The Devil Made Him Do It

BY : Comeintotheriver
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Disclaimer: This is fictional. I don't know Tom Hiddleston. Any likeness to T. H. in real life is coincidental. I make no profit from this story.

AN:  This story is very hard to categorize.  It features a character who's basically Tom Hiddleston's twin but also an OC character.  It's also about two other characters who are established in other universes with me reimagining them for this story.  But I don't want to give too much away.  It's like an AU.  It's also very, very warped, dark and a bit sacrilegious.  If you're sensitive about that sort of thing, this might not be the story for you.  The title should give you a hint. 




The pale flicker of a T.V. is the only thing illuminating a dark living room and two people perched on the kind of couch one would find at a BDSM party, within it. 


Ava's hand is surrounded by warmth. 


It is from the hand guiding her over the hard, pulsing surface beneath. 


It isn't just the warmth enveloping her hand. 


It's also the tingling heat radiating between her own thighs. 


The knowledge that the hardness tucked beneath gray sweats, warming her palm is because of desire for her, keeps the heat beneath her navel burning like hydrogen in a sun. 


On the surface, this doesn't seem too unusual. 


The male guiding her over his girth and making her stroke him, sending chills radiating through her with his heady groans and sounds of yearning, is very handsome, especially to Ava. 


He appears eerily like the celebrity who played a Norse god and the comic book character based off him in a popular superhero film. 


Not that one.  The other one. 


The villainous 'trickster.' 


His name is also very intriguing. 


'Lucas Hiddleston.' 


He moved from Britain to a small town in the American South with his Auntie and Uncle when he was seven. 


His British accent has mostly vanished, replaced by an accent that's a mix of something like, 'standard, American' and generic, 'American Southern English.' 


But the more one stares into the dark corners of the vast living area, the more the darkness starts staring back into them. 


Lucas slips his hand beneath Ava's soft pink sweats, and he feels his own sweats grow tighter as his eyes suckle her tight nipples straining against her stomach baring 'Tee,' the shirt revealing the deep brown of her 'halos' beneath as if it were glass. 


Her snipped cry as he feels her wetness drowning his fingers ensures his continued buoyancy and aching for her. 


"Keep stroking daddy's cock.  Did he tell you to stop, hm?" he says, his longing not only ripe but heavy and menacing in his tone. 


Ava resumes her earlier actions of stroking him. 


Lucas hisses and moans out his approval. 


The T.V. keeps sending flickering light across the living room and some of it is caught by a picture in the distance resting on a stand beneath a staircase. 


In the picture, Ava has a banned plat on each side of her head tipped with a barrette. 


She is wearing the kind of floral dress that a girl who still plays with barbie dolls would. 


Two people stand on each side of her. 


On one side, is Lucas who soars above her like an old-growth tree with his hair, shoulder length, curly and naturally fiery red in shade. 


On the other, is a female who seems some inches or centimeters shorter than Lucas while still appearing much taller than Ava. 


The woman has the same cloud-like locks of tight coils that Ava has but her skin is like the shade of coffee mixed with cream to Ava's deep, warm caramel. 


She is smiling.  The spark in her gaze is vivid. 


Lucas is smiling even brighter.  There's an untainted vulnerability and endless benevolence is his sundial eyes. 


They both have their hands behind her back in a protective, nurturing way. 


Back on the couch, Ava's body has become consumed with a blistering pleasure as she feel's her stepdad’s fingertip circling her clit. 


She can't help but to express her intense need for more with a vivid whine before crying, 'Oh, daddy!' under her breath. 


She feels dirty and her stomach churns.  But she also still feels herself pouring for and clenching against Lucas' fingers and it seems she's helpless to stop it. 


But why? 


Ava's eyes catch the sight of the picture of him with her stepmother turned adoptive mother and her between them, in the distance. 


The darkness in the room starts forming waves. 


Ava recalls a time before everything became so disconcerting. 


As she takes in her stepmother's beaming smile, she remembers her laugh. 


It seems forever since she's heard Nicole laugh with such vibrance and vigor.  


Her laugh could fill a whole stadium and its light could blind a blind person. 


Nicole remained listless for months and her eyes were always red, after Ava's mother, Hope, died in a car accident. 


But Ava knew that no matter what happened, she wouldn't abandon her. 


Ava saw her as just as much her mother as the one who birthed her, was. 


She kissed and hugged Ava a lot, before and after her mother's passing. 


Ava snuggled up with Nicole, alone and sometimes with both her mothers as they watched T.V. 


Nicole was also very supportive to Ava and Ava felt she could talk to her about anything. 


There was also no hitting in their house, in any form. 


Ava was free to show her emotions, have her own thoughts and disagree and was taught to do those things, respectfully. 


All this greatly increased her sense of safety and trust to tell Nicole anything. 


Ava felt loved, nurtured and safe in a home full of joy and love with two happily married parents. 


It was loving and wholesome between her father and mother in her mother's previous relationship, too. 


But their relationship became more of a friendship, and they decided it would be best to go their separate ways. 


Then it came to where, unexpectedly, Ava's father remarried, had more children and after, it was like he forgot all about her.  


Sometimes, this made Ava feel really sad. 


