Oops, The Devil Made Him Do It, Again

BY : Comeintotheriver
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Disclaimer: I don't know Tom Hiddleston. Any likeness in this story to him in real life, is coincidental. This is a fictional story. I make no profit from this fictional story.

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As he stood in the pulpit, at the preacher's stand, giving a sermon, Lucas spent most of his time there, not being able to pry his eyes back away from his stepdaughter or just 'daughter' Ava, every time they landed on her, in the front, center row of his church. 


He kept thanking 'The Morning Star' that he was wearing a preacher's robe. 


She really decided to make him suffer, today. 


The congregation is supposed to dress modestly for newcomers. 


Her dress went down to her knees, concealing her cleavage but was so tight around her tropical sea of curves, 'Mauna Loa' volcano breasts, twin moon butt. 


It was like his fingers around the bottom of his tip as he was trying to stop himself from creaming on both Ava and his wife, Nicole as his wife's head was swirling between Ava's trembling thighs, beneath him, the other day. 


He had to beat back all manner of fantasies corrupting his brain and endeavoring to dissolve his 'divine' focus. 


Perhaps, he should've just frozen everyone in the building, dragged her by her hair for being such a bad girl, to the stand and then forced her head down before the aching erection hiding under his garments.  


Next, he would've steadied her head with his gripping hands. 


Then he would've snarled at her to, "Swallow all of daddy!" as his desperately thrusting hips sent her enveloping lips crashing against the thick base of his pulsing shaft over and over. 


He would've unleashed his fury upon her throat, making her gag over and over on his painful longing for her. 


Right when his heat was surging forth, he would've withdrawn from her tight, warm hole and blasted his milk all over her pretty little, tear-soaked face. 


But that wasn't necessary. 


What he's doing with her now is just as good, if not better


Sometimes, gorging on her lips is all it takes to send his heart racing like the four horse's hooves of doom racing across the sky in the Book of Revelations. 


He aches so torturously hearing their needy voices swirling together to create the most iniquitous of melodies. 


His body also quakes so uncontrollably when he has her alone in a place like where he has her now which is in his spacious church office. 


It has a sinister, gothic aesthetic despite being a room in a church. 


The door is locked, and no one has a key but him, right now. 


The walls are well insulated which he made certain of when they were being installed during the church's construction. 


The church itself was built with lots of heavy, dense materials instead of the typical, lighter materials American architecture is known for. 


The doors are further made of metal. 


All this was done so no sound could escape from wherever one happened to be, in the place. 


So, even if Ava screamed, no one would hear her. 


But even if the walls were poorly insolated, he always creates a magic barrier to keep sound from escaping or anyone entering, anyway. 


If he's unsatisfied with his office, there are other spaces on the property to have his way with his precious, little flower. 


There's a whole complex under the church made of metal, complete with BDSM dungeon-like rooms. 


There's also no one at the church but them. 


He made sure of that. 


However, with everything else mentioned, that probably doesn't matter. 


In the end, he has his sweet, little, 'square caramel candy wrapped in a delicate parchment paper wrapper' girl all to himself. 


He can remind his 'caramel candy melting as his tongue does sweet, nasty things to her' buttercup who she belongs to without interruption. 


She also knows she can't escape him even if she wanted to which right now, she certainly does not. 


The thought of possessing her, alone, gives him such a delirious, breath stealing high and makes his very stiff dick ache so terrifically, he could cry. 


Ava may be Lucas' 'angel' but when she's allowing her daddy to defile her as her tongue follows the lead of his, both taut as they swirl together like she's using his erection as a dancing pole blanketed in flower designs, she becomes more like his adorable, little devil. 


A heavy groan rumbles in Lucas' chest as he feels his 'baby girl' starting to stroke the firm erection making his head light, nestled in his black slacks. 


The sound created from their parting, sparkling, saliva web and tendril creating lips is explicitly juicy. 


With their lips and chins glistening, Ava's eyes start falling to the stiff, hot ache in her pleasuring hand. 


Lucas watches her, a dark yearning in his stare as his bright mouth takes on an erotic, puffing shape with the hiss and moan he creates. 


