All Red Returns

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Disclaimer: This is a work of complete fiction. I do NOT own WWE, and I do NOT know or own Eva Marie or Toni Storm or Paige or Becky Lynch or Asuka or Carmella or Charlotte Flair. I make absolutely no money off this story.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Well after countless rewrites, retoolings, and restarts, I’m trying to finally post this even though I’m not 100% happy w/ it. I figure if I don’t post it now, it’ll never be posted. Not really sure on the general consensus on Toni Storm (have barely found any fics on her), but I think she’s a guaranteed top star and hot as hell, so it was only a matter of time she ended up in one of my fics. This is probably just a one shot, but I still gave this a chapter name just in case. As always, this fic was inspired by MTL!

CHAPTER ONE: A Storm’s A-Cummin’

alternative title: Eva-lution

Toni Storm had never felt more proud.

After two months consisting of facing five of the toughest women's competitors in the industry, and after just putting on a classic back-and-forth match against Io Shirai, the blonde New Zealand born, Australian raised wrestler had prevailed and won the Mae Young Classic at WWE’s first all female pay per view, Evolution. Truth be told, she was a bit of an emotional wreck, sitting here in the locker room, still wearing her eye black and red and black ring gear, staring at the flowers Triple H had given her, doing her best to compose herself but wanting nothing more than to weep with joy. After 8 long years, she was finally living out her dream and she felt absolutely euphoric hugging her trophy up against her chest. It was proof of not just how far she had come, but how far women’s wrestling had come in general. Gone were the days of “Divas” and women being treated as eye candy, a bathroom break, or both. Now that the possibility was there for Toni to become a top star in WWE, she knew it would only be a matter of time until it was all eyes on her.

Even if that meant eyes she didn’t necessarily want to be on her.

In another corner of the locker room sat a beguiling redhead, wearing a low-cut white top, a pair of daisy dukes, and a shade of bright red lipstick that matched her hair. Eva Marie hadn’t been in a WWE locker room for over a year, but when she caught wind of Evolution, the first all-women’s pay-per-view, she knew she had to pay a visit to her former employer. Mainly, she had returned to reunite with, converse with, and congratulate her old friends. However, she was also keen to wreak a little havoc in the process. After all, one of Eva’s favorite pastimes back in her pro wrestling days was to find a supposedly “tough” wrestler and fuck her into complete submission, and Toni Storm looked to be a prime candidate to become her new pet as Eva was practically drooling over the intoxicating beauty of the blonde bombshell. Her eyes were grazing over every inch of the Australian’s tanned legs, and gazing up to admire her sexy red and black ring gear. And of course, Eva would be remiss if she didn’t take a glance at Toni’s amazing ass. God, that ass. Everything about that bodacious blonde babe’s backside was so fuckable.

 “There’s no way that someone can be gifted with a butt like that and be anything other than a pure bottom.” Eva thought to herself. 

On top of all these fantastic features, Eva also sensed that this little slut needed to be put in her place. Like most other wrestlers Eva had come across, Toni probably thought she was superior to the redheaded supermodel. Eva still had vivid memories of the days where mighty wrestlers would hurl insults and mock her, and yet it always ended the same way: the supposedly dominant women lying face down, begging the gorgeous red haired glamour girl to make them cum. Eva could sense Storm held the same sentiment other skilled in-ring technicians had held before her, but she also could tell that she might be easier to break than most other women. 

However, the blonde Aussie didn’t remind the supermodel of just some random wrestler she’d dominated, but moreso, the first woman she had ever topped—Emma. Not just because they both had luscious golden locks, grew up in Australia, and had incredibly fuckable butts, but because, as she had found out with Emma and suspected with Toni, both pretended to be badasses, but deep down were meant to be submissive sluts.

“I’d love to knock this bitch down a peg.” The redheaded smokeshow opined, a wicked grin quickly spreading across her face. 

After all, the word “peg” described quite nicely what she planned to do to the Mae Young Classic winner, and it was high time she put that plan into action. Miss All Red Everything got up from the corner she was sitting in and began to slowly approach her prey.

Meanwhile, Toni Storm was still in her own little world, swept up in thoughts of becoming the top star in the WWE women’s division. She hadn’t even noticed there was another person in the room, much less one that had spent the last several minutes lusting over her. So, when she heard the foxy redhead’s unmistakable voice, she jumped a bit. 

“Hey, it’s Toni, right?” Eva questioned, now standing only a few feet away from Toni and trying her best to feign ignorance at who this sultry Aussie was.

 “Um, y-yeah.” Storm replied, caught off guard as to why Eva Marie was in the locker room right now. 

Picking up on her confusion, the voluptuous vixen looked to explain herself. 

“I came back tonight to congratulate all my old friends, but after seeing your match, I just had to come congratulate you as well. You sure can wrestle!” 

“Wish I could say the same about you.” Toni cruelly thought, although in real life, she just plastered a smile on her face and took the compliment.