But at least after all that happened with her father remarrying, her mother Hope, meeting her stepmother Nicole, then Hope dying leaving Nicole to raise her alone, she had something else to rejoice about. 


This was seeing the light return to her stepmother's eyes as her relationship with Lucas started blossoming, after she'd met him on a dating app for 'progressive Christians.' 


It was a match made in Heaven...a free-spirited, bubbly cosmetologist and a charismatic, happy-go-lucky, physical therapist. 


They also met when Ava was eight. 


Ava's birth father hadn't been in her life for years and she loved the idea of having a dad, again.  


Lucas was an amazing 'daddy' in the beginning. 


He was very loving, affectionate and gave her just the right amount of menacing, 'you-better-not' stares when she 'stepped out of line.' 


But he rarely had to use his lethal stare since she was always so eager to please him. 


Perhaps, her eagerness to do this had at least something to do with him being so handsome for 'an old man.' 


To an eight-year-old, a twenty-seven-year-old is considered 'old.' 


She may have been eight, but that didn't mean she was blind. 


She often felt her cheeks growing hot whenever he smiled at her way before she fully understood why that was. 


She had a similar reaction to Nicole at a much younger age when her and her mother had started dating. 


She didn't know why she felt so warm with her head nuzzled within her fluffy, teddy-bear bosom when she held her close, sometimes but she did. 


It wasn't just their personalities that made Ava's second mother and Lucas such an item. 


They also looked very breathtaking together. 


Lucas stood at an imposing six-foot-one with broad shoulders, a lean, firm body and the face of a god (Loki's or some other god's). 


Nicole stood at a more modest six-foot-nine and looked like a model with exception to her ample hips, full backside, overflowing bosom divinely complimented by her magnificent face and small waist. 


Her friends often teased her with the nickname, 'Diana Ross's Tall Child.'  


It was a play on 'Destiny's Child' and them thinking she looked like Tracy Ellis Ross. 


Ava's stepmother was beautiful.  But she had overheard in various arguments between her and her mother, some startling information. 


They tried keeping their voices lowered but Ava was a sneaky one. 


One thing she uncovered was that Nicole was in an abusive relationship with a man before she met her mother. 


They also argued about whether Nicole was with her because she really loved her or because she felt safer with her as a woman. 


Ava's mother had a lot of insecurities. 


She'd been considered attractive by many starting at a young age with the same body type as Nicole’s but on a five-foot-six frame. 


Her chest bounced when she walked, her hips were like giant sea waves, you could sit things on her rear and her skin was a medium, warm brown skin-tone that almost sparkled in the sun with its golden undertones. 


She also had the thickest, shiniest, tightly coiled hair which fell like fluffy loveliness a ways down her back. 


Her hair was basically like those Black, female, hair Youtubers whose hair is impossibly long and healthy in natural states. 


Yet, she still felt her beauty wasn't as glorious as Nicole's and that she, therefore, wasn't good enough for her. 


Ava could tell that wasn't true because of the way Nicole would often look at her mother and how she never looked at anyone else like that. 


But this remained an issue between them until her mother died. 


There was never abuse in their relationship though like had been the case in Nicole's previous relationship. 


When Nicole became close to Lucas and eventually married him, remembering her second mother’s past, sometimes made Ava afraid despite Lucas seeming at the time, like he couldn't smack and kill a mosquito actively sucking his blood. 


He had this meekness and tenderness about him and sometimes, even a bashfulness left over from his 'nerdy' childhood before he honed his charismatic, lively persona and blossomed into the handsome man he remains, currently. 


Back in the present, Ava is now lying on her back, on the couch. 


Lucas has spread her thighs wide. 


With his massive erection agonizingly and strikingly straining against his pants and a vast wet spot expanding from his tip, he is humming out his yearning as his head swirls between her legs. 


His little girl has grown so much and he's well aware of how abhorrent it is to lust after and be 'this kind of intimate' with his now twelve-year-old daughter. 


He struggles to care though, sometimes, because watching her blossom so early to where she's wearing "D" cups now and her thighs, hips and butt fill out her jeans so sumptuously, has sprung forth such a monstrous, obsessed need within him for her. 


Right now, she tastes so good as her sounds of ecstasy cause his ears to cream themselves in satisfaction. 


Hearing the wet, slick sounds his tongue and mouth against her are causing to so graphically bounce off the walls of the space, is urging his nipples to strain against his very thin, white, t-shirt, his body rocking back and forth with his longing. 


She wants it just as badly as her 'daddy' does. 


That's what's so irresistible about it. 


He would've never had the nerve to take things here, before. 


At times in his life, he's felt a tremendous, ceaseless rage and despair. 


School bullies.  An alcoholic, dead-beat, abusive father figure. 


But the thought of expressing that inner turmoil terrified him like his fear of losing his Christian faith and burning in Hell for eternity. 


He had to be a perfect, peaceful, kind angel that always smiled, never got outwardly angry and was basically a playful, funny rug, no matter how much he was boiling and slowly dying inside. 


Then ironically, one day after a mental breakdown filled with wailing and sobbing, slamming his fist into the ground and contemplations of suicide on the bathroom floor, he decided that he couldn't continue living as he was. 