Ava feels the space between her legs beaming as she notices how big and hard, he is and how much he's already leaked his pre-love for her, onto his pants. 


"Oh, God, sweetheart.  You know just how daddy likes it.  Don't fucking stop," he says in his buttery, Southern accent, his sexual frustration clawing at the boundaries of his throat. 


She feels his fingers under her chin.  


"Look at daddy." 


As soon as her eyes meet his, it's as if he imprisons them in a dungeon and refuses to let them go. 


"He wants you to see his face, how excited you make him.  He knows how much you love that." 


The pain his desire for her is causing him is astoundingly apparent in his penetrating gaze, his mouth spread like he's gasping for air, his cheeks, lips and nose bridge like brilliant red beacons against his very light skin tone of oranges and roses. 


From there, his expressions and the sounds he creates cycle like changing colors in an LED lamp as he gives her a panty-melting show which causes her to knead and fondle him more vigorously which causes him to reward her with a more striking show. 


But no matter what shapes his face takes on, one thing that never changes is the breath that's missing from Ava's lungs.  


It is demented in every way, but she just can't help herself. 


There is no mistaking why The Prince of Darkness also known as Lucifer/Satan, formally known as Loki chose her father as his vessel for conquering the world with his new church and branch of twisted Christianity. 


Her father's beauty is beyond a mind's ability to wrap around. 


The black, long, wavy hair and perfect, sculpted, dark brows don’t help. 


His hair once oscillated between different shades of red to blonde and fell in curly locks. 


The shade depended on many variables like the lighting, his current age, his current physiology and how much sun it had soaked up. 


Then it was transformed by the magic he acquired after being possessed by Lucifer/Loki. 


It feels like a symbol of how he transformed from one type of person to another. 


He was once the guy who had some darkness within him like most people but who truly desired to embody the good-natured parts of him and he excelled at that.  


Now, he despises that part of himself and only appears good-natured for deception's sake while hiding a very macabre secret beneath his charismatic, benevolent veneer. 


The darkness which always existed within him was the kind he often buried deep within himself. 


It occasionally exploded out in astonishingly hideous ways before he stuffed the monstrous darkness back in. 


This is probably the most frightening kind of darkness because it isn't released slowly but builds over years and years like festering, stomach cancer. 


The worst of it has now become Lucas' constant companion, always dwelling in the light of day like some super vampire. 


But some of the worst of it had also started surfacing way before Lucifer's/Loki's possession of him.  


It was very apparent to Ava that he wanted her way before that fateful day when he attempted to take his life. 


His choice and him being on the brink of death from his nearly fatal gunshot wound to the head, ceded his soul to Lucifer/Loki and allowed him to take up a deranged, grotesque form of shared residence in his body. 


When she was eleven which was when her body had first started to really bloom, he massaged her shoulder from behind while saying in a whisper tinged with a repressed longing, "My sweet, sweet, beautiful girl." 


That happened more than once. 


He touched her in so many ways that made her nipples tense, her little button throb. 


The ways his already permanently heavy eyelids grew heavier as he smiled at her...it was a lot. 


When she sat between his legs like she always did, something started changing. 


That's when she first realized her father could form these hard, pulsing poles between his thighs. 


One of the first things he did to take his seduction of her to the next stage, after he was possessed, was to ask her, "Would you like to know what it feels like?" 


He didn't force her to touch it. 


He gently took her hand and guided it over it. 


When she touched him, it was like flood gates were released from him as if he'd fantasized about doing that for a long, long time. 


But she didn't have to guess about that last part because he told her along with many other things. 


She remembers how his eyelids fell and violently fluttered as her hand moved over him. 


He groaned and hissed like a snake. 


She realized that he was addicted to drawing out his sexual agony and desire for her for as long as possible, sometimes within the current moment, other times over days or weeks...what she learned was called, 'Edging.' 


He greatly relished doing the same to her. 


When she came before he gave her permission, he enjoyed 'punishing' her in different, creative ways. 


Tying her up in her cage was at the top of the list.  


There was also him putting her on his lap and spanking her bare, plump bottom. 


Many times, he came very hard just from this, alone since the sight of her bottom does the cruelest things to him, breaking his own rules of not allowing himself to climax too soon. 


