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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars Part 17
Author: The Chemist
Celebrity (Sex): Brec Bassinger, Katie McGrath, Candice Patton
Celebrity (Mentioned): Melissa Benoist, Caity Lotz, Emily Bett Rickards, Erica Durance
Codes: FFF, FF, Anal, DP, Oral, Toy
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Brec Bassinger, Katie McGrath, Candice Patton, Melissa Benoist, Caity Lotz, Emily Bett Rickards, Erica Durance) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including LesbianX (or the X Empire in general), Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow or Stargirl, nor its characters in any way

Summary: Young hottie Brec Bassinger meets her fellow Arrowverse actresses Katie McGrath and Candice Patton for an initiation into the Arrowverse.

Note: I’d like to credit MTL for the initial idea of this chapter. Thank you for the creative boost!

“So do you know anything about Stargirl?” Candice Patton asked as she started undressing.

Candice was the star of The Flash, a DC comics show that was the first spin-off show from Arrow. The black actress had the honor of being the co-lead, playing the iconic role of Iris West for the past 6 years. Since Arrow had all but finished now, Candice was more or less the de facto leader of the women of what they called the Arrowverse. The Arrowverse was the name they gave the shows that all aired on the same network that had overlapping worlds, which now included Stargirl in their ranks.

“She’s young. Only 20,” Katie McGrath answered as she hung her shirt in the closet.

Originally, this was supposed to be a scene that included Candice with Melissa Benoist, the actress who played Supergirl in the show of the same name. However, Melissa had recently gotten pregnant and so was unavailable. Upon hearing the news, a number of the Arrowverse actresses volunteered for the chance to fuck the 20 year old, including Caity Lotz, Emily Bett Rickards and Erica Durance. Ultimately, the spot went to another Supergirl actress, the pale beauty Katie McGrath. Highly underrated, the Irish born actress had great tits, a thick ass and the most piercing set of eyes. The combination of flawless alabaster skin with dark black hair only made her naturally gorgeous face stand out all that much more.

“And cute as hell,” Candice voiced, having checked out a number of episodes of Stargirl already. “What’s her name again?”

“Brec Bassinger,” the pale beauty answered, having done her homework before showing up to the porn set.

“Oh man, have you seen her booty? Because it’s so round and thick and...well now I’m wet again,” Candice commented.

“I believe she was a gymnast. Would explain why a girl that small has such a big backside,” Katie added.

“Should we go greet the newbie?” Candice asked, excited more than ever.

“I’d hate to keep her waiting,” the Supergirl star replied.

*    *    *

While not exactly a large room, the choice of filming location was intimate. A room roughly 15x15 with only a sofa against one wall, the two cameras and their operators were able to capture every second of the soon-to-be action. Candice and Katie were already seated, chatting idly as they awaited the star of the show. They weren’t kept waiting long...

“Oh wow!” Brec gawked. 

“Welcome to your first crossover event, sweet cheeks,” Candice commented to the stunned 20 year old.

The men that Brec had entered with went to their battle stations, so to speak. With them either working the cameras or lighting, they peeled away from the surprised blonde and let the two more senior actresses drink in her appearance. Brec came in her full Stargirl costume, which consisted of an outfit so tight it must have been custom-made to the millimeter. A blue mask that allowed her long wavy blonde hair to cascade down her body, which was covered in a long-sleeve blue top that showed a good deal of her flat stomach. Her lower body was covered in the tightest of blue shorts which strained and threatened to rip due to her frankly fantastically round and thick ass. To round out the costume was a pair of knee-high blue boots, though she didn’t carry her staff with her.

“You were definitely right about the ass,” Katie commented to the Flash star, a hint of her once strong Irish accent remaining.

“Right?! Look at that thing. So thick and dense,” the black woman added.

“I was a gymnast,” Brec confirmed Katie’s initial guess, though she seemed to be in a state of shock. “Sorry. I’m normally not such a tongue-tied nerd but you’re Iris West and Lena Luthor! And so insanely beautiful, both of you. I watch your shows every week but seeing you in person is just, wow.”

“Always nice to meet a fan,” Candice laughed. 

“So do you think you have what it takes to be a Arrowverse girl,” Katie’s smooth voice questioned.

Brec’s answer was paused when she felt Candice’s hand reach down and give each of her firm ass cheeks a hearty squeeze. “Yes I do.”

