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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 36
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Madelaine Petsch, Christina Hendricks, Ed Junior, Christian Clay, Chris Diamond
Codes: FF, MF, MMMFF, Anal, DP, DAP, Fist, Orgy, Squirt
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Madelaine Petsch, Christina Hendricks, Ed Junior, Christian Clay, Chris Diamond, nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the companies/studios mentioned (specifically Legalporno/Analvids and Giorgio Grandi), or its characters in any way

Summary: Beautiful redheads Madelaine Petsch and Christina Hendricks from different generations meet for a good old fashion fisting festival

NOTE: Thanks to Psylent21 for collaborating on the idea for this chapter.

Christina Hendricks had just walked through the doorway of her luxurious condo building and given both the doorman and elevator operator a friendly smile. Though not in the penthouse, being on the second-to-top floor was still an honor that cost a small fortune. However, the busty redhead was good for it. While a lot of actresses noticed working drying up each year past their 30th birthday, Christina was 41 years old now and as busy as ever. 

“Ms. Hendricks,” a deep voice said from within her apartment after she stepped through the doorway.

“Jesus Christ,” the busty redhead nearly had a heart attack.

Unfazed by her shock, the man stood up from the leather chair he had been sitting in and approached the startled actress. Christina didn’t need to ask who he was, or even be panicked by the presence of a strange man in her apartment, despite the fact he had clearly broken in. However, his tailored suit, insanely handsome face and stylish haircut was practically a uniform denoting who he worked for. 

“Your past due in your obligation to Hollywood Pornstars. We had until yesterday to select which studio and partner you were to work with in order to continue reprising voice acting roles, not to mention our help in landing you that new comedy show,” the mystery man explained.

Christina had been procrastinating in selecting her next porn project. She had done a number of scenes in order to not only secure her role on Mad Men, but to keep from being killed off the insanely popular show. As such, there was hardly a hardcore studio Christina hadn’t worked with, which was likely why she’d been dragging her heels on selecting a choice for her current contract with the shadowy Hollywood organization. 

“Well, I apologize,” was all the big-breasted redhead could eke out

“As such, an assignment and partner has been selected for you,” the man continued, almost robotic like. “Here is your plane ticket. Flight leaves Friday night for the Czech Republic. First class, of course.”

So many thoughts ran through her head.

“Wait! This Friday? But I have plans this weekend,” she protested weakly, knowing that the man and his employer didn’t care. “And the Czech Republic?! That means Legalporno?”

“Indeed. Luckily for you, this will be what they call a dry scene,” the man shared.

“Thank God,” Christina huffed, remembering the last time she received a golden shower. “Wait. You said I’d have a partner?”

*    *    *

As Christina Hendricks was having things explained to her in her condo in New York City, Madelaine Petsch was finishing her shoot for the day in Vancouver. Not surprisingly, the Canadian city was having yet more rain, though it was only a drizzle. After changing out of her clothing, some ultra-tight fitting pants to show off her impressive and hard-earned ass, combined with a low cut top to reveal a healthy amount of her natural tits. She’d received a text saying her car was ready so the redhead used a magazine to cover her hair as she sprinted the 40 feet to the parking lot before getting into the vehicle.

“Ms. Petsch,” a deep voice greeted her.

“Holy fucking fuck!” the animated actress squealed. 

The well dressed handsome man allowed her heart rate to get back under control before he continued. 

“Your plane ticket for tomorrow evening,” was all he said as he handed the manilla envelope to the gorgeous 20-something.

“Understood,” Madelaine replied, fully aware of the requirements of a successful Hollywood career.

“Don’t want to know where you’ll be going or who you’ll be working with?”

“Will it change anything,” the fit actress asked.

“I love when a woman knows her place,” he replied with a predatory grin.

*    *    *

As the two gorgeous redheads entered the famous porn studios, the mood and energy radiating from the actresses couldn’t have been any more different. Christina was sullen and cold, clearly unhappy about having to be shooting with Giorgio Grandi today. Yet, the redhead 20 years her junior couldn’t have been smiling any harder. Madelaine was excited to be back in the Czech Republic, shooting with Legalporno, especially after the amazing time she had with her Riverdale co-stars, as well as 7 other hot actresses back at Christmas time.

Aside from the scowl on her pretty face, Christina was dressed as one might imagine for a porn shoot. That was to say, with scantily clad clothing. In this instance, the busty woman who boasted F-cup tits wore a strapless white lingerie and a matching thong to reveal her equally large ass. 

