Ready For Asuka

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Sasha Banks always walked with a confident swagger, but tonight she had particularly good reason to have a spring in her step. After all, she had just one a battle royal, making her the number one contender to the RAW women's championship, which as far as the public were aware was the most coveted prize in all of wrestling. In reality it was up for debate, as there was another title which was arguably more important, especially to a butt busting top like Sasha. Oh yes, Sasha had a chance to become the Alpha female of RAW, and truly become The Boss around here. But with high-reward came high-risk, and it was hard to remain so confident about her chances given she knew what challenge was waiting for her.

It was the kind of doubt she couldn't allow to fester, otherwise she was lost, but in moments like this Sasha would have been a moron not to at least consider the worst-case scenario. One where she not only lost on the next PPV, but was completely broken and humiliated by the terrifying Asuka. The worst part of it being there was a part of her, a very small part, which wanted to lose. To break. To cum just as hard as that pathetic bitch Alexa Bliss. Which again, was something she couldn't focus on, which was why she was searching for her beloved Bayley so she could celebrate her victory, and more importantly solidify her true role as a top, and banish away these submissive thoughts.

Given that Bayley had been one of the last to be eliminated she couldn't have got very far, and she was most likely just in the women's locker room, where hot little bottoms like Sasha's girlfriend were fucked all the time to emphasise their submission, and more importantly, the dominance of the likes of Sasha. And sure enough, Bayley was right where she should be, and was even in the perfect position for her, a.k.a. on all fours with her tights down and fat ass exposed. However Sasha very quickly realised there was someone behind Bayley, playing with her bitch without permission. Unfortunately she didn't realise who it was until it was too late.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing! Bayley is my bitch, and no one touches her without my... permission." Sasha yelled the first few words angrily, then began softening her tone when she saw the familiar looking hair, and then when Asuka pulled her face out of Bayley's booty it caused her to pause, then let out the last word with a pathetic squeak. Sasha then tried to recover for the embarrassing slip up, and try to find a way to apologise without losing face, initially sounding nervous, before forcing herself to regain her composure, "Asuka... I, I didn't see you there. Look, I know you're the Alpha, but you can't just-"

"Yes, I can. I can do anything I want." Asuka licked her lips, staring at Sasha threateningly for a few long seconds, "And tonight, I've decided to reward you on your win."

"By getting my bitch ready for me to butt fuck?" Sasha quipped, trying to sound sarcastic, but unable to stop little hope shining through.

Then all of a sudden someone came up behind her, grabbed her ass and squeezed it roughly while purring in her ear, "Hi Sasha."

Hearing that voice caused Sasha to freeze just before she was going to lash out angrily, "Alexa?"

This reaction made Alexa giggle with delight, actually feeling like an Alpha female again for a moment, as she pushed her luck, "How's your ass? Has it finally closed up since the last time I fucked it? Ha ha ha, cause if I remember rightly, last time you couldn't sit for a week."

Which was all it took to send Sasha right back to when Alexa Bliss had been the Alpha female of RAW, and she had been getting butt fucked on almost a weekly basis. Naturally she had been constantly trying to take Alexa's titles, but infuriatingly she could never seem to beat Alexa, and her poor ass hole had paid the price. Hell, she even came close to breaking a few times, only to watch her tormentor be so easily broken by Asuka. And now? Now proud top Sasha Banks was allowing broken bottom Alexa Bliss to greedily grope her booty because she was paralysed by the past. Thankfully she was snapped out of it, although ironically not by her beloved Bayley, who just wateched her humiliation. No, it was ironically Asuka who came to her rescue, by pointing out a pathetic she was being.

"A shame." Asuka sighed, "I was hoping for some competition."

"Competition... COMPETITION?" Sasha snapped, shoving Alexa back and then, unadvisedly, yelled at the Alpha female of RAW, "I'M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! AND THE ONE WHO'S GOING TO BEAT YOU! ME! I'M GOING TO TAKE YOUR TITLES, YOUR UNDEFEATED STREAK AND YOUR ANAL CHERRY!"

Asuka just grinned psychotically for a few long seconds, making Sasha nervous, and then she laughed with delight, "That's more like it. Mmmmmmm, bring that fire to our match Sasha, and I promise, will have a lot of fun together."

"Glad to hear you're looking forward to your humiliation." Sasha huffed.

"Awww Sasha, don't be like that. Mistress Asuka wants to congratulate you on your win." Alexa scolded, hating that anyone was talking to her top that way. Then when she saw how her voice caused Sasha to freeze again Alexa smirked, and pushed her luck again, "I told her that the best way to do that was to let you ride my cock like old times, mmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, get your ass hole nice and ready for Asuka, because everyone knows you're a total bottom in denial about the fact that what you most want is a cock up your ass, but you'll just have to settle for what Mistress Asuka has planned."

