Reviews for Fabulous Bitch


  • From ANON - Riverman on September 27, 2020

    Ah man, you are absolutely killing me waiting for the big showdown between Asuka and Carmella. Thought it was gonna happen this chapter. In all seriousness though, the build up is awesome and going to make it so much better when it finally happens

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  • From Clukesh on April 03, 2020

    Another amazing chapter Sonya makes a great slut I suggest Liv Morgan for the next chapter I love the thought of Carmella topping

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  • From kmrn2009 on February 27, 2020

    Great story so far. Like that this involves 3 women that not enough stories are about and really hope we get the chapter with Sonya too. 

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  • From ANON - Zac on January 09, 2020

    Will there be a continuation 

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