He had hidden some razors and a gun away under a floorboard since Nicole was well aware of his suicidal tendencies and past and would get rid of them, if she knew he was in a bad place. 


All the tears he'd shed had taken his energy with him.  But he'd have to muster strength that last time and then he'd finally be free. 


He'd go to Hell if he took his life but perhaps, he deserved it. 


He was a fraud and a fake. 


There was so much darkness in his heart and just because no one saw it, didn't mean it wasn't still there. 


God still knew.  He still knew. 


He didn't care about what pain he'd suffer in Hell. 


He just wanted his current suffering to end. 


So, he fumbled his way to his secret nook hidden in the basement. 


He dusted cobwebs off the floorboard before lifting it up. 


While doing this, he noticed in the corner of his eye, the bare, dim light bulb and only source of light in the otherwise damp, dreary space, flickering as it casted a yellow, dingy light upon its surroundings. 


"You're so fucking forgetful, Lucas.  You were supposed to change that damned lightbulb a Century ago.  So stupid," he muttered. 


Not to worry. 


Once the gun in his hand was blasting a bullet into his temple, he'd never have to fret about mundane things like that, ever again...unless his punishment for the rest of eternity in Hell was to fret about changing the lightbulb or something. 


He'd never again have to expend so much energy just to appear 'normal' like everyone else at his job. 


He wouldn't have to scream inside as he tore out his hair trying to complete basic tasks that seemed to come so easy for others. 


He'd no longer have to piss, eat, shit, wash his ass, be a great dad to Ava, make love to his wife, even when he just wanted to curl into a ball and never wake up, again.  Be human. 


Satan would surely enjoy torturing such a 'goody-two-shoes,' cheery, church-going Christian like himself but at least his role in the exchange would be passive. 


He wouldn't have to do anything but sit there and be tortured or sit there and burn in a lake of fire or giant pit of fire whose flames are never-ending or whatever. 


It would be terrible, and it sounded quite melodramatic when he was seriously contemplating it at the time, but it was just to drive home his point. 


As the gun was rising towards his head, Lucas' eyes caught something else in his nook and his hand halted. 


He lifted out a magazine with a man that looked just like him while dressed in an elaborate, otherworldly looking costume with a gold, horned helmet on his head, smirking on the cover. 


As Lucas noticed the look in his eyes, his skin started to feel like it was being pricked with a million needles. 


It was as if he was gazing right at him, his eyes taunting and beckoning at the same time. 


He started thinking. 


'Why couldn't I be youWe shared the same womb.  And yet our mother decided she only had energy to devote to one of us.  Four children were just too much.  I must admit you do make an amazing "Loki."  I'm kinda proud...and very jealous.  Only one of us could be famous and successful.  Only one of us will remain in this world.'  


It wasn't as hard to pull the trigger as he had imagined. 


Sure, before he took the leap, he sobbed in terror for a bit and kept putting the maw of the gun to his head and then yanking it away because he's a coward, even when he's trying to take his own life, but he got over it. 


But that 'Hell' thing...


He ended up there. 


The 'Ruler of Darkness' was standing there before him like he owned the place which he did. 


It wasn't just the previous things mentioned that sent chills down Lucas' ghost back and left him in a terrified shock that rendered him powerless to move or scream. 


The Devil looked just like him


But even more alarming...he looked like his brother in his role as horns, black hair and all.  


As the dark figure opened his mouth to speak, it all came together. 


He told Lucas that he wasn't actually dead yet but that his action alone gave him total ownership of his soul. 


Lucas' ethereal heart leaped as Satan told him in a sinister, dark tone that he could do anything he wanted with him. 


He told him that his brother wasn't fulfilling his plan, fast enough. 


Lucas mustered the courage to inquire further about what The Evil One was saying. 


He told him that Lucas was going to accomplish for him what his brother could not. 


Lucas mentioned how he looked like his brother in his role as Loki as if asking why he looked that way along with mentioning how he sounded like his brother with his refined, British accent. 


"Have you ever seen that show Once Upon a Time?" 


"No," Lucas answered, confused. 


"It's about fairytale characters who are two or more fairytale characters wrapped into one person.  This is like that.  Have you not noticed?  The iconography for Loki and Lucifer is similar.  It's like that in comic books, cartoons, other stuff from the twentieth Century until now.  You Christians are so good at hiding darkness behind a veil of light.  Always doing my job for me.  I love it." 


Lucas' mouth was ajar.  His mind was blown. 


"How is that possible?" 


"Shit, Jesus turned water to wine and vampires roam the Earth, how the hell should I know?" 


"Vampires...roam the Earth?  Okay... But why do you look like me and my brother." 


Lucifer's/Loki's hands flapped out near his shoulders in a gesture as he grinned in a sarcastic, funny way. 


"Twinsieees!" he comedically sung. 


All and all, Lucas was dead, both figuratively and literally...well almost, literally dead. 


Would this nightmare ever end? 


Unfortunately for Lucas, it wouldn't. 


Lucifer/Loki closed the space between them, cradling the side of Lucas' face in his hand. 


Lucas' pulse sped up like millions of bats racing out of a cave shaking from a large Earthquake. 


This was wrong. 


He was attracted to men and women and was also an autosexual/romantic but this went too far and went against God's word. 