Meanwhile, Madelaine was also dressed seductively. While the pair could have passed for mother and daughter, everything on Madie was smaller, but equally as impressive. After all, for a girl barely weighing 100 pounds to have C-cups and a truly phat ass was high calibre. Known as a slim PAWG, Madie worked day and night in the gym to beef up her booty and the hard work had clearly paid off.

“So ladies. We decided to make this extra motivating today because the perceived ‘loser’ of our little fist festival will have a small punishment,” Giorgio explained.

“Nothing with you guys is small,” Madelaine jested, her eyes darting down to the massive dildos around the room.

“True enough,” the bald man laughed.

“And what will this extra part be?” Christina asked, all business.

“To be determined,” Giorgio replied with a wicked smile.

Christina went to retort but either Madie saw it coming and wanted to stop it, or dumb luck intervened. The pair of redheads were already holding hands so the Riverdale star pulled Christina towards her so she could grip the back of her head and pull her in for a kiss. Though stony towards the crew, Christina had only passion for the miniature redhead. Immediately, the Mad Men star used her stronger build to overpower Madelaine, craning the petite redhead backwards so all of her tongue could fit in Madie’s mouth.

The kiss seemed to break Christina out of her foul mood. After all, a highly attractive, younger version of herself was willing to fuck beside her. After dominating their tongue-filled French kiss, Christina allowed the Riverdale star to straighten back up before bending her down the other way. Knowing what the Mad Men star was after, Madelaine placed her hands on the sofa, kept straight legs and pushed her perfect (and I do mean perfect) ass back towards both Christina and the camera. 

“Could bounce a quarter off this backside,” Christina exclaimed as her hands roamed the taut booty.

With the petite redhead still bent over, Christina pawed the thick cheeks that no girl that slim should ever possess. After some firm appreciation, the Mad Men star hooked her talons into the waistband of the miniature excuse Madelaine called shorts and pulled them down her sculpted feminine legs to reveal her bright red thong. More groping ensued, this time with Christina’s hands kneading the soft yet firm flesh. Every time she pulled on the cheeks, the outer edges of Madelaine’s brown eye could be seen poking out on either side of her skimpy panties.

“Mmm...you look so sweet and innocent,” Christina complimented the girl. “You don’t look like you belong here?”

“Don’t you worry. I definitely belong here,” Madelaine stated with confidence.

Christina was curious if the younger actress could back-up her words, but time would tell. In fact, the Mad Men star had her curiosity peaked so she made quick work of Madelaine’s thong, having it join her shorts on the ground.

“You have such a great ass,” Christina purred as she lightly swatted her firm cheeks. “And of course you have a perfect pussy as well.”

The actress with huge tits kept her hands on Madie’s thick cheek and pulled them apart to better expose her holes. Her pussy was indeed perfect; bright pink with small lips and a complete absence of hair whatsoever. Just as demanding of attention was Madelaine Petsch’s asshole, which was equally as eye-catching. However, her anal ring also had the look that it had been stretched in the past, both often and with some big objects. Despite it sealing back up tight, Christina could always tell when a girl possessed an ass capable of a substantial gape.

With no preamble, Christina extended her tongue and dragged it the length of the younger girl’s pussy. True to the Riverdale star’s words that she belonged here, Christina found that Madie’s cunt was already quite wet. Dipping her tongue into the snatch, it turned out that Madelaine also tasted fucking fantastic with the right mix of sweet and a little salty. Christina could have eaten her twat all night, but instead she slid her tongue out and licked higher up, swirling around the crinkled hole before poking against the center and sinking a good half-inch deep into Madelaine’s asshole.

“They both taste good,” the Mad Men star revealed. “Now let’s see how tight you are.”

With Madie still bent over with her hands resting on the sofa, Christina started with a single finger in the slender girl’s pussy. The wetness of her cunt made the single digit slide in without issue so a second and third were added in swift succession. Though no stranger to sex, the 25 year old was still quite tight so Christina dropped her pursuit of getting more into her womb. Instead, the busty redhead withdrew and pushed her middle finger knuckle-deep in her backside without so much as a warm-up.

“Whoa!” Madelaine exclaimed out of surprised.

The Riverdale star felt a second finger added into her ass so decided to ease some tone in her anal ring by climbing onto the sofa, kneeling with her ass pointed back at Christina. The extremely busty actress found that a third finger could just make it inside Madie’s ass, but the hole was somewhat dry, needing lube before more could be done. 

“Here, taste your ass.”

As Christina pulled the trio of digits from her asshole, Madie seized her wrist and steered the fingers directly onto her tongue. Her taste buds bathed in the strong flavor of her rectum, not that the young redhead minded whatsoever. In fact, the way she was audibly moaning as she closed her plump lips around the fingers and sucked them clean clearly denoted how she was getting off on the degrading act. 