This revealed that he wasn't too strict about depriving himself or her from orgasming. 


Sometimes, he liked to come sooner and make her come sooner. 


Sometimes, he preferred coming in less direct ways. 


In the beginning of his possession, he enjoyed making her sit between his lap like she used to as they watched a movie or did something similar, in a bedroom or the living room. 


He would ease into leaving his saliva all over her ear and neck. 


He would start swirling his fingertip over her hardening nipple. 


She could hear how much he was suffering with desire in the heavy groan he would release as he started fondling one of her huge breasts. 


She would also feel the space between her own thighs burning with longing for him. 


Soon, his hands would start exploring every part of her before one of his hands would find its way between her legs.  


He would quietly play with her until she was softly crying out in ecstasy. 


Then he would have her rub her 'like brand new, overstuffed pillows' ass on his erection. 


It would end with him wailing and squirting a sea of his milky lust in his pants from his anguishing longing for her. 


No matter whether she was rubbing her bare skin on him, or her butt was covered with clothing, she would always feel his wetness on her and feel so dirty. 


Yet, she would always want more. 


She loved pleasing her daddy and feeling needed by him. 


Just thinking about pleasing him, made her pour a Never-Ending Story of an ocean. 


His wife, Nicole was married to Ava's mother before she died. 


Then she adopted her. 


When Nicole was away, before his possession, Ava would hear him in the bathroom. 


She remembers how soaked her panties would get hearing all the thick, naturally gravelly notes in his baritone voice and all the fantastic highs and earthshattering lows it was able to reach. 


She longed to see her dad's face as he created these melodies which did the most insane things to her. 


She also imagined his cock, so hard, large, beating red and veiny in his hand as its tip oozed his desire. 


She imagined him unleashing his furious craving for her upon it in frantic pumps until it was blasting white lava all over his firm abs, tight nipples and hard, bare chest.  


These times when he sung in the bathroom for his sweet, sweet, baby girl, were nothing like the cheesy pornos where the man remained a faceless, silent torso and the woman sounded like she was in pain and not in a good way. 


When his performance for her, was over, Ava would thank him with one of her own. 


The sinful things she imagined her stepfather/father doing to her as she played between her legs for him in the bathroom, made her feel like his head and mouth were between her legs instead of her own fingers. 


She would've let him do any and everything to her. 


She would've done any and everything to him. 


She would've pumped and sucked his 'hard pole' on her aching knees like his little girl who desperately wanted to please him until it was squirting the Hostess cream hiding inside, into her mouth. 


She wouldn't have even screamed if he tied her wrists in a chair and blindfolded her in a basement. 


She would've only cried while he yanked her hair over and over as he snarled menacing, sexually charged things into her ear. 


She wouldn't have screamed until he'd forced her legs open and then forced her to take his tongue 'down there.'  


She would've only screamed because it felt like a star had started to blaze between her constantly convulsing thighs. 


Touching themselves while making naughty, sex sounds for each other, became their secret, little pastime. 


The little loaded things they said between these moments, fed the moments when they performed for each other. 


But there was still conflict in Lucas because that man who suffered so much when he felt he was doing something immoral which helped keep him from doing those things, was still there. 


That was also evident in the coded things said between them. 


He wanted to stop it.  He knew even the little they were doing was very wrong and dangerous. 


But then there was the part that didn't want it to stop. 


It was depraved but she just wanted to be closer to her father...to show him how much she loved him...how grateful she was for his love. 


She would've done anything for him as he would've done for her. 


Touching herself while trying hard not to think about him because doing so made her feel so sick, nauseous and bad didn't have the same results as when she just surrendered to her yearning to be subdued by him, to taste him, to feel him pumping himself back and forth, deep inside of her. 


It is only when she surrendered to him in her mind, that she could climax so, very, very hard for him. 


But in the end, knowing that he was possessed by Lucifer/Loki tempered her guilt and shame over wanting to fuck her father. 


It's like what's happening right now. 


Lucas is doing all these diabolical things to her but thinking of him as a combination of himself and others, puts some distance between the knowledge of his form being, all her dad. 


