Do What You Should

BY : AEMorgan
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Bryan Adams. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Do What You Should
Author: Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan (
Author Web Page: Every Generation Has A Legend
Fandom: RPS – Bryan Adams (yes, Bryan Adams slash!)
Categories: Bryan Adams/Keith Scott, PWP, song-fic
Rating: NC17
Thanks to: You, for reading this. Paul, for being patient and understanding when I disappear into the computer room for days on end to write. Bryan Adams, for the song If Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good that inspired this piece. KC, for helping me to plot out the non-plot. Rushlight, as ever, for the beta.
Disclaimer: Bryan Adams and Keith Scott are real people, and the events in these stories are just that – fictional; figments of my sick and twisted imagination. No rumours should be started in regards to any events in these works of fiction. This story is written purely for entertainment purposes and no money is being made out of it.
Summary: Keith has a pressing matter, one he has a feeling Bryan knows how to deal with

“It’s not nice to tease people, Bryan.” Keith’s voice was low rougrough in Bryan’s ear, sending a shiver down his spine.

Bryan glanced at Keith out of the corner of his eye and slowed his pace, knowing Keith would do the same. They watched the others disappear around the corner and stopped completely. Leaning against the wall, Bryan turned to look at Keith.

“I didn’t hear you complaining,” he replied, failing to contain the grin slowly spreading across his face.

“I’m not.” Keith leaned against the wall next to Bryan and met his eyes. Bryan didn’t reply, just crossed his arms and arched one eyebrow. “I’m just saying that you should only cock-tease if you intend to follow through.”

“Cock-tease?” Bryan choked out, laughing.

Keith nodded, his expression serious, but his eyes twinkling. “Well, what else do you call all that growling and moaning back there?”

“The song, Keith. That’s the way the song goes,” Bryan pointed out, still not managing to keep a straight face.

“You’re not normally that…” he paused, searching for the right word. “Explicit. Anyway, that’s not important. The main thing is that I have a bit of problem.”

Bryan cocked his head to one side and smiled at Keith. “Oh?” He knew he was teasing the other man, but couldn’t help it.

Groaning, Keith felt his jeans tighten even further. He nodded and smiled back. “Yeah. I’m all hot and sticky,” He peeled off his t-shirt as he spoke and dropped it to the floor, reaching out and grabbing one of Bryan’s hands with his own and pressing it against his crotch. “And horny.”

Cupping Keith’s denim-clad erection, Bryan deftly toyed with it, feeling the damp patch beneath his palm spread. With a choked off moan, Keith locked his knees to stop his legs buckling. “You… you see my problem then?” he panted.

Bryan nodded. “It seems to be quite a pressing matter,” he agreed. “You should do something about it. After all, the longer you leave these things, they harder they become to deal with.”

Keith looked up at Bryan and smiled. “I was kinda hoping you’d be able to do something about it?”

“Me?” Bryan didn’t stop massaging Keith’s erection as he spoke. “I don’t think there’s anything I can do to help you with this.”

“I think there is.” Keith’s smile grew devilish as Bryan met his eyes. “Get down on your knees, boy, and do what you should,” Keith sung, his voice deep as he mimicked Bryan’s earlier on-stage growls. He steadied himself, grabbing onto Bryan’s shoulders as he did. Not relinquishing his grasp on the other man, he pushed him down to his knees.

Sliding down, Bryan ran his hands over Keith’s jeans, unfastening them and pulling down. Bryan ran his tongue over Keith through the cotton of his boxers.

“Oh God, Bryan.” Keith leant forward, bracing himself against the wall with both hands. Keith’s boxers were dropped to the floor as well, as Bryan rolled his balls in his hands. “Bryan, please.”

Bryan smiled; Keith was so fun to tease. He could always make him beg and plead. But now was not the time for teasing. With one hand around the base of Keith’s erection, Bryan ran his tongue along the length before gradually sliding his mouth around it.

Keith balled his hands into fists against the wall, moaning low in his throat. His breathing turned to heavy pants as Bryan’s skilled mouth quickly brought him to the edge, hips pumping as he neared orgasm. He pushed down on Bryan’s shoulders, pulling away and sliding gently out of his mouth.

