The Adventures at XXX High

BY : Tenudakin
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the people mentioned, nor the school. All of this is purely a work of fiction.


  • Brec Bassinger
  • Tom Holland (Actor)
  • Mary Mouser
  • Peyton List
  • Kate Upton
  • Naomi Scott
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Zac Efron
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  • Amy Smart
  • Zoë Kravitz
  • Melissa Benoist

High school is one of the biggest influences in a teenager’s life. A place where teenagers slowly transition into young adults and go out into society. Arguably one of the biggest turning points in life. XXX High School is just like any other high school, just with one huge difference. It teaches the teenagers attending the school about sex education.

Well, not one’s typical sex education. The school literally teaches its students to have sex with one another, teaching them all there is to know about the large kinky world itself. All kinds of kinky stuff are included in their courses, the subject sex itself was mandatory to all the students attending, to improve their lovemaking skills, along with some other kinky skills. Sex is of course, included in the terms exams, and take up quite a lot of a students grade. Along with sex exams, there were also many other sex related activities that were always annually held in this high school. Despite including sex in it courses, the school still does teach other subjects like any other normal school.

There isn’t any specific dress code for both teachers and students, anyone could wear anything they want, regardless of how they look. Hell, one could even come to the school compound naked if they wanted to. And since a lot of students fuck a lot in school, most of them just go to school naked, not seeing the point of wearing clothes to school anymore. As it does make it easier for access while it does also makes it easier to get horny and turned on.

As weird as this does sound, it is normal for the students of XXX High to be fucking in the corridors, or in the classroom and to be naked in the school compound. In fact, if it were to be the total opposite. That would be weird for a school like this.

Of course, a school like this isn’t that well known around the world. There are a few schools of this kind in every country, but not many know about these schools. To outsiders, it would look like any other school, but on the inside, that is a completely different story. Only past students of these schools or the famous and rich knew about these schools. 

The mere existence of a school like this is bound to  raise many questions. What of sexually transmitted diseases? What of accidental pregnancy? These schools provide drugs that quickly solve all of these problems efficiently. The teachers and students of the school can safely screw each other without the worry of getting any diseases or getting the girl pregnant. Sounds like a dream place that is too good to be true, doesn’t it?

It was another first day of a new school year at XXX High. The hallways were filled with students walking around, chatting, and some even fucking in the hallway, in front of others, which most of the people there were already used to. However, all this was still new to the students in their freshman year. The 14 years old were mostly in the late years of puberty, going through their body changes, a perfect time to get them accustomed to the weirdly normal ways of XXX High.

“Welcome to the first day of a new year at XXX High,” the announcement could be heard throughout the hallways of the school that were pouring with students. “Do be reminded to take the medication provided by the school if you want to stay safe, no one will want to come down with a case of STDs, right?” The female teacher asked playfully. “And do be reminded, if you are caught masturbating or touching yourself in any way during classes other than sex class, you will be punished, so please do try to control your urges, granted that you all are indeed hormonal teenagers. Also, do be reminded before you decided to fuck or fuck with someone, make sure you have their consent first. If anyone is reported of raping or fucking without someone’s consent, they will be expelled immediately.”

A certain blonde made her way through the hallways of the school, looking around curiously, before turning the corner and being surprised. The young girl’s mouth gaped a bit when she first walked into the hallway, stunned as she saw a girl and a boy walking past her, completely naked, wearing nothing, chatting with each other, as if it was a normal thing. She could even hear what they were saying.

“Come on Vanessa, I know what you like, you wanna be dp again huh,” asked the boy teasingly.

“Oh, shut up, Zac,” the girl who was obviously older than the blonde scoffed jokingly, her swaying breasts in perfect view for the young blonde to see.

The young blonde couldn’t believe what she just heard and watched how some of the students were already making out in the hallways, naked. Just watching made the girl blush a little bit. The young blonde was wearing a T-shirt with jeans with curly yet tidy hair. With her clothes still on and hair not messy. It was plain obvious to anyone that this girl was most certainly new to this school. The blonde continued looking around, both confused and in awe as she made her way towards the classroom she was told to be in.