“You may have been the hottest piece of ass in your high school but it takes more than a cute smile and a tight body to be one of us. You have to be able to take a lot of cock,” Candice added. “And vag.”

“Candice and I have been tasked with running your initiation. Now we want to know how many guys have you slept with?” the Lena Luthor actress questioned.

“I’ve had 6 different partners,” Brec answered honestly.

“6? That’s considered a slow week for an Arrowverse girl,” the Flash star laughed. “Yup in Vancouver for 9 months a year during winter. Nothing but grey skies, raining all the time and filming runs between 12-16 hours daily. Have to pass the time somehow.”

“Whoa,” was the only answer the shocked 20 year old could muster.

“Therefore, we need to know how well you can…”

“Take dick?” Brec finished for Katie. “Hence the massive strap on dildos you have on?”

Brec in her superhero outfit was standing before two of the most gorgeous women on Tv, who were wearing a bra and one other article of clothing; large dildos they had strapped on their hips via a harness. The curvy Irish actress had a clear plastic cock measuring a healthy 9-inches in length while Candice was completely different as she was wielding a monster black dildo at least a foot long and pretty thick as well.

“I knew your generation wasn't completely brain dead,” Candice retorted sarcastically.

“Aren’t you only like, 8 years old than me?” Brec asked the Flash star.

Brec was close enough guessing Candice’s age, though the black woman was actually 30 now. However, she was far off the mark when it came to Katie, who was somehow 37 years old. Despite her age, Katie had an almost ageless quality about her, likely owing to her flawless skin as the Irish actress looked the exact same from when she broke into the industry over 14 years ago as she did today. It also helped that a baby hadn’t ravaged her body, leaving her with a tight stomach to go along with her generous hourglass figure including C-cup bouncy tits and a large, firm ass. 

“Well what are you waiting for, a personal invitation,” Candice asked with impatience. “Get these cocks wet or they’re going in you dry.”

“Candice…” Katie sternly glared at her Arrowerse co-star.

“No, she’s right,” Brec replied as she got to her knees, still fully garbed in her comic book costume. “Time to earn my stripes.”

Brec went to kneel but her movement was arrested by a very sexually charged Candice Patton. The 20 year old was overwhelmed with the intensity of the kiss from the Flash star, who nearly bent her in two with the passion she displayed. Brec eventually recovered, straightening up and pushing her tongue into Candice’s mouth in return. Candice wasn’t the only one who wanted a piece of her as Katie was clawing at the blonde’s chin, pulling the much younger girl towards herself so the Irishwoman could get a makeout session with the newest arrowverse actress.

“Arms up,” Candice demanded.

Brec didn’t ask why, only acted. The moment her arms shot above her head, Candice’s hands were pulling under her Stargirl top before lifting it up and off the 20 year old. With her small but perky tits now exposed, Candice leaned down and vigorously sucked on one of the adorably pink nipples. When Brec broke her kiss with Katie to moan in response, Katie took that moment to bend and suck on her other tit, loving how the nipple instantly hardened between her lips.

“So good.” Brec purred.

“Knees,” Candice ordered, a hand lightly closing around the blonde’s throat. “Now bitch.”

Brec gave the more dominating of the actresses a sultry grin before making the short trip to the ground. Knowing which of the two was more in need of sucking off their dildo, Brec used her mouth to bob along the length of Candice’s massive black cock while her hand stroked off the smaller clear toy on Katie’s hips. The black dildo was huge, making the Stargirl star have to nearly unhinge her jaw to blow, but Brec was determined.

“Look at this whore, Katie. Shoving so much dick in her mouth like the eager little slut she is,” Candice demeaned.

Wanting to have her toy sucked as well, the more laid back Irishwoman rubbed the tip of her cock along Brec’s lips as she bobbed on Candice. The blonde got the hint, turning her head part way so that she had both tips resting at the entrance of her mouth. She used her nimble tongue to lick and lather both tips before giving quick sucks to first Candice, and then Katie. Finally, she turned her head completely towards the pale woman in order to give her full oral attention to Katie and her slimmer toy.

“Impressive multi-tasking,” Katie surmised.