"You're already mine.  You don't have to worry about any of that any longer, dear," Lucifer/Loki teased him. 


Lucas felt himself sinking into his touch at those words, spoken in such an intensely seductive tone. 


"You wanted to be your brother." 


A closed, wicked grin eased onto Lucifer's/Loki's face. 


"I have something far greater.  Now come here and worship Lucifer's and Loki's lips.  I know you want to." 


He whispered his last words. 


"I can read your mind."


As Lucas felt The Devil/Loki taking the first suckle of his lips, he felt his ethereal form singing. 


He didn't expect to be so turned on. 


He didn't even know it was possible to be horny as a spirit. 


This was already turning out to be far more amazing than Heaven. 


It wasn't long before Lucas was drinking in Lucifer's/Loki's lips between his times drinking in his. 


He could hear his moans mixing with the God of Mischief's/Dark Lord's. 


From there, with a green halo of light growing brighter and brighter around them, Loki/Lucifer started to merge with Lucas. 


He was possessing him like in those horror films where demons possessed innocent girls and caused their heads to spin as they blasted vomit everywhere. 


But Lucas' whole being was in such rapture, as if his whole form was blindingly orgasming, it was hard to care. 


He then felt his eyes flash open, sensing a violent climax rushing through him as he heard himself wailing in ecstasy. 


"Oh, my God, momma!  Dad's awake!" he heard Ava's voice exclaiming in tears. 


He realized he was in a hospital bed, his head rapped in a mountain of bandages. 


Ava raced towards him before blanketing him in her warm, tight embrace. 


But something felt different. 


She moved up and gazed down. 


He felt his cheeks grow hot. 


Nicole was now standing beside her and saw it also. 


Nicole quickly pulled Ava away and instructed her to go outside and wait. 


Ava gave Lucas an apologetic grin that also expressed her bittersweet joy that he was alive with the tear glistening in her eye, as she left. 


Nicole gesticulated with her head to go with her words while rubbing her fingers under her nose, after she turned her gaze away from Ava, reaching the other side of the door. 


"It was probably just a glitch in your brain.  I didn't think they'd get the bullet out.  Thank goodness it just lodged in there instead of sending anything out.  They got it out and you aren't paralyzed or worse.  Coming while sleeping is a great sign, I think." 


She laughed, her frazzled nerves evident in her voice. 


"'It's a miracle,' they said.  That you came out so undamaged."


She grew quiet for a moment. 


Lucas noticed the distress building within her countenance before she turned away from him while loosely flashing her hand over her mouth. 


She seemed to be trying to collect herself. 


After lowering her hand from her face, she deeply and shakily inhaled through her nose before eventually turning back to him. 


With her cheeks wet with tears, she pressed her hand to the side of his face, her thumb caressing his flesh as she gazed into his eyes with a bittersweet grin and her vision glistening with a tender, joyful melancholy. 


"What's important is how you're feeling, right now.  Are you feeling okay, baby?  Are yuh, huh?" she asked him. 


It took him a moment to force out a stammered reply. 


"Y-yes, Nicole.  I-I'm okay." 


He felt a well of emotions surging up within him. 


He felt tears leaking from his eyes. 


His voice creaked from the pain in his heart and his face grimaced in his distraught state as he quietly sobbed. 


"I'm so sorry, I did this to you and Ava.  It's just that..."


She started to more urgently stroke his cheek with her whole hand while heavily shaking her head. 


"No Lucas!  You don't have to apologize.  Don't trouble yourself with all of that, right now.  You just need to rest.  We're just glad you're still here!  We'll always love you no matter what!  I just wish you could see that." 


"I do baby.  I do." 


He had a headache more horrific than anything he could remember. 


But he didn't say so because he didn't want to be even more of a burden than he already had been to Nicole. 


If it weren't for Lucifer/Loki he wouldn't have been going through any of that.  He would've been dead like he still so guiltily longed for. 


'I save your life and that's the thanks I get,' he heard in his head. 


He nearly leaped out of his skin. 


Not long after, he descended into a full-on, heaving for air, incoherent rambling, desperately grasping at Nicole, panic-attack that terrified her and caused her to call out for a nurse. 


His horrified eyes jerked towards the glass window beside him, not too far away. 


If he could just manage to get there, he could end this right then and there. 


He saw Lucifer's/Loki's face in his head smirking with a taunting look in his eyes. 


'Not today, Lucas,' he heard him say. 




So, that's what lead to everything that followed. 


It was always his dream to start his own church. 


But he didn't want it to happen like this. 


No fucking way. 


It was truly a nightmare of nightmares. 


The money just appeared, and it was Lucifer's/Loki's doing. 


People started showing up, like that. 


It was like they were under a spell or something. 


By the end of the year, he upgraded to one of those churches those money obsessed, false prophets and so-called church leaders who flew on privately owned jets and who was chauffeured around in one of their many BMW's, had. 


His ministry was being blasted all over the world through the internet and all other media platforms. 


A part of its message was that it was different from the other churches, Christian sects and so on. 


Of course, his church was the only right one. 


His members were not 'Christians' but 'Followers of Christ' since 'Christian' was derogatory. 


Also, real Christians attended church every day, except Saturday because they were easier to control that way and talking about Satan/Lucifer/Loki was an afront against God and his Holiness. 