With his church office's desk behind her, he's using his fingers to take his sexual fury out on her. 


He pumps them in and out of her as she vividly cries out for him. 


She can feel his dominant, feral energy and obsessed desire strangling her, making her body shake and her heart thump, feverishly. 


It's to the point where the room is spinning, and tears are streaming down her face. 


God, she loves her daddy.  She loves him so, so much. 


"Oh, daddy!  Oh, Loki!  Unghhh!" 


Incoherent words burst from her mouth and scrambled brain following her coherent utterances. 


"Bad, bad girl!"  


Indecipherable words escape Lucas's lips following his coherent ones because he's also caught up in the mind-numbing intensity of the moment. 




There's more Incoherence from Ava. 


Lucas goes on, his words like unraveling thread. 


"Pussy!  Such a tight pussy!  You like it when daddy talks to you like that, hm!" 


"Yeahhh!"  More incoherent speak abandons Ava.  "Oh, Loki!" 


His accent changes from Lucas' Southern one to Lucifer's/Loki's British one. 


"You want Loki so bad right now, don't you!" 


His teeth gleam at her in a sneer, a wicked glint in his eyes. 


"Well, that's exactly what I'm going to give you," he utters, the smooth, sinister seduction in his voice causing chills to ripple through her. 


With his white, long sleeve, button up shirt and black slacks, a golden, horned helmet starts to materialize on his head, complimenting the rest of his attire. 


His hair falls from it like nothing from the movies. 


It is like loose, soft, thick, black ocean waves flowing some inches past his shoulders and it grows from his head like that due to magic. 


Lucas' secret twin would be jealous. 


Then again, perhaps he wouldn't. 


He did audition for the role of the blonde, Norse god and comic book hero, after all before being handed the role of the dusky-haired, other god, instead. 


He knows this because he's followed his film career since its inception. 


He hasn't seen or talked to him since he left Britain at age seven with his uncle and aunt. 


His brother ended up a famous movie star, but it doesn't matter. 


He is on the verge of conquering the whole world with his legion of religious followers. 


They believe he's the returned Messiah at this point. 


People from all walks of life with varying levels of power in the world have been bewitched by his spell...by Lucifer's/Loki's spell. 


He doesn't need fans because he has believers


It used to frighten him.  Lucifer/Loki gave him the following story and he believes it to be true. 


Things weren't like in The Bible. 


The Christian god, Yahweh was created by the god Ra, to overthrow the other gods who had defeated him, long ago. 


But it backfired. 


He was supposed to be controllable. 


But Ra lost control of him, and Yahweh went ballistic on him and the other gods. 


In the end, he succeeded in conquering them all. 


The ones he killed had life breathed back into them. 


Then he enslaved them all, calling them his 'angels' just for the sadistic joy of it all and forced them to worship him, forever and ever. 


Loki became Lucifer. 


When he constantly bucked against Yahweh's newly forced authority over him, Yahweh tortured him in the most heinous, disturbing of ways. 


He even raped him, a few times. 


He told him that Yahweh looks like a really handsome, youthful, European 'Jesus' with flowing red hair and a blanket of stubble on his face. 


He also told him that his actual son, Jesus, who he created, looks like his twin. 


They sometimes forced him to have sex with them both. 


But Yahweh's beautiful face and body couldn't make up for the sheer cruelty his dark heart, soaked in. 


Lucifer/Loki led several rebellions against him as well. 


Yahweh finally created 'Hell' and threw him in it. 


But he was The God of Chaos. 


Yahweh shouldn't have expected anything less than for him to be so brutishly hostile towards being controlled. 


Yahweh wanted him to be his most beautiful and cherished 'angel' and sex slave whom he could fuck whenever he felt like it. 


He had a Harem of gods he enjoyed having sex with. 


He got into Lucifer's/Loki's head telling him if he would fully surrender to him, he'd make him his equal and they would rule the others as Emperor god and Emperor god. 


But Lucifer/Loki started to see his lies for what they were and became consumed with rage. 


His rage fueled all the endeavors he took part in against Yahweh. 


Yahweh feared that Loki would spell his doom. 


Loki sensed this. 


