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A/N: I know you all are waiting for the final chapter of Someone Like You. Trust me I'm waiting myself. I've just been stuck. But I just had to get this one out. Sometimes my inspiration takes me somewhere else for a while and I will circle back. I rewrote this entire story from my previous I Want Us. I just couldn't get the second chapter right for that version. So I wrote a whole new brand spanking new I Want Us. Enjoy! :)


Chapter 1: When They First Met


“Is the green room ready?” Richard asked Michelle as she came out of the room. She nods and hands him the clipboard. He looks over it and smiles at his assistant. 

“I knew I made a good choice picking you out of everyone.” He patted her back. Michelle looked up at the six foot burly man and smiled. 

“I just want to get everything right. Make sure the artist is taken care of.” She said with a small smile. 

“You’ve been with us for four years. It was a rough start but you definitely improved from your first year. Now, I can’t imagine how this venue is going to function without you. I can’t believe you’re leaving us.” Richard said with sad blue eyes. 

Michelle touched his arm gently, “I know. I’m going to miss you too. But I can’t pass up this opportunity, it’s something I’ve been wanting for a while.” 

The older man took a good look at his assistant. This five foot six short black haired, bright brown eyed girl came into his life and changed his life four years ago. She was like a daughter to him, and he took her under his wing and taught her everything he knew about handling singers, and bands. 

Since he took her on he never had a problem. But now he was losing her because she was offered a big time job in Los Angeles. Sure, it was three thousand miles away, but it was something she’s been wanting for a long time now. He had to let her go, even if he didn’t want to. He knew The NorVA was too small for her. He saw her potential and had to put it to use. He watched her grow and become a leader. Now, she has a chance to become an artist manager. 

He pulled her into a hug and held her tight. He felt her return the embrace and he held onto her for a little longer, then let her go. He cleared his throat and wiped his eyes, trying to hide his tears. 

She did the same. They both straightened their shirts and smiled at each other. She looked at him and started to speak, “By the way you didn’t tell me who is performing tonight.” 

He smirked, “You’ll see.” He said as he patted her shoulder and walked away. She was about to call after him but a young man came up to her and handed her a headset. She thanked him and he started to help her put it on. Once she was all set she thanked him again and watched him run off. 

She smiled after him, because she was in his shoes four years ago. She tested her headset and heard everyone answer back. The artist would be here in an hour and she had to make sure she was ready to greet them, whoever it was. 

She had to check the sound boards and the lights to make sure everything worked. She looked at her watch and started to do her last minute checks. She had an hour. But for some reason this was different. She didn’t know why. She kept getting the butterfly feeling. She never had this feeling before and she wasn’t sure why. She took a deep breath as she walked down the hall and entered the venue. 

She walked across the floor and caught a glimpse of the stage. She smiled seeing that it was almost set up. She loved it when things were on time. She grew up with a lot of structure in her life. If something was out of place or if she was behind on something she would have a small panic attack. But she always managed to get through it. 

She walked through another set of doors that led outside and smiled seeing the line growing. Richard told her not to look at the marquee otherwise it would give away the surprise. She was hoping she would see some fans wearing the artist's merchandise, but it was a little chilly outside. So unfortunately she wasn’t able to see who it was. She took a breath and went back inside. 

She loved Norfolk, but she knew she was meant for more. So when this job presented itself last year she applied and got the phone call last month. It was a long shot but she took it. A small record label was looking for someone to manage a few up and coming artists. The pay is good and she’s excited to take it. She would be driving instead of flying. Her best friend Kirk would be moving with her. They were leaving tomorrow. The truck was rented and Kirk is finishing up the packing. Tonight was her last night at the NorVA. It was bittersweet. But she knew it was time to move on. 

She looked at her watch and saw she had forty five minutes to check everything. She smiled, “Right on time.” She said to herself and made her way up the stairs to talk to Jim. Tonight was going to be an amazing night. 


