Maryse’s Love Of Big Fat Ass 

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Ember Moon was on top of the world. Or at least, closer to it than she had been for a long time. In NXT she had been champion, but it'd taken some time to get a shot on the RAW. Now she finally had one, winning a battle royal for the right to face the RAW women's champion, Becky Lynch. Then she received a text, telling her to come to The Man's hotel room that night. Given that Becky was the Alpha female of RAW, she couldn't refuse, but Ember wondered what this meant exactly. The obvious answer was that Becky was going to top her, and if she was honest with herself, Ember knew it wouldn't take much. And despite her best efforts, she couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to be The Man's anal bitch for the night, something she hadn't had the pleasure of yet, given they had been separated by brands up until now.

However, before creating The Man persona, to great success, Becky Lynch had been one of the biggest bottoms in the history of the WWE, and there were rumours that she was back to her submissive ways, given that she hadn't topped anyone since her biggest win at Wrestlemania 35. Hell, she had barely been seen backstage since then, leading to a lot of speculation that someone had already got to her. But if so, who? And what if this was Becky trying to re-establish her dominance with an easy win? If so, maybe Ember could surprise her, turn the tables on her, and finally become the dominant force she had always dreamed of being. Instead of a little fuck toy, past around between all the more dominant women of the WWE. So when Ember reached the door to the hotel room, she spent a few long seconds psyching herself up, before knocking on it.

Almost immediately a familiar voice called out, "Come in."

That voice made Ember's butt hole quiver with fear and anticipation, but most of all disbelief. Because surely, it couldn't be her. Not Maryse. Maryse had retired, leaving the ring behind her, in favour of starting a family with her frog faced husband. And leaving behind her career of mediocrity in the ring, and yet unrivalled dominance backstage, being the only Alpha not to ultimately be overthrown and lose her cherry in the process. Well, Ember could think of one other, but that didn't matter now. No, all that mattered was finally gathering the courage to open that door to confirm her suspicions, and for better or for worse, there she was, Maryse Ouellet, or whatever she was calling herself now, standing there with a glass of wine in her hand.

"Je sais que je suis au-delà de la perfection, mais il est impoli de le regarder. Oh oui, mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, I know I am beyond perfection, but it is rude to stare." Maryse quipped with a wicked chuckle, taking a sip of her wine before adding, "So sure a glimmer of decency, and intelligence, by closing the door behind you and following me. Oh oui, entrer ici salope."

Like the well-trained bottom she was Ember quickly did as she was told, not only stepping inside and shutting the door behind her, but locking it to make sure they wouldn't be disturbed. Something which probably made the French Dom grin, Ember practically able to taste it, even though Maryse's back was to her as she walked further into the luxurious hotel suite, Ember following close behind, at least until she reached the bedroom. Then she froze for a few long seconds, as standing with their backs to the wall were four naked women, and spreading their cheeks, revealing their ass holes were gaping open. And she was pretty sure she knew at least one of them, just from her hair, which was a suspicion that Maryse was only too happy to confirm.

"Pay no attention to my latest fat assed bitches. They were just entertaining me while we were waiting for you. M'amuser avec leurs gros culs. Oh oui, mmmmmmmmm, oh oui." Maryse explained dismissively, before adding with a wicked smirk, "However, let's just get this question in the way first... Becky, are you the Alpha?"

"No, my French Mistress." Becky turned to look lovingly at her top, revealing her face, and of course her voice, to Ember in the process.

"Then what are you?" Maryse smirked, taking another sip of her wine.

"Your anal bitch, my French Mistress." Becky quickly replied, before correcting herself, "I mean, big fat assed bitch!"

"Right." Maryse purred wickedly, staring at Ember while asking, "And what am I?"

"My beautiful, wonderful, amazing, generous French Mistress." Becky beamed happily, before clarifying, "And the Alpha female of RAW."

"Non, I am the Alpha female of the WWE, Charlotte Flair is just too dumb to realize it." Maryse snapped angrily, before refocusing on her next conquest, "But that bitch will get what's coming to her soon enough, and that's not why you are here. Non, mmmmmmmmmm, you are here so I can congratulate you on your big win. The biggest you've had, in what, almost a year? Ha ha ha ha, oui, that sounds about right. And surely, there can't be a more perfect reward for someone like you, then to become my fat assed bitch. So, what are you waiting for? Strip! Ooooooooooooh oui, mmmmmmmmm, show off that curvy little body, and especially that big fat ass. Oh oui, show me the only thing you have of any real value."

There was a brief pause, then Ember took a deep breath, and told the French bitch, "No?"

"No?" Maryse questioned in disbelief.

"No." Ember repeated, feeling more bold as she added, "Why should I listen to you? You're not the Alpha. Becky is."

