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BY : Aldawen
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Savage Garden. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: Of course, I do not own Darren and Daniel, although, that wouldn’t be *that* bad…don’t you think?


“Darren, babe, could ya please come get me? I’m a little under the weather,” Daniel slurred into the payphone outside of the Quickie-Mart. His shaggy hair fell into his eyes, and he hastily brushed it away. Maybe Darren was right. Maybe he did need a haircut. But then again, Darren was always trying to get Daniel to change his looks. He always tries to boss me around! Daniel thought, as he tried to keep his balance.

“Daniel! Are you drunk! I’ve told you too many times that you shouldn’t just take the Durango and run out and get drunk! Drinking and driving is a lethal combination!” At that Daniel rolled his eyes, and just about blacked out because of it. “Fine! I’ll come get you, but you’re sleeping on the couch! I don’t want to smell your beer breath the whole night!” Darren shouted just before he slammed down the receiver.

Why does he have to get so bent out of shape? Daniel thought. He was getting tired of Darren trying to control him. That is, unless they were in bed. There, Daniel loved to be dominated. A strange smirk stretched across his face, as he fondly remembered the night before. He came home early from work and followed the rumbling in his stomach to the refrigerator. There, he found a note. It read:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ll be in our room
Waiting for you.

Aww, he really is so poetic. Maybe he is a better writer than I thought. I mean, anyone could make a mistake like he did with that album. (Sorry Tana, I thought that would have been funny) Well, Darren can wait; I’m hungry! Not wanting to forget about the rumbling in his tummy, he opened the fridge, only to find that the ingredients to his favorite snack were missing! No whipped cream! No chocolate sauce! He then opened up the fridge. That was the final blow. His favorite real vanilla ice cream was missing. He could only figure one reason why all of the snacks he held dear would be missing. Darren was waiting for him in the bedroom, with the ice cream and toppings! Mmmm, he thought, three of my favorite flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and Darren!

Creeping silently, he made is way to the bedroom. He wanted to sneak up on Darren. He loved the look in his lover’s eye when he caught him by surprise. After he had administered the act of surprise, Darren could administer the act of dominance. After only a few seconds of his thoughts about Darren taking him over, he felt his member trying to poke its head out of Daniel’s pants. “Shh, not yet, not yet,” he murmured to his already enlarged cock, “Just wait a little while longer. I like it better when Darren wakes you up with his touch.”

Finally, Daniel tiptoed the final few steps to his door. Unfortunately, though, the creaking of the door shattered his act of surprise. “Damn! I really need to oil that thing!” Daniel cursed as he kicked the door.

“Maybe you’re the one who really needs to be oiled,” Darren said seductively, his voice husky and deep. Daniels erection flared up, more painful then ever. The only thing he wanted was for Darren to take him up into his mouth and play with him. “Why don’t you come over here and see me sometime. You look a bit…hungry. Maybe not just hungry for food.” en fen finished, noticing the aforementioned bulge in the front of Daniel’s pants.

Feeling as if being pulled by an invisible string, Daniel slowly made his way over to the bed. Darren picked up the chilled can of whipped cream and began to shake it. Daniel’s bundle began to quiver as he watched the familiar hand movements that his lover was making. He couldn’t stay in his pants any longer. Almost breaking the zipper in his haste, he finally pulled his slacks off, and flung them into the corner. His boxers soon followed. Now, Daniel was standing half-naked in front of his lover. I might as well be totally naked, it’s not like he hasn’t seen me like that before, Daniel thought, as he whipped his shirt up over his head. Darren’s eyes bulged when he saw how big Daniel had grown to be, and his hand stopped its shaking in mid-air. Daniel walked over to the bed, and gently took the can of whipped cream out of Darren’s hand.

“It’s shaken up enough already. Plus, I think you’re the one who needs to be shaken up, more than the can.” Daniel said, looking slyly at Darren. Daniel slowly sat down on the bed, and positioned himself over the already-nude Darren. He brought his hand onto Darren’s growing shaft, and began rubbing his hand up and down on it. As he unhurriedly got faster, he brought his other hand down to Darren’s stomach and started to tickle him softly. Darren began to moan in pleasure. Daniel stopped tickling Darren, and his idle hand soon found the forgotten can of whipped cream. Silly Darren, he forgot to open the cap! Daniel thought to himself, I’ll have to open it for him. Trying to be seductive, Daniel brought the can up to his mouth and bit the cap. He teasingly pulled the cap off, enjoying Darren’s look of ecstasy.