It was clever on Lucifer's/Loki's part to avoid hearing nasty stuff said about himself since he was quite sensitive when it came to criticism. 


Slowly, he'd blur the lines between Christianity and himself more and more until, surprise, Lucifer/Satan was God and Jesus too, all along and all these people believed it and Hell wasn't real and on and on. 


Lucas was so shocked by it all and it took just a year. 


He and his 'Dark Lord' puppeteer who was also Loki but preferred to be called Lucifer who he also was, had amassed billions of followers, all over the world. 


Probably, the only solace Lucas got from it all was that he was now more popular than his twin brother who by the way, no one knew was his twin brother. 


They brought it up, but he always told them it was just a coincidence that they looked so similar and had the same last name but weren't related. 


At some point, right before all of this happened, he changed his hair. 


Then some time after, he became a religious celebrity and prophet-like, international church leader. 


He performed supernatural feats on the regular before his many followers who saw him as the representative of God, and they were also convinced that Lucifer/Satan was the Christian God. 


So, under all the circumstances that surrounded him, having his hair be black, made even more sense. 


It was also a good way for him to create a further distinction between him and his brother. 


His hair once fluctuated between different brilliant red to strawberry blonde shades depending on many things like the lighting, his body chemistry, how much the sun bleached it, his current age and so on. 


It also fell in soft spirals to his shoulders.  


He used the supernatural power he attained from Lucifer/Loki to permanently change himself into a natural, inky black tressed brunette with long hair which fell in loose waves slightly down his back. 


He also wore it in other styles.  But it always remained jet-black, and his brows always remained thick, black and well-sculpted. 


His brows weren't naturally as thick as the magic made them and grew in a slightly more unkempt way. 


He felt ecstatic that he could now naturally have the kind of brows he always wanted without getting some kind of surgery for it. 


There were times where Lucas felt like he was committing sexual assault against himself because Lucifer/Loki would take over his body and pump him to an excruciating climax and/or do other disturbingly nasty things to him. 


He would unleash words bathed in filth upon him in his head and through his own vocal cords. 


When Lucifer/Loki was speaking through him, during times like this, Lucas's voice would acquire a full on, British accent and create sounds of desire that belonged to the one who possessed him, and his mind would be saturated in more of the same. 


However, when it was himself speaking with his own voice and creating sounds of desire from himself with his own voice, he'd have his Southern accent. 


His voice switching back and forth like this between his Southern and Lucifer's/Loki's British accent, greatly unnerved him. 


But that would all dissolve once he was swimming deep in mind-blowing pleasure. 


They'd make love to each other, in a sense by Lucas posing and performing like he was in a porno, in a mirror. 


When Lucifer/Loki felt Lucas had been really good, he'd sometimes fuck him while they were both in a disembodied form or he'd make himself flesh in reality and fuck him that way. 


It was always earth-shattering though certainly very dark and morbid.  


He's almost gotten Lucas into accidents as he's driven in his car, the ethereal form of Lucifer's/Loki's hand, fondling his growing erection and his ethereal mouth sucking him off as he left his ethereal saliva, all over his neck, ear and other parts of his trembling body. 


Sometimes, Lucifer/Loki would materialize without his gold Loki or black, 'growing directly from his head' horns, and Lucas would just drive off-road in the middle of the desert and urgently ride him like a diabolical, horse saddle in the back seat of his car. 


Thank goodness for large bottles of lube tucked away in car compartments and always being very clean back there, just in case. 


Sometimes, he tied him up in their BDSM type dungeon in the mansion and had his way with him there. 


Lucas had always wondered what it would be like and often stroked himself fantasizing about what it would be like to fuck another man or another man who was him. 


He now had his answer and more. 


It was beyond spectacular and the orgasms he experienced were more intense than anything he'd experienced before but it also left Lucas feeling dirtier and more damned than ever.  


When they moved into their new mansion, their whole room had glass covering it from floor to ceiling. 


There was glass all throughout the fucking house. 


It took vanity and narcissism to a whole other level. 


But it was Lucifer's/Loki's idea, and he was the most beautiful angel that ever was based on Christian doctrine, so it made sense. 


Some things, Lucas never got used to.  


The darkness within him which he'd long suppressed with the highest parts of it, only peeking out, every so often, had now been fully unleashed and the first people to be exposed to its toxicity were those he loved the most. 


He cried for hours after the first time he left Nicole with a hideous, black and blue bruise on her neck, her lip busted, her eye swollen and blackened. 


Then he started seducing Ava. 


He hoped she wouldn't respond but she did. 


Perhaps, it would've been different if he didn't look the way he did. 


But it wasn't her fault. 


He was the adult.  It was his. 


How could he hurt his little girl like that?  Allow him to make him hurt her...


It only got scarier. 


The time came where he was in a closet watching like a voyeur and massaging the stiff erection, forever in his clothes or holding both their heads as he made Nicole and Ava perform for him. 


Nicole was too afraid to not oblige him. 


But he also got the sense that she really enjoyed it. 


It was the same with Ava. 


They both got so wet and their nipples so tight for him and each other.  


He would move back and forth between them, smacking his hips against their asses and plunging his hard girth in and out of them from behind them. 