"Oh mon Dieu, à quel point devez-vous être stupide?" Maryse groaned, before speaking very slowly, "You just heard Becky, non? Are you deaf, as well as dumb? Mmmmmmmmm, elle l'a dit elle-même. Oh oui, she said it. I am the Alpha, and she is just my fat assed bitch. Something that, if you're very lucky, and I forgive you for this moment of stupidity, you will also be."

"But... but..." Ember protested, before whimpering, "Please don't do this. I can't..."

"Can't what?" Maryse laughed, "Submit to a model?"

"Yes." Ember said weakly, causing the annoying French woman to laugh louder and harder.

"Oh sweetie, it's tradition." Maryse promised, after she got her laughing under control, "Mmmmmmmm, I've had all the women you used to idolized. Fucked their asses, and used them for my pleasure. And now you're next. Something you should consider a great honour. Oooooooooooh oui, c'est un grand honneur. Do you think I lay a finger on the disgusting bodies of every fat assed bitch? Or make all of them mine? Non, only the lucky few. So stop complaining, and give me what I want to see. Otherwise you will never, ever get another title shot. Or be allowed to have a chance for a fair fight in this one. Is that what you want to hear? To make this easier on you? Okay, we can pretend if you like. Mmmmmmmm, but we both know the truth. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, we both know you want me inside you? To abuse you? To give you what you crave? What you need? So do it. Strip! Now!"

Maryse was so very close to slapping this uppity little bitch across the face, strip off her clothes herself, and beat her whore ass. It wouldn't go further than that of course, if after all that Ember still said she didn't want this, and her body didn't betray her words. However, luckily it didn't come to that. No, because after a few more long seconds of the two women staring at each other, the one with the best finisher in the business lowered her head, whimpered pathetically, and finally did as she was told. Which of course resulted in Maryse laughing with evil delight, happy that her latest conquest was finally accepting her place in all of this, and surrendered that amazing body of hers. Of course, the laughter was quickly forgotten when Ember pulled her top over her head.

While Maryse was very much a butt girl, she could appreciate a big pair of tits, and Ember definitely had a set that she was looking forward to grabbing onto while fucking her fat ass. And to see jiggling for her, of course. Hell, maybe she would even suck on them. If she could forgive Ember for her earlier stupidity. She was now certainly on the right track, stripping nice and slowly, and while she wasn't trying quite as hard as her broken bitches, there was something to be said for the embarrassment of a wannabe top. But God, then the ass whore turned around, pull down her pants and panties to reveal her ridiculously big black booty, even sticking it out and pointing it at the French Dom, and Maryse was once again baffled by how these fat assed wrestlers could be so delusional.

"Stay!" Maryse ordered with wicked delight, smacking that big black butt to emphasize her words, "Oh oui, stay, oooooooooh oui. Stay right where you are, and let's get a good look at you. Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, you'll do. You'll do nicely. Oh oui, vous ferez un excellent ajout à ma collection. Ma collection de chiennes anales. Oh yes, you shall make an excellent addition to my collection. My collection of anal bitches. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, mmmmmmmmm, such a nice, big, fat whore ass! And nice, big, fat whore tits too. Mais tu sais quoi? Je pense qu'ils pourraient faire de la décoration. Oh oui, do you know what? I think they could do with some decoration. Oh oui, and I know just want to give them."

As she was talking, Maryse slid her hands all over Ember's big booty, squeezing and pinching it to her heart's content, while the wrestler just whimpered like the pathetic little bottom she was. Maryse even did Ember the favour of sliding her hands upwards and around, so she could cup those big titties. But again, Maryse was very much an ass girl, so she only played with those tits for a few long seconds, and then smack them roughly, before sliding her hands back down to that big booty, and giving it a rough double smack. Something she did a few more times to emphasize her next couple of words, before pulling herself away from that ass for now, so she could dish out some further humiliation.

Namely by retrieving her favourite marker pen, and her phone, so she could bend down and then write the words FAT ASS in big Letters on Ember's ass cheeks, one word on each cheek. It was practically her brand at this point. One that she gladly shared with her broken bitches, quickly sending them a copy of that beautiful shot. Then she grabbed a hold of Ember's face, pulled it back so she could get the bitch's face in shot, then took another one and sent that too. She then roughly turned Ember around, so she could write WORTHLESS WHORE on Ember's tits, and FUCK HOLE on her forehead, just to really hammer what this piece of fuck meat was to her. Maryse then pulled back to admire her handiwork, and of course, to take another picture.

"Oh oui, that is a vast improvement, mmmmmmmm, une vaste amélioration." Maryse purred with delight, before sliding her fingertips across the words on Ember's tits, "Because you know, this is all you are, right Ember? Mmmmmmmmmm oui, une pute sans valeur, bonne à rien mais à baiser? Oh oui, you are a worthless whore, good for nothing but fucking? Nothing but butt fucking, ha ha ha ha!"

"Yes." Ember whimpered, before crying out as her tits were roughly smacked, again.

"Yes what?" Maryse pushed, smacking those big boobs again.

