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Reviews for The Deflowering of Rebecca

By : SkyBubble
  • From Dondd on March 31, 2023

    I love this fictional story.

    "....Again Jimmy thrust, and he got a little farther inside. With one more strong push, he was fully inside her..";

    I love how Jimmy slowly but deliberately went into his Christian girlfriend. The virgin Christian woman trusted him completely and wanted his nonChristian penis to be the first to enter her. Jimmy knew she was Christian and a virgin. It gave him an extra thrill to feel the tightness of her good-girl pussy, which was now all his. 

    "....She relaxed as Jimmy's hard cock began to slide in and out, in and out, each thrust a little bit easier and a little deeper than the last...."
    She loved Jimmy's passionate thrusts and loved him teaching her these things she needed to know.

    "....Jimmy continued to thrust, each just slightly harder than the last. She wriggled happily underneath him. Jimmy plunged deep into Rebecca. Each thrust merely deepened her pleasure..."
    This was very new to the Christian girl, who enjoyed him in her.

    "....Just then, she felt a sharp, herky-jerky motion from Jimmy's love rod deep inside her. She felt waves of shivers and tingles together. Jimmy's cock exploded with a strong stream of love juice..."

    After about 30 minutes of passionate fucking, she felt her boyfriend's penis spasming and soon he exploded his godless nonchristian love juices deep into her Christian pussy, which she so willingly gave him that night and on future dates.

    She held him tightly and wrapped her legs around him as he made his final plunge into her.  
    She can feel Jimmy's manly nonchristian sperms invading the depths of her Christian innocence, which she so willingly gave him throughout the night. 

    "....JJimmy's cock exploded with a strong stream of love juice..."

    Oh, god, the Christian woman must've thought, knowing he was cumming in her unprotected Jesus Girl pussy. She wasn't naive and knew what it means when she feels her man's penis spasming and knows what will happen when he finishes inside her. Worried about conceiving, Rebecca goes on birth control as many naive Christian girls are often shocked by surprise pregnancies after they sleep with their boyfriends, even for one time, without protection.

    In making his virgin Christian girlfriend a woman, Jimmy has transformed their relationship to a new level,  The once innocent Christian woman now knows what's expected in her dating of men and the two, now united and knowing each other on a much more personal level, will go on to enjoy a satisfying sex life.

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