With Madelaine’s ample sucking and Christina spitting into the small gape her finger-fucking created, the anal passage was slick. The three fingers that the tiny redhead had lubed up slid in much easier this time around, and after a half-dozen thrusts, Christina added a fourth finger. She noted the odd wince on the face of the younger actress, but it would go away with more anal stretching. Sure enough, as soon as the discomfort left Madelaine’s face, Christina was tucking her thumb into the fold created by the four other fingers and started the battle of getting her whole Goddamn fist into Madelaine Petsch’s asshole.

“Do it. Get that whole hand in my ass,” Madelaine urged, looking back at the older woman with a resolute look on her gorgeous face. 

Christina couldn’t just shove her whole fist in the girl’s keister, not right away at least. Instead, Christina would pull her hand back so not even her fingertips were in the sphincter before jabbing forward. Her hand would lose momentum as the anal ring stretched but Christina would always stop right as her knuckles, the widest part of her fist, was nearing entrance. After a dozen strokes of nearly fisting the petite redhead, Christina felt she was ready so gave Madelaine what she wanted. 

“Jesus Christ!” Madelaine swore, more out of amazement than pain.

As if not believing what was happening, Madelaine reached her hand backwards and seized it around Christina’s forearm. As her hand slid back towards her, Madelaine felt the other woman’s wrist end and her mighty ass cheeks start. Her anus was latched around Christina’s wrist! She’d done it! Madelaine Petsch was being fisted!

“This is amazing!” Madelaine cooed as Christina jerked her hand within her rectum.

“You’re damn right it is,” Christina agreed, just as amazed to see her hand completely disappeared inside the tiny redhead’s asshole.

Christina’s arm showed no signs of slowing down with its punches into Madelaine’s bowels. In fact, the busty redhead only went faster and faster. She was sure her shoulder would be sore tomorrow but it would totally be worth it as the sight of such a slim girl with a whole fist in her thick ass was just too erotic!

“Okay Christia. Stop so we can see the gape,” Giorgio directed.

Madelaine was sad to hear that the source of her pleasure would be removed, but something told her this wasn't the last time tonight a fist would be up her booty. Once Madie placed her hands on either butt cheeks and pulled them apart, Christina began moving again, this time in order to pull her hand free of her asshole. The camera crew moved in tight, making sure they captured all the action as Madelaine’s sphincter refused to release the busty woman’s hand. Finally, after a few heartbeats of hard pulling and twisting, Christina’s fist finally emerged, leaving behind Madie’s inch-and-a-half wide gape, her biggest ever in her lifetime.

“Wow! Great work,” Christina complimented.

“Now, we see you fist Christina,” Giorgio instructed.

Christina got up from her knees and unlaced the corset that was keeping her tits contained. As the top loosened, gravity and the massive weight of her busty forced the corset down, low enough to reveal Christina’s epic boobs. More than two handfuls each, her tits were the stuff of legends. Words couldn’t do them justice in fact. Simply put, they were the ninth wonder of the world.

“Holy Moses!” Madelaine gawked before bringing her dainty hands to corral the funbags. “Seriously! Wow!”

“I get that a lot,” Christina stated. 

After allowing the petite redhead a few more moments to properly gawk at her great tits, Chritina knelt upon the sofa and had Madelaine unzip the back of her skirt. The black skirt was pulled down over her exceptional thick and large ass before coming to rest around her knees. Knowing what she was doing here, Christina didn’t bother with panties since it was unneeded and it would only slow things down.

“Once you’re done drooling over my phat ass, I want the fist,” the busty actress demanded.

Madelaine gave the woman a wide grin before leaning in and giving her a long lick from her pink pussy, over the small patch of skin and then over her crinkled asshole. As she licked, Madelaine multitasked by using a bottle of lube to lather her right hand in the slippery fluid.

“Ready to be fisted?” Madelaine asked.

“Of course,” Christina purred. “It makes me cum so hard. I just love feeling stuffed.”

Based on the way the older woman was bragging, Madelaine knew she didn’t have to start slow. Instead, the redhead pressed all 5 of her fingertips together before butting it up against her backdoor. As soon as Madelaine applied some pressure, the sphincter began to spread. She met no resistence until the widest part of her hand came up against the anal ring. Madelaine slowed her progress but Christina re-assured her fellow actress by clutching the redhead’s wrist and helping Madelaine to push.

“Angle your wrist down,” Christina instructed. “And now twist...OH GOD!”