“You’ve had that song on repeat. Are you okay?” The older lady asked the younger woman sitting across from her in the limousine. 

The young red head smiled at her mom, “Yeah mom I’m okay. This song helps me think. After everything with Sara I just need to clear my head a bit.” 

“Well, this is the last stop on tour and you’re on a break for a little while. You’re coming back to Jersey right?” She asked her daughter hoping she would say yes. 

“I am mom. I just have to meet my label in L.A. this weekend and then I’ll be home for a few months.” She smiled and looked out the window. Norfolk, Virginia, one place she hasn’t been to before. It seemed nice. She saw small businesses, clubs, and everything a small city would have. They were doing a smaller venue, and that’s what she loved, a small intimate venue. There was a small meet and greet right before the show and she couldn’t wait to meet and see her fans. They supported her through everything and so did her family. 

“Carie, we’re here. Michelle is supposed to meet us at the artist entrance. We’re supposed to look for what I’ve been told a masculine lesbian with a high and tight hair cut.” Her mom said and she couldn’t help but chuckled as the limousine pulled up to the side of the venue. 

“Well that must be her with the clipboard.” Carie said, looking out of the window before collecting her things. Before she opened the door she looked at the girl. For some reason her heart started to pound and she felt butterflies in her stomach. She was confused, because Michelle wasn’t the type she would normally go for. But why was she feeling nervous for the first time in a long time. 

Michelle rushed up to the limousine and opened the door for her. She held out her hand for Carie to take and they both felt a small shock. They both ignored as Carie got out of the limousine and then she held out her hand for Carie’s mom.

Once they were both out of the limousine, Michelle welcomed them to Norfolk and told them to follow her. She opened the door for them, and they waited for her to take the lead. She made normal small talk about the tour and asked how they were doing. 

Michelle was definitely trying to hide her nervousness. This was fucking FLECHTER one of her favorite singers. She had to keep it professional. She had to. She didn’t want to get too excited. She had to maintain her professionalism. 

She directed them to the green room and told them to make themselves comfortable. She would be back to check on them in a few minutes to get ready for the meet and greet. 

“She seems like a very nice girl.” Carie’s mom said with a knowing smile at her daughter. She could see her daughter blushing. Carie started to put her stuff on the dresser and sat in the chair and looked at herself in the mirror. 

Why was she blushing over someone she just met? Sure, Michelle was cute, Michelle’s voice was kinda deep and raspy which was surprisingly sexy to her. Carie looked into the mirror. The bags under her eyes were very prominent. She was on the road, going from city to city. At least this was the last stop. 

She let out a sigh when she heard her mom let out a small squeal and she turned around in her chair. There stood her best friend Hallie. She quickly stood up and rushed up to the five foot blonde. She wrapped her arms around and held her tight. 

“I missed you so much.” She whispered and she could feel her friend nod against her chest. She let go and Hallie looked up at her tall friend. 

“Come on, let's get you ready and you can tell me everything.” Hallie said in a soft voice. Carie just nodded and they walked back over to the mirror. As soon as Carie sat down she let out a sob. Hallie didn’t hesitate and wrapped her arms around her. Carie’s mom decided to take a look around the venue and she let the two best friends have their time together. 


“Okay, so everyone is almost checked in. Almost time for sound check, then we can start the meet and greet. Thanks Jim!” Michelle said to the older gentleman. 

“I can’t believe this is your last night here. Sure gonna miss you around her kiddo.” He said with a smile and ruffled her hair. She smiled and gave him a hug. 

“Thank you for everything Jim. I learned a lot from you.” She whispered. 

He kissed the top of her head and let her go, “Now go so them city slickers how we do it around here.” He said with a small chuckle. 

Michelle smiled, “Will do.” She looked up from the soundboard and saw Carie and the band getting ready for the soundcheck. The butterflies came again, but she ignored them. She watched as Carie waved for someone to come up to the stage. 