Now that the cap was off, Daniel could make one of his favorite desserts; a Darren’s banana split. Finally taking his hand away from his lover’s massive shaft, Daniel slowly applied the whipped cream to Darren. After using about a quarter of the can, Daniel brought his lips to Darren’s “banana,” so he could have his just desserts. Massaging Darren’s balls with his free hand, Daniel began licking the whipped cream off, very, very slowly. He wanted the delight in having Darren take a while to climax. He started licking Darren’s cock up and down, making him shiver with delight. Now, getting faster, Daniel tried to slurp up all of the remaining cream that was still covering Darren’s penis, before he would cum. Unfortunately, Daniel did not achieve his feat. Darren moaned in pleasure as he blended his cream with the cream already in Daniel’s mouth. Greedily, Daniel finished up all of the mixed cream, delighting in its new flavor, slightly tasting of Darren.

Darren, now flushed, decided that he needed to return the favor to his lover. His hand found the discarded bottle of chocolate syrup. He forced Daniel to lie on his back, and Darren sat beside his lover, whose body was trembling with desire. Darren, also, decided to toy with Daniel’s feeble little sex-crazed mind by biting off the cap. But Darren took the eye candy a bit farther than Dan did. He slowly began slurping the chocolate right out of the bottle, watching Dan out of the corner of his eye. He than followed by giving the bottle a short, but sweet, blowjob. Daniels eyes filled with lust. It’s sad, but oh how I wish that I was that bottle! he thought to himself.

As if reading Dan’s mind, Darren took the bottle out of his mouth. He then positioned it over Dan’s hardened cock, and started to squeeze the bottle. Dan’s eyes closed demurely as he felt the cool liquid being poured around his member. Returning the favor to his lover, Darren brought his mouth down to Dan’s cock, and locked his lips around the shaft. Because Dan was already hotter than hell because of the blowjob he had just given his lover, it only took Darren a few fast-paced licks to send Dan over the edge. Darren slurped up every last drop of Dan’s cum and the chocolate syrup, delighting in the combined taste. Not minding about being sticky, Darren fell onto Daniel, and into his arms. “We can get a shower tomorrow,” Daniel murmured, half incoherently. Darren didn’t mind being stuck to his lover so literally. He loved basking in the closeness they shared.

The beeping of Darren’s SUV brought Daniel back to reality. He was crumpled over the phone booth, and he felt a familiar stickiness in his pants. Oh, shit, I did it again! he scolded himself, silently; I’m going to have to get a shower when I get home, now. Dan slowly stumbled over to the SUV, scolding himself all the way. “Uh, Darren, honey…”

“Don’t ‘honey’ me, buster!” Darren shouted, his eyes alit with anger. “I’m pissed at you. You got drunk again!”

“Yea, but, it wasn’t my fault! You see, the guys dragged me out! I didn’t want to get drunk, but they called me a sissy, and you know how I hate being called a sissy.” Darren replied.

“I know you don’t like being called a sissy, but, you really shouldn’t let them bug you that much. Plus, alcohol doesn’t solve anything…EW! What is that on your pants? Did you piss yourself again?!” Darren’s face wore a look of disgust.

“Um, no, it’s not piss, honey…it’s um…how should I put this…”

“I told you, don’t ‘honey’ me, mister!”

“Ok, then, I won’t! But by the way, it’s cum mister, and last night made me do it!”

“Don’t even bring last night into it! Plus, those aren’t the pants you wore last night, so why would that be the cause?”

“Uh, because I was daydreaming about our getting off after I got of the phone with you.”

“I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment, or as something else.” Darren thought out loud. “You’re not getting in the car like that! Wait a minute, stand right where you are!” Darren jumped down out of the vehicle, and popped the trunk. He pulled out the three beach towels that he always kept for emergencies. He ran around to the passenger side door, and opened it. He spread the towels out onto the seat cushion so Daniel couldn’t mess up their new car. “Ok, now you can get in. But don’t get off again, not in the new car!” Darren advised him.

Daniel, following his orders, got into the vehicle, carefully. He didn’t want to make Darren any more upset than he already was. He buckled himself in, and Darren ran around to the driver’s side. He hopped in, put the keys in the ignition, and hauled ass out of there.

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