Though Candice was by far the more aggressive of Brec’s conquerors, they were both doing a good job of using and abusing the 20 year old girl. Brec felt them both with a hand on her golden head, pulling her hair when they thought it was their turn to have her mouth work over their fake cock. Whenever she was sucking Katie’s slender toy, which would go much deeper down her gullet, she’d feel the massive black cock tapping the side of her face, spreading her spit on the mask, as well as her cheek. Katie allowed Brec to focus solely on sucking off Candice’s dick when Brec turned her attention that way, knowing she would need all her concentration. Despite the fact Brec would only manage getting a few inches into her mouth compared to the majority of Katie’s clear toy, Candice’s insanely large toy would make Brec drool all over the toy, not to mention down onto her perky young tits.

“God you’re fucking stunning,” Candice complimented her accomplice.

Katie went to reply but it was hard to speak with a tongue crammed into your mouth. As Brec was blowing her fake dick, Katie had Candice’s hands running through her jet black hair, pulling her forward so they could passionately makeout. Throughout their tongue-filled kissing, Katie was faster off the mark, peeling Candice out of her bra to expose her small but oh-so-suckable tits. Needing to expose the pale woman’s chest, Candice did likewise with Katie, unclasping her bra before yanking it from her hourglass body.

“Jesus! These tits!” Candice cheered as her hands instantly kneaded the Irishwoman’s impressive chest.

“Wow! Really nice,” Brec said, using her mouth for something other than cramming with fake cock.

Katie’s tits deserved the attention giving their size, which was considerable, their bouncy nature and the fact that each was capped by a perfectly sized pale pink nipple. It fit her hourglass figure so well, helping to balance out her extremely phat ass. Combined with her piercing eyes, pristine skin and gorgeous smile, it all worked to make Katie an underrated hottie.

Meanwhile, on her knees beneath the kissing and fondling pair was Brec, who was showcasing all her skills. Despite being initially awed by the occasion and only being 20 years old, the little blonde with the fantastic ass was proving her worth. Showing excellent energy in the way she threw her face into each of their laps to suck the fake cocks was commendable, as was her willingness to give a sloppy blowjob. Not caring that she had strands of her spit leaking down her chin and onto her perky tits or bare thighs, Brec just continued to move from one toy to the other.

“Such perky tits,” Candice cooed down at Brec.

Realizing that she was the only one with a top still on, Candice immediately remedied that by shucking it off. Her tits may not have been as big and round as Katie’s but they were only a size down and still perky. After giving her boobs a squeeze, the black woman bent down to lightly swat at Brec’s adorable tits, taking turns on each while occasionally tweaking hard on the nipple. 

“Look at all the spit on your titties,” Candice noticed. “You’re probably running low. Let me help.”

With a hand in Brec’s golden locks, Candice pulled back on it to yank her face upwards. The hand under her jaw allowed the Flash star to roll Brec’s head towards her. From there, Brec was smart enough to know what the dominating woman wanted so she opened her mouth wide and allowed Candice to spit right onto her tongue. The 20 year old showed great composure to the degrading act by using the extra saliva to give Candice’s dick a thorough polish.

“Such a good little girl, isn’t she?” Katie commented, bending over in order to passionately kiss the 20 year old.

“She’s impressing me,” Candice added before spitting into Brec’s mouth once again. “So far anyway.”

“Thanks,” Brec said a little breathless after all the aggressive kissing, mouth spitting and relentless blowing.

“Now Katie, would you care for the honors?”

“So kind of you, Candice,” the pale goddess replied. “I would love to.”

Brec was helped off the floor and placed kneeling onto the sofa with her head hanging over the armrest, with her mouth just happening to be at a perfect height for a dildo. While Candice came around for Brec to service her plastic dick, Katie climbed onto the furniture directly behind Stargirl. Brec had been prepped on LesbianX and their style of shooting, which was why she was surprised when the clear dildo was slid home into her cunt. 

“Mmmm...ohhhh,” Brec moaned in response to her folds being invaded.

The 20 year old was already gushing wet so Katie had very little trouble getting balls deep with all 9 inches of the toy she wore strapped to her waist. However, the pussy pounding was just a way of rewarding Brec for her energetic and talented oral service from earlier. As Starirl continued to suck on Candice’s dildo, Katie multitasked by smearing a healthy amount of lube right over Brec’s asshole before using her thumb to rub around the outer ring then press into her colon to prepare the inner tract for the invasion to come. 