"And what's that?" Sasha asked sceptically.

"I, am going to ass fuck your girlfriend in front of you." Asuka explained gleefully, waiting a few long seconds for those words to sink in, and for Sasha to tried to protest, before cutting her off, "While you butt fuck my bitch. Ooooooooh yesssssssss, doesn't that sound like fun Sasha? And more importantly, a fair trade?"

It was more than fair, Sasha had to admit, turning her attention to Alexa and looking her up and down with a wicked grin on her face, "So... a bitch swap? Interesting... mmmmmmm, very interesting. Wait, we're talking about trading Alexa for Bayley here, right?"

"Of course. After all, Alexa is the one to so recently and so thoroughly humiliate you." Asuka confirmed, and teased, cheerfully, "Unless of course there is some incident I'm unaware of with Mickie James, or one of my NXT bitches."

Turning back to the Alpha angrily Sasha snapped, "Mickie James? MICKIE JAMES? Who the hell would bottom for Mickie James?"

"You did." Alexa pointed out, quickly clarifying when Sasha gave her a look, "What? I shoved your face so deep up that fat ass of hers I thought your whole head was going to slide right inside it. Which wouldn't have been surprising, given how loose her slutty little ass hole was. And the way you ravenously ate that ass, mmmmmmmm, and mine? You can't teach that kind of enthusiasm, you know you can't."

"Perhaps." Asuka frowned, "But eating ass doesn't have to be submissive."

"Of course not, Mistress Asuka." Alexa said softly to her owner, before turning her attention back to her rival, "It's all about the context, and how you do it."

"Indeed. Which is why Sasha is going to eat your ass before fucking it." Asuka announced, then before Sasha could protest she added, "After she punishes you for stepping out of line. Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, a spanking for a rim job. Another fair trade, I'm sure you'll agree?"

"Oh yes." Sasha grinned, "You're on."

"Oh, and another thing. This swap lasts until our match." Asuka clarified, hoping that Sasha would be too distracted to notice this part, "Then the winner takes all."

Normally Sasha would never part with Bayley for so long, but the chance to spend that much time brutalising Alexa Bliss's butt was too good to pass up, "As long as I get a good long while to teach Alexa some respect, I'm good."

"Excellent." Asuka beamed, "Alexa, take off your clothes and bend over."

"Yes Mistress Asuka." Alexa immediately replied and obeyed.

Alexa made sure to strip herself as slowly and as sensually as possible, teasing Sasha and more importantly Mistress Asuka with her hot body. She then teased Sasha even more by wiggling her butt once she was on all fours in front of her, causing the so-called Boss to practically growl in frustration, get on her knees behind her, and give her ass a viciously hard strike. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Sasha brutalising Alexa's butt right from the start, which caused those meaty cheeks to jiggle and the sound of flesh smacking against flesh to be even louder than Alexa's cry of pain. Which put a pretty satisfied smirk on Sasha's face, even though this was exactly what Alexa had wanted.

Not so long ago this would have been a nightmare, but Alexa was so broken that she actually enjoyed the occasional spanking from Mistress Asuka, who was a real Dom, who knew better than to start out full force like this. Oh yes, Mistress Asuka started out slow and teasing, taking plenty of time for the humiliation to sink in before punishing her bitch's cheeks. And of course, any amount of pain Sasha could cause paled in comparison to what Alexa got from Mistress Asuka when she was naughty, so if anything this was a nice warm up for that, as well as the butt sex which would soon follow. Because Alexa knew she had stepped out of line, but it had been totally worth it to mess with Sasha, and make sure she would be an easy conquest.

They'd known each other for years at this point, and honestly, Alexa and Sasha had never got along, and they probably never would. Hate fucking each other was fun, but that was as close as they could get to liking something about each other, so it had been really fun reminding Sasha how much fun they'd had when Alexa was fucking her up the butt. Which she was paying for now, Sasha beating whatever small amount of dominance had surfaced back there out of Alexa, in the process probably turning her backside bright red. Meanwhile Mistress Asuka wasn't even paying attention, instead choosing to bury her face back into Bayley's big booty and get it ready for fucking. Not that Alexa could really blame her.

As the pain became a bit much for her Alexa thought back dreamily to the few times that Mistress Asuka had given her a rim job. She'd got way more lately from Mickie, the two broken bottoms gleefully preparing each other for their owner, or just trying to amuse her, but if Alexa was really lucky Mistress Asuka would give her the honour of feeling her tongue inside her ass, before replacing it with her strap-on. Of course, even as she was spanked, Alexa couldn't help thinking about how much fun it had been tonguing Bayley's butt hole, especially to prepare it for a cock. Or better yet, making Bayley and/or Sasha eat her ass, the latter of which she was pretty sure was about to happen again, and she was soon proven wonderfully right.