Madelaine was amazed as she felt the strong muscular ring slide off the back of her hand before it clamped around her wrist. Despite being no stranger to Hollywood Pornstars, Madie had never fisted someone before and the sensation was different than anything she’d experienced previously. After all, her whole hand was inside another human being. Seeing how stunned Madelaine was, the busty woman nearly twice her age took the initiative and began to rock atop the sofa, making the fist gyrate inside her rectum.

“Fuck me,” Christina swore, loving the insanely full sensation.

Wanting to see her limits, Madelaine took a backseat and allowed Christina to grab her arm and make a jerking motion. Understanding what she could handle, Madelaine essentially made repeated punches into her asshole, essentially using her wrist to fuck Christina while her fist was squeezed tightly by the woman’s bowels.

“I love being inside you like that,” Madelaine cooed as she ass punched her fellow redhead.

Christina was too preoccupied to reply as her fingers had found the top of her cunt. Rubbing her clit, Christina’s mind was being flooded with intense pleasure from the twin sensations. HAving seen a number of fisting videos in her prep for her scene today, Madelaine backed her hand out until the widest portion of her fist was gripped by Christina’s ass before she started to twirl her hand in half-circles. Immediately the busty actress began to moan louder and rub her pussy more aggressively.

“Gonna cum for me, Christina?”

“Holllyyy shhiitttt, yes!” Christina swore as her eyes began to roll back into her skull. “Oh yes! Make me cum! Make me cum!”

Madelaine did exactly what she was requested. With Christina diddling her own clit and Madelaine continuing to expertly maneuver her fist in her bowels, they combined to deliver a scream-filled orgasm to the busty redhead. After she started coming down from her climax, Christina reached back to get Madelaine to slow her gut-punching, at which point the redhead did slow wrist rolls in her rectum until finally pulling her hand free with a wet slurping noise.

“Show us her gape now,” Giorgio instructed.

“Yeah? You wanna see how open I am?” Christina asked, pulling her legs even further apart.

“Oh wow!” Madelaine commented, looking down. “Your insides are on the outside now.”

“You like my little butt rose?” Christina cooed, feeling Madelaine’s dainty fingers rubbing the bottom inch of her bowels as they pushed past her sphincter.

“Now her pussy,” Giorgio demanded.

“You want me to fist her vagina?!” Madie asked, disbelieving.

“It’s fine. I can take it,” Christina re-assured the younger girl. 

With a shrug of her shoulders, Madie brought the same hand that had just been wrist-deep in Christina’s backside up towards her cunt. This time the slender redhead with the phenomenal ass stuck four fingers into Christina gooey center, thrusting them into her a few times before she completed the fist by tucking her thumb into her palm. Unlike her asshole which required some effort, by the time Madelaine pushed forward, she found the widest part of her hand stretching out the other woman’s pussy with relative ease until she was wrist deep in a second hole belonging to Christina Hendricks.

“Fuckkkk meeee,” the Mad Men star howled in arousal.

Christina’s womb wasn’t nearly as cavernous as her rectum so the Riverdale actress had to make shorter jabs with her hand. Madelaine was amazed that her asshole had seal up as tight as it currently was after having a fist inside it moments before. Drawn to the crinkled hole, Madelaine bent down and began using her tongue to poke inside Christina’s asshole as her hand continued to fist the woman’s pussy.    

“Shit! Just like that,” Christina moaned her appreciation.

Madelaine suddenly became enthralled by a devious idea. She had no idea if the act had ever been done before, therefore she didn't know if it was humanly possible. Regardless, she needed to try. She asked for an assistant to to drizzle her free hand in lube, which they promptly completed, at which point she pulled out her right hand from inside Christina’s cunt. Knowing which of the holes was tighter, Madelaine started with it, meaning four fingers tented together and began breaching the busty redhead’s ass once more.

“Just couldn’t resist getting wrist deep in this big ass, huh?” Christina smiled back over her shoulder.

As the four fingers once again loosened the anal ring, Madelaine tucked the thumb inside and continued to make progress. It was slow, mainly from the fact it was her uncoordinated left hand attempting the fisting, but within 90 seconds, her entire hand was being squeezed by Christina Hendricks’ bowels. 

As Christina felt the younger girl’s hand rotating inside her ass, she felt the tiny redhead’s free hand come up and rub her slit. Pleasure danced along her nerves, but Madelaine wasn’t planning on stopping there. Instead, four fingers and the thumb pierced the entrance of her pink hole and kept pushing. With force and a twisting motion, Madelaine probed her pussy, constantly making headway until the near impossible happened...a second fist was inserted inside Christina Hendricks!

“Holy Goddamn Hells!” the busty actress swore as Madelaine Petsch was wrist deep in both her pussy and asshole.