"Ah fuck... yes... my French Mistress?" Ember guessed cautiously, thinking back to what Becky had said.

"That's right, you worthless whore." Maryse chuckled wickedly, rewarding Ember with another strike to her big titties, "Now, bend over my knee. Oh oui, let's really get this party started."

"Yes my French Mistress." Ember replied and obeyed, with only a slight hesitation.

Ember had a feeling that she would regret that slight hesitation, given the way that her new Mistress glared at her. Of course, that glare quickly turned into a smirk once they were both in position. Maryse had been quick to sit down, of course, even patting her knee to remind Ember of her destination, the former NXT women's champion whimpering pathetically, before finally doing as she was told, and placing herself over that knee. It was a vision she was very familiar with thanks to Asuka, the woman responsible for sending her down this path, until she found herself actually submitting to a spanking with only the slightest push. Oh God, she was such a far cry from what she'd hoped she'd be at this point in her career.

She would be in that position, wallowing in the humiliation, for what felt like an eternity. At first, nothing even happened, but in a way that was just as bad as what happened next, because Maryse was obviously admiring her pray, Ember not needing to look back to know that the white bitch was staring at her black ass. And then, when Maryse did finally do something, it wasn't to do her the courtesy of starting the spanking. No, the evil bitch wasn't that kind. Instead she would drag this out for as long as possible, just like Asuka before her. Which meant several long minutes of Ember just lying there while another woman groped her fat ass, somehow finding a way to do it even more greedily than before.

It was something of a relief then when Maryse finally delivered the first hard blow. Ember still cried out in pain, just as she had for the recent playful blows, and the one that followed this one. Admittedly it was frustrating that her new Mistress went right back to the playful strikes, and the greedy groping in between them, making it clear that this spanking was going to last a while. But at least they were on the right track. And honestly, there was something to be said for the playful spanking. Even the humiliation that came with it was a turn on, reminding Ember that she was a total bottom. Something which had to be obvious to the dominant woman, given the way that the submissive girl's pussy was pressing into her thigh. Oh God, she could practically taste the twisted grin on Maryse's face.

That twisted grin, no doubt became wider and wider as the French Dom greatly increased her pace, until she had to be giving Ember everything she had. At that point, Ember would almost missed the initial playful spanking, as the butt beating she received later would be the kind of pain surely no one could enjoy. It also had her thoroughly humiliating herself in the process, thrashing around while screaming and crying like a little bitch. But at least it would hopefully be the beginning of the end, and soon she would be receiving what she truly wanted. What she always wanted. What she came here for. Which was of course, another type of butt pounding. One which would be far more mutually pleasurable.

Maryse was of course looking forward to that butt pounding too. Maybe even more than this stupid piece of butt meat, which was really saying something, as Ember Moon was clearly one of those disgusting little anal sluts who lived to take it up their asses. Their big fat disgusting asses, Maryse was practically drooling at the thought of it. Or maybe that was just because the giant ass being presented to her was jiggling like jelly in an earthquake? Well honestly, it was probably a combination of both, which further pushed The Sexiest of the Sexy into wanting to jump straight to the real butt pounding. However, she had a reputation to uphold. Besides, such a big booty deserved to be properly punished, for being so fat and disgusting.

So Maryse settled into dishing out a nice, long spanking, taking plenty of time to slide her hands over those meaty cheeks like a butcher with a piece of meat, getting as much enjoyment as possible out of her latest conquest by playing around with just how hard she was slapping the cheeks, occasionally just concentrating on one, other times giving both a smack, and even playing that big black booty like bongo drums a few times, which really made her laugh cruelly. Sometimes she even pulled her hand away entirely, so she could take a moment to enjoy her handiwork. Because sure, there was only a very light red to it so far, but the words which perfectly described Ember Moon was still very much branded on her butt, and Maryse could never get tired of seeing that.

The writing had been as dark as Ember's hair, so despite her dark skin, it was still very much visible. The initial light red caused by the spanking wasn't as visible, at least compared to the paler bottoms Maryse usually beat on, but she could still see it, and it became even more visible as the minutes ticked by. Especially when she started to give it everything she had. Oh yes, Maryse kept things nice and playful for a long time, but inevitably she increased the speed and the force behind her blows, and phased out the pauses in between strikes, until she was dishing out a truly vicious butt beating, which had those meaty cheeks turning very dark, angry and visibly red, while yet another so-called wrestler whimpered and cried for her like a little bitch.

Best of all, those big fat disgusting ass cheeks jiggled an obscene amount, making Maryse go absolutely berserk with lust. Oh yes, she had no control over herself whatsoever, just viciously beating that booty with every ounce of her strength, until her hand hurts so much she thought it was going to fall off. Only then did she stop, to truly admire her handiwork, and busk in her superiority. Meanwhile Ember just lay there defeated, waiting for her top to either continue, or give her the order she had no doubt been waiting for this entire time. Luckily for her, Maryse had no intention of disappointing. She just wanted to savour the moment, and reach for her phone to take another shot of her handiwork.