As the blonde walked, she could hear the lewd noises coming from around her. The girl had heard that this school was quite infamous for these types of activities happening anywhere and anytime around the school compound from her mother, who was once a student from this high school. But regardless, she was still very surprised by what she saw. And the thing that surprised her even more was that no one was being distracted by the fact that there were people naked and some even fucking in the school hallway, in front of everyone else, as if it was a very normal thing to do. The blonde girl then remembered a conversation she had with her mother that very day she received the letter. She remembered how excited her mother sounded.

“Ah! It would seem like you will be going to XXX High after all. They accepted you! Oh this is such good news!” The older blonde, who was naked, Amy Smart, chuckled brightly as she read the letter smilingly, then looking at her daughter wearing a simple T-shirt with shorts, seated at the dining table as she ate. “You know Brec, I was a student there, one of the most memorable years of my life.”

“I know, I know, you told me,” the younger blonde, Brec Bassinger mumbled as she ate her food. “You don’t have to tell me,” Brec scoffed, rolling her eyes as she knew that her mother could go on and on babbling about how much fun she had with the guys and girls back when she was younger in high school Even now, she was still screwing with guys every week.

“Come on honey. Aren’t you excited?” asked Amy curiously, eyeing the young girl.

“Yeah, I know you want me to be excited, but honestly… I’m not sure…  “ Brec sighed, looking down at herself. Then I looked at her home. Remembering all those times, granted if her mother did enjoy them so much., she still felt embarrassed, even more shy about it despite seeing her mother fucking with guys again and again.

“Look, Brec dear, I know how strange and weird this all can feel when you first start, but trust me, don’t feel ashamed. There is nothing wrong with being naked whenever you like or fucking as long as you enjoy it. Remember, be proud of yourself. Be proud of your body. There is nothing to be embarrassed about,” Amy encouraged, cupping her daughter’s cheeks. “Haven’t I shown you enough yet? On how to be confident with your body?” asked the blonde as she displayed her breast in front of her own daughter, making her groan a bit.“Plus, you have a nice ass,” Amy chuckled.

“Mom!” Brec groaned as she blushed furiously. “You’re not making me feel any better!” Brec groaned in embarrassment.

“I’m not kidding. I’m sure the boys in that school will do anything to get their hands on your booty,” Amy chuckled as she purposely shot a glance at her daughter’s ass. “Oh~ All the fond memories~ Mmm~ Of how I seduced a group of boys and got them to bang me weekly~ Ooh~ It was so fun,” Amy chuckled as she recalled. “Well, not like I’m not doing it now. But like, guys back them were so full of energy~ Oh who knows, maybe you will finally want to join in with me-”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Brec scoffed as her eyes continued looking at the letter. “I don’t need to hear about them mom,” Brec groaned, cringing a little.

Ever since Brec was born, Amy, her mom, has raised her up alone. Her father, from what she knew, left them when she was born. So it was always just her and her mom, living together in a small house. However, their lifes were pretty good as her mother makes a living by literally fucking with other man. Brec was pretty sure that her mom enjoys having sex with these random people, not just she gets high pay for it, she gets pure pleasure whenever she does her job. It was a definite win-win situation for her mom, who was very much a slut. And while she was her mother, Brec was pretty sure that her mother lusted after her, having ideas to fuck her after she caught her mother sneaking a look at her.

Since young, Brec could always remember how her mom brought men over to their humble little home to fuck with, granted she was earning money. But a large part of Brec knew that Amy was also fucking those guys for her own pleasure. She would remember coming home from primary school, opening the door to find her mom, occupied with another man or men. It has happened so many times that Brec was so used to it. But despite all that, seeing the same act happen in such a public place like a school was still surprising to the blonde.

Her eyes fixated on a dark girl with dark brown hair, flowing down the girl’s shoulder freely and waving around as a huge boy, presumably someone from the football team of the school fucked her pussy, grabbing her by her hands as he pounded the girl roughly. Despite how noisy the hallways were, the young blonde could hear the lewd noises coming from the pair perfectly as she momentarily stopped to look at them.