“Jesus, Chris! I didn’t think this was possible,” Madelaine commented with an ear-to-ear smile.

The 25 year old with skin the color of milk worked her arms like a piston; as the fist in Christina’s ass pushed forward, the Riverdale star pulled back on the hand in her pussy. The knuckles, the widest part of her hand, always stayed buried within the Mad Men actress as Madelaine fucked the older woman with her wrists. It was quite the sight, especially with Madelaine smiling like a maniac as her insanely perky tits bounced with each jab into Christina’s holes.

“God, I love fisting,” Madelaine exclaimed with glee. “But I also love fucking.”

“Well that’s good news,” Giorgio replied. “Because I brought the Monster Cock Team with me today.

Madelaine prepared to pull her hands out of Christina’s orifices, but she didn’t know which one to start with. The Riverdale star decided that it was only fair to do both at once. Of course, Christina’s holes were clinging tightly, her asshole more so than her pussy. Both the tiny redhead and the camera watched intently as Christina’s anal ring began to distend back, stretching in order to stay latched to Madelaine’s wrists. Finally, it hit the breaking point (not literally) and both her hands popped free. 

“That was the hottest thing ever,” Madelaine complimented as she leaned in and gave a kiss to the center of Christina’s massively gaped hole.

“I concur,” Christian Clay said as the bald man entered the fray.

The bald man was joined in short order by Chris Diamond and Ed Junior as the women got to a seated position on the sofa to greet them. As Ed went to the extremely busty redhead to lean down and kiss her deeply, the two white men went straight to Madelaine. The slim Riverdale actress didn’t receive a kiss, instead Christian pulled her onto his lap and had his dick wedged up her ass in no time at all.

“Nice to see you again too,” Madelaine smiled down at the bald man.

“Get this off,” the handsome Chris told Madie as her pulled her tank top up over her head.

Madelaine lifted her arms and let the muscular man pull her top up over her head to reveal her naked tits. The largest of the three Riverdale girls, they were extremely perky and completely sagless, complete with a pale pink nipple dead center of the mounds. Of course they paled in comparison to Christina’s F-Cups, but even Mount Rushmore looks tiny compared to the Himalayians.

Despite removing her top, the dick wedged 10 inches deep in her ass didn’t move at all. Now that Madelaine was rendered naked except for her red high heels, she showed off her impressive flexibility by spreading her legs exceptionally wide and laid back further onto Christian’s chest. 

“Oh shit! Double fuck me, boys!” Madelaine cooed as Chris went balls deep in her pussy.

Meanwhile, Ed had stayed on his feet as Christina put her ruby red lips to excellent use. Showing off years of expertise, the busty redhead sucked the porn star’s dick with a perfect blend of speed and control. Her head made a swirling motion as she moved forward and back with her hand stroking the remainder of his dick that wasn’t able to fit in her mouth. All the while, her epically large tits were swaying and bobbing with her every motion.

“Get them big ass titties up on the sofa beside your daughter,” Ed demanded of the expert cocksucker.

Though Madelaine wasn’t her daughter, she would have been proud of her if she was. As Christina knelt on the sofa with her ass facing both Ed and the camera, Christina leaned down and gave Madelaine a deep kiss. The girl was handling a double penetration by two huge dicks as if it was a walk in the park. It was made more impressive by the fact the Riverdale actress was extremely slender so it looked almost comical watching as a baby arm was shoved up her ass and into her pussy at the same time.

“Oh!” Christina moaned as Ed entered her ass. “Momma likes!”

Ed didn’t give her time to adapt to his cock, not that he needed to after she took a fist up her ass as a warm up only minutes prior. Using every inch of his nearly foot long cock, Ed began to get faster, thumping his pelvis into Christina’s very phat ass with every thrust. Made hornier by the relentless ass-fucking, the Mad Men star practically choked Madelaine by shoving her tongue so deep and forcefully into the slender girl’s mouth. 

“What makes those titties bounce more? Fucking that ass or your pussy?” Ed wondered out loud

Interested to find out, the big black man gave her ass another half-dozen thrusts before pulling out and immediately entering her pussy. The hole was wet so his dick flew inside with reckless abandonment, the big man even climbing both feet onto the sofa for added power. After 30 seconds of vigorously fucking her cunt, he pulled out once more and inserted back in her rectum.

“Verdict?” Christina asked with a look over her shoulder.

“Both looked great to me,” Madelaine replied as her plump lips had captured on of Christina’s nipples and sucked hard on it.