It was so exhilarating watching his veiny length glistening and dripping from their juices mixed with his pre-cum, slicking in and out of their walls. 


It's similar to what's happening, now. 


He's hungrily observing Ava crying out for him along with her physical reactions to him on a king-sized bed, in one of his large house's bedrooms as he pleasures her with a vibrating, deep pink dildo while using another smaller vibrator for her swollen, little button. 


She is so fucking beautiful to him. 


Her wrists are bound with glowing, green rope made of magic so she can never...ever escape him. 


Her relaxed, overflowing breasts and rigid nipples, are hiding under her stomach and arm baring top with everything beneath it stripped away. 


She appears so splendid like this, it hurts. 


But he isn't the only one in anguish. 


Ava can feel her sweet-spot shrieking as Lucas uses the toy's tip to massage and push deep into it.  


It won't be long before she's squirting her love for him all over it. 


It's like a million depraved fantasies all rolled into one. 


She knows who he is by now as he revealed himself to her, long ago. 


Sometimes, he appears to her in his gold helmet with its horns reminding her of his huge, erect sex. 


It's always so arousing since she already had a crush on his brother as the movie Loki, although she still managed to separate her dad from him. 


Other times, he appears to her with his black horns which are a part of his head in his incarnation as Satan and sometimes as Lucifer. 


Right now, he has his black horns along with fingernail-like black claws, fangs and irises that appear like flames. 


He's also wearing no shirt which reveals his firm chest with his nipples very tight and wooing against it and he's wearing the most sinister looking, black leather pants impregnated with something very hard, large and painful looking. 


She doesn't care that he's her dad, Satan, Lucifer and Loki. 


She just wishes the toy he's plunging in and out of her, was his cock, instead. 


"Oh, daddy!  Ohhh, Lucifer!  Ohhh, Loki!  Deeper!  Deeperrr!" she hears herself so shamelessly moaning for him. 


He moves his mouth against her ear, suckling it as he starts stroking her clit with his fingers. 


"Are you afraid, little one?" he breathes out, hotly. 


"No," she says with a slight, humorous and nervous irony in her tone. 


He smirks, an amused spark in his hazy gaze. 


"You wouldn't be.  My little girl isn't afraid of anything.  Though Lucifer would've preferred a different answer." 


She can feel his energy darkening without seeing him. 


"Do you want Lucifer to drag you to Hell with him?  Worship me as your god and I'll do it right now.  Then I'll fuck and punish you for all eternity as you deserve for being such a naughty, naughty human girl," he snarls, his accent having taken on a British form. 


The air is snatched from Ava's lungs as she feels a million spiders crawling all over her skin. 


His tone was so sadistic.  So wicked.  Like he could erupt in those sexy, leather pants of his at just the thought of torturing her as her screams of agony feed his bottomless, twisted lust for her. 


He wouldn't do it would he? 


She has forsaken her Creator long ago so if he did so, no one could stop him. 


Her dad can't save her because he is her dad. 


Tears start streaming down her temples. 


Lucas/Lucifer/Loki creates the kind of dark, sinister laugh nightmares are made of...a crazed glint in his gaze. 


"That's much better.  Don't worry, little one.  I won't torture you in Hell...just this soaked, swollen little pussy of yours." 


He starts roughly vibrating his fingers against her. 


"Ahhh!  I can't!  I can't resist you!" she cries out in her vivid pleasure and bottomless despair. 


"Why would you want to?  I'm all your favorite things wrapped in a neat, little bow.  Aaawhh, yes.  Come for daddy Lucifer.  Come against his fingers dripping with your slick cum." 


"No!  Please stop!  Mmm!" 


"Nnngh!  You say stop yet you keep moaning for Loki.  For Lucifer.  I love 'edging' myself, especially for you.  I love 'edging' you, too.  But it's now time for you to come hard for daddy." 


As she feels Lucas's head back between her legs, his tongue becoming a tornado against her as he gorges on her more desperately than before, it makes her feel like she can't hold back from climaxing any longer. 


The candles decorating the whole room while providing an orange, gothic light to it which Lucas used magic to make appear, the rain hammering against the windows, the thunder and lightning roaring and flashing outside, certainly doesn't make it any easier. 


Then she gets a reprieve allowing her to regain a few minutes from climaxing as Lucas commands her to straddle his face. 


She then starts riding it like she's riding a steed towards a fierce battle. 


Lucas thought his pants couldn't get any tighter against his erection which is now screaming for relief. 


But somehow, they have. 


During times like this, especially when she squirts a torrent of her cum all over his stiff tongue, he can usually climax without being stroked or touched in any way. 


It's mainly because he's so addicted to Ava's smell and taste along with her responses to the pleasure, he's giving her. 


He lets her know just how much with muffled cries, hums and every other variation of sounds of yearning, against her. 


She also cries out above him, wailing louder as she causes her cunt to seesaw against his wide open, gorging mouth. 


Her heavy breasts also bounce against her chest with some of her up and down movements. 


But all Lucas can do from his angle, is imagine fondling and suckling them and using his tongue to flick, swirl against and play with her taut nipples. 


