the bathroom, she quickly made her way there, opening the door to step inside. She didn’t see Sav’s silhouette through the steamy doors. Moving closer she slid the door open to see him sitting on the floor of the shower, cradling his arm to his chest. Slamming her hand down on the handle to turn the water off, she reached for him.

“What happened. Are you alright?”

Sav shook his head, “I slipped on the soap. My arm is broken.”

“And your head is bleeding.” Sharna informed as she helped him up.

Sav swayed on his feet. “Wait...dizzy.”

Sharna waited for him to move once the dizziness subsided. “Here, sit in this chair.” Pulling the towel from the hook, she draped it over his shoulder, then grabbed another from the cabinet for his lower torso. Taking a clean wash cloth. She wet it with cold water and began to clean the blood from his forehead and face.

“It’s still bleeding.” Sharna told him. “Here, you need this.” She held up her arm for him to take her blood.

“Doesn’t...uncut is better.” Sav told her and leaned his head back.

Sharna frowned from his words. “Vampire blood helps the healing…”

Sav gently shook his head. “I might take to much.”

“OK, hold this here. I’ll get an uncut bottle from the bar downstairs.”

Leaving him, she raced downstairs.


Nearly fifteen minutes later Nick landed beside the brick building, glancing at the sign that read Magnum Club. His eyes traveled to the lights in the upper floors. Pulling Crystal with him, he made his way around back, spying a balcony to the upper floor.

“Nick what are you doing? We can’t go into a strangers house.” Crystal whispered loudly as he released her on the balcony.

Ignoring her, Nick approached the french doors to find them locked. Twisting the knob until he heard it break, pushing the door open he stepped inside. His eyes swept the room, noticing Sav’s boots carelessly lying in the middle of the floor. Smelled his scent in the air all around him. Stepping further into the room, his unease steadily climbing. He motioned for Crystal to stay by the doors. The light was on in the bathroom, steam floated out the door, long strides took him inside the room. Sav was sitting in the high back vanity chair, eyes closed, a bloody cloth pressed to his head.

Nick easily closed the gap between them, placing his hand on his shoulder. “Richard.”

“AAHHH!…” Sav nearly jumped from the chair.

Nick jumped from his yell. “I didn’t mean…”

“You fucking asshole! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Nick could only stare at him in confusion. “You should have felt my presences.”

“Well, I didn’t!” Sav flopped back in the chair.

Nick saw the pain flash across his face. He already knew he had a head injury. “What happened?”

“I slipped in the goddamn shower, broke my arm, smacked my head on the wall.”

Nick softly ran his fingers over the light bruising on his arm. “What made you do that?”

Sav glanced at him, then looked to the other side of the room. “I thou…thought...felt someone in here.”

“Not the woman that lives here.”

Sav stared at him a moment to determine his reaction, remembering the warning he gave him yesterday. “It wasn’t her.” He said softly. “I turned around to fast and slipped.” He flinched when Nick probed too hard with his fingers.

“It’s healing, but very slowly.” He gently moved the cloth to get a better look at the gash on his forehead.

“I’m jumping at my own shadow. The past year has turned me into a frightened child, running from everything, imaging things that aren’t even there.” Sav shrugged his shoulder and looked at the floor. “Most of it anyway.”

“You still think someone is following you?”

“Yes I do…well…hell I don’t know.” Sav finished with a huff. “Maybe I’m just skittish after…the cave and all."

“I must apologize for that again.”

“uugg…” Sav ran his hand over his face. “…can…can’t you just wipe my memory of that time?”

Nick smiled softly. “I wish I could wipe your memory of a lot of things, but I can’t. You would resist me in taking away some of those memories.”

Sav smirked at his reply, knowing that he would wipe all his memories of their first few years together and Joe, if given the opportunity.