To say that Ed was fucking her ass hard wouldn’t have been doing it justice. Both the black man and Christina were making animalistic growls as Ed repeatedly slammed all 12 inches down into her bowels with so much power that the clap between her huge ass cheeks and his pelvis was near deafening. The pace couldn’t last forever, not even with a sex god like Ed was, so after another minute, Ed slammed down for a final time and ground his hips into her cheeks with his entire dick soaking in her poop chute. 

“Here. Suck on this instead,” the black man spoke to Madelaine.

Despite having a dick in her ass and another in her pussy, Madelaine unlatched her lips from around Christina’s pink nipple and used them on Ed’s fat cock. As the slender redhead became airtight, sucking on the ass juices fresh from Christina Hendrick’s asshole, Ed didn’t forget about the busty Mad Men star. As his dick was being aggressively sucked by the energetic 25 year old, Ed was using four fingers to probe Christina’s asshole as she pulled her cheeks apart.

“Don’t be shy. Get that whole fucking hand in my ass,” Christina encouraged.

Ed shrugged his shoulders, after all it wasn’t his ass at risk of being torn apart. Like Madelaine had done earlier in the night, Ed tucked his thumb and pushed...hard. His hand was nearly twice as large as Madelaine’s, so it was no easy thing. In fact, the best he could manage was getting her anal ring pressed right against the knuckles, but it wouldn’t yield enough to open wider.

“Can we do it together?” Madelaine asked, appearing kneeling beside Christina.

Madelaine was done cleaning the black man’s dick of Christina’s juices and had moved on to rubbing her dainty hand along Christina’s slit. She was still wet, so despite the Mad Men star having 4 huge fingers knuckle-deep in her asshole, she took another four of Madelaine’s in her snatch. As the Riverdale star prepared to attempt the fist, the two dudes sprang back into action. Christian stayed on the bottom, waiting as Chris lifted the petite girl onto his lap. With a dick that had only moments before been balls deep in her ass, Christian slid it into Madelaine’s pink pussy before Chris had his time to fuck her booty. However, being double dicked again seemed to be the motivation Madelaine needed in order to finish thrusting her fist wrist-deep into Christina’s cunt so that the busty woman was getting her own unique version of a DP.

“Holy fuck,” Christina cawed.

Ed grew frustrated of trying to get his own fist up her pooper so he pulled his hand away and replaced it with his dick. It was a unique sensation for the big black man as having someone’s fist gliding along the underbelly of his dick through the thin membrane separating pussy and ass was new. 

“Fuck, that’s hot,” the handsome man Chris commented as he watched Christina being DP’d by a fist and big black cock.

“Let’s swap then,” Ed suggested. “I wanna see if this tiny redhead can handle me...or if she snaps in half.”

“Well if that doesn’t get a girl wet then I don’t know what will,” Madelaine mused.

As the five bodies re-arranged themselves, Madelaine realized within a few moments of being one-on-one with Ed Junior that the man wasn’t fucking around. Madie was used to taking a hard dicking, after all she had survived Facial Abuse and lived to tell the tale. Not only that, but she participated in the Legalporno Christmas Special this past year. However, as Ed pulled her on top of his chest and encouraged her to ride his dick in her ass, right from the start, Ed slid all 12 inches into her booty, only stopping when her phat cheeks were tickled by his pubic hair.

“Shit! That’s deep,” Madelaine cooed as the section of her large intestines a foot deep were poked by the big man.

“Such a slut. Taking a big dick in the ass and loving it,” Ed commented with a grope of her perky chest.

Ed was now ready to start fucking her hard again. In truth, her holes had been tighter than he expected, especially for a girl who had taken a fist up her ass 30 minutes earlier. And yet, that just made the big man want to fuck the Riverdale star a mile a minute. Feeling inspired by Madelaine’s fuck doll attitude, Ed scooped an arm under the back of each of her knees. As he pulled up on her legs, he used his strength and arm length to good effect by actually getting his hands behind the back of her neck, essentially folding her in a full nelson-looking wrestling move all while his dick opened up her asshole.

“Oh God! So deep...fuckkkk,” Madelaine swore once more.

For lack of a better word Ed fucked the girl as if she was a doll. In a rocking motion, the black man would push the slender redhead downwards to pierce her bowels with all 12 inches of thick cock. As soon as her pussy would smack against his balls Ed would pull her towards him so that her anal ring would glide down the length of his shaft until only his bulbous tip remained inside her rectum.

“Perfect slut,” Ed complimented again as he let her legs go and allowed the girl to straighten from the cramped position.

“Thank...owww!” Madelaine screamed as Ed decided to slap her, only this time against her pussy. “Ffuuuuukkkkk,” she swore again as he slapped her pussy once more than continued on strumming her clit as his dick pushed in and out of her ass again.