“Ready?” Katie asked, pulling out of her snatch and resting the tip against the younger girl’s asshole.

“Mhmmm,” Brec nodded and almost immediately felt her anal ring stretched as the tip of the toy penetrated her ass. “Oh crap!”

“Yes Katie! Fuck Stargirl’s ass,” Candice cheered.

It wasn’t a fluke that it was Katie having the first go around with Brec’s perfect bubble butt, as the dark-haired beauty was the more controlled of the two women. Not to mention Katie was wielding a dildo almost half the thickness of the Flash star. Katie had given Stargirl a few heartbeats to relax and grow accustomed to her anal ring being forced open. Quicker than Katie thought, Brec used her arms to push back against the pale actress’ body, taking another 2 inches into her bowels before her momentum stopped.

“Good girl,” the Supergirl vet congratulated the younger girl.

Brec found that she didn’t need to help any further as Katie was more than eager to fuck her ass. Despite the toy being 9 inches in length, the dark-haired beauty was only using half that to fuck Brec. While Katie was using medium speed and depth on her booty, Brec’s mouth was once more being deployed to blow Candice and her monster black cock. The young blonde knew that at some point the big black dildo would be entering her, so Brec was giving as sloppy of a blowjob as possible in order to lube it up. Of course, Candice was helping with the messy oral sex by repeatedly thrusting the toy as far into Brec’s mouth as possible, sometimes in a rapid approach while other times shoving it deep and holding it for a long period.

“Gllkkk...kkllkkk,” Brec gurgled and gagged, long ropes of saliva coating the toy.

“That’s it, choke on my dick,” Candice cackled. “You like that? A big dick in your mouth while you get your tight little ass fucked?”

“Yes. I love it,” Brec commented, the smile on her adorable face seeming sincere.

“Good. Because me and Katie are going to fuck you all night. Any hole we want. Understand?” Candice hissed, kneeling so she was right in the blonde’s face.

“I understand,” the 20 year old replied. “I’m here for your pleasure. Use me as you will.”

“Oh, we will,” Katie added from behind her as she continued to pillage her backdoor.

While Brec was looking over her shoulder to reply to the Supergirl actress, Candice had moved from being right in the blonde’s face to going behind her. Kneeling further back on the sofa, the black woman leaned in and used her tongue to take a long swipe at the blonde’s wet snatch. Brec’s juices were flowing from the honey pot after Katie fucked her minutes ago with Candice being rewarded with the sweet pussy fluid on Earth.

“Oh God! Feels so good,” the 20 year old cooed.

“God damn! This bitch is yummy,” Candice swore.

“Hey Candice, since you’re back there…” Katie asked without getting to finish.

“Don’t worry babe,” the black actress commented after pulling her tongue from Brec’s pussy. “I would never pass up the chance to toss your Irish salad.”

As Candice moved her head a good 6 inches upwards, her face became buried in Katie’s epically large ass. Her pale cool flesh felt wonderful against Candice’s skin, pressing into her eye sockets as the black girl’s tongue lapped and then penetrated Katie’s asshole. Despite rimming the Supergirl vet, Candice didn’t forget about the younger girl, using her fingers to rub through her slit and keeping Brec purring like a kitten through her sodomy.

“Oh yes! Fuck me!” Brec screamed as Candice transitioned back down to using her skilled tongue on her pussy.

Though she adored the sweet juices coating her tongue, Candice pulled her face back and allowed her hand to go between Brec’s thighs again. This time, the black girl wasn’t rubbing her slit, but pushing one then two and finally a third finger into her tight cunt. It was rather snug given the fact Brec was only 20 years old and had a dildo blowing up her asshole, but Candice was motivated, to say the least. Pumping her arm with as much speed as she could generate, the Flash star fingerbanged the petite blonde.

“Shhhiiiittttt,” Brec swore as she reached the biggest orgasm of her short life.

“Holy fuck! What a slut,” Candice commented, slowing her finger thrusting down. “Who comes during their first DP?”

“Me,” a panting Brec replied as she ran a hand through her wavy blonde hair, all while Katie McGrath continued her anal pounding.