Out in the bedroom, still standing by door, Crystal heard most of the conversation. Her eyes fell on the rumpled bed sheets. Sav boots in the middle of the floor, to his jacket tossed over a chair. Surveying the room more she could tell it was a woman’s room. Tastefully decorated in creams, splashes of color all around. Foot steps drew her attention to the door. The owner of this room appeared, the pale teal silk robe hugged her slim figure. The soft curl of red hair hung just past the middle of her back, even in the dim light, Crystal could see the pale flawless skin and knew she was a vampire.

The woman didn’t even acknowledge her presence, but heard her raised voice once she was in the bathroom.

Sharna come to a jolting stop upon seeing another man in her bathroom, kneeling in front of Sav. “Who are you?”

Both men turned to look at her.

Nick looked back at Sav, raising his brow. “You always find the most beautiful women.” Rising to his feet and straightening his jacket. Sav rolled his eyes, knowing the arrogant Nick had arrived.

“My sincere apologies for the intrusion. Nicholas de Brabant.”

“Sharna Galente. What are you doing in my house?”

“I came for Richard. I assume that uncut is for him?”

“It is.” Ignoring his out-stretched hand, Sharna brushed past him. Pouring the liquid, she handed the glass to Sav. Removing the blood stained cloth, she frowned. “This should be healed. How is your arm?”

“Broken, does my head. I don’t heal as fast as I should.”

“But...” Sharna held his eyes, saw the pain there. “You are Vampires of Old…you should have healed almost immediately.”

Nick’s eyes grew dark upon hearing Sharna's choice of words.

“I’m what?” Sav could only stare at her in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

Sharna’s brow furrowed. “Vampires of Old, blood of our beginning. It’s a very rare…”

“I’ve never heard of it and you know I’m not that old.”

“Ms Galente, a private.”

Sav looked at him, saw the darkness in his features and immediately knew trouble was brewing. “Nick, don’t…”

“He wounds need tending to.” Sharna implored.

Turning sideways in the door, Nick swept his hand forward. “I insist.”

Sharna boldly turned to face him, ignoring the intimidation that was pouring off him, fully intending to put him in his place inside her home. The gentle grip on her forearm gave her pause, she glanced down at Rick, she could clearly see the plea in his eyes.

“Sharna please, do as he asks.” Sav whispered, taking the bottle from her. “I’ll be fine.”

Setting the glass on the vanity, Sharna glanced at him again before walking by Nick.

Spinning on his feet, Nick followed her. “Crystal, assist Rick in dressing.”

Sharna stopped when she caught the movement by the french doors. “Who is that?”

“Crystal, my ward.” Nick informed her.

“You want me to do what? No, help him or she can.”

“Isn’t she a little young to be helping a grown man dress?” Sharna shot back, noticing how uncomfortable Crystal was at his request.

Nick smirked, “She can close her eyes.”

“I can dress myself.” Sav yelled. “Ow!”

Sharna glared at him, then pushed past him going back to the bathroom. “Who are you to Rick anyway?”

“It’s better that you don’t know.” Sav answered as she came back in.

Pulling his shirt from the hook, Sharna helped him into that, then his jeans. Standing up, Sav held her shoulder against the slight dizziness that was still there.

“I said I could dress myself.”

“You can barely stand.” She looked up at him, the corners of his mouth jutted upward. “I don’t understand why you aren’t healing…”

“I was very ill years ago, almost died bringing some one across that was infected with AIDS.”

“Very few vampires survive that. You shouldn’t have gotten ill to began with...unless the blood…”

“Was highly contaminated.” Nick said from the doorway. “Crystal can mange from here. Ms Galente, if you will.”

Sharna snapped the button on his jeans. “He is persistent.”

Sav smiled down at her, “He is more then that.”

Carefully making his way behind her, he sat in another chair, watching them go out the door to another room in the apartment. Crystal gathered his socks and boots, knelt in front of him, tugging the socks over his feet.

“Nick should not have put you in that position.”

“I’ll make him pay for it later.”

“I’m sure you will and make it a very large amount.”

Sav watched her slid his socks on, noting the nervous tremble in her hands. He resisted the urge to reach out to touch her shoulder in reassurance the he was fine.