 “Thank you. That means a lot coming from you.” She said, putting forth her best effort for that last comment to sound genuine. 

Eva saw through it, but instead of calling her out immediately, decided it might be more fun to toy with the Australian athlete.

 “I do have a few pointers for you though.” The model said with a smirk.


Toni raised an eyebrow, clearly surprised and slightly offended that Eva Marie of all people was trying to give her wrestling advice. She hadn’t spent all those years paying her dues on the independent scene for a supermodel to lecture her on how to wrestle. Still, Eva continued. 

“I mean nothing major, just a few bits here and there looked a little sloppy.” 

“Uh huh.” Storm mumbled, silently fuming. 

Just then, the model-turned wrestler-turned actress threw in the kicker. 

“Don’t get me wrong though, it was a good match—even if Io Shirai had to carry you.” 

At that last comment, the 8 year veteran had heard enough and stood up, setting her flowers and trophy on the bench behind her.

 “At least I can actually wrestle!” The young woman shouted. 

An unhinged fury swept over her face as she felt her shoulders tense up. Not even fully conscious of what she was doing, she went to slap Eva right across the face, but at the last possible second, Eva caught her hand. As of now, just about every detail was playing out as All Red Everything had anticipated. She stared at the slender girl and chuckled.

 “You so-called wrestlers are so predictable. You all think you’re so high and mighty, and then you snap when someone else dares to not kiss your ass. Well don’t worry bitch, you’ll be kissing my ass soon enough!” 

The supermodel then grabbed the skilled in-ring technician by the hair and shoved her to the ground, causing Toni to yelp out in a mixture of shock and pain. She then attempted to pull herself up, but Eva quickly knocked her back down to the floor. 

“W-wait, no!” The NXT UK superstar shouted, her voice sounding much shakier than usual. “I’m sorry. I just overreacted, Eva. I’m not sure what you’re doing, but you can stop. It’s all ok. I’m sorry.” 

She was nervous of what Eva would do next and it turned out that she had every right to be. 

The glamorous model just smiled as she watched the supposedly strong woman lay on the floor, courtesy of the Red Queen. Eva then got down on the ground behind Toni and slowly crept up on top of her prey. Out of nowhere, the supermodel applied a crossface submission. Storm once again screamed out in a mixture of astonishment and agony. Despite all the talk of Eva’s lack of skill, this crossface hurt like hell, and the poor golden haired superstar felt like she was going to pass out from the immense amount of pain she was in. Amidst all of this, Eva said only one thing: 


 In response, the talented young grappler once again screamed, and tried her best to tear Eva’s arms off of her pretty face, but to no avail. It was then that the fitness model cinched the hold in even tighter, and started practically shouting. 


Storm cried out one last time, feeling completely helpless. She wanted desperately to break free, but she couldn’t handle the pain anymore. She began furiously tapping out on the cold hard ground, as tears caused by the pain started to stream down her face, absolutely ruining her eye makeup.

 “Ok! Ok! I’m tapping! I’m tapping!” 

Then the realization hit. 

“Oh God, I’m fucking tapping.” 

After The Red Queen reveled in Toni tapping for ten more seconds or so, she finally let go of the hold and once again pulled the young superstar up by her hair. Once Toni was off the ground, Eva stared at her victim, a mischievous smirk on her face. Toni, still trying to recover, looked back at the supermodel she just submitted to with a mixture of confusion and fear in her eyes. 

“What the...ow.. hell...ahh...was that?” The Australian eyeful questioned, reeling in pain from both the recently applied crossface and the tight grip Eva still had on her hair. 

In response, Eva laughed. 

“What the hell was that? What the hell was you insulting me earlier? What the hell was you trying to slap me earlier?! Trust me, this was the first of many times that you’ll submit to me.” 

The wrestler tried to speak out in protest, but the redhead quickly raised her hand to silence her.

 “Let me make this clear enough that even someone as stupid as you can understand: I’m going to fuck you. Oh god yes, I’m going to take you right here in this locker room and have you begging me to be nothing more than my property. And after you’ve done that…” Eva slowly twirled around her prey so that Toni’s back was facing her as she seductively whispered into Toni’s ear “...I’m going to destroy this ass.”

Eva at last let go of Toni’s hair, and instead squeezed her plump posterior, causing the young Aussie to squeal, taken aback. The red haired hottie then grabbed Toni again and turned her back around so her face was visible to The Red Queen. At least, that was the intention, but it was a little difficult to see the attractive Aussie’s beautiful face as she was currently staring down at the ground.

 “Look at me, dumbass!” Eva barked, causing the Aussie to snap her head up. 

The supermodel then smiled as she realized why Toni was trying to hide her face—there was nothing but lust in her eyes.

 “Well, what do you say, slut? Wanna become my bitch?” 

