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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the celebrity I am writing about. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Written by: Jackee aka Nefertari

Disclaimer: Hugh Jackman and Keanu Reeves belong to each other *cough* errm, i mean... to themselves. *nods* i'm just a fangirl, not their dominatrix.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is purely fiction. In this story, Hugh Jackman (from movies like X-Men, Swordfish, Someone Like You...) have never met Deb (his wife), so no teeny-bopperish hate-mails about him having to cheat on her, okay? ^_^ I love Keanu & Hugh, they're 2 of the hottest actors in the world, and who wouldn't mind seeing the two of them kiss (and more)? *^_^* No offend to anyone. If you for some reason have anything against homo- or bisexuals, or is in any way offended by me writing about Hugh Jackman and Keanu Reeves together, don't even bother to read! Also, both Keanu and Hugh are kind of out of character in this story………. Just so you know.

Thanks to all the Backstreet Boys and X-Men slash fics I've read during these past years for the ideas and vocabulary! ~_^


Nefertari Carter looked at Keanu Reeves.

"Truth or Dare?" she asked.

Keanu grinned.

"Why are we playing this again?" he asked.

"Well", said Nefertari, "I'm not really sure, but you yourself said something about dying out of boredome, and wanting to do something that you haven't done in awhile. Am I right, Hugh?" She looked over to her best friend Hugh Jackman.

"Right…", Hugh agreed, with his charming Australian accent.

The famous actors Hugh Jackman and Keanu Reeves were co-starring in a thriller movie, Mandalaye, and they had a few hours off to do whatever they liked. Since the film was currently being shot in a dead-boring town in the middle of nowhere in the Nevada desert, Keanu had asked his co-star Hugh Jackman, and Hugh's girl friend Nefertari – whom had followed Hugh to keep her best friend company – to play some games. Keanu had jokingly suggested the game of Truth or Dare, or Spinning the Bottle, and Nefertari and Hugh had agreed to that.

So now they sat on Keanu's queen size bed in the motel, that they were staying at, playing the game.

"So, Truth or Dare?" asked Nefertari again.

"Dare", Keanu said with one of his charming smiles.

Nefertari's lips turned into an evil grin.

"I Dare you…", she started, then looked at her friend Hugh. "I dare you, Keanu, to make out with Hugh for at least five minutes!"

Both men gasped.

"Make out with Hugh?" said Keanu in chock.

"Are you serious!?" said Hugh.

"Yep", said Nefertari with her evil smile. "Make out with each other for at least five minutes!"

Keanu laughed a little, he was never the one to back out from a dare, whatever the dare may be. He turned towards Hugh, looking at the other man's lips. As he leaned closer towards Hugh's face, he looked into Hugh's eyes. So beautiful.

Their lips met, and they softly kissed each other. Nefertari was watching them with a big smile on her face. Keanu's tongue softly entered Hugh's mouth, meeting his tongue. Hugh closed his eyes as Keanu's kiss got more and more fierceful. Keanu put his left hand on the back of Hugh's head, the right one was placed on Hugh's left biceps. As the fierceful kiss turned into a real making out, the men got more excited.

After a while, Keanu glanced at the digital watch on his night stand. Ten minutes had passed since he first kissed the other man. He gave Hugh a last kiss, looked deep into the other man's eyes, then looked at Nefertari, who smiled the biggest smile he had ever seen.

"Okay, I did my dare." He spun the empty soda bottle. It pointed at Hugh. "Hugh, Truth or Dare?"


Keanu silently walked through the motel's garden, towards the pool, where Hugh were swimming, alone, after a hard days shooting. He leaned against the shady side of a palm tree and watched the other man. Hugh's handsome face, his muscular body…wonderful... Hugh had acted kinda nervous when Keanu was nearby, well, off screen at least. They really needed to talk. Hugh noticed that somebody was watching him, and turned to watch the other man.

"Hey, Keanu", Hugh said.

He didn't seem too happy about having Keanu there, watching him. Keanu looked around, checking if anyone were nearby. A few sound men went by a few metres away from the pool area, going to the motel café for a evening snack. When Keanu didn't see anyone within hearing reach, he turned his face back to Hugh.

"Hugh, I wanna talk about last night", he said with a low voice as he walked closer towards the pool's edge.

Hugh sighed and swam closer to the edge of the pool, where Keanu now crouched.

"Okay, so what about last night?" answered Hugh, with a low voice, looking up to Keanu's face.

"It was a game of Truth or Dare. Nefertari dared me to make out with you, so I did. It was just a make out, but now you seem so…so… You seem to avoide me every time you see me, kinda like you're embarressed or something. It was just you, me and Nefertari in that room. Why can't we pretend that it never happened?"

Hugh looked away from Keanu's cute face. How could he ever tell him that he was bisexual, that he had enjoyed making out with Keanu? That ever since he first met Keanu, he had been attracted to him? That Nefertari, Hugh's close friend, was the only one he had the courage to speak with about his feelings for Keanu, and that it was the reason why she had dared Keanu to make out with Hugh?

Hugh shrugged as he looked into Keanu's pretty eyes.

"I'm not avoiding you. Not intentionally, anyway."

What was he gonna say? It wasn't so easy to be saying stuff like, "Oh, by the way, Keanu, I'm gay and I am sooo interested in you". Nah, that would probably scare Keanu off.

To his surprise, Keanu smiled softly.

