Bam and co.

BY : Littlekobaby
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the celebrity I am writing about. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I own really, I don't.

Bam Margera can have anything he wants, he gets whatever he wants as soon as he wants it. Of course, that means that his friends get what they want. That day it was a piece of jailbait they had found at the mall.
"Bam, ya I need you to do me a favor. “Ryan Dunn whispered into his cell, staring at the girl out of the corner of his eye. Short, not even five feet tall, waist length blonde hair and a figure porn star would be proud of. He had noticed her when he went into Hot Topic, mainly just to look around. She had been talking with another girl, a skinny brunette, about Viva La Bam. Mostly arguing about the characters looks. What had got his attention was that she actually though he was batter looking than Bam. Not something he was used to, especially with his haggard beard and worn out bandannas.
"What is it now Random, I’m in the middle of something."
"Bam there’s this chick, here at the mall. We have GOT to have her.' He shook his head, at a loss to describe his overwhelming need to take her back to PA. He could hear Bam shaking his head. It wasn't like they didn't have enough people at the ranch already, especially crazed fan girls.
"Well how do you propose we get her here than?"
Ryan Laughed to himself. He already knew just what to do.
Slowly, he walked into the store, pretending to look at the selection of band t-shirts. He than walked further back into the store, until he was standing directly behind the teens.
"So you like the show, huh?"
The blond turned, light shining on both her nose ring and large green eyes.
"Yeah, actually I do. Nothing better than a bunch of hot guys wreaking havoc." She looked at him closely as she answered. Dunn COULD be hard to recognize at first.
Ryan laughed ad replied, “Well I’m glad. I like being on the show and there's nothing better than a fan."
She raised an eyebrow; leaning in a bit before she realized who he was.
"Oh shit."
This was going to get interesting.

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