Middle Of The Night

BY : saulafever
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the people I am writing about in this fanfiction. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

"What are you doing Simon?"

"Just coming by to get an even better look at you..."

"Stop...." She said through her giggles.

"Stop what?...."

"Looking at me like that...."

"How am I looking at you?"

She looked to his eyes trying to read his level of desire that she found in them the second he entered her dressing room.

"I don't know......Like you wanna...."

"Devour you, perhaps?"


"Well that's because maybe I do.....Maybe if you wouldn't tease me the way you do.....I wouldn't be looking at you this way right now..."

"I was unaware that I was teasing you today...."

"Please, Paula......You can't be serious....You knew exactly what you were doing to me.......What you always do to me.....I don't know how many hours I can sit next to you while your cleavage taunts me.....Today they were so inviting."

"I...a....I always do this to you?"

"All the time...."

"And you want to touch them?"

"Correction.....I want to flick my tongue over your nipples until they turn into hard little pecks."

"Well.....I don't think you would have to work too hard.....They seem to be already there.....You wanna see?"

"Absolutely love...."

She walked towards him, unbuttoning her blouse with every step she took. She couldn't hide her arousal any longer, He was right, she did know what she was doing to him all day....And she loved every minute of it. Simon was pleasantly surprised to find her in this condition....He never thought that by coming to her dressing room today would lead to this....Some more teasing sure, and only to be kicked out and sent home to take care of his want himself....Like he had been doing for the past week or two. She would always drive him to the brink of insanity, flashing her goods here with her low cut shirts, and putting an extra sway in her hips there as she walked past him in the halls. He finally couldn't take it any longer and decided that now was his time...He had suffered long enough....He was coming to get rewarded for being such a good boy on camera.

He feasted his eyes upon her round swollen flesh the second the material left her skin and hit the floor. They were even bigger than he originally thought......And they were right there in front of him...ready and waiting to be caressed, licked, sucked....

"What are you waiting for....."

He seemed to snap out of his daze at her invitation and walked her backwards to her couch in the middle of the room. As soon as the back of her legs touched the couch she felt him twirl her around and finally press his lips to hers in a hungry kiss. Her hands automatically fell to his belt so she could unlock and free his desires from the confines of his pants. Pushing his pants down his hips, she guided him to sit down on the couch. She stood over him, watching him licking his lips in anticipation. She brought her hands down to the hem of her skirt and slowly began hiking it up her toned thighs.

"No panties love?....."

"I haven't been wearing any.......In hopes that something like this would happen...."

"Mmmmm.....C'mon....." He patted his lap. "Ride me...." His voice became husky and deep.

She slowly lowered herself onto him, but first she wanted to tease him to no end. She took his thickness into her right hand while rubbing just the tip to her opening, her juices coating the head of his cock.

"Mmmm....More.....I need more Paula....."

Finally he couldn't take any more.....He grabbed at her hips and..........................................


"Oh my god!.....Oh my god!....What the hell...."

Paula sat up in bed with a shocked expression, her heart was beating out of her chest, her mind was racing a mile a minute. She was positively soaked.......In every way possible....It was all a dream...A really vivid dream...She looked around her, it was still pitch black in the room and looking at the clock she realized that it was only 3:15 in the morning. She knew these dreams weren't right but why was she having them?....Night after night she would be cursed with the same dream.....It would always be the same exact thing....She would be in her dressing room when Simon would enter to claim his prize. Every night she got further and further into her dream. Tonight she almost got the final part but as unlucky as she was, she was interrupted.....By something..... She look upwards to the heavens and spoke in a whisper.

"Guilt......Of course....My guilty consensus."

'Why am I doing this....He's a good guy....good in every way....Sexy...great in bed.....romantic.....Sweet.' She looked to her side, where JT slept, snoring lightly. He was so perfect for her.....He always made her feel like the princess she was, so why was she having these reoccurring dreams....Or maybe nightmares rather....Of her and Simon having this wild passionate sex.....JT had been satisfying her rather well lately so she knew that wasn't to blame......Well except for tonight. Ryan decided to take JT out on the town while Paula caught up on her beauty rituals. He got back to the hotel a little after midnight...Early for him but Ryan confessed to be buying some pretty heavy shots all night. When Paula tried to climb on top of him for their nightly fuck....He quickly lifted her off of him and darted to the bathroom, bringing up those heavy shots from earlier. Paula just shook her head at the sound of JT heaving into the toilet. 'Wonderful' She thought. Another sexless night. All week he had promised to meet her at the Miami auditions, but only for one night....He was needed back in LA the next day. After checking on him and making sure he was alright she made her way to bed to let her mind drift off to dream land.