On stage walked Hallie. Michelle stopped what she was doing as she watched the blonde come out on stage and take Carie’s hand. She couldn’t help but smile at the wide eyes Hallie had. Her heart definitely was pounding and she had to catch her breath. She didn’t know what was going on. She thought Carie was giving off vibes, but here was this girl she’s never met and it just seemed as though the world stopped. 

She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Jim say they were ready for soundcheck. She gave him a small pat on the back and left the soundboard area. She looked at her watch, she had thirty minutes. She went down the stairs and was looking at her clipboard as she crossed the venue floor. After checking off something she came up to the bar and smiled at Megan. 

The brown haired blue eyed woman smiled at her. Over the music they started to talk about the meet and greet area. Megan told her everything was good to go. Michelle leaned over the bar and kissed her cheek. She straightened up, told Megan thank you, grabbed her clipboard and left the main area.

She turned the corner and saw the meet and greet set up. She smiled and came up to the photographer. Her and the young man in his mid twenties were talking about how they wanted to do the meet and greet. Once they came to an agreement she smiled and shook his hand. 

She called over the headset to ask if Richard was on his way with FLETCHER. He said he was and she told him she was getting ready to open the doors. 

“So when do I get to see this Michelle you keep talking about?” Hallie asked, walking alongside her best friend. She saw Carie blush again for the third time that night. 

Richard smiled, “Actually Hallie since you’ll be backstage you’ll get to see her. She’s going to make sure the stage is running okay tonight.” 

They reached the small meet and greet area and Hallie stood off to the side and gave Carie a thumbs up. Richard smiled and told Hallie to grab a quick picture. 

Both girls thanked him, then Hallie rushed up to Carie and the photographer started to snap away at his camera. They were having so much fun, until Richard heard Michelle’s over the radio to let him know the fans were ready. 

“Okay ladies hate to break this up, but we’re ready. Hallie, you can hang out at the bar, Megan will take good care of you.” He said with a soft smile. 

The two friends hugged and when they let go Richard told Haley to follow him. Carie’s mom came up to her and kissed her cheek. The photographer grabbed a couple of quick pictures of them and then smiled. 

Carie watched as her mom started to walk away in the same direction. 

“Okay, here we go.” She said to herself. 


“And soft lights. Small smoke. Soft green. Soft red. Hard purple. Intro, and three, two, GO!” 

Michelle watched from the side of the stage as FLETCHER came back on stage after a small break. Even though she was at work she definitely was  enjoying the show. She was running back and forth making sure things were running okay. 

The second half of the show just started and that’s when Richard came up to her and smiled. She smiled back and he took off her headset and took her battery pack. 

“Go enjoy the rest of your night! We’ll see you at the after party! We got this!” He said to her over the music. He kissed her cheek and pulled her into another tight hug. She returned the hug and when they let go she kissed his cheek and mouthed a thank you to him. He nodded for her to go and she smiled. She rushed off to get to the other side of the stage as Richard took over for her. 

Once she reached the other side she smiled and started to actually enjoy her favorite singer. She started to sing along to the song and started to sway to the music. She was really into the music when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and she was met with the most beautiful hazel eyes she’s ever seen. 

“I’m sorry what?!” Michelle asked leaning in since she didn’t hear what she said. 

“I’m Hallie! Carie’s best friend!” She said over the music, holding out her hand for Michelle to take. 

Michelle took Hallie’s hand and she tried not to take it away quickly. She felt this huge jolt and she couldn’t describe it at all. Hallie froze for a second, because she felt the same thing. Michelle knew she had to say something. 

“I’m Michelle! It’s nice to meet you. Sorry I didn’t get a chance earlier. Had to make sure the venue was ready!” Michelle said over the loud music. 

“That’s okay, I get that! I’m so used to everyone running around. I just kind of sit in the background until Carie is ready for me to do anything!” 