He made Madelaine ride him again, and once more she did a great job. Whenever he thought she needed some extra motivation he would either slap her face, smack her pussy or grab her hips and hammer up into her asshole. In truth he performed all these actions regularly and enjoyed it. 

“Show off that wrecked ass Ed,” Giorgio asked of his male talent.

One moment Madelaine Petsch went from having her ass destroyed to feeling hands return to behind her knees and she was lifted skywards. Luckily she wasn’t thrown up and over his shoulder, instead the tiny redhead was hoisted with her ass level with the ground and her wide asshole on full view for the camera. Of course she couldn’t see her anal gape, but she knew it was wide given the width of the dick that had been sodomizing her, not to mention the power and length of time he had spent doing so.

“Such a little girl with such a big gape,” Giorgio described. 

As Ed re-entered Madie’s ass and started pillaging once more, the redhead looked over at her older counterpart to see how she was fairing. The answer was quite well despite the fact Christian and Chris were double-teaming her asshole at the same time. With Chris working on his back with Christina’s massive tits resting on his chest, he was thrusting upwards as the bald-headed Christian planted his feet on the ground to generate extra power to fuck her ass.

“That’s it boys! Fuck me,” Christina demanded.

The Mad Men star was able to arch her back, despite being sandwiched between two fairly muscular men. The added bend in her back allowed Chris, the man on the bottom of the three bodies, to have his face completely buried in the redhead’s awesome tits. The fear of being suffocated was real, but it was a risk that the handsome man was more than okay with.

“Did you do a double anal during the Christmas Special?” Christian asked Madelaine.

“I did,” she nodded her head.

With that answer, the bald man pulled out of Christina’s asshole and took the three steps to the other side of the sofa so he was standing before Madelaine. Remembering her previous experience with a double anal penetration, the Riverdale star calmed her breathing before reaching down to rub her clit. Ed had stopped his thrusting with half his foot-long cock buried in her asshole, allowing Christian to push in against her anal ring. Madelaine’s face winced slightly but in a few heartbeats, the discomfort of having her sphincter stretched to its limit had passed, allowing the two men to take turns pulling out and pushing in to her once-tight asshole.

“Wow. So tiny and yet able to take two up the shitter,” Christina elegantly put it.

They couldn’t fuck the slender redhead with anything close to full speed or even use the full length of their dicks, but that was hardly the point. Madelaine Petsch was once again taking two huge dicks up her ass at the same time and not being torn in half. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying it thoroughly.

“She can handle more boys,” Christina encouraged as she rode Chris’ cock in her huge ass. “Actually fuck her.”

Ed and Christian didn’t like having their performance critiqued so they listened to the busty actress. The bald man continued to push into her filled backdoor, determined not to stop until both he and his fellow sodomizer were both balls deep in Madelaine’s asshole. The petite star alternated from having her mouth hanging wide open in moans, to clamping closed so she could bite her bottom lip to stop from groaning as the fucked her harder. Madie didn’t mind, she was up for the challenge. Ed was the first to achieve being balls deep in her ass, a task made easier by the fact he started with half his length embedded inside her poop chute at the start of the DAP. Christian made up for the slow start by making steady gains. His speed stayed at a solid medium pace for the entire time, but a minute after Ed was fully sheathed in her rectum, the bald man achieved the same feat.

“Fuuucccckkkk,” Madelaine screamed as she was fucked with nearly 24 combined inches of cock.

“I honestly didn’t think it was possible,” Christina Hendricks laughed.

“Come have a taste of the youngster’s ass,” the bald man stated to the busty woman.

Madelaine felt her ass empty and hated the feeling but both Ed and Christian were now standing on the sofa on either side of Christina. Despite taking turns sucking on their dicks, tasting Madelaine’s ass in the process, the Mad Men star didn’t slow the thumping ride she was giving to the handsome Chris. Suddenly free and a little upset that Christina was hogging all the male attention, Madelaine devised an idea. 

“Mhhmmm,” Christina purred as she felt a tongue running along her empty cunt. “Good girl.”

Madelaine had slid from the sofa and onto the floor in front of the busty woman as she rode reverse cowgirl. With Chris’ cock thrusting up into her asshole with little to no resistance from the older woman’s anal ring, Madelaine and her tongue went to work on the vacant pussy which had a patch of red fur above it. However, that wasn’t the Riverdale star’s endgame. Instead, Madie stopped licking and once more worked her entire hand into Christina’s pussy, making the busty redhead get double penetrated by both a fist and dick once more.

“Ohhhhh...ffuuuccckkkk!” Christina bellowed.