There's also her very round, 'phat' ass...the kind with folds shaped like half-moons because of its cheek’s sheer fullness...the kind that jiggles when Lucas/Lucifer/Loki smacks it and where his fingers sink in deep when he grabs it. 


He can imagine it doing the most titillating things as well. 


However, he'd rather be eating it than just thinking about it. 


He taps her to get her attention and she flips around before sitting her ass on his face. 


His whole body becomes one large, torturous pulse as his tongue slicks back and forth between her cheeks. 


It isn't long before his tongue is sliding past her puckering entrance and he's searching it for treasure that isn't there since she always cleans down there for the moments like this that might occur. 


Her nerves are very sensitive down there and it feels so amazing having her daddy/Lucifer/Loki doing such an intimate, vulnerable thing to her. 


In her gratitude, she cries out for him as loud as her voice can manage. 


He also keeps giving her clit plenty of action with his tongue and as he feels her growing closer to the edge, his horns disappear, and he returns to looking like himself but with black hair. 


Lucas finds himself grinding his hips against the air. 


He imagines Ava's cunt or asshole is wrapped around and pumping his veiny, hard shaft.  


They're also what are so exquisitely still suffocating and causing his face to glisten as her hips convulse above him more and more frequently and her melodies of desire grow more and more urgent. 


"Daddy!  Hhh.  Daddy!  Loki!  Lucifer!  Awhh!  Ahnhh!" 


"Mmm!  Mmm-hmmmmm!" 


With one last movement of her hips and Lucas' tongue flicking against her clit a few more times as he repeatedly smacks, caresses and massages her thighs and ass, Ava's head is sent flying back as a wail loud enough to shake the heavens, erupts from her throat. 


Her orgasm is blistering and never-ending as it surges through her like the lightning still flashing outside. 


As he hums against her downpour, Lucas tries with all his might to not cream in these amazing pants of Lucifer's/Loki's. 


As soon as her movements halt, before he explodes, he moves her onto her stomach and plunges his cock deep inside her still dripping warmth. 


Her walls feel like searing cocaine in a cocaine addict's veins against his beating need for her. 


As both Loki and Lucifer, he's been enveloped by many a male and female and lifeform in his time but this...


He took many Viking King's wives.   


All of them were well-endowed and overflowing with curves just like he likes it. 


Their faces sparkled like diamonds in their beauty. 


They were also very adventurous in bed. 


But they don't compare to possessing Ava and being able to do whatever he wants with and to her and the way that she responds to his touch. 


He also became sexually entangled with many gods. 


This was before the great wars between the gods that lead to 'Yahweh' coming out victorious and making all other gods he brought back to life along with the ones who were never slaughtered, his 'angels' or slaves


Being with Aphrodite, was beyond splendid. 


There were also various Hindu gods he was with. 


Their many, ethereal arms that could do everything to him at once, was incredible. 


But none of them compares to Ava. 


Ava consumes him with such yearning and rapture because she consumes Lucas with such yearning and rapture. 


Lucas' wife also consumes Lucas with these feelings but in a different way than with Ava. 


Lucas, Nicole and Ava all consume Lucifer/Loki with yearning and rapture and now they are his and will remain so, forever. 


She hears her dad's accent returning. 


"Oh, God, Ava!  Take it!  Ngh!  Take all of daddy!  You feel so good!  So good!  So good!  Gnnngh!  Mmnngh!  Ahnnngh!" 


His vision flashes red before him. 




Blistering pleasure rips through him and he feels his face contorting with his fantastic climax as he also feels his seed erupting from him and filling her until she's overflowing around him. 


After he's done making her take all of him, he flips her around and pushes his reaching tongue past her lips, forcing her to passionately suckle up all of her cum still drying on his lips. 


"You know that I could remain inside you, forever," he whispers against her lips, after releasing them. 


"Yes, I know.  I could keep you inside me, forever, daddy.  You make me feel really good." 


He softly moans before moving up to gently kiss her forehead. 


"You're just so precious and beautiful.  We let your mother sleep tonight.  But she'll join us tomorrow," he quietly says, his lips still before her forehead. 


He then lowers his head beside hers, his face turned to the side of hers, his strong yet graceful arm blanketed in soft skin, over her ribcage. 


He closes his eyes, his voice bouncing around between a British and Southern accent as he mutters words while slowly drifts off. 


"Now, let us nap a while and then we will wake back up to give you more of us.  Lucas loves you.  I do too.  Mwah-hah-hah.  I'm thee deevil, former god of Mischief and all that jazz.  You love her?  Really?  Yes, Lucas.  Now let us rest already..."


He finally drifts off leaving Ava with her thoughts. 


Even with Lucas beside her, she still feels so alone. 


It's like she's in the twilight zone. 


There are billions of people around the world who are perfectly fine with their leader being her father who's also possessed by Satan/Loki/Lucifer. 


Well, they don't know that last part. 


But it doesn't matter. 


They believe that Lucifer/Satan is the same as the Christian God and they now worship Lucifer/Satan and even worship Lucas as his divine representative. 


So, they're basically okay with it. 


She can't rely on anyone to save her from this very bizarre, frightening situation she's found herself in. 


Sometimes, she cries because she still feels so lost. 


According to Lucifer/Loki, the Christian God overthrew all the other gods, hundreds of years ago and made them his 'bitches' also known as his 'angels.' 