Truth be told, it was tempting for Toni to just immediately say yes. For her entire life, she always had to stay strong. She didn’t have much growing up, and she had to fight for everything she had. She had to fight day in and day out to get where she was, and quite frankly, she was tired of it. She was so sick of always having to be the strong one. Tonight, she had become a bonafide badass by beating Io Shirai clean in the middle of the ring, and it truly was a dream come true to stand tall in WWE, holding an immense amount of newfound power. However, as the old adage went, “With great power comes great responsibility”. She was always expected to take charge and be ‘the responsible one’. Letting someone top her for a night was a way to let all of that go, and she already had felt her asshole quiver with anticipation, as it was ready for some much needed attention. Plus, despite her lack of wrestling talent, it couldn’t be denied that this model was hot as hell. However, the sexy blonde knew that bending over for Eva Marie was a surefire way to lose all of her dignity, and she also knew she couldn’t make it this easy for the redhead to get what she wanted. 

“I’m not so sure.” Toni spoke out in a deep, seductive tone. 

This in turn caused the gorgeous glamour girl to glare. 

“Oh really?” The supermodel questioned. “Then explain THIS!” 

Without warning, Eva quickly tore off Toni’s trunks, causing her to yelp out in surprise. She tossed them to the ground, leaving her bare, wet,  womanhood exposed. Her sweet pussy was sopping wet.

 “That looks like a pretty clear yes to me.” The mischievous model remarked. 

Eva then beckoned the young, slender Australian to come with her as she sat down on the locker room bench, right next to Toni’s trophy and flowers. 

 “W-wait! We can’t start yet.” Toni said, now standing with her legs crossed, denying Eva the chance to stare at her pretty little cunt. By this point, Miss All Red Everything was more than a little bit annoyed. Every part of her plan had (somehow) played out perfectly, yet this bimbo was still trying to delay the inevitable.

 “And why the FUCK can’t we start now?” The Red Queen snarled at her soon-to-be sub. 

Toni smugly smiled. “Because I haven’t done this yet.” 

With that, Toni slowly undid the top half of her ring gear, giving the supermodel a chance to leer at her breasts. The renowned women’s wrestler then slowly sauntered over to the fitness model, and sat down next to her. The redheaded beauty turned to the blonde and grabbed the back of the slightly shorter girl’s head, as if she was going to pull her in for a kiss. Toni closed her eyes and puckered her lips, waiting with anticipation.

 Therefore, it came as a surprise when the mischievous model actually pulled Toni down so she was bent over the Red Queen’s knee. 

“Wait.. Eva...what are you...AAAAAHHHH!!!”

 Toni screamed as Eva used one hand to squeeze her face and pick up her head up so she was in a position where she was making direct eye contact with the Flame Haired Femme Fatale, and used her other hand to slap Toni’s face so hard that Storm was shocked she hadn’t been busted open. 

“I want you to look at something.”

With her free hand, Eva grabbed her phone, went into photos, and pulled up one of her favorite “private” folders, showing the screen to the young Aussie.

Toni, after regaining her senses from the slap, looked on in absolute horror at the images Eva was putting on display. On the screen in front of her were other women who she looked up to and respected in positions she never could have imagined. Ok, well, there were a couple that weren’t that surprising. There was known fuckhole Bayley spreading her gaping cheeks and the once super submissive Becky Lynch sucking on a sexy red strapon. Beyond those, however, were pictures Toni never thought she’d see in a million years.

“There’s Paige.” 

Eva proudly announced, pulling up a gif in which the Norwich native was getting a handheld red dildo, one that had to be at least 8 inches, shoved up her pale ass.

“There’s Nattie.”

Eva pulled up a picture of second generation wrestler Natalya Neidhart with her face buried in the model’s pussy.

“Aw, there’s little AJ Lee.”

The Geek Goddess was on all fours, with the words “ALL RED” tattooed on her butt in bright ruby ink.

“And there’s—“

“Emma…” Storm interrupted, speaking in an almost whisper like tone, her voice quivering. 

There on the screen was a video of the woman who she had admired for years, a woman who had proven to be a great inspiration, getting a red strapon thrust in and out her ass, a strapon which looked to be 9 inches if not more, and judging by the look on her face, she loved every second of it.

“Listen to me slut.” The glamour girl barked in an aggressive tone. “What happened to them IS going to happen to you. It’s up to you if you want to submit to me willingly or if you need me to break you. So let’s get started! From now on, you will refer to me as either Mistress Marie or your Red Queen. Do you understand?” 

Instead of responding immediately, Toni let out a grunt, still preoccupied with the pain she was in and the shock she was feeling. This lack of an answer only prompted Eva to squeeze her face harder. “I SAID ‘DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!’.” 

“” The Australian athlete replied. However, that answer obviously wasn’t appreciated by All Red Everything. 

 “God, you’re dumb. You just made your punishment so much worse.” The model-turned-wrestler-turned-actress let go of the blonde’s face, deciding it was time to target another part of her sexy body. 

