This is what I do when I think of you

BY : saulafever
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the people I am writing about in this fanfiction. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

"Simon...I would be careful of what you ask for."

"Oh Paula...It's no use talking a big game when you and I both know...You really don't have one."

"Oh yea?..." She walked around to the back of his chair and slithered both of her hands down his broad shoulders and down his hard chest. She bent down and whispered softly in his ear, blowing puffs of her hot breath down his neck. "You don't think I could get you all hot for me?...Please Cowell...You'll be begging me for it."

Chills ran down his spine from the way her breath felt on his neck but he tried to cover it up the best he could "Bring it on love, lets see what you got."


That night she went home, alone thinking of a way to make Simon squirm. Nothing was coming to mind, She thought of making it simple by just knocking on his dressing room door and seducing him, there would be no way he would turn her down. "No...That sounds too desperate...Who cares...I'd win."... She thought of how she would crush her lips against his the moment he opened his door. She would move her hands down his hard body... "God Paula...what are you doing..." She plopped down on her bed rubbing her temples...She felt a tingling feeling between her legs and the need to touch herself was present. She cursed Simon in her head for making her wet....And then it hit a ton of bricks. A smile spread across her face and she got up to grab a piece of paper and a pen...



I'm writing you this letter to let you know exactly what I do when I think of you.

It's almost 11:30 at night, I'm all alone sitting at the edge of my bed, though your not with me now I can still feel your warmth next to me, your sexy voice still lingering in my mind. Suddenly it's becoming too hot in here. The need for my clothes to come off is a must. I quickly rip my blouse open along with everything else, Still it's too hot, the heat is now radiating off of my skin and it's evident that I must touch myself. My nipples are now becoming erect and in need of being caressed. My fingers now finding their way to my hot mouth and I slowly suck on them thoroughly wetting them, I gracefully move my fingers to my erect nipples and gently rub circles around them. I can start to feel the hot liquid stirring between my thighs as I continue to lightly massage my plump breasts. It's now that I find myself calling out your name. I want you here with me...I need you here with me but I must settle for my own touch. I now have the urge to venture on south. My hand flattens out as it slides down my naked body in search of my most sensitive place. I now have to pretend that my fingers are yours, that you're the one making me feel the way I do right at this very minute. Finally my index and middle fingers find their way into my moist folds and they slowly at first slide up and down my pink walls before finding my clit. As soon as they make contact soft moans escape from my wet lips and once more I'm speaking your name this time a little louder. My breathing is becoming labored and every once in a while I catch myself not breathing at all. This isn't totally satisfying me, as I need something large to fill the inside of me. I bring my other hand down and while still rubbing my clit, I slide two of my other fingers as far inside of me as they can go. In, out, in, out I pump them sending waves of pleasure all over my body. My hips are raised off the bed a little as I find the perfect rhythm. I spread my legs wider giving myself even more room to explore. My fingers are rubbing and plunging faster and faster now...I'm almost there...Just a little more... I'm screaming now...yelling your name, wishing you were here...In, out, in, out...and finally my head flings back and my eyes slam shut as electric jolts run throughout my body and a gush of warm liquid runs down the side of my thighs. Finally I settle, I lay back with my fingers still deep inside of me, my heart rate going back to normal and my breathing still heavy but soon it slows and I find myself getting sleepy. I let my fingers slip out and not caring where my clothes are I crawl up the bed and fall asleep with thoughts of you still fresh in my mind.

Sweet dreams lover
Paula xoxo


The next day Paula arrived back at the studios waiting for the right moment to give the letter to Simon. Of course Simon was late getting there and it ruined her plan on making him flustered on camera. Her dressing room door was slightly open a bit and through the mirror she saw Simon walk by. She looked at her watch "Damn 5 minutes...I'll never have time."

"Time for what love?"

"Your late."

"Like always...So what's new... Did you find a way to get me all hot and bothered yet?"

"I may have."

"Oh yea...and..."

"You'll see later."


"Yea...After the show I'll give it to ya."

"Hmm...You'll give it to me huh?" He raised his eyebrows "That sounds like a lovely time dear...I can't wait."

"Yea me either." She smiled at him and walked out of her dressing room with Simon a few steps behind her."

The show went on as it always did...Simon whispering in Paula's ear, flirty glances towards each other, and a playful smack here and there when Simon made a sexual comment to her. The whole time he was trying to get hints of what was up her sleeve but she didn't crack one bit. After the show and after saying goodbye to everyone she walked to her dressing room to gather her belongings and found Simon waiting for her.

"So...I'm dying to know what you got for me love"

She laughed a little, giving him a sexy smile. "OK Simon...Here it is..." She presented him an envelope for him to grab only to be pulled back as he went for it. "You can't read this until I leave..."

"Why...I want to read it now."

"No...I don't know if I want to be here when you read it."

"Give that to me.." He leaned forward and grabbed it from her loose grasp.

"Si!...I'm leaving..." She turned to run out but she was too slow, Simon beat her to the door blocking it from her so she couldn't escape. Knowing that she couldn't go anywhere she decided to take a seat on the couch and watch Simon's reaction to the naughty letter she wrote him.

He opened the letter cautiously, looking up at Paula every once in a while smiling at her. He unfolded the letter and began to read it. Paula watched as he shifted back and forth, His skin started to look clammy, He was having trouble swallowing and she knew she won when she looked down and watched as his erection starting to grow in his pants. When he finally finished reading it he looked at Paula, lust evident in his eyes.

"Did you really do this?"

She nodded "Everytime I think of you..."