Candice wanted, no, needed to taste the 20 year old’s cum immediately, but doing so like they were was awkward and not the best way to fully devour her pussy. Understanding her friend’s plight, Katie jabbed deep in Brec’s ass so that 6 inches of dildo was anchored in her rectum then wrapped the tiny blonde in a hug before throwing themselves backwards. Of course Candice had moved out of the way by that time, allowing Katie to be laying flat on her back with Brec’s back pressed against her pillowy tits. More important, Brec’s legs were now spread wide and her pussy was before Candice who had a hungry look in her eye.

“Yeeesssss!” Brec screamed again as Candice’s mouth descended on her cunt.

Now that she had full access, Candice feasted on the pussy before her. As sweet as anything she could recall, Candice lapped deep in the sweet well that Brec Bassinger called a snatch. Her orgasmic juices were tasty, and she got an extra thrill out of hearing Brec moan as a dick pummeled her ass over and over again. 

“You like that, blondie? You like taking the dick in your shitter as someone eats your little cunt?” Candice asked, raising from between her thighs to be right in her face.

“So much,” Brec agreed, right as Candice’s hand wrapped around her throat and squeezed.

“Like this too? Like being dominated by two bitches who don’t give a shit about you?”

“God, yes!” the 20 year old huffed out as the pressure on her windpipe relented.

“I think she’ll be a good fit with us,” Katie spoke to Candice as the black woman pinched Brec’s nipples.

“We’ll see. Still more tests to come,” Candice replied as she crawled into the space between the women’s thighs.

The next test to come was obviously a legitimate DP. Even a relatively inexperienced girl like Brec understood that. Though it wasn’t the first time having something in her perfect ass and tight pussy at the same time, that honor went to a butt plug-vibrating dildo combination that she had grown quite fond of. This time, however, was unique in terms of Brec having absolutely no control over proceedings. With Candice now kneeling between the 2 sets of legs, she dragged her truly massive dildo through Brec’s slit, gathering extra moisture before resting the tip against her pink opening.

“Ready?” Candice asked, noting that Katie had stopped her upwards thrusting into the blonde’s ass.

“Do it. I can do this,” Brec seemed to be pumping herself up. “Shove it in my pussy.”

Candice didn’t need any more prompting than that. Giving the black cock a final big spit onto its ebony surface, the Flash star leaned in and sank a good 3 inches of thick plastic into the 20 year old’s pussy. Extremely tight but still able to penetrate, Candice had to be content only using several inches of fake cock at a time to double penetrate young Brec Bassinger. After a minute of loosening up, Candice found the girl could handle 6 inches of big black cock slicing into her cunt while Katie just started to resume the sodomiy of Stargirl as well.

“Oh fuck! Fuck fuck fuck,” Brec swore, surprising the two older actresses. However, if there was ever a time to curse, it was with a cock in each of your holes.

Katie had definitely taken the back seat to Candice, allowing the Flash star to work off her pent off energy. Using her hips to roll forward and back, Candice was a 100-lb machine of pure carnal lust. Her big black cock looked in stunning contrast to the bright pink pussy it was slicing into, all while Katie made slow rhythmic thrusts up into Brec’s ass. 

“You’re taking all this cock so good baby,” Candice commented, giving Brec’s adorable face several weak slaps.

Seeing as much as she enjoyed slapping Brec’s face, Candice brought her slap-happy hand down to her tits. Though not large by any definition, her perky set perfectly fit her athletic body. Just as Candice thought, giving each of her boobs a handful of slaps brought the Flash star great joy. The way the tits jiggled and turned red, not to mention it made Brec scream that little bit louder. 

“God damn!” Brec swore again.

Candice was confused due to the frantic nature of the blonde’s scream until she looked down their bodies and found Katie had reached around and was strumming Brec’s clit. Not only did it look so hot seeing this tiny blonde filled with two cocks and getting an absolute pummeling, but hearing her screams getting louder and more frequent was also extremely hot.

“This little slut is gonna cum, aren’t you?” Candice questioned, which was replied with a vigor nod. “Taking two dicks getting you all hot? Ready to cum again?”

“Yes! Yes! Right there!” Brec screamed, her head tossed back with her golden locks draped all over Katie’s face.

“Cum for us,” the Irishwoman demanded, her hand working overtime on the younger girl’s clit.

Candice didn’t know if the hand she put around Brec’s throat to choke her, or the extra glob of spit she spat into her adorable face helped the blonde cum, but she doubted it hurt. Despite two massive dildos plundering her holes, Brec wailed in pure passion as she came hard. If Katie and Candice thought she was tight before, then trying to fuck her through her orgasm proved nearly an impossible task. Instead they both sank deep in their respective holes and rode out the 20 year old’s climax until she was a wet noodle on top of Katie.