They both didn’t realize they were still holding hands until the crowd cheered. They both let go of each other’s hand, Michelle was trying not to blush. So was Hallie. Hallie wasn’t sure what she was feeling. She’s never been attracted to girls before in her life. But there was something about Michelle that was so attractive. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. 

They continued to watch FLETCHER and both were laughing and having a good time. Richard on the other side of the stage watched Michelle and Hallie. He smiled and shook his head. Even though this was Michelle’s last night he hoped she would get Hallie’s number at least. Michelle hasn’t been in a relationship in almost eleven years. She’s been around the dating scene but always put her work first. 

Just no one ever clicked with Michelle and that was fine by her. He remembered the night when they had a conversation about one night stands. Michelle told him that she didn’t believe in one night stands, or hookups, or friends with benefits. In the end someone always gets hurt. She told him she believed in old school romance. Courting, dating, being official, then hopefully engagement, then marriage. That’s when Richard told her she was definitely an old soul. Not many young people do that type of thing anymore. 

He took one last look at the two and went back to making sure the show was running smoothly. He checked his watch and in about forty five minutes the show would end and Michelle’s going away party would start. 

It was going to be a bittersweet party, but at least she and Kirk weren’t leaving until tomorrow night. They made it that way so that Kirk could get some sleep after a few drinks tonight. Richard talked into the headset and nodded, it was time to switch up the lights for the slow song. 


Carie and Hallie rushed back to the green room and started to talk excitedly about the show. Carie’s mom walked in and gave her a big hug. She said that she was going to head back to the hotel and they could stay as long as they wanted. She gave both girls a kiss on their cheeks and she left. 

Carie sat down in the chair and Hallie started to get things together so Carie could start taking off her makeup. 

“So how’s that supplement place treating you?” Carie asked her best friend. She watched her sigh and turn around. She leaned against the counter. 

“I’m actually not there anymore, haven’t been for about a month. I got let go.” She told her best friend truthfully.

“Oh my God! Why didn’t you say anything last month when we video chatted?!” Carie asked, putting her hand over hers. 

“I didn’t want to ruin your good mood. I just feel like I’m a burden when it comes to you.” Hallie said softly. 

Carie stood up and took Hallie’s hands into hers, “Hallie Jane, you’re my best friend. I love you! You know you can talk to me about anything. Even if I’m having a good day. Just open up to me. I’ll stop talking and I’ll listen. You know I always will.” 

Hallie smiled and wiped away a single tear, “Thank you! I love you so much!” 

Carie smiled softly and she pulled her into a tight hug. That’s when she heard Hallie let out a big sob. She just held her tighter. Carie knew Hallie struggled mentally. She had rough upbringing and at the tender age of twenty two, Hallie did well for herself. Hallie is still fresh from a divorce as well. So Carie knew that Hallie had a lot on her shoulders she wished she could take away. 

The two friends didn’t let go of each other until Hallie was able to calm down a little bit. Carie pulled away from her and kissed her forehead, “Now come on, let’s get you all nice all dolled up. I heard it was Michelle’s last night and they’re having a going away party. I say we crash it. PLUS heard through the grapevine, Michelle’s best friend is coming by. Maybe you two will hit it off.” Carie smiled letting Hallie sit in her seat and she started to help Hallie with her face.

Hallie smiled at Carie, but deep down she wanted to impress Michelle. She didn’t know why. Ever since they shook hands a couple of hours ago, all she could think about was Michelle’s bright brown eyes. The way Michelle looked at her she never saw anyone look at her that way. It was different and she couldn’t understand why her heart skipped a beat when she heard her voice. 

The last thing she wanted to do was hurt Carie. But then again Hallie was attracted to men, right? She likes men. She definitely likes men. 

Or so she thought.


“Hey! There you are! We were wondering when you were going to show up!” Michelle said, opening the front door for her best friend Kirk. The twenty nine year old five foot seven man walked in with a smile. They hugged, and his green eyes lit up seeing the NorVA decorated with streamers and a sign saying “WE WILL MISS YOU!” He scratched his clean shaved chin and smiled seeing Richard. 