“Mmm! Fuck! You feel so good Zoe~” the guy grunted as he thrusted his thick length in and out of the dark girl, making her moan sensually as she squirmed from the pleasure building up inside her. 

“Ah yes! Harder~ Mmm!'' The dark girl, Zoe, moaned loudly as she leaned against the guy, enjoying his touch all over her and his dick inside her as he fucked her hole rapidly. “Ah! Cumming~” Zoe screamed in pleasure, squirting her juices all over the shaft that was pounding her insides, letting her fluids drop onto the ground. Not caring about the fact that she could be watched by anyone in the hallway while letting loose like that. Not caring about the fact that she was wetting the ground beneath them, without any sense of shame. Despite how tight her insides her clenching on the cock of the guy, the guy continued to fuck her quickly, not cumming yet, making the dark girl moan even more.

Brec couldn’t tear her eyes away from the scene she was seeing happening right in front of her, tantalized by how the boy was holding the senior girl up, giving literally everyone a perfect view of him, fucking her trimmed pussy. The sloppy sounds of flesh smacking together as the boy’s shaft penetrated into the girl’s pussy was clearly heard by the young blonde. Then, Brec soon caught the attention of the dark girl, who suddenly looked right directly at the blonde, they exchanged glances once, which made the blonde jump a little nervously before blushing and rushing towards her class.

‘Oh, god! I hope she didn’t see me,’ Brec thought to herself worriedly as she walked away from the scene hurryingly, still able to hear the sounds of fucking as she blushed. However, Brec was completely certain that the dark girl has saw her watching them fuck. Inside, Brec was hoping that she didn’t get off the wrong footing on her first day of school as she hurried down the hallway.

As the girl walked down to the end of the hallway, she then came to a class, where there were a lot of students like her, dressed properly. She then knew that she was in the right place. There weren’t that many people in class yet, just around 6 as there was still quite a while before school started. The classroom seats were arranged into 3 seats per row, with the last two rows having four seats.

Brec looked around the classroom, looking at the people that were already there, most of them were guys who were sitting on the back rows, except for two girls, one was sitting at the back seats of the class, visibly taller than her and had a slightly dark skin. She was sketching on a book, looking very concentrated. The girl looked quite fierce, which made Brec turn towards the other girl.

There was another brown-haired girl sitting alone on a chair, looking at her phone. She had fairer skin and looked way more friendlier than the other girl. The girl was wearing a singlet and shorts, somewhat revealing. Brec took a deep breath. If she was going to be in this school for the next 6 years, might as well make some friends. Brec slowly walked towards the girl who was sitting in the very front of the whiteboard, placing her bag down on the seat next to her as she wondered how to start.

Very much to her surprise, the brunette was the first one to turn around and speak to her, in a very friendly way as well. ‘Hey, my name is Mary Mouser, you can just call me Mary,” said the brown-haired girl brightly, smiling.

“Oh, hi, I’m Brec,” the blonde looked at the girl and nodded awkwardly in response to the girl, who was wearing somewhat casual clothing.

“Cool, so… Hmm~” Mary hummed as she placed her device down and looked at the blonde. “How did a hottie like you wind up in a ‘messed up’ school like this?” asked Mary curiously, smiling a bit.

Brec blushed a little when she heard the brunette call her ‘hottie’ as she answered her. “Well, ‘hottie’ is kinda an overstatement… Well, my mom was from this… school,” Brec explained awkwardly, surprised by how open and friendly this girl was.

“Oh really?” asked the brunette, raising an eyebrow at the girl. “Let me guess, she talked you into enrolling here?” asked Mary smirkingly.

“Actually, she kinda enrolled me, on her own,” Brec corrected awkwardly.

“Oh, so you didn’t want to come here?” asked the brunette curiously. “Hmm~ Why not? I think it's a kinda cool place, as bizarre as it is. I won’t deny that.”

“Well, I… Not that I got something against this place, but it is really kinda weird… and… I don’t know…” Brec stammered as she tried to get her thoughts out.