"That's enough!" Asuka ordered firmly, Sasha hesitating to give another blow almost immediately, which made Asuka smirk as she added, "Eat that ass! Get it ready for fucking."

There was a long pause, then Sasha defiantly smacked Alexa's bright red butt one more time, before mockingly replying, "Yes Mistress Asuka."

Bayley wished Sasha wouldn't do that, because most of the time it was that cocky attitude and tendency to mouth off which got Sasha into trouble, and if there was anyone she shouldn't be doing that with it was Mistress Asuka. Thankfully Mistress Asuka just let it go for now, probably because in one swift movement Sasha reached between Alexa's ass cheeks, pulled out a giant butt-plug, and shoved it straight into her rival's mouth. Alexa, being just as big an ass to mouth whore as Bayley, then moaned loudly and happily, first at the taste of her own ass, and then because Sasha buried her face in between her cheeks and presumably started tonguing her loosened back door with what had to be at least close to the enthusiasm she showed for Bayley's back hole on a regular basis. Which honestly, made Bayley a little jealous.

Monogamy was kind of a dirty word in the WWE, but it still hurt Bayley's heart a little to see her girlfriend with another girl. Which had never been more hypocritical of her, because she really, really wanted Mistress Asuka to ruin her ass hole. Hell, she'd wanted it the first time she saw her on a TV screen, as even from afar she could tell she would be an absolute ass wrecker, and she hadn't been disappointed. If anything she had underestimated just how amazing Mistress Asuka would be at destroying butt holes, Bayley treasuring the short time they had together in NXT and greatly anticipating when her booty would once again be owned by the Empress of Tomorrow. And soon, both she and Sasha would be owned by this goddess of a woman, which bizarrely excited her and made her jealous at the same time.

Thankfully she was distracted from those conflicting thoughts by Mistress Asuka returning her tongue to her big booty, Bayley's moans, gasps and whimpers joining the chorus of the sounds which Alexa was making, as the two bottoms were thoroughly rimmed by the two tops. More importantly they were given some of the most thorough rim jobs ever, neither Mistress Asuka or Sasha shy about munching butt. No, they shoved their tongues as deep as they could go into those loosened back doors and hammered away at them for several long minutes, which was especially torturous for Bayley who'd had a tongue buried in her ass pretty much since she got into the locker room. Which was only torturous for Bayley because she desperately wanted more, yet at the same time she wanted the tops to enjoy themselves.

Luckily for Bayley she was rewarded for her silence by Mistress Asuka suddenly replacing her tongue with a finger, causing her to let out the loudest cry of pleasure yet. Alexa was doing the same after, because not to be outdone, Sasha pushed two fingers straight away into her rival's ass hole, which just caused Mistress Asuka to smirk  and countered by almost immediately beginning to pound Bayley's butt with her finger. Of course eventually a second was added, but by that time Sasha was hammering Alexa's butt hole with her fingers, the two tops constantly looking back and forth between what they were doing, and each other. The difference being of course that even now Mistress Asuka seemed to be in control, while Sasha just looked annoyed.

"Spread your girlfriend's cheeks." Asuka suddenly ordered.

"What?" Sasha frowned in disbelief, before whining, "You can't mean me."

"Why not?" Asuka questioned.

"I'm busy." Sasha pointed out the obvious, "Duh."

"Alexa can finger her own butt. Keep it nice and loose for you. Not that she needs too, as either way, your dick will slide in there like a hot knife through butter." Asuka smirked, before snapping, "Now do as you're told, or the deals off, and I'll be taking both of you lovebirds home tonight to be my anal whores."

There was a brief pause, then Sasha did as she was told while grumbling, "Fine, but I swear to God you'll pay for this."

Asuka just smirked, and of course admired the sight of the proud Sasha Banks spreading her girlfriend's butt hole for a few long seconds, before she leaned down to spit directly into Bayley's back hole, and then firmly pressed her strap-on against it. The delightfully annoyed expression on Sasha's face then slowly faded, as she became lost in the beautiful sight of that bitch hole slowly beginning to stretch, and then later taking inch after inch of dick inside it, something that Asuka was so lost in that she was barely aware of Sasha's attention also being captivated by it. Which of course Asuka savoured by making the anal penetration as slow and gentle as possible, making it harder for Sasha, and easier on Bayley. If the latter was actually possible considering what a massive butt slut the supposedly innocent girl was.