“I think she should clean our dicks now,” Katie suggested.

“I would love to taste me all over your toys,” Brec said in a tired voice.

Candice was the first to move, rocking backwards and getting onto her knees on the far side of the sofa. Brec hadn’t realized it until she was ascending up the dick in her ass, but all 9 inches of clear dildo had made its way into her once tight asshole. By the time she rode the dildo to the top, Brec flipped onto her back so that she had each of the other women’s kneeling dicks in her face. 

Brec’s lips closed around the massive ebony dildo that shimmered in her juices. Just like how Candice had thought earlier while eating the blonde out, Brec agreed that her pussy was delicious. She didn’t have much to compare it against, but the sweetness of her snatch made Brec’s mouth rocket up and down the big tool. Despite the nearly intoxicating taste of her pussy, Brec had the presence of mind to reach out and stroke the clear dildo to her left side. 

“Your ass now,” Katie told the bobbing blonde.

Katie didn’t have all the words out of her mouth yet when Brec had turned her face towards the pale goddess and took the clear dildo into her mouth. With a faint hum of pleasure, Brec sucked on the toy that had been 9 inches deep in her ass with no hesitation, using just as much fervour as when she was tasting her pussy on Candice’s toy. In truth, this wasn’t the first time Brec had done ass to mouth. 3 years ago, a boyfriend had sorta tricked her into it after he spewed his ropes of cum onto her face following anal sex and left his dick just dangling in her face until she sucked him off. Though there was a slight flavor that she would describe as musky to it, it was far from disgusting. Plus, the way her boyfriend got off from it made it all the better so ass to mouth was a regular occurance with him. Thus, Brec was able to moan her pleasure as she sucked long and deep on the clear toy that Katie had been fucking her ass with, much to the Candice and Katie’s delight.

“God I have yummy holes,” Brec cooed, using her tongue to lick Candice’s sweet tasting dildo before doing likewise to Katie’s toy.

“Such a slut,” Candice hissed though with a hint of admiration.

“Up for the challenge of Big Bertha in your booty?” Katie asked the girl nearly half her age.

“Bring it on,” the former gymnast exclaimed.

The trio settled back into the original orientation of Brec laying on Katie, but this time Stargirl had her perky tits pressed firmly against Katie’s much larger boobs. After the spit shine Brec had given the clear dildo, not to mention her pussy still being a swamp after cumming twice already, Stargirl had no problem sitting on the toy and riding it all the way into her snatch. Brec was a little surprised when Candice was immediately behind her and trying to fuck her ass, instead the black girl only repetitively slapped her ass as the former gymnast showed off her ample supply of energy by bouncing on the clear dick in her pussy.

“Just relax,” Katie soothed, her hands reaching around to pull apart Brec’s fantastic ass.

“It’s fine. Do it. Fuck my ass with that huge dick,” Brec comfidently told the other woman.

“Oh yeah? You want it in your little asshole?” Candice commented, the head now poking against the slight gape in her backdoor. “Take this big cock in your tight shitter?”

“Yes. Give it to me. Test me. Use me. Do whatever you want to my holes,” Brec almost begged.

Candice times it just right so that the next time Brec slides her pussy down Katie’s pull, the black actress pushes forward. She knew it was successful in penetrating Brec’s bowels when the blonde gave a brief whelp of pain followed by arresting her ride on the toy in her snatch. The blonde 20 year old stayed still on her knees but had no issues with Candice as she started rocking her hips forwards and back. The Flash star wasn’t going hard or deep, but Candice was still making progress in squeezing a few extra inches of the impossibly thick black cock into the younger girl.

“Jesus! It’s so big,” Stargirl groaned.

Katie and Candice both let Brec get up to speed with this new arrangement of the double penetration, with the much thicker dick being in her ass. To her credit, Brec only waited for a minute before she started to ride down on the dildo in her pussy, not all the way and not overly fast, but it was progress. Her reward was a slap to her firm booty, which actually helped the former gymnast go a little deeper and faster. 

“Tell us how much you love this in your tiny little holes,” Candice hissed into her ear.