“Oh no, I understand you completely. XXX High is quite weird, with all the sex stuff here,” Mary agreed nodding.

“Aren’t you a bit weirded out?” asked Brec curiously as she eyed her, noticing that the brunette was pretty calm and cool with all this.

“Oh me? Well, my parents were from this school too. So you can kinda imagine how I got into this place,” Mary chuckled as she gestured around the classroom.

“Oh… they did it in front of you?” asked Brec, expecting that Mary’s parents would be the same as her mother.

“Wait… what? No! Your parents do that?” asked Mary, surprised.

“Uhm… well, I only have my mom so…” Brec corrected.

“Oh… I’m so sorry, I didn’t know,” Mary paled as she realized that she might have said something wrong.

“Oh no, it’s fine. Never knew him at all. My mom told me he left us when I was born,” Brec explained.

“Oh, that is sad,” Mary sighed. “So, your mother is busy earning money to send you here? School fees aren’t exactly cheap though.”

“Actually, she earns a lot just from fucking with random people,” shrugged Brec.

“Wait… Oh, so… wow, she just fuck them in front of you… Kinda messed up in a way,” Mary said surprised.

“Not really, got used to it,” Brec shrugged. ‘What about you? What’s your story?” asked the blonde curiously.

“Oh well. My family are nudists actually. My mom always told us to embrace our body with no shame. So I’m usually just naked inside the house,” Mary said casually. “Though they never went as far to fuck in front of me though.”

“But… How do you feel? Coming to this school?” asked Brec curiously, looking at the blonde.

“Ah well. It’s cool. My mom and dad usually tell me about their time in school, so I’m kinda excited,” Mary said smilingly.

“Wait, you said you’re a nudist. How come you’re not naked?” asked Brec, letting her curiosity get the better of her before realizing that it wasn’t the most appropriate question to ask.

“Why? Are you that eager to see me naked?” asked the brunette teasingly, winking at the blondie jokingly before laughing. “Ah, just messing with you girl. I know what you mean. Well, I’m just used to be naked at home, not too used to being seen naked by people other than my family.”

“Ah~ I see,” Brec said, still feeling embarrassed from asking that question.

“By the way, you’re the only child?” asked Mary curiously.

“Yeah, it’s just me and my mom,” Brec nodded.

“Well, I have a younger sister, name’s Laura,” the brunette said.

“Cool,” Brec answered awkwardly, not too sure where else this conversation would go. 

Brec was about to say something when she was interrupted as someone walked into the classroom, distracting her as the person’s attire was quite ‘breathtaking’, so much that it certainly grabbed the full attention of the boys in the class. Mary noticed Brec’s reaction and turned towards the doorway as well, surprised with what she saw.

Two girls walked into the class, they were wearing just a pair of really short shorts, so short that it barely covered all of their asses paired with a crop top that didn’t do much to cover their top. The boys that were in the class were eyeing the two girls while a bulge formed in their pants. Meanwhile, the dark girl who was sitting at the back of the class just shrugged and continued her drawing.

“Hmph, ahh~ seems like the boys want a bit of me,” chuckled the medium brown-haired girl delightfully as she turned to the brunette that was wearing a similar outfit to hers. “Tell me Millie, don’t I look dashing?” asked the girl cockily as she flaunted her body around purposely, running her hands all over her front.

“Oh, you sure do, Peyton,” chuckled Millie gleamingly, sneaking a wink at the boys.

“Wow… talk about looking slutty,” Mary muttered under her breath as she eyed the two girls. Unfortunately, it was loud enough for the two girls to hear.

“Mary,” Brec hushed but it was a bit late as Peyton and Millie walked over towards the brunette that was seated on her chair, glaring at her.

“I’m sorry, do you have a problem?” asked the girl as she marched forward, Brec and Mary both got a perfect view of the mad girl’s breasts shaking a bit as she moved in front of her.

“Is there something wrong?” asked the other girl, glaring at Mary.