Breathing heavily, Keith offered his hand to Bryan, helping him to his feet, then pulled him close for a long kiss, befhe che could voice the confusion that was evident on his face. “You are amazing,” Keith gasped before Bryan claimed his mouth in another kiss, rubbing his own erection against Keith’s thigh. Keith’s mouth was back at Bryan’s ear, nibbling the lobe gently as he spoke. “Turn around Bryan, hands up on the wall.”

Bryan frowned, but did as his lover asked. Keith smiled and pressed his body over Bryan’s. “Seems like I’m not the only one with a problem,” he commented, hands resting on the buckle of Bryan’s belt. “Now, the way I look at it, you have three options. I can jerk you off, suck you off, or I can fuck you. Which one will it be?”

Bryan moaned, his head falling forward onto the backs of his hands, his hips pushing back against Keith’s erection.

Keith smiled as he unfastened Bryan’s jeans, dropping both them and his boxers to his ankles, then kicking his legs apart as far as he could. “Thought so somehow,” he agreed. Wrapping one arm tightly around Bryan’s waist, Keith held the other man close. “This is probably going to hurt, Bryan. The second it does, tell me. OK?” Bryan nodded, a lock of his hair falling over his forehead, and sticking there. Keith brushed the hair back, pressing a kiss to Bryan’s temple as he gently eased himself into his lover’s body.

Bryan grunted, reflexively pulling away from the burn of penetration. Keith immediately stilled, fingers stroking down the side of Bryan’s face.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Bryan shook his head. “No,” he panted. “I just need a second.” Keith didn’t reply, just rested his head on Bryan’s shoulder, kissing his neck. He straightened up again when Bryan pushed up against him with a moan.


Bryan’s only response was to keep pushing back against Keith. Keith groaned, resisting the urge to grab Bryan’s hips and push all the way in, filling his lover’s body. But he didn’t. He let Bryan do the work, slowly sliding Keith into him, until Keith felt his balls slap against Bryan’s ass. Keith’s arm tightened around Bryan’s waist as the singer threw his head back, biting down on his lower lip to stifle a cry of pleasure.

They stayed like that, frozen in time, until Bryan started rocking his hips. With a moan, Keith grabbed Bryan’s hips in a bruising grip and held him still as he set a punishing rhythm, brushing the other man’s prostate with each stroke.

Fighting against the grip Keith had on his hips, Bryan still pushed back meeting Keith’s thrusts.

“Keith, please.”

“What is it Bryan? What do you want?” Keith’s mouth found its way back to Bryan’s ear, licking as he spoke.

“Need… You… Touch… Me,” Bryan panted, sweat rolling down his face.

Shifting his grip on Bryan’s hips, Keith wrapped one arm around his waist again, the other dropping down and stroking Bryan’s erection. Bryan arched into the soft touch, crying out. Keith’s fist tightened around Bryan’s cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

Rocking as hard as he could between Keith’s fist and cock it wasn’t long until Bryan orgasmed, crying out Keith’s name. Only Keith’s arm around his waist kept him upright, the arm tightening as Keith came.

They slid ungracefully to the floor, Keith’s softening cock sliding from Bryan’s body. Sitting in a tangled pile of limbs they kissed again, relaxing and touching. Sitting back, Bryan leant his head against the wall and looked at Keith

“You should probably put some clothes on,” he commented, pulling his jeans up.

Keith looked down at himself and nodded withembaembarrassed laugh. “Yeah,” he agreed, but made no move to dress himself. Laughing, Bryan reached over and threw Keith’s t-shirt at him.

“Are you two coming?” Mickey called out as he turned the corner. He looked down at Keith and Bryan, shaking his head. “Actually that might be a redundant question the state you two are in,” he laughed. “Couldn’t you have waited until we’d got to the hotel room or something? You’re worse than teenagers!” he declared, picking up Keith’s discarded jeans and throwing them at him. “And you need to learn to keep these on!” Keith caught the jeans and had the decency to blush, even if he was fighting to keep from grinning. “Hurry up,” Mickey continued, “we’re waiting for you.” He turned and walked away before either of them had time to speak, still shaking his head in amusement.

~El fin~

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