Proving that point Bayley whimpered, and even moaned, with pure pleasure as her most private hole was stretched, and then cried out joyfully the moment the head of the strap-on slid through her anal ring and actually into that enormous booty. Which caused Asuka, and even Sasha, to chuckle with twisted delight at Bayley's sluttyness, which was again something that the Alpha female allowed them all to savour for a few long seconds. Then they all became consumed by Asuka beginning to slowly slide inch after inch of big dick into that big butt, with each one for a different reason of course. For Asuka, pure dominance and power, and the pride of doing this to yet another female wrestler. Bayley meanwhile was obviously loving what she was receiving, while Sasha probably wished she was in her girlfriend's position more than Asuka's.

Even though the last thing Asuka wanted was to look away from another woman's butt hole being forced to stretch submissively for her she had to keep an eye on Sasha to ensure she couldn't try something stupid, although there was an upside to that. Namely, the obvious war that was going on inside of Sasha, which Asuka found so incredibly cute she was in no hurry to break The Boss, even though it increasingly felt like just a matter of time. And there were other things she could enjoy, like just the visual of Bayley bent over in front of her, and Alexa watching on and definitely being jealous of the slut getting her fat ass stuffed. Most of all, it gave her a better appreciation of the moment her thighs came to rest against Bayley's meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of that dick was buried deep within that big booty.

"Sooooooo easy." Asuka moaned almost casually, before turning it into a taunt, "Mmmmmmm yessssssssss, my cock slid so easy up your girlfriend's shit hole! Ohhhhhhhh yes, she is a total anal whore!"

"Yes, she is." Sasha grinned proudly, and even lovingly, "Mmmmmmm, she's a total anal whore who I butt fuck every single day."

"Only daily ass fuckings?" Asuka smirked, effortlessly turning Sasha's moment of triumph into one of defeat, "I will fuck her, and you, much more than that."

Before poor Sasha had a chance to offer a proper retort Asuka silenced her by pulling her hips back until almost half of the dildo had slid out of Bayley's fat ass, only for her then to shove it straight back in with the kind of hard thrust which would make most women cry out in pure pain and beg for mercy. But not Bayley. No, she cried out in pure pleasure from the first hard thrust, and more for the ones that followed. Something which captivated everyone into silence again, and Asuka was tempted to keep going until Sasha spoke up, or out of fear and/or pure stupidity simply cost herself the chance to get revenge on Alexa. But she didn't want her whining later that Asuka didn't keep her word, or worse, use this as an excuse not to pay the piper when it came time to give up her ass hole.

"Bayley, take over spreading your cheeks." Asuka ordered firmly, waiting a few seconds to admire the sight before her as her old NXT bitch did as she was told, then added, "Sasha... you may now fuck Alexa's butt."

"Finally!" Sasha huffed in relief, quickly grabbing a strap-on, attaching it to herself and covering it with lube before Asuka could change her mind. And of course as she did this she ordered her old NXT bitch, "Spread your cheeks Alexa! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, show me that pretty little butt hole I'm about to ruin."

"Yes Mistress Sasha." Alexa replied mockingly, even if she did as she was told, hoping to get an extra hard butt fucking for it.

"Watch and learn Asuka, mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, this is how you dominate a bitch." Sasha boasted as she knelt down behind her prey, doing a good job of hiding her annoyance at Alexa's response, and hiding her fear as Asuka just grinned wickedly at her.

Sasha then mirrored Asuka's earlier actions by admiring the sight before her, then spitting into her target before finally taking aim. Things were very different from that point forward though, as Sasha slam the head of her dick straight into Alexa's ass hole, grinning wickedly as she caused the most pain possible. However that grin quickly faded as it was clear while Alexa did cry out in pain she actually seemed to enjoy it as much as Bayley, proving in such a short time she had returned to the level of sluttyness she had been while at NXT. Which was as frightening as it was infuriating for Sasha, who was almost desperate now to cause Alexa some physical pain as revenge for the mental agony she had put her through pretty much ever since she showed up to RAW.

Unfortunately a series of hard thrusts just couldn't get the job done. More accurately, while Sasha was burying every inch of the dildo deep within Alexa's bowels, the broken bitch continued to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure throughout the rough and hard ass stuffing, and even the butt fucking. Obviously Sasha had to be careful here, as the last thing she wanted to do was make Alexa cum too quickly, both because she didn't want to piss off Asuka, and because she really didn't want to give her former rival that much pleasure. At least not yet. Although it wouldn't be long before she was causing her pure pleasure, whatever pain Alexa had been feeling fading away, which at least gave Sasha something she could taunt her about.

"Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, moan for me bitch! Moan as I stretch out your cute little bubble butt!" Sasha gleefully taunted, grabbing hold of Alexa's hair and yanking it back as she did so, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, you love that shit, huh? Yeahhhhhhhhhh, you love having your ass hole ripped apart and filled with nice big girl cock. Ha, fucking dyke bitch! That's what you are Alexa, mmmmmmmm, that's what you've always been. Oh yeah, I'm so glad you finally remember that. Remember how much you love getting your bitch butt stretched out! Being an anal whore! My anal whore! Yessssssss, that's what you are, and that's what you'll always be. Oh yeah, mmmmmmmm, moan like a bitch as I take your whore ass!"

"As will you, when I take your ass." Asuka suddenly interrupted, once again turning Sasha's moment of triumph into one of failure and dread.

To Sasha's shame Asuka's threat caused her ass hole to quiver with both fear, need, and even anticipation. God, in that moment she wanted so badly to be in Bayley's position, and she hated herself for it. Or worse, bent over once again for Alexa to abuse. Or maybe worst of all, be Charlotte's little butt bitch again. Oh God, in that moment it was like she could feel her butt hole stretching wide for a hot blonde to pump a big strap-on in and out of it, causing her the kind of obscene submissive pleasure she'd only ever received when being butt fucked. Something that Alexa had been so good at. Not as good as Charlotte, but still amazing. And now Sasha was completely wasting her chance for revenge by reliving the previous humiliations she'd suffered.

Luckily for her, she was a true top, and her body went into autopilot, thrusting back and forth hard at the pace Asuka was initially dishing out, but not enough to make Alexa cum. Then when she refocused on her revenge Sasha got to grin wickedly and proudly for a few long seconds, as she focused on the once mighty Alexa Bliss spreading her cheeks to present her ass hole stretching for a strap-on. Giving it to Sasha as a sign she knew she was the superior woman, and trying to give her the best look of this obscene submission. Then Asuka increased her pace, almost hard enough to make Bayley cum, and more than enough to make Sasha think submissive thoughts again.

Feeling jealous of her fellow bottom Alexa called out, "Come on Sasha, ohhhhhhhhh, I remember you being a better top than this."

Fuming with rage Sasha snapped, "You want better? I'll show you better."

Alexa cried out joyfully as with that Sasha increased her pace of the butt fucking. It was a poor substitute for what Bayley was now receiving from Mistress Asuka, but it was at least closer to what Alexa was craving right now. Especially as in no time at all she found herself on the edge of orgasm, much like Bayley had to be, with the two tops skilfully keeping the bottoms on that edge for the next few long minutes. Which was at least a hint of the NXT Sasha Banks, who really had been The Boss, instead of the wannabe that Alexa had turned the tables on. Oh yes, in that precious moment Alexa was right back in NXT, being the most popular fuck hole on the roster.

Further sign of that came when Mistress Asuka abruptly pulled her strap-on out of Bayley's big butt, swiftly positioned herself in front of Alexa and then presented her with that ass flavoured dildo. Which of course made Alexa's eyes light up, barely remembering to look up gratefully at her smirking Mistress before wrapping her lips around that cock and moaning with shameless pleasure, not only at tasting Bayley's booty, but having the added bonus of being double stuffed. Oh yes, former Alpha female Alexa Bliss was now taking it in both ends like a total whore, and she loved every moment of it. Hell, it almost made her go over the edge, but thankfully Sasha slowed down just enough for her to avoid it in favour of savouring the taste of ass.

"That's it Alexa Bitch, suck that cock! Mmmmmmm, suck it clean of every drop of your butt cream you filthy little ass to mouth loving whore! Ooooooooh yesssssssss, go ass to mouth while I'm fucking you in the butt. Oh fuck yeah!" Sasha gleefully encouraged, trailing off for a moment when she noticed Asuka staring at her with a terrifying grin, but she somehow pushed through her fear to continue the commentary, "Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, take it all! Take every single inch down your throat, oh shit, and up your butt you filthy little anal whore! Oh God Alexa, you were always such a good little ass slut. Mmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, I'm so glad you've realised your place again."

"I put her in her place, and I shall do the same to you." Asuka said softly and confidently.

"No you won't." Sasha snapped, distracting from her lack of confidence with that by pulling out of Alexa's ass and strolling over to Bayley.

Which was both an incredible relief for Alexa, and an incredible disappointment. Obviously she loved a cock in her ass, but it was nice to be given a chance to come down from her high, as she knew it would be some time before she'd be allowed to cum, and to be so close was driving her crazy. Also it allowed her to concentrate more on sucking cock, which of course meant pleasing Mistress Asuka. Unfortunately for her Mistress Asuka suddenly pulled away from her, for a second blocking Sasha's way and making the little wannabe freezing fear. Then Mistress Asuka just smirked wickedly, shuffled back, and shoved her cock straight up Bayley's big booty and began violently sodomising Sasha's girlfriend in front of her. Or more accurately, going back to it.