“Feels so totally great,” Brec moaned, bouncing both down and back now.

“Getting your tiny butthole blown up,” Candice continued. “Won’t be able to sit right for a week.”

“I’m yours. Fuck me however you want,” Brec replied, her golden wavy hair bouncing wildly.

The girls alternated in their styles. Sometimes they had the 20 year old doing all the work, using her arms to push back against the armrest in order to ride both dicks in ass and pussy, respectively. Once her energy started to falter, usually after a few minutes, Katie and Candice would give her a chance to rest, though it meant a much more vigor fuck. With Katie thrusting up into her pussy and Candice holding her hips to pull her back as she speared forward, Brec was being filled with more cock than she knew what to do with.

“Brec had no idea how long they used her body in that position for. She came at least once, maybe twice more, it was hard to tell. She had no idea she liked being choked before tonight, but when Katie would reach up and close her dainty hand around her windpipe, it almost always got her within her climax. The tit slapping, spanking and face spitting was hot as well, but the choking was the real eye opener. Eventually, she became aware of feeling disappointingly empty before a sharp tug back on her golden locks snapped her back to reality.

“Clean the dicks then eat us out,” Candice demanded.

This time Brec decided to suck that was in her ass first and save the flavor of her snatch for last. Like earlier, Brec was acutely aware of which hole the massive black toy came from, but it was far from gross. After a sloppy blowjob, which was quickly becoming her calling card, Candice put her leg up on Brec’s shoulder, giving the 20 year old access to her snatch. Brec lowered then dove in, eating the pussy in her face with a hunger that Brec didn’t even know she had. Yet, when either of the actresses gave her an order, Brec was happy to comply, even if it meant licking a twat for the first time.

“She’s such...ahhhh...a good little service whore,” Candice croaked in between moans.

“Thank you,” Brec commented, surfacing for air then diving back in.

Brec didn’t know if she was doing a good job or not, she just thought back to what felt good when boyfriends licked her snatch. The mirror performance was working wonders as the blonde used a combination of tonguing deep in Candice’s honey pot, sucking on her lips and licking her clit like it was a speed bag. More and more Candice moaned until eventually her hand gripped the back of Brec’s head, holding her in position as her tongue was lapping at her clit. Figuring she wanted more of this, Brec kept that up into an ear-piercing scream rang out.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!”

“My turn, little one,” Katie said with almost a predatory glint in her eye.

Brec used the back of her hand to wipe her mouth before crawling out from Candice’s leg until she was kneeling before the Irish beauty. Brec hadn’t forgotten where the toy had come from, especially since it was drenched in her own pussy juices after cumming once or twice on it. Using her mouth to lick down all the sides of the clear toy, Brec drank down her juices before she got to work on Katie’s womanhood.

“Good start, blondie,” the Supergirl vet cooed.

Katie had been diddling herself as she watched Brec eat out her friend, and the Irish actress saw no reason to stop that. As Brec’s tongue licked deep within her snatch, the Lena Luthor actress continued massaging her slit, chiefly her clit.

“Oh yes! Use that fucking tongue,” Katie nearly screamed, inching closer and closer to her own long awaited orgasm.

“Make her cum!” Candice cheered her on.

Brec noticed that as she neared her climax, Katie’s hand kept creeping lower through her slit until she was cramming two fingers into her opening. Brec was still able to lick inside at the same time, but it was crowded and having knuckles dragged against her nose didn’t feel great for her. Instead, Brec took a risk and lowered her mouth until her tongue was rimming the pale beauty’s asshole. Remembering how good and erotic it felt when a guy eat out her ass, Brec was hoping that it would have a similar feeling for Katie.

“Naughty girl,” the dark-haired actress moaned loudest yet. “Eat my ass you filthy girl.”

Brec did just as instructed. Between the oral attention to her responsive asshole and the fingers plunging into her cunt to friction her G spot, Katie lasted no longer than another minute before reaching her climax.

“Shhiiitttt!!! I’m gonna...I’m cumming!” Katie screamed, much like Candice had only moments before.

“So ladies…” Brec said after a minute for them to recover. “How’d I do?”

The pair exchanged a brief look, smiles on their face. “Welcome to the Arrowverse!”

NEXT: A pair of outgoing Marvel stars help to break in the latest star - Hailee Steinfeld - with the help of a legendary porn figure.

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