Brec tugged at Mary’s hand worried as she tried to signal her not to mess with these girls. There obviously were the queen bees of their previous class in their old school and probably going to be the queen bee of this class soon.

“Nothing,” Mary grumbled as she seemed to have got the signal, glaring back at Peyton fiercely.

“Hmm~ I thought so,” Peyton growled. “Or else, hmm, I wouldn’t mind having my fist stuck up in your pathetic pussy, fucking you raw with my hand,” Peyton said glaring at Mary, who backed down a little. 

Then Peyton turned towards Brec, frowning at her, despising the outfit that Brec was wearing. “Hey you blondie! If you’re coming to a school for sluts, you might as well dress like one, you look like a pure nun in that outfit,” Peyton scoffed as Millie just laughed as the two girls walked to the seats behind them.

“Gee… talk about being rude,” scoffed Mary softly as the two girls walked to the back of the class as a boy walked in.

The boy looked like a British, his hair was somewhat light brown. The boy looked around the classroom before noticing the vacant seat beside Brec. He walked towards it quickly, stopping before the blonde, which made Brec worried for a bit.

“Uh hey, uhm, is this seat vacant?” asked the boy curiously.

“Oh uhm… Yeah you can sit there,” Brec answered, smiling weakly.

“Alright thanks,” the boy said as he dropped his bag on the chair and sat down. “I’m Tom, by the way,” the boy introduced himself quickly after sitting down.

“Brec,” the blonde girl answered awkwardly. 

“Brec hmm… Nice to meet you,” Tom said brightly. 

Not long after, a few more students walked into the classroom and behind them was a female that was obviously older than them, wearing a shirt paired with jeans. She was fairly dark with medium short, black hair with a quite slim body complexion, partially Indian. Some of the boys whistled as she walked into the middle of the class, placing her stuff on the teacher’s desk before turning towards the class.

“Please, everyone, find a place and sit down, school is about to start right about… now,” the teacher said brightly as the bell rang as she finished. All the students were seated on their seats now as they now looked forward to the teacher.

Peyton chuckled as she eyed the teacher smirkingly. “Hmm~ Kinda hot~” the girl chuckled softly.

“Hello everyone!” the teacher began. “My name is Naomi Scott. You can call me Miss Scott, or Naomi, if you like. Welcome to your first day at XXX High, and I will be your class teacher for the entire school year. I will be handling everything that happens with this class.” The teacher introduced herself as some of the students clapped. “Well, I’m new to this school as well as you are, so, why don’t we get to know each other?” asked Naomi suggestively. “Starting with… you!” Naomi said as she pointed towards Mary, who was a bit surprised. “Tell us a bit about yourself.”

“Okk then,” Mary said as she turned around to face the class. “Hello everyone! My name is Mary Mouser, you can call me Mary,” the brunette said smilingly, “I like music and writing.”

“Thank you, Mary. Everyone give a hand to her,” Naomi said, smiling as Mary sat down. “Next, uhmm you… uhh,” Naomi stuttered as she saw what the student was wearing.

Then it was Peyton’s turn, she stood up confidently. The teacher gasped a bit at her outfit while most of the boys' eyes immediately turned towards her again, which made her chuckle a bit from all the attention she was getting. “Why hello there, I’m Peyton List. And if anyone wants to tap this fine ass,” the brunette chuckled as she showcased her ass in front of the class. “Hit me up~” Peyton chuckled before she sat down while there was a group of boys cheering and clapping.

“Uh well, Peyton, glad to see that you are excited. But do be reminded that students are not allowed to have sex until the medication has been given,” Naomi reminded cautiously.

“That won’t be a problem Miss Scott, I have been fucking for a while now, I know what to do,” Peyton voiced out proudly, making the teacher gasp in confusement again.

“A- Alright then, uh, the girl at the back of Peyton… Your turn,” Naomi gestured towards the dark girl who was sketching.

The girl placed her book onto the table and stood up, drawing curious stares. “I’m Zendaya, that’s the end of the story,” the girl quickly said before she sat down firmly while the others just looked at her awkwardly. However, Zendaya didn’t bother to look back at the class at all as she was engrossed with sketching once more as some students awkwardly clapped.

