Asthma Attack

BY : Gina Z
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the celebrity I am writing about. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Johnny’s shoulders shook with each hacking cough. “God dammit, where is my fucking inhaler?” Johnny groaned angrily, digging through his dresser drawers.
“Johnny? Are you okay?” Gina peeked around the door, her hair wet from the shower. “I turned the shower off and I could hear you coughing and hacking… what are you looking for?”
“My inhaler. I can’t-” he doubled over, his eyes watering with every cough.
“What are you allergic to?” Gina asked, frantically searching through the drawers.
“Pollen,” Johnny gasped, sitting down in his chair and wheezing. “It hasn’t been this bad in forever-”
“You have the window open, silly. Pollen count is real high in Indiana this time of year,” Gina raced over and closed the window, returning to the dresser to continue her harassed search for the inhaler. Pulling aside a pile of shirts, she unearthed a package in a brown paper bag. Not wanting to seem nosy, she pushed it aside. The item inside the bag slipped out and a corner of the package caught Gina’s eye. It was a dildo. She burst into laughter.
“Johnny? What the hell is this?” she laughed.
Johnny looked up, struggling to breathe.
“Never mind, never mind, sorry,” Gina mumbled, looking in the next drawer down.
“I just got it to… you know…. Shake things up,” Johnny managed between gasping breaths. “For you.”
Gina tried not to blush, but it was very erotic knowing that Johnny had purchased a sex toy to pleasure her with. She tried to stop her mind racing with the sudden sexual possibilities that were causing her lower stomach to clench with anticipation. Finally, she unearthed the inhaler in a cosmetic bag and handed it to Johnny. She sat on the edge of the chair, running her fingers through his hair. He took long breaths from the inhaler, catching his breath. He snaked his arm around her toweled waist as he sucked at the inhaler, his fingers lightly clutching at her stomach. He finally caught his breath and leaned his head over on Gina’s arm.
“Are you okay, baby?” Gina whispered, kissing his temple.
“Yeah,” Johnny whispered, taking her hand in his. “I’m sorry if I scared ya.” He kissed her sweetly on the lips.
“It’s okay. I didn’t know you had asthma that bad.”
“Yeah. It normally isn’t this bad.”
He pulled her into his lap, holding her tightly around the waist and nuzzling her neck with soft kisses.
“A dildo, huh?” Gina asked, grinning, her mind still on the brown package in Johnny‘s drawer.
Johnny cleared his throat, but Gina couldn’t tell if it was from the asthma or nervousness.
“Yeah,” he whispered into her ear. He pulled the ends of the towel apart behind her, sliding his hands under the towel to her bare stomach. He kissed the backs of her shoulders and her neck. “I just thought I could shake things up for you. Keep things… interesting.” On the word ‘interesting’ he slid his hand between her thighs.
Gina’s head fell back to rest on his shoulder and she gasped. With his free hand he reached behind him to the dresser, pulling out the brown paper package. He had put the batteries in the toy earlier and had a tube of lube in the bag with it. He hooked Gina’s legs back over the arms of the chair, spreading them far apart. He squirted a smudge of lube on the tip of the vibrator and grunted for Gina to spread it along the length of it. She did and he switched the device on. He drug it across her breasts, his groin aching with her gasps and groans. She pulled her towel completely off guiding Johnny’s wrist lower along her stomach, her breathing strained and labored. He held the vibrating tip of the dildo against her clit, gasping when her hips bucked involuntarily.
“Oh, God!” Gina screeched, her back arching.
Johnny moved his arm under her leg, slowly sliding the vibrator’s tip inside of her. Gina’s skin was aflame against Johnny’s chest, he could feel it through his shirt. He started with a slow steady rhythm and then started to speed up. Gina was writhing and screaming in pleasure against him, her body incapable of handling the onslaught of sensations. Her hips gyrated with the movement of the vibrator, bringing herself to climax. She arched her back and her whole body shuddered when she finally came. Her sweating body collapsed on top of Johnny, the dildo still deep inside her. Johnny switched it off and slowly slid it out of her.
“So much for my shower. Now I’m all sweaty and… stuff,” Gina whispered, breathing hard, turning sideways to kiss Johnny.
“You can always take another one….. As a matter of fact, I need one, too,” Johnny smiled.