Ember was so humiliated. She tried to stay strong as she could for as long as she could, but almost throughout the spanking she was whimpering and crying out like a pathetic little bitch, and it truly became ridiculous when her new Mistress gave her everything she had. Or even half of it, for that matter. Oh God, she cried, while squirming like a helpless child, being punished for misbehaving. And the worst part? She enjoyed every second of it. Maybe especially that vicious spanking. Not because she liked the pain, but because she loved the humiliation. And this was more humiliating than ever before, considering this was just a glorified model, from a darker time in women's wrestling.

Hell, part of her was almost disappointed when it ended. Although that was almost forgivable, considering what was to come. Also, she received yet more humiliation just lying there. Namely from Maryse grabbing her phone, and taking a few photos, between greedily groping her prize. Which thankfully massaged some of the pain away, even if it was short-lived. Because without warning Ember was shoved to the ground, while Maryse retrieved a nice big strap-on dick, attached it to her sexy body, all the while staring her pray down. God, Ember's greedy little ass hole was already quivering with anticipation of having that big cock inside her slutty little ass. But for better or for worse, there would be some preparation first.

"What are you doing you stupid whore?" Maryse questioned mockingly, "Qu'est-ce que tu fais stupide putain? Hein? Penchez-vous! Mmmmmmmm, oh oui, penchez-vous comme la salope que vous êtes! Ohhhhhhhhh oui, donnez-moi ce cul. Veux-tu te faire enculer, ou pas? Bend over! Mmmmmmmm, oh oui, bend over like the bitch you are! Ooooooooooh oui, give me that ass. Do you want to be butt fucked, or not?"

"Yes my French Mistress, sorry my French Mistress." Ember replied and obeyed, this time without hesitation.

Jumping onto the bed Ember positioned herself in the centre of it, on all fours, with her big butt pointed directly at her French Mistress. Maryse had very obviously not been clear on what she meant as an excuse to punish Ember, probably for not asking, rather than simply being in the wrong position. Oh yes, she was pretty sure from the way that the other woman was practically drooling that she had chosen the right position, although for better or for worse, that punishment never came. Instead the French Dom just stared at her handiwork for a few long seconds, then kneeled down behind her prey, and then just as this seemed to be it, Maryse suddenly leaned down, stuck out her tongue, and slid it over that big booty.

That process was then repeated over and over again, Maryse going back and forth in between those meaty cheeks as she became lost in her lust for them. Which was honestly kind of cute, and while Ember was just about able to stop herself from saying that, she couldn't to stop the occasional chuckle, and wide smile on her face. Mostly because this wasn't even the first time it happened, as these so-called dominant women just couldn't get enough of her big black booty. The only slight difference was that her French Mistress made her pay for her insolence almost instantly, with a hard double smack to those meaty cheeks. However, she then spread them apart, and started attacking her target with her tongue. Which wasn't exactly what Ember came here for, but it was easily the best thing so far, and had her crying out joyfully.

Maryse spat onto her target a few times to make this as nasty as possible, and initially pressed her tongue against Ember's taint, so that saliva had plenty of time to slid downwards. Also she slid her tongue all the way up, towards her ultimate target, and return to the top of Ember's ass cheeks. Something she repeated a few times, even as she slowed the distance of her licks, until inevitably she was just concentrating on the cute little fuck hole in between those massive globes. Then she settled into just sliding her tongue up and down the other woman's butt hole, only occasionally pulling back to spit on it, giving the stupid fuck hole's fuck hole, a nice, long, drawn-out rim job.

Not for Ember's benefit. God no. This was all for Maryse's benefit, The Sexiest of the Sexy becoming truly lost in her shameful fetish for big fat disgusting asses. And the best thing about it, was that right now there was no one to stop her. No annoying interruptions, no matches that needed to be had, no delusional bottom who would try and steal this bottom from her, or even more laughably, try and top her. No, the only thing in her world right now was the goddess simply known as Maryse, and this big, fat, disgusting ass, which had been literally made for her pleasure. Oh yes, as far as she was concerned, women like Ember Moon didn't serve any other purpose, something she was only too happy to prove.

Hell, even just with this rim job Maryse was proving her superiority. Oh yes, she clearly had this fuck hole quivering with submissive pleasure already, and not even trying to hold onto a shred of dignity, likely because she never had any. Yes, there could be no doubt by the end of the night, or even a matter of a few minutes, the French Dom would once again be adding a fat assed bitch to her collection. While two other fuck holes watched this conquest, no less. The thought of it of course excited Maryse, so much so that she finally picked up the pace of the rimming. Namely by starting to slide her tongue around that fuck hole, as well as up and down it. She then pushed her tongue as deep inside Ember's fat ass as it would go, which was very far, and then gleefully tongue fucked what was supposed to be a forbidden hole.