"Show me."

She swallowed hard never taking her eyes off of his. She pulled off her top and unhooked her bra letting her breasts fall. She stood there letting Simon take in the wonderful view in front of him.



"After you show me...Can I replace your fingers?"

She nodded yes as she rid the rest of her clothes and moved back onto the couch preparing to give Simon a show of a lifetime.

"I can't believe I'm standing here about to witness such a performance...This is so incredibly sexy love."

"You better make sure that door is locked" nodding her head towards the door.

"Yea...You wouldn't want someone like Ryan to come waltzing in here...huh?"

She pretended to think about it for a second. "Hmmm...I bet Ry would enjoy it..."

"I don't think so darling, this show is for my eyes only."

She began to place her two fingers into her mouth...

"Mmmm...You really did this?...You actually...pleasured yourself ...for me?"

"Yea...I did...How else would I be so detailed in my letter to you."


She didn't answer him, she simply locked her eyes to his and began to fondle her own round breasts. Simon decided to take a seat. He leaned back in the arm chair and crossed his one leg over the other trying to hide his apparent hard on that was beginning to spring to life in his pants. She parted her legs in his direction exposing herself fully to Simon. He watched her so intently as she ran her fingertips down her her stomach and with her two fingers spread her lips apart. With her other hand she gently played with her clit. The soft moans that she wrote about in her letter were replaced by loud audible ones. She dipped her index finger into her, swirling it around for a few seconds before she inserted another one. She pumped in and out a couple of times... "Si...look...I'm so wet right now...Mmm...You see what you do to me?

"This is a result of me?..."

"Only you."

"Mmmm...Paula..." He was so turned on he thought about pulling himself out of his pants to give himself some sort of relief.

She pulled her fingers out, running her tongue the length of one of her fingers "You wanna taste me?"

"Oh my god...Paula." He pulled at his pants... "You see what your doing to me?"

"Actually I can't...maybe you should show me."

He stood up and quickly stripped off his clothes, his stiff erection was standing proud. Paula motioned for him to sit down next to her.

"God your so hot Paula...I want to drink you...Please give me a taste."

She held out her finger that she just pulled out of her hot folds. Simon captured her finger in his mouth, lightly sucking on it.

"Mmmm...delicious love... I want more, but first give me your mouth."

He leaned over her and grabbed her lips with his, kissing her soft and slow at first, he slipped his tongue past her lips, teasing her tongue with hers. Paula moaned in his mouth as she snaked her hands down his chest and past his waist to the hard column of flesh between his legs and began stroking him. He felt that he could explode at any minute from her touch. The heat between her legs began throbbing with want and Paula pressed herself to him.

With a smile she pulled away from the kiss.

"What?...What's wrong?"

"Nothing...I just thought you wanted to drink me?"

"I do.." He winked at her as his head slowly descended down her body leaving trails of kisses down to the V between her legs. She found both of her hands tangled in Simon hair as she held his head in place. She moaned out loud thrusting her body closer to his mouth. His tongue was pure ecstasy and she was on the verge of losing it. She pulled his head up meeting his lips with hers.

"I want you now..." She moaned.

He crawled up her body and approached her entrance. One hand on his hard member stroking himself as he inserted the tip into her.

"It's my turn to tease..."

Just inside the slightest bit, he began to tease her throbbing clit running circles around it with the head of his cock.

"Siiii...Your gonna make me..."

"Gonna make you what love?...Does this feel good?"

"Ahhh...Now...Si...I need you in me now."

He smiled against her earlobe as he plunged into her the whole way this time. He was now in deep, stretching her to the limits, moving in and out faster and harder, making her cry out in pleasure.

"Shh love...Someone might hear us."


"What's that love?"

"I don' anymore."

He smiled again, knowing that those were the words of pleasure, in reality she would have cared what people heard coming out of her dressing room, but being under the influence of pure bliss, it really didn't matter.

"OK...But tomorrow everyone will know you are a screamer."


He made his way to her ear tracing a line to her collarbone with his tongue. Pumping even faster now.

"Paula...I'm so close." He let out a groan.

"I'm already there..."

Her whole body shuddered under him, Her wet walls clenched him tight and she found herself bucking her hips to the last few waves of pleasure that escaped her body. As soon as Simon felt the sensations of her tightening against him he closed his eyes as his release came too. He slid in and out a few more times emptying himself into her.

As he opened his eyes he saw that Paula's head was still flung back over the back of the couch and her chest was rising rather quickly.

"My god...Simon!"

"Was that good darling?"

"Why haven't we done this years ago?"

He laughed... "I've offered my services quite a few times love."

"I guess I should have taken you up on them."

"Well your letter made things especially hot."

He leaned down to kiss her again when a knock came at the door.

"Hey P...Are you coming? Ryan asked from the other side of the door.

"She just did."

"SIMON!" She smacked his naked chest.

"COWELL?" Looking up to make sure he was at the right room...he was.

"What's going on?...What are you guys doing in there?"

"Nothing that your eyes can see."

"Ry, sweetie?...I think I'm going to skip dinner with everyone tonight."

"That goes for me too."

"Are you guys seriously doing it in there?"

"Not anymore."

"Yea, OK..whatever...I guess...Well...I guess I'll just leave you two at it...Have fun."

Both Simon and Paula at the same time spoke. "We will." He left wondering if they really were doing it or if it was another one of Simon's attempts to making him think they did.

Simon looked at Paula... "Wanna get dress and come to my house for dinner?"

"I'm really not that hungry."

"That's OK...Neither am I."

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