Gina giggled and stood up, wrapping her towel back around her. The two snuck out into the hallway, making their way to the bathroom at the end of the hall. As they both thought they had made it, Dunn popped out from around a corner.
“Hey, do you guys want to go…” his voice dropped off as he realized Gina was only wearing a towel.
“Love to Dunn, but I am going to take a shower,” Gina smiled.
“Didn’t you just take a shower, Gina?” Dunn asked suspiciously.
“I need another one,” Gina spat out, “thanks for walking me to the bathroom, Johnny.” She raced into the bathroom and closed the door.
Johnny stood in the hallway, glaring at Dunn.
“Do you want to come, Johnny? We are going out to eat,” Dunn asked, glaring back at Johnny.
Johnny shook his head. “No, my allergies are giving me hell.” He sulked toward his bedroom. “Thanks for asking though.”
Dunn nodded, “No problem.”
He ducked back around the corner and Johnny took off running for the bathroom.
“Are you sure?” Dunn peeked back around the corner in time to see Johnny bolt into the bathroom. “I knew it,” he muttered under his breath.
Johnny locked the bathroom door behind him and turned. The bathroom was empty. “Gina?” he whispered. “What are you doing?“
He started ripping his clothes off as quickly as he could. His cock was rigid and hard. He swallowed deeply, needing Gina’s body against him now. The water in the shower switched on and he heard Gina’s giggle. He pulled open the shower curtain. Gina jumped back against the wall, the shower head above her. Johnny grinned and climbed into the bathtub, slowly advancing toward her. Johnny stepped through the shower’s stream of hot water and slid his hands along Gina’s stomach. Gina gave out a screech and jumped out of the tub.
“Gina?” Johnny followed, watching Gina as she discovered nowhere to hide but beside the toilet. He stalked toward her, his eyes full of hunger.
Gina raced away just in time, to the other side of the bathroom. Johnny sighed and turned to her. “Gina? You’re gonna make me chase you after I just had an asthma attack-”
Johnny doubled over with hacking coughs.
“Oh my God, Johnny, I was just messing around, I’m sorry,” Gina spouted, rushing to Johnny’s side.
Johnny grabbed Gina around the waist and carried her bodily to the running shower.
“Johnny, you faked me out! Not fair!” Gina giggled, kicking and struggling against him.
Johnny pushed Gina face-first against the bathtub wall roughly. He held her wrists together with his hand above her head. With the other hand, he slid the tip of himself inside her from behind. “Johnny!”
He violently thrust in and out of her, needing to be satisfied. He let go of her wrists and grabbed her waist with both hands, pulling her back and forth against him viciously. “Johnny….Johnny, you’re…..hurting….Johnny, you’re hurting me,” Gina gasped, her breath catching in her throat.
Johnny groaned, unable to concentrate on Gina’s words. Gina moved to drop to her knees and Johnny let her, his hands still holding her waist. His rod slid out of her, and he idly rubbed the hardened length of it, climax too close to stop stimulation. Gina crouched on her hands and knees, catching her breath and waiting for Johnny to use her to finish. Johnny shoved the entire length of him inside Gina from behind. His calves were propped against the sides of the bathtub and helped him to avoid slipping as he thrust in and out of Gina as fast as he could, holding her hips so tight that blue bruises were clearly in her future. Tears slipped out of Gina’s bright blue eyes as she tried to hold back painful cries.
Johnny finished inside Gina, peeling his hands off her hips. His fingers left deep red marks on her skin from his painful grip. He sat back in the tub, turning the water off. He was breathing hard, watching Gina, his rationality catching up with him.
"Did I... hurt you?" he whispered, almost ashamed at how rough he had been. Gina didn't answer and in that one instant he wished he could take it all back.
Gina wiped her face, her heartbeat returning to normal. She sat up on her knees and turned to look at Johnny.
"A... a little. Maybe."
Johnny sighed, "I am so sorry. I just... got carried away, I wasn't thinking, I-"
Gina stopped him with a finger on his lips. "Don't apologize. That was the single most sexiest moment of my entire life."
Johnny stared at her for a moment before smiling. "Really?"
Gina giggled. "Yes. A little unnerving... but amazingly hot."
Johnny laughed. He wiped Gina's hair from her face and leaned forward to kiss her. "Let's get cleaned up and go to bed."
"Sounds good to me."

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