Eva turned all of her attention to the Aussie’s most appealing asset, that of course being her beautiful booty. However, before she took advantage of the chance to spank the everloving shit out of the other woman’s rear end, The Red Queen couldn’t help but have her attention drawn away for a moment. Sticking out of the young woman’s rectum was a small golden ring, which the supermodel stuck her finger into. The Aussie’s eyes went wide as she realized the discovery the Diva had made. Eva slowly pulled on the ring, protracting the 6 inch buttplug that had been stuffed inside the Aussie’s asshole. After the plug was completely out, she examined the anal toy. It was black and had a skull and crossbones design in the center of it. 

“What the hell is this, you slut?” 

Eva interrogated, although truth to be told, she half-expected something to be stuffed up there. The younger girl was only 22 years old, but her ass was too amazing for it to be completely virgin tight.

The Mae Young Classic Winner cleared her throat, figuring she should explain the events that transpired leading to her getting that toy inside of her.

 “Kairi and I—RMMPPHH!!!” Storm opened her mouth to clarify, but instead she began to gag as the plug was promptly shoved into her open mouth by the supermodel. 

“I don’t care what happened, bitch. But now that I know for certain that you’re a complete anal ho, punishing you will be that much sweeter. Now suck on that disgusting butt plug!” 

Storm blushed, but began to do what she was told, sucking on the 6 inches that were once shoved inside her shithole.


The blonde moaned as she cleaned all of her yummy anal juices off of the plug. Her pleasure was soon interrupted with pain however as she felt a hard smack delivered to her booty...and another...and another. The supermodel had now zeroed in on beating the bodacious blonde’s big butt.

 “This is what you deserve Toni! Look at you, thinking you’re all high and mighty, and now you’re being put in your place! Isn’t that right, my little spank skank?!” 

The model then took the butt plug out of the other superstar’s mouth so that she could respond. Toni reached for the plug as Eva pulled it away, wanting to get every last drop off the object that was once shoved deep inside her bowels. 

Instead, Eva set the butt plug down on the ground and then pulled her hair again and barked in her direction.



The blonde attempted to answer Eva but was constantly interrupted by the pain of the hard smacks Eva was dishing out to her derriere coupled with the tight grip she had on her hair. The glamour girl giggled, laughing maniacally at the pain she was putting this strong woman through. She had no intention of letting up anytime soon either, as she was getting the perfect view of Toni’s buttcheeks jiggling courtesy of the rough slaps from her hand. Toni meanwhile continued wailing in agony from the assault on her awesome ass. As of now, her ass probably wasn’t quite as red as Eva’s hair, but she’d be damned if it wasn’t close.

“Keep screaming slut! I pray to God some other little whore comes in here and sees you getting your fat ass spanked. God, look at you! Getting completely dominated by a model so easily. You’re puh-thetic!” The older woman coldly commented, continuing to brutalize this soon to be bottom’s bottom, making sure Toni felt every smack more than the last. 

Crazily enough, despite how much it hurt, it seemed like this punishment was actually turning this whore on, as evidenced by the moans escaping her mouth.

“OOH...OH...PLEASE DON’T STOOOOPPPP!! UNGGGHHH...OH...GOD, PLEASSSSEE DON’T STOP! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, EVA—AAAAAHHH!!!” The golden haired grappler grunted and groaned, as her butt was brutally beaten by this weaker woman. Here she was, bent over a talentless model’s knee and getting her ass smacked while staring directly at her Mae Young Classic trophy, in turn feeling eve more shame. A trophy that was supposed to represent one of her greatest achievements was now only serving as further humiliation. Less than an hour ago, she was on top of the world, thinking about all she had accomplished in such a short amount of time. 

Now, she was getting spanked.

By Eva. Fucking. Marie.

She didn’t know what had come over her but she knew that she couldn’t let this “Total Diva” get the best of her. Eva may have succeeded in humiliating all those other wrestlers, but Toni wouldn’t be as easily broken. After all, Toni had been submissive before and she still had been able to top other women afterwards. As Eva had discovered, she had happily bottomed for Kairi Sane. In fact, it was a little more than that, as she had practically been The Pirate Princess’s pet ever since coming up short to her in the semifinals of last year’s Mae Young Classic, although due to conflicting schedules, Kairi hadn’t fucked her nearly as much as she’d liked. That was a real shame because Storm still had fond memories of the first night that she shared with Sane, the Japanese superstar just completely annihilating her anus and leaving her a sweaty, horny, cum covered mess. God, how she wished she could feel that strapon inside of her again.

On top of that, there were plenty of nights after NXT UK tapings where she had gone back to her bedroom with the likes of Killer Kelly and Rhea Rhipley, and they had plenty of back-and-forth fun. Sure, they topped her, making sure to get every inch of their plastic cocks up her big butt. But she had topped them too. She definitely had. No question. So why was the only thing she remembered right now the moments where they bent her over and treated her as nothing more than their property, and how she wouldn’t mind them doing that again? Why was her asshole quivering with anticipation for something to be stuffed inside of it?