“Okk…” the teacher began awkwardly as she turned towards Brec, who was sitting in front of her. “Your turn.”

Brec stood up and turned around to face the class. She felt awkward as she spoke. “My name is Brec Bassinger. But everyone just calls me Brec,” and just like that the blonde girl turned back and sat down, followed by claps from some of the students.

“Ok, we have been hearing a lot from the girls, what about boys. Hmm you?” Naomi pointed at Tom.

“Oh, uhh me? Alright then, uhmm, hello everyone, my name is Tom Holland, call me Tom,” the boy introduced himself, soon accompanied by claps from the class, more from the girls than the boys however

After all the students in the class have introduced themself the teacher then begins with her class, turns out Naomi teaches maths. And the rest of the classes that followed were kinda like any normal school, with English, Spanish, Science and all the normal things that one would learn at a school. Though there were some distracting aspects as some teachers came into the class with questionable attire that definitely got the boys attention. After a long while, the recess bell finally rang, and the students had 40 mins of break before classes continued.

“Ahh! Yes! Finally~” Peyton yawned, stretching herself as she stood up as the teacher picked up his stuff. “Come on Millie, let’s go!” Peyton said loudly as she made her move towards the door.

“Coming!” Millie said as she quickly walked after her following her.

“Argh…” Mary groaned as she stretched herself. “Finally, it has been so long,” the brunette groaned as the teacher left the classroom with some other students. “So, Brec, wanna head to the canteen?” asked the girl.

“Oh? Yeah sure, why not?” Brec answered, feeling fortunate that she has already made friends on her first day.

“You won’t mind if I tag along right?” asked the boy seated next to Brec awkwardly walking over to the two girls.

“Huh? Don’t you wanna join the guys?” asked Mary, frowning a bit at Tom.

“Well, they kinda don’t welcome me, I guess,” Tom rambled, turning a bit to look at the other boys whom most of them were busy doing their own stuff.

“Sure,” Brec said, smiling. “Tom is it?”

“Yeah, Brec right? And Mary?” Tom asked, gesturing towards the girls in front of her.

“Yeah, yeah,” Mary nodded, smiling a bit now. “Oh well, don’t wanna get caught in the queue, let’s go!”

The hallways were filled with people once more. There were people walking towards the canteen to eat before continuing with class while some students were fucking in the hallway, which was nothing new to the students of XXX High. Brec soon kinda found herself distracted by one of the pairs fucking in the hallway before Mary got her attention back.

“Wow, this place is crazy, isn’t it?” asked the brunette as she walked.

“Yeah, very,” Tom answered while Brec just nodded agreeingly as they walked past a girl giving a guy a blowjob, who was making very sloppy noises that were loud enough for the trio to hear while the guy grunted.

“Fuck… Melissa… so good~” the boy could be heard groaning as the trio passed him.

“Hey, by the way Tom, how did you wind up in a fucked up school like this?” asked Mary curiously.

“Is this fucked up?” asked Tom, raising an eyebrow. “Well, you girls are here,” Tom pointed out smiling.

“Well, I said fucked up, I didn’t say bad,” Mary shrugged relaxingly. “So?”

“Uh, well, not sure if you two noticed, I’m English, I lived in England, and well, yeah I know kinda far from home, but, well, my parents knew of this school from their friend here and decided to send me here,” Tom explained.

“Oh wait, you’re staying at the dorm too?” asked Mary curiously. 

“Yeah,” Tom answered.

“Nice, me too!” Mary said, smiling. “What about you Brec?”

“Oh, well, my house is actually quite near the school so, no,” Brec sighed.

“Ohh, I see,” Mary hummed as they walked into the canteen and the three were very much surprised by what they saw. 

The canteen was filled with people and was very much filled with lewd noises as at the very end of the canteen, there were a group of people naked, mixed with girls and boys, fucking and making out. None of them seemed to care about the fact that they were doing it in such an open place, such as a canteen, a place where people come to eat. Some of the people were looking at the group, surprised while some others didn’t bother much and continued eating.