Clearly furious at being outmanoeuvred, again, Sasha let out an irritated screech and then pretty much shoved her dick directly down her girlfriend's throat. Not that Bayley minded of course, which was clear from the way that she moaned happily like the total bottom she was at this treatment. God, Alexa was so jealous of her in that moment. Her ass felt so empty and unloved, left there simply to gape, and her mouth to salivate, as she just had to watch this twisted show before her, while waiting in position for at least one of the tops to return. Thankfully she wasn't waiting long, in both cases, Alexa not only getting plenty of chances to be double stuffed and taste Bayley's booty in the process, but to also taste her own, on more than one occasion.

Bayley welcomed that treatment, especially when she got to be the lucky bitch being the centre of attention. There was even something to be said for watching Alexa being double teamed, especially given that the mean girl had relentlessly bullied her when she was the Alpha female of RAW. Well, Bayley had secretly enjoyed some of the humiliation Alexa gleefully dealt out, but a lot of that had been hard to bear, especially whenever her beloved Sasha was humiliated, so it was great to be able to watch her girlfriend get some revenge now by pounding Alexa's cute little bubble butt, and then stuffing that ass flavoured dick down the bitch's throat. Even if it was a little hollow of a victory, given now the broken bitch was clearly loving every second of it.

This perverted show, along with everything else she was receiving, also pushed Bayley ever closer into begging for more. She kind of didn't want too, as she lived for being butt fucked, and wished she could be getting fucked in the ass every single second of every single day, but it was only a matter of time before the urge to cum became overwhelming. The only question was really left was could Bayley hold out long enough so that Alexa would beg first? Because if she could that gave her at least some sort of revenge over the woman who had taken so much pleasure in torturing her and more importantly her girlfriend. However Mistress Asuka's bitch was holding firm, and Bayley wasn't sure how much more she could take.

Ultimately Bayley just couldn't take it any more and shamelessly begged, "Harder! Fuck me harder Mistress Asuka! Slam fuck my ass and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, mmmmmmm, you fuck my big fat ass so good, soooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddd oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk! Fuck me! Oh fuck me please, mmmmmmmmm FUCK! Wreck my butt hole! Yessssssssss, wreck it Mistress Asuka! Butt fuck me like only you can! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, fuck me! Fuck me fuck me fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss, mmmmmmmm, destroy my slutty little ass hole in front of Sasha! Please, oh please Mistress Asuka, show my girlfriend just how hard you can make me cum!"

"Me too!". Alexa interrupted with a loud moan, "Mmmmmmmm, destroy my slutty little shit hole Sasha! Wreck it, oooooooooh, like I used to wreck your ass! Leave it a gaping mess! Yessssssssss, gape me like I gaped you, mmmmmmmmm ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, make me walk funny because of my gaping butt hole, ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, and be unable to sit down, just like you after I fucked your ass oooooooooh fuck, because you finally got revenge on me. Thanks to Mistress Asuka, and only because of Mistress Asuka! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, pound my ass hole! Pound it hard and deep and make me cum! Oh God, make me cum make me cum make me cum OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME SASHA, MAKE ME YOUR BITCH IF YOU CAN! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK, BUT WE ALL KNOW YOU CAN'T! MMMMMMMMMMMMM YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH, AH SHIT, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!

Just like little poor Alexa little poor Bayley had tried to hold back longer than the other it seemed like Sasha and Mistress Asuka were doing the same, and it was no surprise who lost both times. Oh yes, Alexa had been to well-trained to beg first, and Mistress Asuka was to patient to be the first to increase the pace, so it was Sasha who let out a growl of frustration and started brutalising Alexa's bubble butt with every ounce of her strength, pretty much instantly making the woman who had tormented her cum. Which made Bayley incredibly jealous, especially as Mistress Asuka seemed weirdly content with just watching for a few long minutes, another wicked smile on her face. But oh boy, did she then make up for that hesitation with the kind of deep anal pounding that Bayley so fondly remembered receiving in NXT.

Actually this was even better than she remembered, and arguably better than what she got from Sasha on a daily basis. True, that had the added benefit of anal love making, but what Bayley really loved above all else was being turned into an orifice for a superior woman's pleasure, and Mistress Asuka was clearly the most superior woman of them all. She just made her cum so effortlessly, and that was just by slightly increasing the pace of the sodomy. Once Mistress Asuka really started giving her everything she had poor Bayley's mind melted away, and she was incapable of thinking clearly, because her cum was constantly squirting out of her cunt, her body was shaking and she was screaming hysterically from the overwhelming ecstasy she was receiving.