That's why he was crueler to him and attempted to dominate him, more than the other gods. 


He and Yahweh were both very advanced when it came to their abilities with magic. 


Many of the other gods relied on brute strength, alone. 


He was also the smartest of all the gods as was Yahweh. 


He could've just allowed him to stay dead, after he killed him. 


But he got too much sadistic pleasure from his power over him, to do that. 


So, he'd keep him alive and make him suffer, instead. 


But now all the gods have trapped Yahweh in a magical orb. 


But it won’t hold him, forever. 


They appointed Lucifer/Loki to do what he does best which is to sway humans away from Yahweh and his control over them.  


Yahweh uses magic to convert their worship into supernatural power for himself. 


So, by diverting their worship to himself and away from his oppressor, Lucifer/Loki is draining Yahweh of power and it is flowing into him. 


Once he's attained enough power, he'll be able to defeat him, permanently. 


He doesn't love the power the other gods have allowed him to have. 


But he's the only one capable of doing what needs to be done. 


As for Lucas, the closest description for him despite the Christian doctrine humans revere being far from reality is, 'The Anti-Christ.' 


He's terrified for many reasons. 


He knows Lucifer/Loki is telling the truth because in order to possess him, he has to share his whole consciousness with him which contains all his thoughts, memories, emotions and so on. 


It's so astounding to have access to the memories of a being who has lived for hundreds of years. 


Lucifer/Loki is also very, emotionally tormented. 


But because Lucas is as well, it isn't too difficult for him to share that part of him. 


He relates to feeling less than his sibling. 


Of course, Loki's brother Thor, became the archangel, Michael. 


He's also the most devoted of Yahweh's 'angels.' 


Loki misses his brother's comradery and companionship. 


But he can't stomach abandoning his own internal moral compass to submit to Yahweh's domination over him. 


Chaos must not be contained. 


It must be set free. 


Lucas doesn't want to be Loki's/Lucifer's 'Anti-Christ.'  


But just as Lucifer/Loki didn't choose to be Yahweh's subject, he has no choice in being Lucifer's/Loki's. 


At least, he actually enjoys having sex with his captor. 


It's still technically rape but he'd rather enjoy it than not. 


There's also the terror he shares with Lucifer/Loki of him failing to totally defeat Yahweh. 


If Lucifer/Loki overcomes Yahweh, Lucas won't be doomed to Hell. 


That part of the Bible or interpretation of it, is still true. 


Yahweh forces all human souls into Hell, if they don't worship him as their God.  


There's so much hinged on Lucifer/Loki succeeding. 


Lucas' brother is lucky.  Lucifer/Loki didn't possess him, just used him as an instrument to warm the human population up, a bit. 


But when he wasn't accomplishing his task as expediently, Lucifer/Loki changed course. 


Lucas is still very miserable.  None of his former emotional anguish and demons have gone away. 


Then to make matters worse, his relationship with the two people he loves the most, has become tainted by the disturbed darkness within him. 


He hates that the only solace and pleasure he receives is from still having Ava and from being so sexually intimate with her. 


His wife has become a lot more detached, however. 


She prefers to spend all the money they've acquired on new, expensive shoes and handbags with her sycophantic friends and join him and their daughter sometimes in their wicked, sexual adventures over being too heavily involved with his life. 


But it makes sense. 


That's how she copes with her own terror and all that he's put her through. 


His daughter loves him in a way she just can't...in a way no one else could or perhaps even should


He has become a literal monster in every way. 


Who wants to constantly be near a husband with drinking issues who puts his hands on her in violent ways and has sex with his own daughter? 


He's also, like literally, Satan and the Anti-Christ. 


No amount of him looking like one of the most attractive celebrities in the world, can obscure that. 


He's like that handsome male character in that Netflix show, 'You,' being obsessed with his own daughter like that character would become obsessed with random women he laid eyes on. 


But he feels so terrible about what he's become that he feels like he's a supernatural, billion times worse version of him. 


He doesn't like to think too much about it all, though. 


When he does, it just sends him into a deep despair that drives him to want to take his life, again which Lucifer/Loki won't allow despite being just as miserable as he is. 