“Uhm… Let’s just get something to eat,” Mary said, awkwardly before turning towards the stalls.

After getting their food, they held their tray and walked around the place. Most of the seats were either full or occupied by people they don’t know.

“Urgh… where do we sit,” Mary groaned.

“I don’t know,” Brec sighed as she then noticed the same dark girl from morning, the one she saw being fucked in the hallway and exchanged glances with.

“Hey! Look, she looks like someone from our class,” Tom said pointing towards the dark girl who was drawing. She was sitting alone and quite near to where the orgy was happening.

“Wait, her… she kinda looks… intimidating… doesn’t she?” asked Brec nervously.

“Does she? I think she is fine,” Tom said. “Follow me, I’m sure she will let us sit.”

The three walked towards the vacant seats, which was just one table away from where the orgy was happening.

“Hey, uh, Zendaya is it?” asked Tom awkwardly as he walked up to her. “We’re thinking if-”

“You all can sit,” Zendaya said quickly, looking at her notepad.

“Oh, thanks!” Tom said brightly before gesturing for the other two girls to sit down. 

Brec then sat next to Zendaya, facing the orgy while Tom and Mary sat in front of the two girls.

“Oh fuck, wrong spot,” Brec realized too late that she ahs full view of the display happening in front of her. “Wanna change?” she asked sheepishly.

“Nope,” Mary popped casually while Tom just shook his head smilingly.

“Wow… some people you two are,” Brec said chuckling as she dug into her food while realizing that Zendaya was now sketching again, drawing two people, a boy and a girl, fucking in a doggystyle position. “What are you drawing?” asked Brec out of curiosity.”

“Oh this? I just enjoy drawing, just for fun,” Zendaya shrugged as she continued sketching.

“Okk,” Brec said awkwardly, turning towards her newfound friends but was constantly distracted by the scene behind them.

Brec looked around, there were four girls in the mix, and about six boys, presumably all seniors. Brec then recognized one of the girls as the naked girl she walked past in the morning, riding a guy's dick while the guy sat on the bench, rocking her hips back and forth wildly.

“Oh yes! Fuck! Come on Zac!” the brunette moaned loudly.

“Argh… Vanessaa~” The guy grunted as he moved his hip to match the girl's movement, rocking the bench.

Meanwhile, there was another girl, with straight hair, being double penetrated as two guys held her up and fucked both her holes standing up, filling the girl deep with their cocks and penetrating deep into her as the girl sank on their length, making the girl cry in pleasure even more.

And then, there was a familiar face, the dark girl with dark curly hair, who Brec saw earlier. This time she was on all fours on the table, facing Brec with a guy fucking her doggystyle, rocking the girl’s body wildly.

“Ohh~ yess~ fuck me! Ah!” Zoe cried loudly.

Besides them, there was another girl, who looked a bit older than the rest of them. She has fair skin and blond, curvy hair. The girl’s body shape was quite curvy and well developed, and her breasts were evidently larger than the other girls. The older blonde was taking a cock deep into her mouth while another guy fucked her from behind.

“Mmm~ you sure know how to deepthroat, Kate,” groaned the guy as the older blondie went all the way down on his cock.

Brec couldn’t really peel her eyes away from the orgy that was happening directly in front of her. She watched how the boys were fucking them, how much noises they were making and out of all sudden, the young blondie soon found that familiar pair of dark brown eyes looking right at her again. Brec quickly glanced at her and looked down at her food again, feeling embarrassed now, she got caught looking at the same person twice. 

“You have a nice view?'' asked Mary teasingly as she noticed Brec staring at the scenery at the back of her.

“I uhh… just got distracted, that’s all… uhmm…” Brec stammered in embarrassment.

“Come on, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, I’m pretty sure we will be like them in a few months, trust me,” Mary chuckled. 

“Well, it is XXX High after all,” chuckled Tom. “It would be weird if it wasn’t like this,” Tom added smirkingly.

Brec just sighed. It was just half of the day, and it was turning out to be quite interesting already.


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