One for the Road

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the celebrity I am writing about. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

There was such a deep and bitter irony about being judged on morals by Donald fucking Trump that it made everything seem completely surreal. Sure, maybe she'd thrown her legs up in the air a few too many times and she probably should've waited a few months to see if coke really was better in the city than in Kentucky, but in spite of how exciting being Miss USA was made to sound, being the prized cow was pretty tedious.

It would be all right, she thought to herself as she slammed her palm against the button in the elevator to take her to her shared room the final time. Vanessa Williams had a career and she couldn't remember the last Miss USA to really break through and make something of themselves. This was, perhaps, more due to her mood than reality, but it didn't matter. It was comforting.

She could ride the talk show circuit. Maybe give her life to Christ or something equally as banal. If that didn't work, there was always Playboy. They'd probably be drooling for her after she was born again. Then Maxim, maybe. If that dried up... maybe she could go back to the Christians again. They were saps like that.

When she walked through the door, she saw Katie watching the news, her face still pink and eyes red from crying. Sometimes when Katie looked at her, it was like looking in a mirror in that generic way that most pageant girls looked about the same. They'd kissed a few times, mostly in drunken jubilance, enjoying the frivolity of the party atmosphere and to see what the guys around them would do. It had never been serious, at least not to Tara.

Now that she saw how all of this was affecting Katie, she felt a little guilty. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy kissing her. It was soft. Softer than men tended to kiss, but maybe that was just because her lips were bigger, plusher, softer than any man she'd dated. Tara didn't miss the lack of facial hair scraping her face, providing fresh make-up challenges the next day. Scruff looked a lot sexier than it ever felt.

"I'm so sorry, Tara," said Katie. She stood and flung her arms around Tara as she sobbed again, murmuring apologies and how thankful she was that she hadn't been ratted out.

It wasn't altruism. It wasn't even that she was particularly protective of Katie. They were only two years apart, and Tara didn't think she needed any protection. It just wouldn't have done any good to tattle and might have even made things a little worse. As it was, Tara sounded like she'd corrupted Katie. That wasn't true. Both of them had gone out together, drank together, made-out when it amused them. Maybe Katie was just less likely to drop her panties, and she drew the line at cocaine and that was just enough to keep her out of the line of fire.

"It's all right, dolly," said Tara in her soft southern drawl. She released the hug to cup her face and brush away her tears. "You've just gotta keep it clean from now on, all right? Watch out for yourself."

The way that Katie was looking at her was odd. There was a softness to her eyes even as her brows furrowed with worry. But she wasn't looking at Tara's eyes, but rather her lips. Tara had seen this look before, although usually they were both fuzzy with drinking. At least Tara thought they'd both been buzzed.

She released Katie's face only to find it mashed against her own. Her face was wet but her kneading lips were tender and pliant. Her tongue was slick, warm and needy as it pulled Tara's tongue into her mouth and sucked it greedily.

Katie was pulling at Tara's short skirt, driving the hem up over her hips. Tara broke the kiss, about to question it when she felt Katie's long nails scraping over the lacy front of her La Perlas. The sensation took Tara's breath away, partly because it was so unexpected but also because the scrape of nails through the fabric was new and erotic.

One thing she always loved that most of the men in the Manhattan club scene failed to take time with was foreplay. Tara licked her lips, mentally weighing whether she should allow this or not. That point was quickly moot when Katie became more aggressive, pressing her fingers against the front of her panties in slow circles. It massaged her clit against her folds of skin making Tara's head fall back as she once again groped for breath.

"Katie..." Tara whispered, sliding her hands up Katie's arms to her shoulders, as much for balance as to suggestively push her down.

That was all it took. Katie was quickly on the floor in front of her, breathing balmily over Tara's white lacy panties, kissing her through them and pulling them back with her lips. Tara's head fell forward; her highlighted hair cascaded on either side of her face as she looked down into those bright blue eyes and perfectly sculpted brows raised in want of approval.

Had she been so drunk and high that she'd missed what Katie had wanted all along? Was this the real reason that she'd come out with her all of those nights, watching her fucking all of those guys? They'd only really kissed when they were out on the dance floor, rubbing together, being flirty. She'd missed the intent and probably missed out on more than just her crown.

Katie was careful with her nails as she slipped her fingers under the elastic string on Tara's panties, slipping them lightly against her skin so that they traced delicately along her perfectly bronzed thighs as she pulled them down. Tara was bare, finding that it made the skin around her cunt more sensitive and it was easier to wear whatever bikinis or panties without any embarrassing hair problems.

Tara panted as Katie's muggy breath blew over her. She was wet with anticipation, feeling the moisture building and gathering in anticipation. Slipping her leg over Katie's shoulder, she smelled the light scent of her arousal. When Katie carefully parted her folds with her fingers, she felt the chilly air hit her cunt and shivered with the thrill of being so completely exposed.