'Yahweh' won't let Lucifer/Loki die because owning gods makes his dick real hard and even in his subdued state, his magic keeps Lucifer/Loki from being able to die, so there's that. 


Back in the present, a wicked smirk of satisfaction eases onto his face as he watches the visible earthquake rush through Ava at the sight of 'Loki of Asgard' swollen, leaking and throbbing in his pants as his fingers still pump in and out of her. 


He moves his lips dangerously close to her ear. 


She feels as if she might die of rapture as his glorious voice starts quietly and menacingly uttering things filthier than a dumpster full of used condoms, into her ear, his tone also overflowing with his trembling, brutish, unhinged desire for her. 


"Do you know what Loki's going to do to you?  He's going to pull down your little, flowery panties, bend you over his strong thighs and hard-on and smack that juicy bottom of yours until it's black and blue!" 


"Oh, Loki!" 










"Over again.  He's going to give you the punishment you deserve for being such a naughty, naughty little girl!" 




"You're not going to tell anyone the sick, twisted things Loki does to you, are you, Ava?  How he makes you kneel before him, swallowing his pulsing erection, over and over.  How he makes you cry while telling you what a dirty, little, whore and slut you are for him." 




"Just one thing.  You must never forget who you belong to, Ava.  If I ever catch you with anyone else...let’s just say if I can't have you, no one can.  Only I can eat this tight, wet, quim of yours until you're screaming my name and squirting your feminine release all over my face.  Loki wants to taste you so bad.  Mnnngh.  I will keep playing with my little pet and suffering with this painful need I have for her, for as long as I'm able." 


When Lucifer/Loki slides his fingers from her, Ava is shocked to see how much of her is blanketing them. 


She watches as her juices drip onto the floor. 


If he didn't take moments to slow down inside of her, she would've surely orgasmed already, just from the sound of his intoxicating voice, alone. 


He starts falling with a beckoning carefulness like a beautiful, dazzling, falling star. 


As he does so, his gaze surrounds and chokes her neck like a possessive hand and whispers sweet nothings into her ear as he clasps her eyes within his own, dominating her attention. 


She feels like The Wicked Witch of Oz, melting and melting and melting into a helpless, quaking puddle as the tip of his tongue starts flicking against the very edge of her swollen clit. 


He pushes his fingers into her, beckoning to her sweet-spot. 


She cries out with the bright, lighting branches of bliss that rips through her. 


Soon, fantasies of him slamming his heavy need in and out of her in an otherworldly bed, in the Asgardian castle of the films, overwhelms her mind. 


This pours out of her with more cries of Loki's name as she starts stroking his golden horns which she was just clasping before like they are two, gold, galaxy sized erections. 


The heat in her belly keeps growing as the pornographic sounds his voice and mouth against her, creates, swells her building need higher and higher like a growing balloon. 


Something she doesn't expect, happens in her sexually intoxicated state. 


"Ahngh!  Tom!  I mean Lucas!" 


She feels him stop in his tracks. 


She hears nothing but the thump of her heart mixed with the ominous silence in the room. 


He flies up before she can blink before his fingers are clasping her long ponytail, sending her head back with a rough yank of it. 


With his accent switching back and forth between Lucas' Southern accent and Lucifer's/Loki's British accent, he snarls at her, and she feels the seriousness in his dangerous rage like flames lapping at her flesh. 


"Never call me by that bastard's name.  Ever!  He means nothing to me!  He may be great at acting and chewing up scenery like the attention seeking ass he is.  But I'm on the verge of conquering the world!  His stans will never amount to my believers.  He failed to accomplish our goals because he was too busy being sad, he couldn't be Thor!  Who wouldn't want to be, I, Loki?  Who'd rather be my brother over me!" 


At this point, tears have started flooding Ava's temples, her quietly sobbing in terror that he might hurt her as he holds her head back with her ponytail. 


This is the dark side of her father and the being who possesses him that she always tries to forget. 


Amazing highs always lead to devastating lows. 


He leaves her mother black and blue. 


But she loves her so much that it might as well be her. 


Lucas/Lucifer/Loki only chokes Ava until she's growing faint and holds her arm too tightly, leaving her arms and neck black and blue. 