This was the exact opposite of what she needed to be happening right now. Eva’s hand was going to town on the blonde Aussie’s plump rump, and all Toni could think about was submitting?! She should get up and knock this bitch out, and a part of her wanted to. However, a bigger part of her wanted to stay right here, especially since this may have been the best spanking she’d ever gotten, the supermodel eager to show her who was truly in charge. 


The only thing the superior wrestler could offer in response was a series of grunts and moans, getting off on the pain she was feeling and the degradation Eva was putting her through. She wasn’t sure which set of ‘red cheeks’ Eva was referring to, as her ass was red with pain and her face was red from embarrassment. There was a voice in her head practically screaming at her to somehow fight back, but everything just felt so good. Really though, she was getting treated like this by one of the sexiest women alive. Was that anything to be ashamed of? She would easily be able to turn the tables on her later. For now, she could just enjoy herself.

Unfortunately, it seemed she enjoyed herself too much. Toni’s eyes grew wide as she felt a familiar liquid trickle down her leg.

“Holy shit!” The red headed diva laughed. “You just came? Oh. My. God. You just came! All I’ve done is spank you! That’s it! Nothing else! And you fucking came! I already knew this would be easy, but you’re making this a cakewalk!!”

The model mocked the Mae Young Classic winner, almost in pure disbelief by how slutty she was. Toni just closed her eyes and tried to pretend none of this was happening, but that wouldn’t be easy, as Eva grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off her lap, shoving her roughly to the ground. This random act of aggression caused the younger woman to let out a gasp of surprise. Eva stood up. It was time for the second phase of her plan to begin.

In a sight to behold, the flame haired hottie began to slowly strip in front of Toni. She slowly pulled her top off over her head, making sure her magnificent breasts were pushed forward as she did so. She then unbuttoned and unzipped her daisy dukes so that she was now in nothing more than her red lace bra and panties. Storm stared lustfully at the supermodel, convinced there was no way someone this attractive could be human. Her sexual desire only grew stronger as the supermodel began to unhook her bra, finally letting her 34C tits free. As far as stripping down below was concerned, well, Eva wasn’t going to do all the work.

“Take off my panties NOW!”

The glamorous model snapped her fingers at the other woman, and the Aussie was in no shape to protest, wet beyond belief and ready to see Miss All Red Everything’s pretty pussy. Toni scurried over to Eva and reached out to take off the red lace panties, prompting the model to quickly smack her hand away.

“Not with your hands, DUMBASS! With your teeth!”

Storm looked at the other woman in shock, but then nodded her head and dropped to her knees embarrassingly fast, complying with Eva’s orders. Gripping the lace lingerie in between her teeth, Toni slowly moved her head down, pulling off Eva’s undies while also cautiously making sure she didn’t bite through.

“God, that’s hot!”

Miss All Red Everything complimented, impressed that the skilled in-ring technician was showing off another set of skills, as she was almost expertly removing the red underwear with her mouth. 

Once the Gold Coast grappler managed to pull the panties all the way off, she moved her mouth away from the undergarments and looked up at the glamour girl. Eva sensed eagerness in her eyes, causing her to smirk. This wrestler was about to accept her fate.

“What now?” Toni asked, licking her lips, savouring the taste of Eva’s panties.

“Well…” Eva responded with a smirk.


The Red Queen grabbed the attractive Australian athlete’s head and shoved it right into her cunt, causing Storm to let out a stifled gasp. After a good five seconds or so of Toni’s tongue doing absolutely nothing, the model grew impatient.


Toni blushed. She didn’t have to do this. She could tell this weak little Diva off and walk out of this locker room. However, the temptation of the fitness model’s twat grew too strong, and so she pushed her tongue out briefly, giving a couple of teasing strokes to this pretty pussy causing Miss All Red Everything to cry out in ecstasy. Toni smiled and continued to kiss and lightly lick the beautiful cunt in front of her, not wanting to give Eva too much too early. The redhead had other plans.

“Listen bitch!” The model shouted, grabbing the wrestler by the hair and pulling her head away from that sweet pussy. “You don’t get to tease me! You will lap my cunt up like the rug muncher you were born to be! Got it?!”

Storm paused for a moment but then nodded, wanting to end the pain of Eva’s hair pulling. 


“Yes who?” The fitness model prompted, clenching her hair tighter, clearly wanting the other woman to refer to her with a proper title.

“AHHH!!! YESSS MISTRE….MISTRES….” Toni stopped, unable to give up her dignity like this. “NO! I….OWWW…WON’T SAY IT!”


The NXT UK Superstar froze, not expecting that threat from Eva. Surely, she couldn’t be serious? Had she seen her ass? Surely, she’d get a little anal regardless. 

“I...I…” She sputtered out.


The women’s wrestler whimpered at the weaker woman. At this moment, she knew she was beaten. There was no way she could deny herself the chance of being sodomized by this supermodel. She bowed her head.

“....Yes Mistress Marie.”

Eva smirked, happy that she was about to break this sexy Aussie for good. She then shoved Toni’s head back into her cunt, and screamed out in pleasure as Toni’s tongue began to actually lick her pussy.