Krik could have been Richard’s son. They both had the almost the same body build just Kirk was a little more slimmer. The two shook hands then hugged. He greeted everyone and Megan already had his favorite drink ready for him. He walked up to the bar and took the glass and they both winked at each other. 

“So who performed tonight?” He asked rejoining the group.

“Fucking FLECTHER!” Michelle told him.

His eyes went wide and he almost spit out his drink, “You’re kidding! You mean THE FLETCHER?! The one who you played over and over again when the last girl rejected you?” 

“We’re not gonna talk about that. It’s still fresh bro.” She said, hitting him in the arm. Everyone laughed not seeing Carie and Hallie walking in from the back of the venue. 

“That must be her best friend. Can you imagine me and Michelle, you and her best friend and we all live happily ever after?” 

Hallie smiled and nodded, not wanting to ruin Carie’s mood. She watched as Carie walked up to Michelle and tapped her on the shoulder. 

“Hey! Hope you don’t mind but we thought we would crash your party.” Carie said with a sheepish smile. 

“No! Not at all.” Michelle smiled and saw Hallie walk up to Carie. She gave Hallie a little nod, “What’s your poison? Megan makes the best drinks.” 

“Cherry sour.” They both said and Michelle chuckled. 

“Got it. Hey. Kirk, wanna help me get these two a drink? Plus it looks like you could use a refill.” 

Steven nodded, and the two made their way to the bar. Michelle told Megan what they wanted and she leaned against the bar watching Hallie. She just couldn’t take her eyes off of her. She didn’t know why. 

“I can’t tell who you’re looking at. Fletcher or the blonde girl.” Kirk said with a smirk. 

Michelle chuckled, “Definitely Hallie, the blonde. There’s something about her that I’m drawn to. Doesn’t matter anyway we’re leaving tomorrow.” 

“True, but it doesn't hurt to be long distance friends. Plus if it’s fate you’ll see each other again.” 

 Michelle nodded at her best friend, he was right. Tonight she would ask for Hallie’s number and social media to keep in touch. If it was meant to be they would see each other again. 

Carie and Hallie were talking with Richard and he was telling the two stories of Michelle. Hallie looked over at the bar and saw Michelle looking at her. She smiled and Michelle smiled back. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and then turned her attention back to Richard. 

Why was this girl giving her butterflies? Why was this girl making her heart pound? She never had these feelings before. Not even with her ex husband. This was all new to her. 

“Plus with Michelle being in her early thirties, she’s still young and still able to take on the world.” Richard said with a smile. Hallie’s ears perked up hearing that Michelle was in her thirties. She seriously thought Michelle was in her mid twenties at least. She looked so young, she would have never guessed she was in her thirties. 

Michelle and Kirk came back with the drinks, Kirk gave Carie hers, and Michelle gave Hallie hers. 

The party went on throughout the night, and everyone was having a good time. Richard started the music and the dancing started. Michelle was able to sneak off to go to her favorite part of the venue. The roof. 

She smiled as she walked over to the chair and sat down. She put her feet up on the table and leaned back. This was where she would come up after every concert. She would just like to get away for a while. Just to enjoy the peace and quiet. Los Angeles was definitely going to be a big change. But it would be an amazing adventure. 

Even though Kirk was still trying to find a job as a mechanic, Michelle told him that with her salary they would be okay for a while. Plus, they both saved up for something like this. 

It was a scary good change that they both needed. Especially since Kirk just ended things with his long term girlfriend. He also needed a change. This would be their biggest adventure to date. 

She heard the creaking of the door opening and she turned around and her heart skipped a beat. It was Hallie. Michelle stood up and chuckled seeing Hallie struggling to close the door. 

She rushed over to her, “Here I got you, it’s a little tricky.”  Michelle maneuvered the door with ease and turned back to Hallie. 