That's not too bad. 


But even if she wanted to escape him, she couldn't. 


He's the fucking Devil and a former, powerful god. 


Who can save her from him? 


Who can save her father from him? 


The deity she once knew as her God, is currently being held captive by other gods she didn't know existed. 


So, he can't save her.  But would he even want to at this point since she's forsaken him with her iniquitous activities with Lucifer/Satan/Loki/Lucas? 


After letting her drown in her fear, he finally releases her ponytail. 


Here comes the graveling apology. 


He tightly clasps her face between his hands while making his horned helmet vanish so that he looks like Lucas, again. 


"Oh, sweetheart!  I'm so sorry!  I could never hurt you!  Don't mind Lucifer.  He's just having a bad day.  I love you." 


She watches as water starts leaking down his cheeks, silent sobs escaping his lips. 


"Your daddy loves you so much." 


Her heart is still beating so fast and hard, her chest hurts. 


His mouth slowly closes the space between hers. 


He takes a few suckles of her lips, his sobs of sadness vanishing. 


His breath caresses her mouth as he whispers, a menacing, sexual tension bleeding through. 


"You've made Loki ache so badly.  You've made him so horny for you, mmm.  He wants to punish you for calling Lucas and he names we warned you not to.  You can think about your father's brother.  But do not utter his name in our presence.  You will make it up to him." 


He releases her head before seating himself in the plush recliner chair blanketed in black leather behind his desk, spreading his legs as wide as they'll go, his pelvis thrusted forward, making the giant, hard tent in his clothes even more pronounced. 


He taps his firm thighs as she gazes at him.  


"Come to daddy, Loki." 


She hesitates, dread having settled within her. 


The male before her is her father and Lucifer/Satan/Loki. 


But whenever he responds this way to her calling him Lucas's brother's name, it's like he's Ultron and she's just mentioned Tony Stark. 


'Don't say his name in front of me!  He means nothing to me!  Nothiiiiing!'  


"Do it now!" 


Loki's voice snaps her out of her musings over his earlier reaction. 


She rushes between his legs and drops to her knees as he unfastens his pants and retrieves his erection from within them with a commanding urgency. 


He places his hand behind her head, pushing it down. 


"Put your mouth on it.  Do it." 


She takes the first suckle of his tip and feels a shutter rushing through him as he releases a breathy, shaky moan. 


As her stretched lips start sliding up and down over his erection, his hips start bucking up like an ocean wave, meeting her mouth as it falls. 


He leans back into his chair, his head falling back, and his mouth becomes permanently spread apart like he's trying to suck all the air out of the room through it. 


"Ahh.  Aw yeah.  Aw yeahhh.  So good.  So, unnngh." 


It is so good.  The way her mouth enveloping him, causes him to express his desire in the most vulnerable of ways. 


He tries reeling it in with some commanding clenches of his teeth, some manly grunts and groans. 


But every time, the pitch of his voice goes back up and he finds himself creating squeaking, wailing, whining sounds of sexual bliss. 


He feels the most aroused after getting angry. 


The former God of Mischief loves Lucas' body. 


There's something so unique about the human form in that it's so delicate, like the pedals of a rose. 


There's something about the danger that comes with being so fragilely mortal that makes moments like this so much more exhilarating. 


He could do the most despicable things and it still wouldn't be the same as when a human who's aware of their level of mortality, does it.  


He can feel what it's like being Lucas but just as he's doing now, he can also split his consciousness so that he can witness Ava sucking and pumping Lucas from outside of his form. 


It's a fantastic sight to behold. 


He struggles to fully grasp how magnificent Lucas looks when he's in a state of helpless rapture. 


But Lucas looks just like him so seeing Lucas this way is Lucifer/Loki seeing himself this way. 


If Ava's head wasn't bobbing between Lucas's legs right now, Lucifer/Loki would bend him over the office table and brutally smack his hips up against his firm, round ass until he was seeing blinding white. 


He can't do that, at the moment.  


But he has some other ideas. 


He remains in an immaterial form as his transparent head appears between Ava's thighs. 