“Does it still hurt?” She broke the silence as she stood up from holding the boots for him to slid his feet into.

“Not as much now. It will be healed soon.”

Crystal darted her eyes to his forehead. “’s still bleeding a little.”

Sav brought his hand up, touching his finger to the swelling, a small amount of blood stuck to his finger tip. “Not that much.”

“I’ll get…” Crystal quickly turned, heading for the bathroom to retrieve the cloth. Snatching it up, she rinsed it under cool water, taking a few extra seconds to calm her nerves. Going back in the room, she handed it to him, then moved the other side of room.

Sav studied her a moment as he held the cloth to his head. “Why are you so nervous?”

“I’m not. It’s cold in here.”

“Ah well, I’m unaware of that.”

“I’m tired also and ready to go.” Crystal hastily left the room in search of Nick. She found him in the kitchen with Sharna, talking in low voices so it didn’t travel to other parts of the apartment. She instantly recognized the arrogant Nick pose. She heard some of what the discussion was about, but they stopped as she approached.

Sharna turned to her and offered her hand in greeting. “Hi Crystal, I’m..”

“No need for introduction...probably never see you again.” A sarcastic smile touched her lips.

“That was rather rude.” Nick scolded her.

“You could have left me to finish my ice cream. Instead you forced me to come, made me see Sav with…” Crystal clamped her mouth shut. “Can we go now?”

“We are waiting for the car.” Nick informed her.

Crystal spun around looking for the door. “Fine, I will wait outside.”

“It may not be safe for you out there. You can wait inside with us.”

Stopping in the middle of the room, she turned around. “Seriously Nick. I survived five years on the streets of LA, with a hell of lot less then I have now. I can take care of myself.”

Nick was going to demand she stay inside, until the situation he brought her into dawned on him. “Very well, we will be out shortly.”

Moment later the door slammed and Nick turned back to Sharna. “I apologize for her behavior.”

“A feisty, out spoken young woman.” Sharna smiled.

“Yes.” Nick reached into his pocket to pull out a card, sliding it across the counter to her. “Contact me in a few months. We can discuss this further.”

Taking the card, Sharna looked at the elegant lettering. “A discussion such as this can’t wait a few months. Why not tomorrow?”

Nick smiled again. “I’m on vacation and do not mix business with pleasure.” His eyes swing away from her, to see Sav carefully making his way toward them. “Pleasure such as that.”

Sharna followed his gaze. “It’s more then business Mr. de Brabant. Are you his guardian?”

“It goes beyond that of guardianship.”

“Where is the other one?”

Nick hit her with a hard glare. “We will discuss this matter another time Ms. Galente.”

Sav was glancing back and forth between them, felt Nick’s agitation growing. “Discuss what?”

“Our vacation plans and how we ended up in her lovely city.” Nick quickly spoke, cutting off Sharna before she could say any more. “I believe we are going to Nice...for the Carnival.”

“So, you aren’t going to answer any of my questions?”

Crystal pick that moment to poke her head in the door. “Car is here.”

“Another time.” Nick smiled, dipped his head slightly. “Richard, shall we be on our way.”

We shall be there in a minute.” Sav hit him with a hard glare.

“Very well.” Taking his leave, Nick spun on his heel.

Once he was out the door, Sav round the counter, snaking his good arm around Sharna’s waist he pulled her close to his side. “I had a good time tonight.”

Looking up at him, Sharna searched his eyes. “He is more then a guardian to you isn’t he?” She noticed his facial feature change to dark and brooding. “I didn’t see anything in your blood about him.”

Taking a deep breath, Sav moved away from her. “We have a complicated relationship. One I will not discuss with you. I have to go. I really did have a good time.” With that he backed away to leave.

Sharna stood there staring at the door, confusion settling into her mind about the two men that were just in her apartment. Finally shaking the thoughts that were running through her mind, the feelings in her body, she went to take a shower to get ready for the day of sleep. But sleep would be hard over the next few months until she could have that meeting with Nick.


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