“You okay?” She asked as she walked back over to her chair and sat down. She gestured for Hallie to sit in the other chair and watched as she did. 

“Yeah, it was just getting too loud down there and I needed to escape for a while. Also, to be honest I followed you up here. Figured you would know a peaceful place to be for a bit.” Hallie explained taking a sip of her drink. 

Michelle nodded, “I get the feeling. I come here after every show just to decompress before I go home.” 

“So what’s your new job?” Hallie asked, looking at her and Michelle turned her head. 

“Sorry, everyone downstairs keeps talking about your new job, and I didn’t want to ask what it was.” Hallie said sheepishly. 

Michelle nodded and gave her an understanding look, “It’s okay. I’m going to be managing a couple of musicians for a small label company. They’re up and coming and they’re taking off. I put in the application about a year ago and finally got the phone call. So Kirk and I are heading out tomorrow.” She explained. 

“What about you? What do you do?” Michelle asked, wanting to get to know this girl. 

Hallie waved her hand, “Oh, I’m in between jobs right now. Just kind of taking a mental break from a lot of things you know.” 

Michelle nodded and took her feet off the table and turned her chair fully to see Hallie. She could tell she was going through something and she wanted to help. That was Michelle’s flaw, she always wanted to help someone because she’s been through a lot too. 

“I completely understand that. Taking a mental break is important. Especially after working for a long time. Once you’re ready for a new job, it’ll just happen naturally. That’s how I found this job, and that’s how I found out about this one in L.A. Don’t worry, things will align for you soon. You just have to believe.” Michelle finished with a smile and leaned back into her chair. 

“Thank you. Um, I can’t believe I’m about to ask this, but could I possibly get your number? I know we just met, but I would like to be in contact with you. You seem like a genuine person and I could use more people like you in my life.” Hallie said, trying not to blush. 

Michelle nodded and took her phone out of her back pocket. She handed it to Hallie and she smiled. Their fingers slightly touched and there was that jolt again. Hallie quickly took Michelle’s phone to put her number in. She gave her phone back to her and Michelle smiled and quickly sent a text. 

Hallie smiled knowing it was her so she could have her number. As she was saving her contact. 

“You know while we’re at it, let’s just add each other on social media, like all platforms.” Hallie said with a small laugh. 

“How are you reading my mind right now? It’s kind of creepy.” Michelle said jokingly. 

“I’m just horrible at texting people back. Besides Carie, and my parents, I’m just bad at the whole texting thing.” Hallie confessed. 

“So in a sense, I will have to wait at least three to five business days for a text from you.” Michelle said with a smirk. 

They both laughed and exchanged their social medias. They would also double check with each other to make sure they had the right ones. 

“Awesome, now we can stalk each other.” Michelle said putting her phone onto the table and it started lighting up. Hallie noticed she wasn’t looking at her phone and just looking up at the sky. 

“You must be very popular.” Hallie said. Michelle looked at her and smiled, shaking her head. 

“Not really, it’s just a lot of people telling me to have a safe trip and to let them know when I get there. I have lunch with my parents tomorrow and then, me and Kirk are off to L.A.” 

Hallie nodded, she just couldn’t shake this feeling about Michelle. She didn’t know what it was. She really looked at her this time. The black t-shirt fit her nicely, the black skinny jeans really complimented her legs. Her hair being a little messy definitely added some character. Her slightly tan skin is what really surprised Hallie. The tattoos all over her arms were spaced out nicely, they weren’t close together or too far apart. 

Michelle could feel Hallie’s eyes on her, but she didn’t want to look back. She would get too lost into those hazel eyes and she didn’t want to do something she was going to regret later. She let in a long breath and let it out slowly hoping she wouldn’t notice. She just had the urge to pick her up and kiss her. That’s all she’s been thinking about since she saw her on that stage. 

“Fuck it,” Michelle said standing up and putting her drink on the small table. She held out her hand for Hallie to take, “Care to dance?” 

