On Golden Sands

BY : AEMorgan
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Will Young. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: On Golden Sands
Author: Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan (falconkenobi@aol.com)
Author web page: http://members.dencity.com/firststep - Every Generation Has A Legend
Fandom: RPS - Will Young
Categories: Will/Rupert, Romance, PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warning: RPS ahead folks. That Real Person Slash. Consider thineselves warned.
Summary: Sea air is always said to be energising. Will and Rupert Young find out just how energising when they spend a day at the beach.

The two men walked hand in hand along the beach, swinging their arms back and forth, both laughing. The tide lapped at their feet, swirling the sand around their toes. They'd kicked their shoes off some time ago - Will made a mental note to pick them up again on their way back to the hotel.

Rupert decided the momentary look of thought on Will's face had to be wiped off, and he pushed him down. He wet his hands in the surf, before cupping sand in his palms and forcit dit down the front of Will's shirt. Will pushed him away, laughing, scratching his chest where the wet sand had stuck to his skin.

Looking down at his shirt he frowned. "Look what you've done!" he jokingly chastised.

Rupert ran his eyes up and down Will, not looking at the shirt, but lingering longer than necessary on the bulge in Will's jeans. "Hmm... Definitely have to do something about that," he agreed, cupping Will's through the denim.

Will arched forward into the touch "I meant the shirt," he gasped.

"Lovely shirt," Rupert commented running his fingers along Will's growing erection, then stroking up over his stomach and chest. "But it would look much nicer on the ground," he stated as he started undoing the buttons even as his partner pulled Rupert's dark T-shirt off. The clothing was dropped forgotten to the sand as the young men fell there themselves, hands exploring each other, kissing. "Roll over," Rupert whispered into Will's ear as he pulled down their jeans.

"Here?" Will hissed.

"There's no-one for miles, and it's late. No-one's going to see us," Rupert hastened to reassure him. Will sat up and looked in all directions, scanning the horizon for people. Seeing no signs of life, he looped his arms round Rupert's neck and pulled him back down, slowly grinding his hips against his lover.

With a low moan Rupert flipped Will over, and guided him to his knees. The muscles in Will's flanks quivered with the effort of staying still and worry of being discovered. Stroking his hands down Will's sides Rupert placed a gentle kiss to the back of one of Will's knees. Jerking forward, Will reached back with one hands, trying to bat Rupert away and instead managed to fall forward into the sand.

Spitting sand out of his mouth Will mock-pouted. "That wasn't fair!" He complained, still laughing.

"I know" Rupert replied, also laughing. "But it was funny."

"If you say so..." Will conceded, turning around and kneeling again. He looked over his shoulder at Rupert, running his eyes over his brother's muscular body. "Well...?"

Kissing him once, Rupert draped himself over Will, nibbling gently on his ear. "We haven't brought...anything with us."

"I know. But I need this, need you. Love you."

"Love you too." He guided himself into Will, slowly pushing past the muscles, soothing Will as he groaned from the filling sensation. He entered all the way, then stopped, waiting for Will to adjust. As soon as Will rocked his hips back, Rupert set the pace, making slow love to his twin, one hands snaking under him to stroke Will's cock in time with his thrusts.

Neither man hurried, just let the pleasure build as every thrust of Rupert's slid across Will's prostate, making him cry out, stars bursting before his eyes. Orgasms hit both men almost simultaneously and they sank to the sand, limbs tangled. Dark fell whilst they lay there, kissing, touching, feeling. They sat up, Rupert between Will's legs, leaning back on his chest, watching the sun set, rays of colour; red, orange, purple, shooting across the sky.

Holding hands, they stood and walked along the beach, finding their discarded clothing as they made their way back to the hotel.

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