The Closer You Get

BY : AEMorgan
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Will Young. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: The Closer You Get
Author: Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan (
Author web page: Every Generation Has A Legend (
Fandom: RPS - Will Young
Categories: Angst, Will/Rupert
Rating: NC-17
Warning: RPS slash ahead folks. That's Real Person Slash. With a side order of incest - in this case, twin brothers. Consider thineselves warned
Thanks to: You, for reading this. Rushlight, as ever, for the beta. The Young twins, for being so damn attractive. The people behind Pop Idol, for making these adorable men known to the nation. Everyone who voted and made Will the winner - I salute you :)
Disclaimer: William and Rupert Young are real people, and the events in this story are just that - fictional, figments of my sick and twisted imagination. No rumours should be started in regards to an incestuous relationship between the twins. This story is written purely for entertainment purposes and no money is being made out of it
Summary: Will's dream of being a star has come true, but who can he turn to when the dream starts to turn into a solitary nightmare?

Will Young sighed as he leaned forward, crossing his arms on the balcony wall. He stood there, gazing out over the city, the cold night air caressing his body. The rough concrete should have pained his bare feet, but instead he found its bite comforting.

He felt numb. He was exhausted, tired to the bone, yet completely unable to sleep. He missed his friends and he missed his family. Not that he didn't appreciate the fact that he had to promote his new album, he loved doing so; he just disliked how much it zapped his energy, leaving him feeling empty, like a shell of himself.

Lifting his head to the sky, he took in a deep breath, then jumped, startled when two strong arms pulled him into a tight embrace from behind. Instinctively pulling away, Will span around, fists raised in a defense stance, to face whoever was there. He briefly wondered how anyone had managed to enter his suite without his knowledge. The thought was soon chased from his mind as he took in the man standing there, hands shoved in jeans pockets.

"Rupert!" Will relaxed, his face lighting up in a grin as his eyes traveled over his lovers body; the scuffed well worn light-coloured boots, dark jeans, and red shirt open at the collar.

He could feel his lover looking at him in the same way, and shifted shyly from one foot to the other, fighting the blush he could feel threatening to cover his cheeks. Will ducked his head momentarily, missing the affectionate smile that spread over the other man's face, as Rupert closed the gap between them, wrapping his arms around Will. With a contended sigh, Will leaned against Rupert, head on his lover's shoulder, neither man saying anything just holding each other close. Taking a deep breath, Will inhaled Rupert's scent before pulling back, holding Rupert's hands in his own and simply looking at him. Both men's grins widened, and by unspoken agreement, their lips met for a kiss; gentle and familiar at first, but growing hungry and passionate, hands exploring each other's bodies, pulling at clothing.

Fingers playing over the skin on Will's back, Rupert pulled away a step, grabbing Will's hands, a frown creasing his face. "You're freezing, Will." He pulled his unresisting partner back into the room, locking the glass balcony door behind them. He sat Will down on the bed, draping a sheet around his shoulders.

Dragging a chair across the room, Rupert sat in front of Will and just looked at him, frown deepening. Will looked awful; He'd lost weight he could ill-afford to lose, his skin was pale and drawn, dark bags were heavy under eyes that had lost their sparkle. And Will was quiet. No, Will was silent. Will was never silent, not around his twin. Normally, Rupert could barely manage to get a word in edgeways.

"What's wrong?" Rupert asked as he climbed onto the bed behind Will, legs around his waist, hands rubbing warmth into Will's chilled arms. Will didn't reply, just sighed, and leaned backwards, his head resting on Rupert's shoulder, kissing his neck. "Will? Come on, talk to me." Still not speaking, Will pulled the two of them down onto the bed, where they lay side by side looking at each other. Will leaned over and kissed Rupert, a slight grin tugging at his lips.

"Sorry, Rupert. I didn't mean to worry you. I'm just tired." Confusion flashed in his eyes. "Don't take this the wrong way, but, what are you doing here?"

A matching grin tugged at Rupert's lips. "You were lonely," he stated matter-of-factly, fingers running gently down the side of Will's face, holding him close for another deep kiss.

"But we agreed..." Will trailed off, looking away.

Smiling gently, Rupert tipped Will's chin up with his finger, kissing him lightly on the edge of the nose. Will laughed softly and Rupert's smile spread. "I know but..." He sighed. "I miss you, Will. I hate waking up without you there. I know what we agreed..." Shaking his head, Rupert worried his top lip between his teeth. "It's public knowledge that we're twins, right?" Will nodded. "So, who's going to find it sge tge that I came to see you in a hotel?"

Will shook his head and chuckled wryly. "That wasn't one of my brightest ideas, was it?"

Rupert started to reply but yawned instead. Their eyes met and by unspoken agreement, both stripped and climbed into the bed, curling around each other, Will's arm slung protectively over his younger twin.

~el fin~

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