Hallie smiled and nodded. She too stood up taking Michelle’s hand in hers, and put her drink on the small table as well. 

Michelle put her hand on the small of Hallie’s back, but didn’t pull her too close. She wanted her to feel comfortable with her. 

Both didn’t want to admit it, but their hearts were pounding so loud, each hoped the other didn’t hear. Their minds were racing a mile a minute. There were no words. Both were just too nervous to say anything. They were also trying to not make eye contact for fear of what they were feeling. 

Michelle decided to break the ice and look at her, “So, this is nice.” 

Hallie let out a small chuckle, “It honestly really is. I don’t think I ever danced under the stars before. I bet you bring a lot of girls up here.” 

Michelle laughed, “Actually, I haven’t had a dance under the stars in almost eleven years. I haven't had a date in almost eleven years. I haven’t had a relationship in almost eleven years. I don’t believe in hookups, or one night stands. I’m old school when it comes to dating.” 

Hallie was surprised at what she was just told, “I find that really hard to believe. I really do.” 

Michelle smiled, “I threw myself into my job, going to the gym, and trying to better myself. I tried all the dating apps, I got ghosted, stood up, rejected, and my curse is when I’m adorable. Once I hear adorable, I know I’m friend zoned. Okay enough about me. How’s your love life?” 

“It’s actually in shambles. I got divorced last year, and it wasn’t pretty. Everyone told me I was way too young to be married at eighteen, but I thought he was the love of my life. Even thought about getting back together, but it didn’t work out.” Hallie explained avoiding Michelle’s eyes worried she would be judged. 

“I’m so sorry to hear that. Sounds like you’re on a healing journey.” 

Hallie looked up at her and smiled, not expecting Michelle to say what she said. 

“You could say that. Okay, this is going to sound weird, and I know we just met, but for some reason I feel really comfortable with you.” Hallie confessed. 

Michelle nodded, “I could say the same. I guess we just match energies.” 

They both looked at each other and smiled. Not knowing what came over them, but they both found themselves leaning in towards each other. Before they knew their lips met. 

Michelle’s head was exploding. She pulled Hallie closer not wanting to let her go. She couldn’t describe what she was feeling. This was definitely new. She didn’t know what this feeling was and she was tefferifed. She never does this. She literally just met  this girl a few hours ago and now here they were making out. This was something that she didn’t normally do. What was happening?

Hallie's head was also going in a wild goose chase. She’s never kissed a girl before and this was a new feeling to her. She didn't know what to do. She put her arms around Michelle’s neck pulling her close just as Michelle pulled her close. For some reason she just wanted to stay like this forever. Why did she feel like she could kiss her forever? Why was her heart pounding? Why was her mind going a mile a minute? She never, ever, felt like this before. She didn’t want to stop now. 

They were so lost in each other, but they knew they had to breathe at some point. Michelle stopped first and let Hallie go. 

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Michelle said, backing away from her.

Hallie shook her head and took a step towards her and put a hand on her arm, “No! It’s okay. I wanted to. If I’m being honest, I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night. It just sucks that you’re leaving tomorrow.” 

Michelle looked at her, “Let’s make tonight last. Wanna get out of here?” 

Hallie smiled and nodded. Michelle smiled, she reached down and grabbed her phone from the table and put it in her back pocket. She then took Hallie’s hand and led her back to the roof entrance. She didn’t believe in one night stands, but tonight she might just make an exception. She didn’t know where the rest of the night was going to go. All she knew was she wanted Hallie in her arms when they woke up the next morning. 

Hallie couldn’t believe what was happening. Was she really going to do this with Michelle? Was she really going to do something she never thought she would do? Was this just a one time thing? Would she regret this in the morning? All these thoughts were running through her head, but it also felt just right. 

Something about Michelle just felt so right. It might just be a one time thing. But it would be worth a lifetime. 

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