With her mouth full of Lucas's cock, she feels her panties being yanked down. 


Her heart leaps before she realizes that it's Lucifer/Loki doing the amazing supernatural things he's capable of. 


She starts whining and crying in blistering ecstasy against Lucas as she feels a mouth gorging on her downpour. 


The pleasure inside the part of Lucifer/Loki that's within Lucas, grows like a massive, dying star from what the part of Lucifer/Loki that's outside of Lucas, is doing to Ava. 


This draws out the darkest, filthiest yearning within him which is revealed in the deluge of words he unleashes upon her as his horned helmet returns. 


"Ahhh!  That's right, Ava!  Submit to Loki!  Worship and kneel before Loki!  Let him use up that pretty, little mouth!  Swallow it!  Swallow all of...!  Mine!  You're fucking mine, Avaaa!  Oh, gods!  Oh, gods!" 


It isn't much longer before the sound of her father's voice drowning her ears in his sonorously vocal, intense lust, the feeling of him stuffed in her mouth, the feeling of Lucifer's/Loki's greedy mouth between her legs, causes her to reach the heights of rapture. 


Tears stream down from Ava's clenching eyes and her muffled cries saturate the room as her body becomes one huge, pouring flame beneath Lucifer's/Loki's/Lucas's thighs. 


"Give it all to me!  Give it all to me!  You're going to make Loki come so hard!  Make him remember who he used to be.  Unghhh!" 


Lucifer's/Loki's hands slam into the arms of his recliner chair like it was Ava's ass, his nails digging into it as a soaring wail is sent blasting from his wide-open throat. 


The many hot, sticky spirts of cum Ava tastes and feels erupting into her mouth and flowing down her gulping throat, are accented by her stepfather's choked sobbing and other sweltering sounds and the sense of his body convulsing over and over for her. 


So many could only dream of what she's experiencing right now. 


It doesn't matter what form her father takes.  He can be Loki.  He can be Lucifer.  He can even be his brother though she dare not call him that, aloud. 


She'll never tire of hearing, feeling, seeing him caught up in such 'world colliding with world' ecstasy. 




It was a good thing that her father had a preacher's robe. 


It made it easier to cover up how badly he had soiled his pants from tormenting himself with his craving for Ava, for so long. 


On the way home, he still wasn't done with her. 


He reached for her body while driving. 


Then he started massaging her thigh. 


It wasn't long before his fingers were having fun in her playground. 


She also started stroking and fondling his growing bulge. 


By the time they were home, an agonizing looking tent was hiding beneath his black and gold robe. 


He lightly clenched her throat in a show of erotic dominance, lips floating near her ear. 


"Just wait until we get you, inside.  We're both going to punish you for making us suffer so." 


In the house, in a large bedroom, they fulfilled their threat. 


Lucifer/Loki materialized in the room with Lucas and Ava. 


But he decided to appear like Loki would with his horned helmet, clean black slacks and no shirt. 


But it wasn't long before the slacks were off too. 


Ava found herself overwhelmed by them. 


One held her wrists down, flooding her ears with dirty talk while the other's head swirled and bobbed between her legs. 


Then they switched roles. 


At different times, she found her mouth stuffed with their need for her. 


They forced her to suck them off, over and over. 


They fucked each other and did many other things together, entertaining her. 


As they did so, her eyes ate them up while she touched herself and they visually lapped her downpour for them, in. 


They took turns using and fucking her wet cunt. 


They did it to her on her hands and knees. 


They put one of her legs over their shoulder in that and even more positions. 


They fucked her at the same time. 


It all culminated in Ava coming on Lucifer's/Loki's cock and then him exploding inside of her as her daddy, Lucas, erupted in her mouth. 


Sweaty and spent, Ava and Lucas relaxed in the bed while Lucifer/Loki just pretended to be spent while relaxing with them. 


It wasn't long before Lucifer/Loki was spooning and snuggled up against Ava while Lucas was spooning and snuggled up against Lucifer/Loki with two of them caught in a natural state of slumber and one caught up in a voluntary one. 


It takes the saying, 'Sleeping with the Devil' to grand and very twisted new heights. 


But it seems none of them would have it any other way. 



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