Sasha did her best to focus on finally being able to put Alexa Bliss back in her rightful place as nothing but an anal loving bottom, just like she should have done the second the little bitch showed up on RAW. Or better yet, shortly after the first time Alexa had been able to defeat her and fuck her up the ass. But through almost all of the butt fucking, she couldn't stop thinking about how Alexa had humiliated her over, and over, and over again, and that now, even though she was getting revenge it was a hollow victory, which was only the result of Asuka playing mind games with her. And Sasha hated the fact that it had been Asuka who had broken Alexa, and had done it so effortlessly.

To make matters worse Sasha kept glancing over at Asuka, who had an evil grin on her face the entire time. Mostly Asuka was focused on Alexa or especially Bayley as she gleefully sodomised them, fed them ass cream, and now perhaps literally ruined Bayley's fat ass with rectum wrecking thrusts. But every so often Sasha caught the Empress of Tomorrow staring at her, and it made her poor ass hole tremble with fear, and also, to her shame, quiver with anticipation. Oh God, there was part of Sasha that actually wanted to know what Bayley was experiencing now, and what Alexa had experienced when she was broken, and for the most part it took off Sasha her game, causing her to lose her patients more than once and embarrass herself in the process.

However that entire time Sasha had become more and more angry, the combination of her traitorous thoughts, Asuka showing her up, and perhaps most of all vivid memories of Alexa humiliating her and stretching her ass out caused her to go berserk, and pound Alexa's ass hole far more brutally than she'd ever butt fucked another woman before. Even her beloved Bayley, who was an infamous anal slut. But well-trained anal whore that she was Alexa only continued screaming in pleasure and cumming violently, which only pushed Sasha into being even more brutal with that whore hole. It also made her spank Alexa's booty as hard as she could, making the cheeks jiggle even more than they were before, and then with the other hand pulled her hair back roughly and screamed abuse in her ear.


Unsurprisingly this just made Alexa cum harder and more frequently, which was exactly what Sasha wanted. Which ironically had nothing to do with making Alexa feel good. No, that was just an unfortunate byproduct. Her goal was to make Alexa as humiliated as possible, if that was even possible given that Asuka seemed to have destroyed her mind, and ass hole, to the point where Alexa Bliss was truly a shameless anal whore. More importantly Sasha wanted to prove to Asuka that she wasn't a wannabe top like Alexa, but the real deal, and she wouldn't be so easily broken. No! She wouldn't be broken at all. Which was a message she tried to tell the terrifying woman just as she stared back at her. Which was admittedly difficult when she could no longer hold back the urge to cum, but Sasha was confident her message got across.

Asuka indeed got Sasha's message, and she thought it was adorable that such a total bottom could still be convinced she was a top after being butt fucked so many times. Well soon enough Asuka would be putting Sasha in her place once and for all, a message she very clearly told her rival with her eyes almost throughout the brutal butt busting. Especially because Asuka could already picture Sasha bent over next to Bayley, ideally with her beloved Alexa and Mickie either side of them, all four women eager for her dick in their asses. Or better yet, every woman in the WWE lined up and ready to be used for Asuka's pleasure, something the rightful Alpha female of the entire WWE promised would happen soon enough when she took her place on top of the food chain.

However, as tempting as it was to get lost in wonderful dreams of the future Asuka was blissfully aware of the present the entire time. And how could she not be, considering how loudly Bayley was squealing with pleasure for her? Or how her sweet Alexa was loving having her ass hole brutalised, even if it was from an inferior woman to Asuka. Although perhaps that was part of the charm for her? Being topped by someone she had once so easily topped? It certainly seemed that way whenever Asuka looked away from Sasha long enough to see the look of pleasure on Alexa's pretty little face, or see just how hard she was cumming, something which almost bought Asuka as much joy as seeing how hard Bayley was cumming.

On those occasions, and indeed throughout the sodomy, Asuka couldn't help but focus on Bayley. Or more accurately, those massive cheeks which looked and felt so wonderful jiggling against her thighs, something which Asuka had dearly missed. Asuka had been furious with management for 'promoting' Bayley to RAW, robbing her of one of her favourite ass whores, but now they were both on RAW she would never again have to go without getting a piece of this fat ass whenever she wanted it. Oh yes, Asuka once again owned this big booty. Something she needed to make very clear to Bayley, and more importantly to Sasha. Get it through their thick heads that the two girls could fuck all they wanted, but this fuck hole in between these two giant cheeks was her property.


This of course enraged Sasha into continuing to destroy Alexa's ass hole for a few long minutes, making them both cum in the process, meaning that really Asuka had done them both a favour. But Sasha just didn't have the stamina that Asuka did, and ultimately the weaker women collapsed with exhaustion, leaving the Alpha female of RAW to once again prove herself by continuing to wreck Bayley's rectum for a few more glorious minutes. Of course, not even Asuka's self-control was unlimited, and ultimately just like with Sasha the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of fucking another woman in the ass caught up with her and she came. Again, like with Sasha she pushed herself through that climax, and several more, but ultimately she had to pull out to prevent herself from doing something as embarrassing as collapsing, like her so-called rival did.