Toni’s tongue rapidly moved up and down the supermodel’s hairless vagina. She was doing the best job she could to make sure that every inch of this tasty twat was covered in saliva. After that she gave a few slow long licks to Eva’s clit, causing the model to gasp. 


Toni began rapidly increasing her pace,with the supermodel’s most sensitive area still being the prime target. She then began circling around Eva’s opening, before swiftly brushing her tongue right against it.


Eva screamed out as the wrestler finally began sliding her tongue in and out of her slit. The model gripped the back of the other woman’s head harder and pulled her in even closer, making sure that this tongue could get as a deep as possible.


Toni wrapped her tongue around Eva’s slit, prepared to swallow the model’s pussy juice. She smiled as the sweet liquid came gushing out and started to slide down her throat. As her nights with Kairi, Kelly and Rhea taught her, she absolutely adored the taste of girl cum, and Eva’s might have been the tastiest she had ever swallowed, which is why she did her best to get every last drop.

Although Eva would never admit it, as she didn’t want to inflate the blonde’s ego, Toni might have been one of the best pussy lickers she had. She obeyed all of Eva’s requests and had made her cum in no time. However, Eva had a feeling that getting to fuck this Aussie’s ass would be even better, and she was more than ready to get started on that.

“Ready to get buttfucked?” Eva inquired, already knowing the answer.

“Yes!” Storm squealed out, almost embarrassed by how excited she was. Almost.

“Well then beg!”

Toni sighed. Eva was really going to make her work for this.

“Please, pretty please may I have the privilege of Eva Marie fucking me up the ass?” 

Storm winced at that sentence, the reality of the situation becoming much more daunting once she said it out loud. Nevertheless, she continued.

“Please fuck me up my butt. I need it Eva. Oh god. I really need something up my ass.  I would love feeling your strapon up my shithole! Please Eva please!!”

Eva needled further.

“And you’ll call me by my proper title?”

“Of course, Mistress Marie! Oh god, yes, my Red Queen! I won’t disrespect you for a second—as long as you fill my ass with your cock!”

Eva now just wanted to see how far she could push the other girl.

“Say that I’m a better wrestler than you! Say that I’m the best wrestler you’ve ever seen!” She instructed.

Despite how submissive she was being right now, even Storm had her limits.


The Red Queen simply shrugged.

“Ok fine, have fun fingering yourself!”

Eva began to walk towards the door, and at first, Toni let her go. However, after realizing that she was gonna pass up a chance for her ass to finally get the attention it was craving, she cried out in desperation.

“No, wait!”

Eva turned back and smiled, ready for the uppity wrestler to sacrifice all of her dignity. Unfortunately, Toni just stayed silent, causing the glamour girl to have to prompt her once again.

“Well, I’m listening!”

The Mae Young Classic winner took a deep breath and cleared her throat, finally managing to grunt it out.

“You’re’re a better wrestler than me. You’re the best wrestler I’ve ever seen!”

“Go on.” Eva prodded.

At this, the Aussie rolled her eyes.

“Fucking bitch.” She muttered under her breath, which didn’t go unnoticed by the glamour girl, as it caused her to charge towards Toni, bend down, and give her slap across the face hard enough that Toni ended up collapsing on the ground.

“LISTEN! I could walk out of this room and get with someone way hotter than you! Me even doing this is a privilege! So be a good little WHORE and tell me how much better I am than you! And apologize for ever doubting me! AND KEEP BEGGING!”

The Gold Coast grappler grumbled and weakly lifted herself up. Was she really this desperate for anal attention?


“Ugh, you’re so much better than me, Eva! God, I’m sorry!! I’m so sorry! I’m sorry that I thought I was better! God, I’m not better. You’re the best! You’re the best wrestler! I’m so sorry I didn’t realize that! Please Eva! Goooddddd, please fuck my butt! I need you to! I need..I..I…”

She stopped mid-speech, unable to continue. At this point, she was on the verge of tears. She couldn’t believe she was letting this weak model do this to her. No matter how much she tried to fight against it, she just couldn’t deny she was longing for a rough anal pounding, so much so that she was willing to let someone like Eva Marie crush her.

Eva cackled at the suffering wrestler for a bit, but she wasn’t completely heartless. She could only imagine how tough it was to think of yourself as powerful woman your entire life, only to get put in your place by a glamour model. She tried to offer some comfort. Of course, she was Eva Marie, so it was still kind of bitchy, but she really did try.

“Awww, is wittle Toni gonna cry? Well I know just what will cheer you up.”

Storm sniffled. “R-really? And what would that—OHH FUUCCCK!!!”

Eva quickly took a hold of the blonde’s bubble butt, lifted it up to her face, and began slowly licking up and down her ass crack, causing Toni to let out a series of swears, gasps, and moans as the flame haired beauty’s tongue teased her. All Red Everything then slowly began actually pushing her tongue inside the pro wrestler’s puckered hole, causing Toni to let out her best gasp yet. She began alternating, some moments brushing her tongue against the crack, other moments sliding it in and out of her asshole, and the Aussie loved every minute of it.