For a moment, Katie just stared eagerly at it, as if memorizing each ripple of pink skin, glossy and throbbing with need. It was all Tara could do not to force her head into it, not to just make her do it. Fortunately, she didn't have to wait long before Katie's lips parted and her tongue slid out over her bottom lip and she leaned forward.

Her mouth covered Tara's cunt, leaving Katie just a top lip and hooded eyes below the ruffle of lavender skirt and matching blouse rumbled over Tara's body. She attacked Tara's cunt fervently. Her tongue snaked everywhere, writhing over the slick skin, prodding inside of her and then up to stroke Tara's clit. She mouthed it aggressively, even using her chin and nose to tease Tara anywhere she could touch.

It made it impossible for Tara to stand. Her knees buckled and she whirled around until she could flop down on the couch. Katie's mouth was a mess of spittle and Tara's wetness. She licked her lips and looked thoughtfully towards her room.

"Get undressed," said Katie. She hopped up and ran to her room while Tara obediently unzipped her skirt and shook it off of her hips and unbuttoned her shirt.

By the time Katie came back out, Tara was unhitching her white lace bra. She shook it off over her shoulders and her lips parted in surprise at the two vibrators in Katie's hands.

Katie had tucked her hair back into a ponytail and had returned from her room. She'd removed her clothing and had gone on her knees in front of the couch. She set the vibrators on the coffee table behind her.

"Katie..." said Tara, suddenly nervous about doing this. She'd played with girls before-- making out in the bathrooms, letting them finger her, but she'd never been quite like this.

"Shh," Katie said. "I know you're going. I just... want to."

Before Tara could object again, Katie was sliding her hands up Tara's thighs, spreading her out again and coaxing her to set her ass on the edge of the couch. This wasn't Tara's best angle, but once Katie's mouth was on her again, she ceased to care.

With her feet on the carpet, she thrust against Katie's mouth shamelessly. She heard the buzz of a vibrator and opened her eyes when it was muffled. What she could see of Katie's cheeks between her thighs blushed and Tara smiled knowingly that Katie was just seeing to herself. She was a little relieved with that.

Katie's mouth was wrapped around her clit, her tongue batting at it mercilessly as Tara writhed under her. It was almost too much sensation, and just when Tara was about to protest, Katie would pull back, sucking it lightly, swirling her tongue lovingly. When she heard the buzzing again, Tara opened her legs wider. Maybe it was just that she was so used to straight sex, but she really needed to be filled to come.

Vibrators had never really done much for her in the past, but maybe she just didn't know how to use them. Katie definitely knew how to wield it. First, she circled her opening, teasing and massaging the sensitive skin, coaxing it to almost relax. Then, she slowly inserted it, fucking her in shallow strokes a few times before she tilted it. It brushed against something that felt good, although it was hard for Tara to explain how it was different.

The more the vibrator rubbed against it, though, the better it felt. She clenched her thighs around Katie's head, drawing her face in harder to suckle her clit as she became more and more demanding for the vibrator to hit her in that spot. She moved her thighs to compensate for some of Katie's erratic movements and Tara could hear the moans and groans coming from Katie, knowing that she was getting off on this.

The sounds vibrated around her clit and Tara felt sudden suspended, as if her entire body was floating on a bright bubble of ecstasy, her body stretched out and flexing, still moving against the vibration in shallow dips as she dragged her orgasm out. Her eyes squeezed shut and she felt the chill on her body as the sweat cooled in the hotel air.

She was squeezing the cushions when she finally gasped, crying out in shaking breaths as her body quivered and cunt clamped down as she gave over to her orgasm completely. It ebbed out of her in long waves, coming in pulsing sensations of pure adrenaline until her body gave out and she was left feeling spent and wet with the vibrator over stimulating her until she whined in protest.

Katie turned it off and pulled away from her cunt, wiping her mouth off against Tara's thighs. She didn't say another word as she pulled the vibrator out of her own cunt. Tara watched it slide out of her along with a sticky string that shimmered before it broke.

As much as Tara really wanted to have a nap, she knew she had to pack up and leave. Actually, she'd already packed up most everything in anticipation of losing her crown. But as she finished packing her toiletries and changed into something clean and not smelling of sex, she realized what she was leaving behind was much more important than that.

"We'll keep in contact, right?" asked Tara. She smiled and hugged Katie warmly, but found that Katie was stiff and avoided her eyes.

"Yeah, of course," she said. Katie pulled away from the hug and flipped her hair back.

"Well. It was um... great then," said Tara, not sure what else to say. "They'll come up for the rest of it." She pulled the handle on her rolling bag and reached for the knob. "I'll write."

Katie nodded and kept her eyes to the floor.

Tara wasn't sure what to say or what the avoidance meant. She thought about giving her another reassuring hug, but she wasn't sure that was what she wanted. So she turned the knob and headed out. Maybe Katie didn't believe her. She hadn't given her any real reason to up until now. Tara wasn't sure what all of this meant, but she would write and maybe they could sort it out together.

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