Asuka then smirked at her handiwork, enjoying it for a few long seconds before smacking Bayley's booty and ordering, "Spread your cheeks bitch. Mmmmmmm yesssssss, show me your gape."

"Yes Mistress Asuka ." Bayley replied and quickly obeyed.

"You too." Sasha groaned, rolling off of Alexa, and then sitting up so she could get a good view of the show.

Sasha was extremely annoyed when instead of replying Alexa just wordlessly moved over to where Bayley was, meaning that it would be Asuka who got the best view of their handiwork. Especially as it took a lot of energy for Sasha to move over to where she could get a good look too, but it was totally worth it for that beautiful view. Oh yes, both those slutty ass holes remained widely stretched open, a testament to just how well they had been pounded. Also admittedly how regularly they were pounded, but it was still a sign of The Boss's dominance. Well, hers and Asuka's. Especially as first Bayley and then Alexa reached behind them and spread their cheeks wide open, presenting their ruined butt holes to their betters.

"Mmmmmmm, that's so pretty. I love it when good little bitches show me their ass after they've been thoroughly owned." Sasha chuckled wickedly, before ordering, "Now, just one last thing to do, and that's for you bitches to suck it. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, get over here and suck your asses off these cocks like the ass to mouth whores you are."

"Not so fast, I have a better idea." Asuka announced, before turning to Sasha, "You do it."

"What?" Sasha frowned.

"You heard." Asuka said sternly, before adding with a smirk, "These ass to mouth whores have had all the fun tonight, isn't it your turn, huh? Isn't your mouth just watering at the thought of tasting those butt flavoured cocks? Mmmmmmm yessssssss, go on Sasha, stuff them into your mouth. You know you want too. At the very least, taste the deepest part of Alexa's booty. I bet you haven't done that before, have you?"

"I..." Sasha began.

"Or... I could take Alexa AND Bayley home with me. Hell, I could take you too. I am the Alpha, after all." Asuka gleefully reminded her pray, "Oh, and I bet the three of you will look beautiful lined up in a row for me to fuck. And that is going to happen Sasha. I promise you that. The question is, would you like it to be tonight, or shall we save it for after I break you?"

This effectively trapped Sasha into choosing the lesser of two evils, and she only made matters worse by hesitating. Hell, there was probably a pleading look on her face just before she groaned with defeat, and started to take off her strap-on. Worst of all, both Alexa and Bayley craned their necks around to watch Sasha being forced to suffer yet another indignity. Asuka was right of course, as while Sasha had been forced to give Alexa plenty of rim jobs when Little Miss Bliss had been the Alpha female of RAW she had never tasted the deepest part of Alexa's booty on a dildo before. Something that to her shame part of Sasha was looking forward to experiencing, but mostly, she was just overwhelmingly humiliated.

What made it even more humiliating was that Sasha instantly moaned loudly with pleasure when she tasted the deepest part of Alexa's butt. Hell, she even closed her eyes to savour the perverted flavour. She just couldn't help it. Although it was kind of a good thing, as it meant that she couldn't see the smirk that was no doubt on Asuka's face right now. Not that she needed too. No, Sasha could sense that smirk, although it wasn't enough to stop her from greedily sucking the dildo clean. God, she even slowly but surely pushed it into her throat so she could get every drop of that ass, her inner ATM slut/cock sucker shining through as she so thoroughly degraded herself.

"Good girl." Asuka grinned with delight, "Now me. Oh yes, get down on your knees in front of me, and suck my cock. Mmmmmmm yessssssssss, taste your girlfriend's ass. I know you've done it a lot, but this is the first time you'll be tasting it on my dick. The first of many. Oooooooooh yesssssssss, make no mistake Sasha, you will be doing this a lot. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, that's it cock sucker! Suck my cock! Oh fuck!"

After that Asuka simply continued the abuse in Japanese, but the message was largely sent by that point, as Sasha had barely hesitated doing as she was told. To be fair she didn't have much of a choice, and the other dildo had been cleaned by that point, so she might as well get more butt cream. Especially when it was the yummiest she'd ever had, and even though she'd had it a lot lately Sasha could never get enough. Although Alexa's ass had been really tasty too, which gave her another reason for doing this. But whatever gratitude she may feel was fleeting, because those words, this position and most of all, what she was doing was extremely humiliating for The Boss, and as she continued bobbing her head up and down on that dildo, and eventually pushing it into her throat, Sasha promised herself she would get revenge for this indignity.

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