"Oh my God Ember, you're so loose! Tu es tellement lâche! Sooooooooo fucking loose! Ha ha ha ha! Mmmmmmm your ass is, ha ha ha ha!" Maryse laughed uncontrollably, after pulling her tongue out, and then as she replaced it with her finger she moaned, "Ooooooooooh oui, mmmmmmmm, vous êtes tellement lâche ici. Quoi, une armée entière vous a-t-elle conduit? Mon Dieu, je ne pense pas avoir jamais ressenti un trou aussi lâche. Oh putain, je parie que c'est à ça que ressemble la chatte de putain. Pas une lutteuse féminine, une vraie. Non pas qu'il y ait une différence à ce stade. Non, ohhhhhhhhhh, vous êtes tous épuisés, et je ne sais pas pourquoi je perds mon temps avec vous. Ou pourquoi je suis si gentil avec toi. Mais je le suis, et vous devriez m'en remercier! Ooooooooooh oui, mmmmmmmm, you're so loose back here. What, did a whole army run train on you? God, I don't think I've ever felt such a loose hole. Oh fuck, I bet this is what whore pussy is like. Not a women's wrestler, a real one. Not that there is a difference at this point. Non, ohhhhhhhhhh, you're all used up fuck holes, and I don't know why I waste my time with you. Or why I'm so good to you. But I am, and you should thank me for it!"

"Ah fuck!" Ember cried out as the French Dom emphasized her latest words with a hard strike, and then she whimpered a reply, "Yes my French Mistress, thank you my French Mistress."

"You're very welcome, whore." Maryse chuckled, before smacking the other cheek, again with her free hand, "Mais merci! Putain merci! Oh oui, ooooooooooh oui, thank me for exactly what I'm doing, mmmmmmm, and then shut the fuck up, while I get what little entertainment you're worth, out of your big fat disgusting ass!"

"Ah fuck!" Ember cried out again from another hard strike to her sore ass, and then she whimpered, "Yes my French Mistress, thank you my French Mistress. Oh God, thank you for being so good to me, mmmmmmm, and stretching out my whore hole before you fuck it. Oh my God, mmmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhh, finger my ass! Finger fuck my slutty little whore ass hole! Ah fuck! Stretch it, fucking stretch it wide and deep so every inch of your big dick slides into my shit-pipe like a hot knife through butter. Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck my big fat disgusting ass! ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssssssss, fuck me, fuck me hard, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

While Ember didn't shut up, so much as continue moaning, gasping and whimpering with the occasional word thrown in, Maryse supposed it was forgivable. Besides, what else could she expect from a dumb anal whore, who's only purpose in life was to get fucked in the ass? Something which had never been more clear as the French Dom pumped a finger in and out of that slutty little back door, eventually adding a second and then a third finger, which slid in just as easily as the first. For a few long seconds, Maryse considered anally fisting this anal bitch. Something which would no doubt be easy, but Ember hadn't earned such a reward. Or a punishment. And ultimately, Maryse was just eager to get to the real fun.

So after a few moments of anal fingering, Maryse pulled out her fingers, sucked them clean, and then ordered, "Spread your cheeks, bitch. Oh oui, it is time for me to take what is rightfully mine."

"Yes my French Mistress, thank you my French Mistress." Ember replied and obeyed without hesitation.

Ember wasn't waiting long before she felt the head of the girl cock begin stretching her butt hole, causing her to cry out in mostly pleasure. She then continued crying out, as well as gasping and whimpering, in mostly pleasure, as her most private hole stretched wider, and wider, and wider until the head of the superior woman's dick slid through her back hole and into her back passage. That finally caused her to cry out in pain, but it was fleeting, and they both knew that Ember was the kind of anal whore who even enjoyed that feeling. Enjoyed the feeling of getting her supposedly forbidden hole penetrated which was why Maryse... her French Mistress cackled with delight. And the other bottoms stared at her with pure jealousy.

Which was almost unbearably humiliating, but Ember just couldn't help herself. She was just a total anal addicted whore, something she once again proved as the dominant woman started pushing more of her big dick into her tailpipe, getting the same reaction in the process. In fact, it was worse, because not only did Ember whimper, gasp and cry out in mostly pleasure, she even moaned. Oh God, she actually moaned in mostly pleasure, just from getting her butt stuffed full of strap-on cock. Something which clearly made her new Mistress extremely happy, which made Ember's submissive heart flutter. And again, the other bottoms were jealous of her. Bayley and Becky Lynch, who she very much looked up too and respected, were jealous of her for getting fucked up the ass by a glorified model, who didn't even wrestle any more.

As they should, because Maryse was effortlessly proving herself to be just as good as advertised. If anything, the stories that Ember had heard were downplaying the abilities of The Sexiest of the Sexy, given how effortlessly she dominated the physically stronger women, and was now proving herself to be a superb butt fucker. So much so, Ember was already finding herself aching to beg for the privilege of being this superior woman's anal bitch. Or more accurately, her fat assed bitch. After all, Ember definitely had the fat ass for it. The type which had other women warning her that if she ever got to the WWE, would make her a prime target for this infamous lover of big butts.

