Horror on Feluxery Lake

BY : Broncos-1574
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction! I do not know Anastasiya Kvitko, Anel Peralta, Morgan Lane, Jem Wolfie, Louisa Khovanski, Exohydrax and I do not make money from this story.

The sight of thick, murky fog surrounding the dense, dead like forest as chittering noises could be heard on the ground. The sound of crashing waves against the sharp, edgy rocks that washed ashore the black, tar sands on the mysterious island of Feluxery. An island unknown to man that never step foot on the dangerous island, who knows what inhabitants resides on the island or dark beings live deep inside the island. The smell of the densely green forest with moss making slippery noises, the sound of tree branches snapped by the many unknown creatures stomping their way looking for resources to survive. The crunchy noise under the hooves of the mass size bear and moose hybrid, the leaves and tree branch snap in half on the ground as the hybrid makes its way deep into the dark, dense forest. The noise of the water trickling from a group of deer hybrid with 2 heads, while the birds soaring in the air screeching with head the size of football and three tails with small wings. The ground quaking with stampede of the many deer hybrids fleeing, the trees shaking flock of birds  flew away into the night sky, a light lit in a small cavern entrance as sounds coming deep within the dark caves that lurks potential dangers.

The ground covered in bones and clothing from the wandering outsiders, bone fragments such as broken jaw bones, shattered skulls, broken hands and digits, chewed arms and leg bones and crushed rib cages. The horrific scene that looks like a horror movie played in real life, the footsteps running around could be heard afar a distance. The fireplace showed shadows coming from tunnels from the dark cavern, chittering and crunchy noises could be heard with echoing sounds. Roars can be heard as a deep, heavily labored breathing, fog like sound coming from deep within the cave. A massive monstrous like being could be seen in its eternal slumbering as the floor around had mounted bones and body limbs from whatever happened. A screeching sound could be heard as rapid breathing could also be heard, footstep as a group of dwarf like beings could be seen with dead animal carcass flopping on the ground. Tearing from the body, ripping noises, crunchy sounds, bones breaking, could be heard as blood flowed down the monstrosity beings devouring their hunting prey with ease. A small being waking up in a cage finally awake, a tiny but deepening screech can be heard, as the being stretching its body making a roaring sound the filled the echoed cave in the night.

Then there's the other side of Feluxery, the side that was never discovered or nobody has talked about. This side contained a very dark and terrifying discovery. The environment smelt lucid, the weather humid and blazing hot, at night it's cool and breezy. The surroundings has let's just say it's not forests but more like wastelands as dead trees could be seen, animal skeletons laid out like presentation. A roadway could be seen out in the distance, leading to somewhere where could it be seen? Buildings could be seen demolished, massive holes seen as the buildings were once made of bricks and wood. Decaying water pipes could be seen as the water smelt like murky radioactive sewer manure, the smell so horrible it couldn't be contained. The area was a laboratory that may have belonged to scientists who may have unleashed unknown creatures and possibly made hybrid animals that were seen on the other side of the island. However, there were some who became a much more scary discovery, these creatures were the stuff nightmares are made of 

Cages were filled with rust and torn fabric, the bars bitten into and some of them were ripped open. Tables overturned with blood all over the floor, paperworks torn and shredded and covered with flesh. Incubators broken as orange and purple water oozed on floor as dozen of tubes and broken window glass scattered all over the place. Room by room, the scene came out of a real life horror movie. Each room had labs and test subjects and each came with a massive price, this subjects ran out into the desolated wastelands out there. The massive yard where the nuclear plant stayed, it was blown to oblivion as the silos were heavily damaged, the pipes burst open as the air was now uninhabitable. The rooms filled with murky smell with decay bodies all over the floor, outside was just a other day at the office.



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