"I really like that Aussie accent of yours", he said, then looked around.

About ten people were heading towards the pool for a swim. He looked back at Hugh.

"Wanna finish the conversation in my room?"

Hugh hesitated before he pulled himself up from the pool. Keanu gave him his towel, that laid nearby. He couldn't help but to look at the other man's muscular, wet body, as Hugh dried himself off.

"Shooting starts 9 am tomorrow, guys!" one of the crew members reminded them.

"Make up at 7", another one said.

"Okay guys", Keanu replied, then turned around and walked towards his motel room.

Hugh followed. What was Keanu going to tell him? Did he suspect anything?

He closed the door behind him as he entered Keanu's room. Keanu leaned against the wall that seperated the bedroom from the bathroom. Keanu remained silent for a while, like he was trying to figure out what to say. Hugh looked at him.

"So…?" he said.

"Did you enjoy it?" Keanu's question cought Hugh by surprise. If he had enjoyed it? He had never wanted the moment to end!

"Well, I…", he started. "It felt a little funny, you know… Is that all? I have to change into some real clothes before I catch a cold."

Keanu walked towards him, and before Hugh got a chance to react, Keanu kissed him fiercefully, making Hugh back into the closed door. He closed his eyes, letting Keanu kiss him. Or should he break it off? Keanu's tongue wrestled with Hugh's, his hands caressed Hugh's wet body.

Suddenly, Keanu broke the kiss and backed off. Hugh couldn't tell what Keanu was thinking, as the four years older man looked like he was both confused, satisfied and surprised. Should Hugh say something? Or should he wait until Keanu said something?

"I…", Keanu started, but couldn't find any words to continue the sentence.

"Don't worry, Keanu…", Hugh said. "I… I liked it…"

Keanu looked into Hugh's beautiful eyes, then he went closer to the other man. Their heads were so close… Just as Keanu was about to kiss Hugh again, he backed off and looked nervously at Hugh.

"Ummm… see you tomorrow, then…", he mumbled.


Hugh opened the door and went out, Keanu looked at him for a while before he closed the door.

What was wrong with Keanu? He wasn't gay…right? He had always been into girls, only girls. Not men. It was probably just curiousity that made him interested in Hugh… Yeah, that must be it… Keanu laid down on his bed. No, it wasn't just curiousity. He WAS attracted to the Aussie.

"What?! Are you fuckin' serious?!" Hugh said in a panicking voice.

Not his ordinary Aussie voice, but an darker voice with an American accent.

"Fuck, Joe!" Keanu said and pushed Hugh back to the wall behind him.

Keanu got closer, until their heads were so close… Hugh fought the sudden urge to kiss the man, he couldn't do that now.

"Joe, listen", Keanu said silent. "Diablo knows we're after the money. He's sendin' his people down after us. We have to get the money, and get the hell out of here! Do you understand?"


"So tell me, where are the money?"

"I've told you everythin' I know!" Hugh hissed, pushing Keanu out of his face. "They're s'posed to be buried here, somewhere!"

"Well, 'somewhere' is a pretty huge place to search through", Keanu said.

"Well, I suggest you start diggin' then."

"CUT! Great job, guys!"

Keanu got himself a bottle of water from an assistant and looked out over the set. Hugh talked with the director, Frank. Behind the cameras were other actors, everyone getting ready for their scenes. Keanu knew he didn't do too well in this scene, but Frank, the director, haven't commented his acting. Maybe Frank was too tired after shooting the scenes about 50 times, as Frank wasn't no perfectionist whom had to get everything perfect. Keanu sighed. Being so close to Hugh just made him… He shook his head. He had to be serious about his work at the moment. Be the character…

"Okay, time for the next scene!" Frank yelled.

After a hard days acting, Hugh could finally relax in the motel pool. He floated on his back, while Nefertari swam close by.

"So he kissed you, and then…?"

Hugh was taken by surprise. He had already forgotten that they talked about Keanu.

"I don't know, he just kissed me."

"If you're lucky, he might be attracted", Nefertari said as she gave him a wink. She looked up just in time to see Keanu walking towards the pool for a swim. "Speak of the devil", she whispered to her friend. "I'm going to bed. Have a nice chat." She swam towards the pool stairs, climbed up and said hi to Keanu before she went to the motel room she shared with her friend. Keanu laid his towel on a nearby chair, then went into the water.

"Hey Hugh."

"Hey Keanu."


"Look, this is stupid."

Hugh looked at his co-star.

"What is?"

"We're adult men, right? Yet we act like high school boys. We should talk about what happened."

"Go ahead."

Keanu took a deep breath. "I like women, he stated. I've never even glanced at a man. But when Nefertari dared me to make out with you…" He shrugged. "I don't know, but it feels like I'm attracted to you. I'm attracted to you and I liked kissing you. So, now it's said."

Hugh didn't know what to say. He searched for the words, but they didn't want to be found.

"I… Keanu, I like you. You're cool, handsome… I'm bisexual, okay?"

They looked into each other's eyes. Keanu went closer to Hugh.

"How about we give this a try?"

Hugh looked dumbfounded for a second. "Eh?"

"Let's give it a try, you and me… Since we're attracted to each other, I mean…"

Hugh didn't answer. He got closer to Keanu, touching the other man's cheek with one of his fingers. Keanu's head got closer to his, and they kissed.

"Come on…", Keanu said and went up from the pool. "Let's go to my room."



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