Of course, things got even better when Maryse's thighs came to rest against her meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of that big dick was buried deep within her big bottom. Something which The Sexiest of the Sexy allowed them both to savour for a few long seconds, before inevitably beginning to officially sodomize her. Oh yes, the French Dom pumped her hips back and forth nice and slowly, causing the dildo to slide in and out of Ember's butt hole, and stimulate places inside her which were never supposed to be touched. Allegedly. But even when Asuka had taken her anal cherry, nothing had ever felt so wonderfully right to Ember. And now, after countless butt fuckings, that was even more the case. Especially with such a skilled ass tamer putting her in her place.

Maryse was once again greatly amused, and disgusted, just how easy a conquest a wrestler was proving to be. It was like a desire to wrestle went hand in hand with the desire to shamelessly take it up the ass. Although again, she had known this would be possibly one of her easiest conquests ever, given Ember Moon wasn't even that dominant in the ring. No, despite having perhaps the best finisher ever, this girl was a total loser, who had never even held a women's title on the main roster yet, and her only success in NXT have been fleeting. Everyone in the business knew what that meant. Oh yes, everyone knew that this big bottomed bitch was getting her ass fucked on the daily. As she should, with an ass this fuck-able.

If Ember had a shred of dignity or self-respect she'd use all those losses, and butt fuckings, to motivate herself into becoming a champion, and therefore saving her butt hole from further abuse. But no, it was clear that this anal whore liked bending over. In fact, it seemed that she loved it. That's what Maryse had heard, but if anything, the stories about Ember Moon being a shameless butt slut had downplayed her love for anal. Especially considering she was whimpering, crying out and gasping in pleasure throughout the initial ass stuffing, and now the sodomy was properly underway she was moaning with blissful happiness. Which again was a good thing, as clearly the purpose of this big assed bitch was to get her big fat ass fucked.

That was the true purpose of all women like Ember Moon. Not that they could really be called women. No, Maryse was a woman. Oh yes, The Sexiest of the Sexy was a real woman, and Ember Moon was nothing but a shameless anal whore, who had been put on this Earth to submit to real women. To bend over and spread their cheeks. Or to get into whatever position was required of them. Maryse of course favoured this one, as it made it very clear to even dumb fuck holes like this, that they were nothing but anal bitches for her to use for her pleasure. And of course, she loved it when they spread their cheeks, giving her the perfect view of her dick sliding into them, and then pumping in and out.

Of course, inevitably she pushed those hands away and replaced them with her own, going back to the greedy groping and smacking that she had done earlier, albeit this time while keeping those cheeks spread, so she continued watching Ember's shit hole stretching around her strap-on. Something she did for what felt like an eternity, before also inevitably moving her hands back to Ember's waist, so she could know the joy of those meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs. Oh God, Maryse lived for that feeling. And soon enough, it would get even better. But for now, she was happy just to savour this heaven. The heaven of once again using a fat assed bitch for her true purpose in life.

Ember knew deep down that was true. That no matter how hard she tried, all she would ever be, was a fuck hole for superior women. Superior women like Maryse. Something she already wanted to admit, but not as badly as she wanted this to continue for as long as it possibly could. So she simply kept her mouth shut, and allowed her most private hole to be used for it's true purpose, pleasing a superior woman. Ember even closed her eyes and allowed herself to savour that feeling at first, and then when it became too much, she looked over at Bayley and Becky Lynch to try and humiliate herself into at least lasting a little longer. However, this kind of backfired, because seeing what Maryse had reduced these two accomplish competitors too, especially The Man, only made Ember more desperate to cum.

So she tried something else, namely a tiny bit of rebellion, by lifting herself up onto all fours, and starting to bounce herself back and forth on Maryse's big dick. Ember was fairly certain this wouldn't work, but stranger things had happened, and clearly the French Dom was so distracted by those jiggling cheeks, she might just get away with it. Especially now she had a really good look at Bayley and Becky. More importantly, she had a good look at the gaping ass holes of two of the biggest stars in the women's division today. Both of whom were nothing but anal fuck toys, something which was made very clear by the fact they were continuing to spread their cheeks, and showing off those gapes. Something which made Ember feel better about herself, and pushed her closer to climax.

Of course, before Ember could truly get anywhere near cumming, Maryse delivered a series of hard strikes to that big booty, and yelled, "I think not, mmmmmmmmm, oh oui, Je crois que non. Tu veux jouir, pute sans valeur? Hein? Alors vous savez ce que vous devez faire. You wanna cum, you worthless whore? Huh? Then you know what you must do. Oh oui, you know what to do. Beg. Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, prie pour le privilège d'être ma chienne. Ma grosse chienne au cul! Et peut-être, si vous avez de la chance, je vous accorderai le privilège que vous recherchez. Peut être. Oh oui, beg for the privilege of being my bitch. My fat assed bitch! And maybe, if you're lucky, I'll grant you the privilege you seek. Maybe."