Madelaine was surprised by a few things. The first was the fact Christina Hendricks had just cum with a dick obliterating her ass at the same time she was having her cunt fisted. The second and more startling was the typhoon of squirt fluid that projected from her pussy and smacked Madelaine like an ocean’s wave. The tiny redhead’s face was completely covered in the orgasmic fluid, dripping from her nose and chin to puddle on the floor before her.

“Whoa,” was all MAdelaine could think to say.

Madelaine didn’t know if it was seeing the busty redhead squirt onto her face or if the intense anal fucking had finally gotten to him, but either way Chris needed to cum. Given that Christina was slowing her vigorous ride and that he was on the bottom of the four parties on the sofa, he decided that blowing his load up her ass made good sense. Especially since Madelaine was still on the ground between their thighs.

“Fuck! Cumming,” Chris warned.

“Cum in her ass,” Giorgio confirmed before addressing the kneeling Madelaine. “And you, get your mouth ready to collect his jizz.”

The thought of taking cum into her mouth that was going to drip from another person’s asshole was disturbing to Madelaine, but she had no time to process the words further as Chris gave a great grunt before burying his 9 inch dick as far into Christina as possible. The busty redhead could feel a half-dozen ropes paint her bowels, which would have been enough to make her cum if she hadn’t just done so. Once Chris was done, he slowly pulled out, at which point Madelaine had sandwiched her face under Christina’s massive ass and at the edge of the leather sofa. 

“Catch every drop and swallow,” Giorgio instructed.

After saying those words, Christina pushed with her bowels and felt the movement of the liquifying jizz running down her anal tract and dripping from her asshole. Madelaine was on hand to catch every droplet of the salty jizz, which tasted different then any other load of cum she’d had in her mouth previously. She didn’t know if she was grossed out or liked it even more. Regardless, the 25 year old gulped down the healthy load before opening her mouth and showing the camera that it was all gone.

“Can’t last any longer,” Ed hissed through clenched teeth as Christina blowjob was too good. “But I wanna cum in the tiny one.”

After a quick instruction from the director, Madelaine got onto her knees atop the edge of the couch with her ass thrust back and practically begging for a dick. Ed obliged, sinking balls deep in the first thrust before using her anal ring to milk him of his semen. He did this a few times until he could feel the cum in his balls start to boil. He thrust into her one last time then held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her large intestines. As he pulled out, Christian was on hand to give her ass a few short strokes before he too deposited his seed along her anal canal. 

“Wow! A lot of baby batter in my booty right now,” Madelaine laughed. 

Finally, after the last string dripped from his head, Christian looked to make sure Christina was ready. The busty woman had descended to the ground in a similar position that Madelaine had found herself in when she took the squirt to the face and dirty cum to her mouth.

“I’m ready. Step back,” the older redhead ordered. The moment his dick left Madelaine’s ass, Christina rose up so that her mouth was now lined up directly beneath the fit redhead’s gaping tush.

“Push it out Madie. Give me all the cum,” Christina instructed.

Pushing out like she was asked, Madelaine risked making a complete mess as it appeared Christina knew the risks involved and deemed the reward worthy enough. Within seconds the Riverdale actress felt a large dollop of fluid drip out of her asshole and a moment later heard it splatter against the busty redhead’s outstretched tongue.

“Mmhmmm,” Christina cooed as she tasted the cum which was a perfect blend of two tastes she had grown used to - salty jizz and Madelaine’s ass. “More. Keep going.”

Clearly not going to be happy until every last drop of the two loads were shot from her asshole into Christina’s mouth, the slender girl continued to strain and push. She felt several more puddles of the men’s cum push out of her rectum and land right into Christina’s mouth before she gave up and exhaustedly collapsed down onto the sofa. However, rather than swallow it down like Madelaine did, Christina held the tainted cum in her mouth as she circled the furniture towards Madelaine’s face.

“Christina?” Madelaine asked out of confusion.

The gorgeous Mad Men star seized the chance now that the younger girl’s mouth was open. Christina pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again, drawing them together for yet another kiss. Madelaine was just as exhausted as the men were, but the feel of the sexy redhead on her lips again seemed to energize Madelaine once again. However, Christina wasn’t trying to get her going again. As Madelaine mimicked her action and parted her lips, she received a surprise. Not only did Christina shove her tongue into her mouth but along with it came the mouthful of jizz that Christian and Ed had generously deposited in her asshole mere seconds before.

“Mmhm…ughhh,” Madelaine grunted in surprise as the salty liquid was spat into her mouth. “Yum.”

The girls continued to kiss for another minute as the screen faded to black.

NEXT: Emily Alyn Lind returns, visiting the roughest and nastiest porn has to offer.

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