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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the people I am writing about in this fanfiction. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

“It’s Not Unusual to have Groupies When You’re A Pop Idol”


This one’s for Ange, Kaz & the rest of the Devils… you inspire me, as does Darius of course ;-)

Katie’s heart pounded as she waited patiently at a side door of the hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse of either of her two favourite stars, Darius Danesh and Rachel Stevens, on their way back from rehearsing for the weekend’s gigs… Darius was on his first UK arena tour, and playing at the MEN Arena that night, while Rachel and the rest of S Club 7 were playing a warm-up gig for their forthcoming European tour at the G-MEX the next night. She let in a sharp breath as she heard Rachel’s voice coming from round the corner… she was flirting with someone, and it wasn’t Jeremy Edwards, her fiancé! Katie’s cheeks reddened as she recognised Darius’s dulcet Glaswegian tones in reply… so, he thought he had a chance with her, huh? As the pair rounded the corner, Katie ducked behind a nearby skip, just managing to sneak in the door behind them as they went their separate ways.

She followed Darius down the corridor, deciding to make her move as he stopped near a Coke machine. She grinned as she saw the Scotsman’s brows knit together, as he searched in his wallet for some change. Silently removing a pound coin from her purse, she marched up to him. “Here, let me get you this one… pay me back tonight.” Darius grinned, eyeing her up and down, his look betraying the fact that he knew damn well she wasn’t anything to do with the hotel.

“Yeah yeah, I know… I don’t work here… thought it was worth a try though.”

“So how am I gonna pay you back then?”

“You… um… you could always give me an invite to the after show party… always wanted to meet Ant & Dec!”

He smiled, making Katie go weak at the knees.

“Yeah, I might just do that… wanna come back to my room?” A hot flush spread like wildfire over Katie’s cheeks, and she licked her speedily drying lips. “So I can make a pass…” Was it her imagination, or did he pause for longer than he needed then? Katie thought, her mind racing… “for you, to the party!”

“Cool, I will… but you’re not meant to have uninvited guests with you in the suite…”

“You have been doing your research! I’ll fix that… here, grab these,” he said, pointing at a bunch of flowers off a nearby table. “Now write me a message, but make it anonymous.” He grinned somewhat wickedly, handing her a pen and a bit of card from his pocket. Katie did so, handing the card and pen back to him. “To Darius, Lots of love and luck for tonight, Have a good one, hen! From the Bearsden Babes xxxx”

“Nice one!” Darius grinned. “Now sneak back out of here, take the flowers to reception, then go and wait outside – I’ll come and find you. Oh, and about me and Rachel – I’m just keeping her company while Jeremy’s away filming.” He grinned wickedly again, before turning on his heel and sprinting towards his room.

A few minutes later, Katie walked confidently in through the front door of the hotel. “Flowers for Mr D. Pipe.” The receptionist took the flowers from her and she calmly walked out, positioning herself a little way away from a group of fans. Shortly afterwards, the man himself appeared at the door, beckoning her inside.

As they walked down the long corridor together, Katie gazed in wonder at the plush furnishings. Off her look, Darius said “Bit fancy this, ain’t it?” grinning. As he opened the door to his suite, Katie couldn’t resist a quick peek at the buttocks she was hoping to see in the flesh, so to speak, later that evening. She gingerly sat down next to him on the sofa, not knowing what to say.

“OK, so I don’t know what to say now!” Katie giggled, blushing furiously.
Darius stretched his arm along the back of the sofa, looking her straight in the eyes and smiling. “You could start by telling me about you.”

“Umm… OK then. I’m Katie, I’m 23, and I’m one of your biggest fans,” she blurted out, feeling the heat of his stare, as he looked her up and down. “Although I have to say that I really didn’t like your Britney impression!”

Darius smirked, but his eyes betrayed a sense of shame. “It was just a laugh… I really didn’t know how far I’d get…” His voice trailed off into nothingness, and Katie placed a comforting hand on his thigh.

“Hey, it’s ok now, you’ve come through all that – you’re a completelfferfferent person.” She smiled warmly, before glancing down at where her hand lay on Darius’s leg – his hand was on hers, and the electricity of the friction between their skins sizzled on her chest like a heat haze frying tarmac. She edged closer to him, leaning back against the seat and into his embrace.

They sat like that quietly for a while, her head on his chest, listening to the steady throb of his heartbeat, he running his fingers through her long hair. Suddenly, she sat bolt upright. Darius looked worried, “Are you ok with this? What we’re doing? It’s just been so long since I’ve met a girl and felt like she wanted me for me, not the star she thinks I am.”

“Umm, yeah…” she licked her lips, hardly daring believe what she was about to ask him. “C-Can I kiss you?”

“As long as you stop doing impressions of Gareth,” Darius laughed, “He’s got a great voice but I don’t fancy him!”

Katie grinned shyly, closed her eyes and aimed for his cheek. She missed. She missed because he had turned his face to hers, and her lips did not meet his slightly stubbled cheek, but his soft sensuous lips. She pulled back a little, slightly shocked, but upon noticing the wicked glint in his eye, she began to kiss him back.

After what seemed like forever, Darius finally broke away from the kiss. Katie lay back in his arms and sighed happily – she could die now, she felt like she was in heaven already. She shifted position so that she was propped up on her side, nestled in Darius’s arms. She lightly glided her fingers over his chest, feeling him shiver slightly at the friction between her fingers, the T-shirt he was wearing, and his skin. She laughed softly, her fingers barely touching the skin that was exposed, leaving him begging for more. She could see the lust in his eyes, knowing it echoed the longing in his heart but knew she wanted to hold back for as long as possible, she wanted this day etched in her memory forever.

She stood, and then watched as he rose from his seat to tower above her, unable to stop the merest twinge of sympathy as she saw him nervously biting his lip and touching the back of his head. After pausing for a second, as if he was reading her mind, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her over to the king-size bed. He laid her down gently, sliding on next to her. He bent down to kiss her, but she shook her head, using his willingness to submit to her advantage, flipping him over and pinning him down on the bed.

She kissed him harshly, feeling his mouth open in readiness, but she wasn’t about to give him what he wanted just yet. She pointed at his t-shirt and then at the floor, commanding him to take it off. As he did so, silently, hardly daring to look at her, his face inches from hers, she slowly reached out her right hand and grazed his shoulder gently with her nails. He shuddered, looking up at her, almost begging to touch her. She nodded slightly, kneeling in front of him, and he reached his long arm up behind her back, pulling himsup sup so their heads were level. He cupped her face in his hands, and kissed her gently on the lips, his tongue skating over them. He felt her lips open, and slid his tongue between them, searching for hers, which wasn’t too hard to find.

He groaned into her mouth as her fingers skated round his waistband, trying to find his zipper. It was found, after a few seconds’ fumbling, and she eased the zipper down gently. She held his gaze steadily as she reached into the opening of his trousers and enclosed his hardening manhood in her right hand. Still holding his gaze, she began to slowly move her hand up and down and around his shaft, stroking the tip every so often, listening to his breathing and heart rate accelerate. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and she whispered in his ear “Hey, hadn’t you better shower before the gig?” He pouted slightly, but one glance at her wicked grin restored his faith in her, and he eased himself off the bed, did his trousers up, and walked into the bathroom.

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