Immediately after which Ember pleaded, "Oh please, mmmmmmmmm, please allow me the privilege of being your bitch! Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, your fat assed bitch! Oh fuck yeah, I'm a bottom! Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhh, I've always been a bottom, mmmmmmmm, with a big fat bottom, that was made to be fucked. Please fuck it now! Fuck it whenever you want, ooooooooooh fuck, it's yours! I'm yours! Yesssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, I'll be anything you want me to be, just please, please let me cum! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, give me the privilege of cumming for you! Cumming like a bitch with a big dick in my big fat ass!"

"Already? Really? Oh oui, really? God, you must be truly shameless! Oh oui, mmmmmmmm, tu dois être vraiment impudique." Maryse laughed with delight, before grinning, "Very well, you may cum. Cum, and become my new fat assed bitch. But, to show how truly shameless you are, you shall help me. Oh yes, bounce that big booty back at me! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, bounce that big black booty back at your new Mistress, you stupid little fuck hole! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, faites rebondir ce gros butin noir sur votre nouvelle maîtresse, espèce de petit trou de baise stupide! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, cum like the worthless little anal whore you are!"

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, MY FRENCH MISTRESS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Ember screamed at the top of her lungs, happily showing her gratitude for this privilege, at least as long as she remained coherent.

As soon as she had the permission she so desperately needed Ember started frantically hammering herself against the big dick, eventually using every ounce of her strength to perhaps literally destroy her own butt hole. Of course, previous experience told her that she would be fine. Eventually. Sure, sitting down would be an issue for a while. As would wrestling, and even walking. But it would be so totally worth it for the climaxes she would soon be receiving. Hell, it was worth it for just this moment, as she was anally brutalized by the superior woman, and added to the collection of maybe the greatest butt buster of them all, Maryse. Oh yes, Ember couldn't believe she was so lucky to have a Mistress who understood what a worthless fuck hole like her needed.

In fact, Ember's last coherent thought for quite a while, was that she promised herself she was going to be the best anal bitch Maryse had ever had. Actually, she thought that twice, once just before her first orgasm, and then after countless more, as they practically melted together, creating a sea of ecstasy. Which of course, she was partly responsible for, as she shamelessly used every ounce of her strength to brutalize her own butt hole, but it was her French Mistress, who made her cum. Oh yes, the blonde goddess timed it perfectly so that she was always the main reason for Ember's orgasms, making the shameless butt slut even more devoted to her, just like the countless anal sluts before and after her.

Maryse cackled wickedly as Ember Moon became just another piece of fuck meat in her collection. Just like she was always destined to be. Oh yes, from the second this fuck hole stepped into a WWE ring, it was inevitable that Maryse's big dick would be sliding into her anal ring, and turning Ember Moon into just another piece of ass. Fat ass she was going to use for her pleasure whenever she wanted. Something which had been set in stone only a few minutes ago, with those wonderful words. Words which were no doubt 100% true, as it was obvious right from the beginning that this anal bitch was just waiting to be claimed. Which was exactly what was happening now.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't even take much. Oh yes, all Maryse had to do was pick the right spot to increase the pace, and this shameless butt slut went crashing over the edge of a monster climax, which literally had Ember's cum squirting out of her cunt, and the respected wrestler screaming hysterically in ecstasy. Something that continued happening, as Maryse continued picking her spots, and then just mentally saying 'fuck it', and instead just continuously increasing the pace until she was using every ounce of her strength to brutalize Ember's butt hole. And of course, she spanked that fat ass, pulled roughly back on the jet black hair in front of her, causing her new bitch's head to shoot back, and most of all bombarding her with verbal humiliation.


Those words combined with the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, the obscene jiggling of Ember's fat ass against her thighs, and the sheer joy of once again conquering another female wrestler ultimately sent Maryse crashing over the edge of climax herself. She fought it for as long as she could, but it was inevitable. And of course, she pushed herself through that climax, and several others, both for herself, and her new fat assed bitch. But sadly, that was the beginning of the end, and everyone knew it. So all that was left to do was make sure she ended this latest butt fucking in style, and didn't embarrass herself by collapsing down onto the piece of fuck meat in front of her.

It helped to have an audience for this. Because sure, Bayley and Becky Lynch weren't a threat to her, and they never were, but she couldn't afford to look weak in front of them. Not when it might inspire them to tell someone who actually mattered, like Charlotte, and possibly even Sasha. Besides, Maryse just felt inspired to put on a good show for two of her favourite anal bitches. So she butt fucked Ember as hard as she could, and as long as she could, and then when she finally had to stop she did so by burying every inch of big dick into Ember's bowels, and then just leaving it there for a few long seconds to savour the moment. Then she pulled those cheeks wide apart, and slowly pulled every single inch of that big dildo out of her latest conquest's rectum, and then move back to admire her prize, once it was all the way out.

