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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Dir en grey. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: The following is a work of complete fiction. I do not know, nor own the persons/characters involved.

Chapter 1

I’m in a dark room, the only light coming from a couple of candles on the table before me. Kyo is across from me, laughing happily, which, in turn, makes me happy. It’s not too often that anyone can see our little warumono happy, so it is only natural that whoever is with him when he is happy would be happy, too. However, his happiness isn’t the only reason for my happiness. No, it couldn’t be that easy, for as he is sitting there laughing, and talking, and showing me his beautiful smile, there is a passion in his eyes… a passion that only comes when two people have left the ‘friend stage’. One that comes… when they are more.
We have finished our dinners, and are standing on a balcony looking at a beautifully red full moon. I announce my plan to leave, and Kyo turns to face me with hurt in his eyes. Before I can say or do anything to stop him, Kyo puts one hand behind my head and pulls me down so that my lips meet his.
Shinya woke and quickly shot up in his bed, looking around at his empty room. 'Good, I'm alone. He's not here.' The drummer sighed in relief, knowing that the fact that he was alone should not have been something that he was happy for. Dir en Grey had been on a sort of break for a couple of months, but the drummer was having a hard time getting the small vocalist off of his mind. 'Look, it could, and would, NEVER happen between us. He doesn't like men, and I know this. Why must I keep having these dreams?' Shinya sat for a moment, both glad and sad that what had just happened was only in his dreams. He looked over at the clock, having noticed the lack of light coming into his room from the windows. '4:30? Man, this is a joke.' As the drummer threw himself back onto his pillows, he knew that he would not be able to go back to sleep and that it was pointless to try. The drummer finally decided to go to the living room for a while and see if he could find something to do. He sat up and set his feet on the floor, instantly pulling them back up while he restrained a scream. The floor was ice cold. He looked around for his slippers before realizing that they were at the other end of the room.
‘Great. That’s just my luck. When I don’t need them, I have to fight to keep from tripping on them, and when I do need them… they are conveniently all the way across the room.’ Shinya sighed before concluding that he had to get to the shoes. He sat on the edge of his bed a minute, eyeing his target, before launching himself halfway across the room. After he grabbed the slippers, he quickly got back in bed.
Without another thought, he rammed his feet into the soft shoes.
“Aaahh!” The drummer screamed as both his feet were covered in cold. Quicker than he had gotten them on, Shinya had removed the shoes and thrown them back across the room. ‘Those things are colder than the floor! If that’s possible.’ Shinya thought, as he pulled his blankets back over his feet.
Realizing the great idea which had just revealed itself, the young man began pulling the topmost blanket to himself. Then, he wrapped the blanket around his feet and legs.
‘Well, this is it. The moment of glory. This will either work, and free me from this island of a bed… or fail, stranding me here in my boredom.’ Shinya looked down at the floor, wishing that the latter had not really been an option. Slowly, he turned and sat on the edge of his bed, lowering his feet and the blanket to the floor. The blanket touched the floor… his feet touched the blanket… and… He stood up.
“YES!” Shinya slapped a hand over his mouth at the sudden outburst of joy. ‘Wait… why do I care if I make noise? I’m the only one here.’
Shinya held on to the blanket in a way so that it would not fall off of his feet and so that he would not trip over it as he made his way toward the living room.
When he neared the end of the hallway, he noticed there was a new light on. The drummer paused for a moment, wary of continuing, though his curiosity got the better of him. He entered the living room to discover the television was on, and, upon looking at the back of the couch, someone with wild, frizzy hair was sitting in his home. Still uncertain as to who was in his house as such an ungodly hour, Shinya made his way around to the front of the couch, the sleeping form of Kyo sitting in his living room coming into view.
Kyo had always had problems when it came to sleep. Usually, he couldn’t, and when he did finally get some sleep, he was usually tormented by nightmares. Shinya, being the only one who could keep secrets, had been the only one that Kyo had given this information to. It only made sense for Shinya’s to be where the vocalist went if things got too bad for him.
As Shinya continued around the couch, he saw that Kyo was wearing a sleeveless shirt and an old pair of sleep pants, with no other form of cover. Kyo’s arms were covered in goose bumps and his jaw tensed sporadically. Shinya knew his guest was cold and quickly went to get him a couple of blankets, leaving the protection of his comforter behind.
Upon returning, the drummer stood staring at Kyo for a moment, his feet having become numb to the cold of the floor.