He used to be Loki. 


The Christian God tortured him in ghastly, supernatural ways until he accepted his new role as 'Lucifer/Satan.' 


Now, he roams around in this morbid, dissociated state, torn between two identities. 


In other words, he is not well, mentally. 


Then Ava's dad's issues combined with the former god's. 


It's downright macabre. 


But according to Christian doctrine or maybe the misinterpretation of it depending on who you ask, Lucifer/Satan is known as the Father of Lies. 


Perhaps, he's lying


But he seems so sincere about it all. 


He also owns her father's soul and by that measure, holds monumental power over her and her mother since they love him, deeply and would die for him, so what reason would he have to lie to her? 


What if her God is the real liar and/or the book that he's a part of? 


It terrifies her even thinking that. 


She fears his wrath and that she's been worshipping a maniac, this whole time. 


Even if she wanted to escape all this, she couldn't. 


But unlike her dad, she didn't choose to take her own life so that Lucifer/Loki could own her soul and possess her body to share with her. 


She wishes that they didn't tell her all this, but her father insisted she knew. 


Lucifer/Loki didn't want that but let him tell her, anyway. 


She's always on edge now. 


She's always having panic attacks. 


The Ruler of the Universe is not only Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, but Cthulu, God of Nightmare Fuel. 


She feels betrayed by him and forsaken. 


She feels betrayed by and abandoned by her father, though she'll never stop loving him. 


She feels betrayed by her second mother who started having sex with her both with and without her dad/stepdad present. 


Yes, she makes her feel very good.  


Ava's orgasms are always plentiful and greater than any heaven. 


Nicole's breasts overwhelm her face, and she loves it when she forces her to suckle them. 


She loves it when she is so dominant and in control with her. 


She loves when she wears her strap-on and holds down her wrists while forcing her to take her 'mommy.' 


But now, all that Ava once knew is gone. 


Her semi-normal existence is no more. 


Everything is so 'topsy-turvy' and awful. 


She's just so miserable, all the time. 


She can't escape by killing herself. 


Her father already tried that. 


Lucifer/Loki is working with the other gods 'Yahweh' defeated to overthrow him. 


They temporarily subdued him by trapping him in an orb imbued with all their powers. 


But he's too mighty and will eventually break free. 


They have a limited amount of time. 


It's a lot of pressure for Lucifer/Loki to carry. 


She didn't think former gods and supernatural beings could suffer from Clinical Depression, but he definitely does just like her dad. 


She doesn't believe he really wants to rule anything. 


Sometimes, he even seems over all the adoration his followers give him. 


But this is what is necessary for them to defeat her former god who has oppressed and enslaved them. 


She is terrified because what happens if Yahweh breaks free before they can accomplish their goals to rob him of much of the supernatural power, he derives from all the humans who worship him. 


Gods are naturally powerful without worship but there is a way to use magic to convert the worship of advanced, sentient beings into supernatural power. 


All gods can wield this magic, although some consider it a grotesque form of magic and refuse to use it. 


Loki's/Lucifer's power has greatly increased from the worship he's received since he is willing to use this special magic to convert human worship into supernatural power. 


But it still might not be enough to defeat Yahweh who was slightly more powerful than the other gods, including the god who created him, even without this magic. 


He was created by the god Ra to overthrow the other gods but that backfired. 


Fucking Ra.  What an idiot. 


Now, Yahweh's going to escape, and she's going to end up in the Hell that Yahweh created for Loki/Lucifer. 


He created it to punish him for being the most recalcitrant of all the gods when it comes to his rule and because he was the leader of the last rebellion against him. 


As Ava keeps thinking, she feels her heart starting to race out of control, another panic-attack setting in. 


"We're far from perfect...but we won't let him hurt you.  Do not worry about, I, Loki.  My mind will never become so gone that I'll cease striving to remove his shackles from my being.  Everything will be alright, I promise.  Join us in sleep, Ava," she hears her father/stepfather murmuring in two accents. 


She realizes he heard her thoughts which for once she found more comforting than creepy. 


She closes her eyes and wonders if or when this nightmare will ever end. 


She loves her dad and would still do anything for him despite how much he's hurt her. 


She's even grown to love Lucifer/Loki even though it seems it was he who set her stepdad on a course to start hurting her and her mother. 


But everything about this is disturbing, no matter how satisfying it sometimes feels. 


But the things he does to her, does feel so amazing and her second father hasn't completely slipped through her fingers, yet. 


She sees him in the twinkle that sometimes returns to his eye and in his blinding smile that he still reveals, at times. 


She opens her eyes again and turns to take in her dad's face. 


She realizes how breathless she's become as she keeps watching him.  


No twelve-year-old daughter should feel this way about her thirty-two-year-old father, no matter how handsome he is. 


Whenever she sees his face, she has flashbacks of how mesmerizing it looks in a state of gasping, grimacing passion or while creating filthy, feral expressions when he's forcing her to watch him pleasure himself for her or during other similar times like that. 


But none of that means she should feel for him as she does. 


He's an addiction she may never conquer. 


'He does appear so beautiful and peaceful...maybe, there's hope...maybe we'll all be free and happy, someday, somehow.  I really do hope so.' 



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