The inevitable gape was perfectly visible like that, but that didn't stop Maryse from positioning herself between Bayley and Becky, and then ordering, "Spread your cheeks, bitch! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, show me, and these worthless little anal whores you thought were somehow worthy of respect, the well used fuck hole I now own!"

"Yes my French Mistress, sorry my French Mistress." Ember replied and obeyed without hesitation.

Ember was exhausted from some of the best sex of her life, and maybe the greatest. She definitely hadn't had better orgasms. Ones which were more overwhelming, and energy draining. However, as tired as she was, she was a well-trained bottom, so she somehow found the strength to not only obey, but hold that position. Which actually became easier as her new Mistress cackled with delight at Ember humiliating herself like that, especially when she continued spreading her cheeks when pictures were taken of her gaping wide butt hole. Oh yes, Ember felt herself being refuelled with adrenaline and lust as she presented her French Mistress with her handiwork, the superior woman then taking photographic evidence of it, which would no doubt be used as a trophy. Something that she would hopefully be allowed to see later.

"Good bitch, mmmmmmmmmm, bon petit cul pute!" Maryse eventually moaned with delight, "Oh yes, you know what to do now, right whore?"

"Yes my French Mistress." Ember grinned with happy anticipation.

"So do it, espèce de trou de baise stupide!" Maryse snapped, only slightly faking her anger, "I shouldn't need to tell you everything."

"No, my French Mistress... I mean, yes, my French Mistress... I mean... sorry, my French Mistress." Ember stammered, scrambling to do as she was told.

Hopefully her wonderful French Mistress understood what she meant, although she got the feeling that the dominant woman didn't really care, given that she went from scowling at her, to grinning and chuckling again once Ember was nearly at her feet, the ass flavoured cock inches away from her mouth. Ember paused for a few long seconds so she could savour that moment, before wrapping her lips around the head of the dildo, and then moaning loudly. She had only waited a few seconds, and it took even less time to get into the correct position, but already Ember's mouth was watering at the thought of the treat she was about to receive. After all, she was a popular bottom in the WWE, who had tasted her own ass, and the asses of other girls, countless times. And yet still, it wasn't enough. She could never get enough.

She was in unnecessarily reminded of that fact again now, as her taste buds were treated to one of the greatest flavours in the entire world, at least as far as she was concerned. Oh yes, Ember Moon was tasting her own ass, and the deepest part of it at that, and she loved every single second of it. Something which was made clear from the way that her eyes fluttered closed so she could savour that flavour for a few long seconds, before beginning to bob her head up and down on that big dick. Initially she focused on the first few inches, but it wasn't long before she was taking an increasing amount into her mouth and down her throat. Which in turn resulted in some more verbal encouragement from her French Mistress.

Maryse even spoke English for some of it, "Oh oui, mmmmmmmmmm, suck it, suck my big dick like the cock sucker you are! Oh oui, that's it bitch, oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, all the way! Mmmmmmmmm, all the way down your fucking throat! Yesssssssssssssss, oh oui, get every drop of your nasty little ass juices like the skanky little ho you are. Wow! Wow, you take it so easy, mmmmmmmm, sooooooooooo easy. I guess it just comes naturally to you, doesn't it whore? Huh? Oh oui, you're just a natural ass to mouth bitch, ohhhhhhhhhhh, and you're gonna make a great addition to my collection. Yes you are, yes you are, oh oui, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss! Oh oui, mmmmmmmmmm, suce-la, suce ma grosse bite comme la suceuse que tu es! Oh oui, c'est ça salope, oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, jusqu'au bout! Mmmmmmmmm, tout le long de ta putain de gorge! Yesssssssssssssss, oh oui, prenez chaque goutte de votre petit cul méchant comme le petit ho maigre que vous êtes. Hou la la! Wow, tu prends les choses si facilement, mmmmmmmm, tellement facile. Je suppose que ça te vient naturellement, n'est-ce pas putain? Hein? Oh oui, tu es juste une salope naturelle du cul à la bouche, ohhhhhhhhhhh, et tu vas faire un excellent ajout à ma collection. Oui tu l'es, oui tu l'es, oh oui, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

All of which made Ember's submissive heart flutter. Especially because sooner than she would've liked the butt cream was all gone, and she was just continuing to suck that strap-on as she hadn't been told otherwise. It was then those words really sunk in, and Ember couldn't help think how ironic it was that she was in a 180 from where she started the night. At the start of it she was trying to convince herself that she could actually be a winner, and maybe even a top. Now it had never been more clear that her purpose in life was to please real women. Oh yes, she promised in that moment to devote every second of her life to pleasing superior women. Especially this superior woman, who had so effortlessly put her in her rightful place.

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