Despite the fact that so many women ogled her ass, Toni had actually received a surprisingly low amount of rim jobs. Most of the time, she was prepared for an ass fucking by getting another woman’s strapon dildo shoved between her big lips, forced to cover it all in her saliva so it would be all lubed up and ready to roughly pound her backdoor. She liked sucking on those plastic cocks, but she absolutely adored getting rim jobs, and the one Eva was giving her right now was heavenly.

For her part, Eva wasn’t normally the type to just shamelessly bury her face in another woman’s ass, especially when that woman was a total fucktoy like Toni Storm. However, Eva just couldn’t help but get a taste of this bitch’s hole. That delectable derriere looked downright delicious to the dominant diva, and by giving her hole a nice thorough licking, there was no question she’d be able to thrust her plastic red monster cock up there with ease. Right now though, she was more focused on savouring the taste of the Australian’s anal orifice, which was easy to do, as the young blonde truly did have one yummy bunghole. Trying to get the wrestler’s rectum even more ready, the model began sliding her tongue deeper into Toni’s ass, causing the blonde to let out adorable squeals of joy as her asshole was invaded by The Red Queen’s tongue. 


The NXT UK Superstar was in ecstasy as Eva kept pushing her tongue deep inside of her anus. To All Red Everything’s surprise, this posterior was remarkably tight. Eva, being the skilled butt buster she was, managed to get her tongue as deep as was possible, but she wasn’t expecting such a struggle. As that butt plug had displayed, the blonde babe wasn’t an anal virgin, but it was clear that she hadn’t had her ass fucked in a very long time, which was going to make this all the hotter for the Total Divas star. She slid her tongue in and out of Toni’s ass one last time before finally being unable to resist going to the next step.

“Ready to get fucked?”

Eva asked after pulling her head away from the Aussie’s butthole. In response, Toni nodded and got on all fours, but that wasn’t good enough for The Red Queen, as it caused her to delivered a hard smack to the wrestler’s rump.

“Speak, slut!”

The fiery redhead fiercely shouted at her prey, wanting to hear verbal confirmation that this woman who was once seen as a “badass” was desperate to get topped by a model.

“Yes, Mistress Marie.”

“And WHERE do you wanna get fucked?”

“My a—“

“No, no, no, SHOW ME!”

The reality TV star demanded, leaving Storm unsure of what exactly she was being asked to do. Confused, she pointed to her rear end, causing Eva to just laugh before she grabbed the wrestler’s hair.

“God, you’re dumb!” The model mocked, before adding clearer instructions. “I want you to slap that fat ass like you do in your matches while telling me how bad you want me to anally violate you!”

Toni was surprised, not that she would inevitably obey this degrading request, but that Eva actually had any knowledge about her wrestling matches at all. Still trying to hold off on embarrassing herself to this degree, Toni pleaded with the model, her voice shaky.

“Ple...Please don’t make me do this.”

“If you wanna get your ass fucked, you’ll do it!”

The supermodel shouted back before letting go of Toni’s hair.

The Aussie took a long deep breath before finally giving in. She began smacking her ass the same way she did in her matches, only this time she wasn’t powering up to attack her opponent. No, she was showing Eva Marie just how worthless she was.


Storm slapped her perfect posterior, her meaty cheeks jiggling with each smack, and screamed at the top of her lungs. By now, full on tears of humiliation were streaming down her face, further ruining her already messed up makeup. It was over. There was no coming back from this. Any last shred of dignity she had was gone. Any murmur in her mind trying to convince her she was still a switch was silenced. She was not only a pure bottom, but Eva Marie’s pure bottom.

Eva just looked on, grinning from ear to ear. Not taking her eyes off of Toni’s jiggling cheeks, she slowly walked over to her bag, pulled out her 10 inch red strapon, and attached it to her waist. She then got on her knees behind her sub and gave that ass a few hard slaps of her own before further prodding her prey.



Eva just couldn’t stop smiling, happy to bark out more commands to her newfound bitch.


Without any hesitation, the gifted grappler halted her assault on her own ass and spread her cheeks wide. 


Toni screamed out as at last All Red Everything thrust her 10 inch cock up that fuckable butt, managing to get 4 inches inside the wrestler’s well lubed fuckhole. The golden haired grappler grinded her teeth and squealed out at the initial pain, but as Eva continued rapidly thrusting in and out of her backside, Toni’s ass quickly adjusted to the rectal ramming, and the Aussie began moaning as Eva stretched out her sphincter with each thrust. The Red Queen was now up to 6 out of 10 inches going in and out of the blonde’s butthole, and she had no intent on stopping until all 10 inches had made their way up there.

Through all of this, Eva watched with complete fascination and arousal as the wrestler’s meaty cheeks jiggled with each thrust of her cock. She was now getting 7 inches to slide in and out of this butthole, and it was truly a sight to behold. Even with the lubing, the Aussie’s anus had been extremely tight at first, with Eva afraid that she’d get stuck, but after some perseverance, this big butt was taking this cock like it was absolutely nothing.