‘Hm… that has to be uncomfortable. Maybe I should lay him down.’ He hesitated a moment before deciding to at least try. The drummer set the blanket down before gently grabbing the smaller man by one of his shoulders with his right hand, and using his left to cradle the vocalist‘s head and prevent it from falling one direction or the other. Once he had a hold of the vocalist, he paused to make sure that he hadn’t awaken him. Shinya let out a sigh of relief as Kyo continued to sleep soundly. Slowly, he lowered the man’s upper body to lay on the couch, forgetting to move his hand as he did so, and consequently pinning his hand between Kyo’s shoulder and the couch. ‘Oh, this is great… Kyo’s asleep, and I’m stuck here for god knows how long.’
Almost as if he had read the drummer’s mind, Kyo rolled over, pulling his feet onto the couch, and ultimately freeing Shinya.
The younger man took this opportunity to migrate to the chair and wait.
Nearly an hour passed, and Kyo was still asleep… now joined by Shinya in peaceful slumber.
“SHIT!” Shinya jumped and his eyes shot open as Kyo’s voice rang through the air. The first thing the drummer noticed was that Kyo was awake. The next thing he noticed was that his living room was a total disaster. His couch was bare, the cushions that were once on said couch were now in pieces on the floor, and Kyo was frantically shaking the blanket out. “Where the fuck is it?” The vocalist didn’t seem to realize that he had awakened the drummer.
“Where is what?” At the sound of Shinya’s voice, Kyo jumped and let out another very loud ‘SHIT!’ before turning to face the younger man.
“I came here to give you a letter, but it is gone.” As Kyo said this, his voice hinted that he was giving up his search.
Shinya stared at him for a moment, wondering if it was safe to ask any of the questions that were now plaguing his mind. Finally, he decided to speak.
“Well, do you know what was on the letter?” This was apparently -not- the question he should have asked, as Kyo shot him a cold glare before answering through clenched teeth.
“I wrote it, of course I know what it says.” The younger of the two sank into the chair he was sitting in. He decided to wait a bit, and watched as Kyo continued to poke around half looking for the lost letter.
Another tense couple of minutes passed, with Shinya sitting in the chair, and Kyo half-heartedly looking for the letter. Finally tired of the uncomfortable silence, Shinya decided to say something again.
“Well, why don’t you just tell me what it said?”
Kyo stopped and stared at Shinya for a couple moments. The younger of the two men was growing more nervous by the second. Finally, the blond sighed and sat down on the cushion less couch.
“Have you heard from the others?” Shinya shook his head in response, all the while, fear crept into his mind. “Oh. Well, we have been talking to each other lately, and I-- we-- think the band should get back together. The only problem is, we would need our drummer to come back, too.” Shinya let out a sigh of relief, and a tight smile formed on his lips. Kyo ran a hand through his hair and looked down at the floor in front of him. “So.. What do you say? Do you want to play drums for Dir en grey again?”
“Yes. When is the first meeting or practice?”
Kyo looked back up at him, uncertainty clearly showing on his face. “I’m not really sure….” he stood up, and went to the door. “I have to go…” the drummer shot him a curious look. “I had some things I needed to take care of this morning.” And, with that, Kyo was out of the door.
Shinya got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, when the phone rang.
“Hello?” Shinya could distinctly hear the sound of someone crying in the background.
“Shinya? It’s Die. Is Kyo there?” the drummer thought it odd that Die would call and ask if Kyo was there, but he could hear a great deal of distress in his friend’s voice.
“No.. he just left a couple minutes ago.” he pressed the phone closer to his ear, trying to figure out who was crying.
“Damn it!”
“He’s… not there.. Is he..?” Toshiya’s voice cracked from sobbing.
“Why is Toshiya crying?”
“Look, Shinya, get over here as fast as you can.” at that, Die hung up the phone. Shinya’s heart sank as his mind went over the different things that could have happened to cause Toshiya to cry, and for Die to think it so important for him to come over.
It only took a couple of minutes to get to Die’s and Toshiya’s apartment. Shinya only had to knock once before the door flew open and a heavily crying Toshiya was clinging to him. Upon entering the apartment, he noticed that Die and Kaoru were sitting at the table. The drummer was still rather lost as to what was going on as he made his way into the living room and to the dining room to join the others.
“You said Kyo was already at your place?” Kaoru also seemed to be concerned.
“Yes. Why? What’s going on?” Shinya’s gaze went from Kaoru to Die, and back again. He could feel his own eyes burning as tears formed, but he couldn’t figure out why he wanted to cry.
“Did you get a letter?” Die’s voice was barely more than a whisper, and it was obvious that he was also trying to hold back tears.
“I was going to.” At his response, the other three looked at each other, and them at him, confusion clearly showing on their faces. “He said he lost it. He did a real number on my living room trying to find it, too.” Shinya looked from one person to another, trying to get some kind of answer to the questions he had already asked, and some that he wanted to.
“Here, read this.” Die handed a piece of paper over to Shinya. Toshiya, who was now sitting in a chair of his own, began to cry again.
“What’s this?”
“We found that just inside our door this morning. Read it.”

I am currently working on the next chapter. It should be up within a few days, no later than the end of the week.

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