As 8 inches went up her booty, Toni shouted out in agreement with her top.


Eva just chuckled at this slut’s submissiveness as she continued roughly thrusting back and forth, almost as if she was on a mission to tear this poor girl’s ass completely apart. She slowly pulled the 8 inches out, and then thrust back in super fast, getting all 10 inches inside the athlete’s anus.


The beautiful blonde screamed in both pain and pleasure as the supermodel continuously slammed all 10 inches of this man made monster cock in and out of her fat ass. 

Despite the other woman’s cries, Eva didn’t relent. In fact, that may have only inspired her to pick up the pace, as she began stretching out this asshole at a speed she didn’t even know was possible.

Once again, while there was some pain, Storm found her backdoor was quickly adjusting to this brutal butt banging. The beautiful young Aussie knew she wouldn’t be able to last much longer, even though she wished the pleasure she was feeling could last forever. She had spent the first part of her night considering her future. Her head had been filled with thoughts and dreams about becoming the next biggest female superstar in the WWE. However, Toni realized now that all those musings were pointless. Her future was going to consist of being Eva Marie’s bitch and Eva Marie’s bitch only.


The blonde beauty shouted out as she sensed her orgasm getting closer and closer.

“Not like that you’re not!” The Flame Haired Femme Fatale shouted, pulling out of Toni’s ass and laying on her back.

“Cowgirl now!” Eva demanded. “I want you to look me in the eyes when you cum!”

Storm blushed at this request, but then slowly crawled over to her mistress, and began bouncing up and down on the red cock, all while looking the dominant diva directly in the face.


The Aussie wrestler squealed out as she came hard all over the other woman’s stomach.

“Ew! Look at the mess you made, you disgusting dyke!” The glamourous woman scoffed, pointing to the pussy juice that now covered her toned stomach. “Clean it up!”

The hot blonde hopped off the cock and crawled over to Eva’s tummy, licking up her own cum off of the Diva.

“Look at you! A pathetic bitch like you making a disgusting mess like that all over a real woman’s body!”

All Red Everything continued to taunt the submissive woman, as she worked to lap up every last drop of her own juices.

Once her stomach was successfully cleaned off, Eva had another task set out for her pet.

“Well, you may have cleaned off my stomach, but you still to need to clean off my cock!” The model ordered.

Storm nodded her head.

“Yes Mistress Marie.”

Toni crawled back over so her face was in front of the plastic penis. She then wrapped her mouth around the tip of the dildo, eagerly sucking off her anal juices.

“Awww, does that taste good?! Do you like the taste of your own ass?? Do you like cleaning my cock after a good hard butt pounding?”

The Mae Young Classic Winner of course couldn’t answer, as she was a bit busy stuffing this ass flavored cock inside her mouth, the submissive woman moaning as she tasted the depths of her bowels. She reached out and grabbed hold of the strapon, pulling it deeper in her mouth, until she had about 5 inches or so down her throat

“MMMMM!!!” The sexy Aussie absolutely loved the taste of her own ass.

Eva pushed forward, getting the remaining 5 inches inside the Aussie’s hot mouth, causing the grappler to gag in the process. That in turn just caused Eva to wickedly laugh as she watched the wrestler try to handle the full length of this 10 incher inside her mouth. Eventually, she was able to take it all down her throat without gagging.

After deciding her cock was sufficiently clean, Eva pulled out of the wrestler’s mouth. Toni was left gasping for air, and was panting from pure exhaustion. Eva smiled. She had one final gift for the Aussie slut. 

Eva removed her strapon and put it back in her bag. From that same bag, she grabbed a nice 8 inch red butt plug, and to Storm’s surprise, shoved it up her butt. She then grabbed her phone and took a picture of the freshly plugged ass of the Australian wrestler, saving it with the rest of her sexy photos of all the submissive sluts she had conquered.

“Do you like your new gift?” Eva interrogated.

Toni smiled, not a shred of shame evident in her voice.

“Yes my queen, I love it!” 

Eva smirked and decided to make one more gesture just to really drive the point home. She grabbed Toni’s beautiful Mae Young Classic trophy and threw it on the floor, shattering it into a heap of shards.

“Now your trophy is just like you—Broken!”

Toni should have cared that everything she had worked towards for 8 years was essentially destroyed right in front of her, but she didn’t. How could she now? She wasn’t meant for that life anymore. Eva Marie had shown her she was just a plaything made for a real woman’s pleasure, and she was happy to now serve her Red Queen.

The seductive redhead slowly sauntered to the doorway, admiring all she had achieved here tonight. She had taken what was supposed to be the greatest night of this woman’s career and transformed it into her most humbling. Not only was she able to add another slutty bottom to her collection, but after over a year away, she was still able to put so-called wrestlers in their place.

Eva Marie had never felt more proud.






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