She now watched as JT's chest slowly rose and fell, his snoring was increasing, getting louder and louder by the minute. She whipped open the covers and walked to the balcony for some fresh air. The view from the balcony was breathtaking, She could hear the waves crashing on the shoreline...She also heard something else, it was faint but it was definitely coming from the room next to her...Which was Simon's.......and Terri's. It wasn't the sound that most people would have expected, nothing like that at all....It was the TV, perhaps some type of music channel.

"Simon must still be up....."

She continued to look out to the ocean and as much as she tried to force Simon out of her mind, she just couldn't. He invaded her every thought as of lately. She wondered what it really would be like to be wrapped up in Simon's arms....For him to be sucking on her nipples....She wanted to know....She had to know......She had to find out what it felt like to simply fuck Simon Cowell.

She took a deep breath and brought her hand up to her chest. She could feel her heart pounding once again, she was making herself wet just thinking about it. She quietly walked back into the suite and checked the bedroom, where she left JT sleeping like a baby a little while ago. He was still out cold....Not waking for anything. She tip-toed back out the bedroom and shut the door behind her. She grabbed her silk robe and wrapped her naked self up in it and slipped out the door of her hotel room.

Paula knew that Terri was tagging along on this audition and could possibly even still be up, but right now she didn't care. If she was up then she was out of luck but she could still torture Simon.....Taunt him, just as she did in her dreams....This could be fun she thought to herself.

She couldn't believe she was doing this....What was wrong with her...Even when her hand came up to knock lightly on his door she was shocked that she actually had gone this far....She was sure she would chicken out the second she was in front of the door.

A few seconds later she heard someone on the other end of the door. She was praying for it to be Simon and when she saw his face standing there taking in her lovely view she let her breath that she was holding out.

"Paula?......It's close to 3:30 in the morning."

"I know....I can't sleep...."

"Hasn't JT given you a good enough romp to put you out for a few hours?"

Paula didn't say anything besides a small chuckle for a few seconds. She wasn't in the mood to talk about JT...but would amuse him anyhow.


"Yeah honestly."

"Honestly...Your buddy Ryan got him too drunk."

"He couldn't get it up?.......Isn't he only like 17?"

"Ahhh No....Funny though....But no that wasn't it actually....He can get it up just fine....The problem was, he couldn't stop throwing up."


"Isn't it?..."

"So, I'm assuming you brought along your toys....We all know perfectly well you have some of those."

"Didn't think I would need them.......I left them at home."

"Ahh...I see, so know you want me to entertain you when you're having a sleepless night."

"You can't sleep either....It's not like I woke you..."

"What if I was sleeping?"

"I heard your TV blaring from my balcony...."

"Hmmmm....Would you like a drink."

"Never mind a drink, Where's Terri?"


"Is she sleeping?"


Simon cocked his eyebrow at her, wondering about her sudden desire to know where Terri was. Before he could even get the next word out of his mouth he noticed Paula moving her hand down to the knot that was holding her robe together. He couldn't help but stare....Was she just adjusting it?....Was she just playing with him?....Surely the first of the two since she was supposedly happy and in love with JT...And speaking of which....wasn't he in the room next door? He continued to watch her in silence as she proceeded to pull on the knot loosening it even more. He now managed to pick up his gaze to look in her eyes. She had a devilish look flashed across her face. She cocked her head pointing toward the room to which she believed Terri was occupying at the moment.

"She in there?"

"Yeeeeeaaaah." Still unsure as to what to make out of it all.


"As far as I know...."


They looked at each other again...This time longer, trying to figure out their next move. This was it for Paula...She had to do something now....She was still so turned on by her dream that if she didn't find release soon she wouldn't know what she would do....She pulled harder on the knot, this time it came apart but still covered her naked body. Simon could see the outline of her erect nipples poking through the silk. Could she actually be nude underneath? He thought to himself.......NO!....This is all just a way to tease me.....She has to have a thin bra on......Very thin.....

"Simon.....I had this dream tonight......."

It was those words that made Simon instantly realize that this was not her usual teasing ways....This was real....This was happening....and right in the middle of his hotel room with Terri mere meters away.

"A dream?"


She then walked closer to Simon, the silk fabric separating as she walked to him....Yes she was nude underneath....The woman he had desired for years was completely naked standing only a few feet from him. He couldn't look away....His eyes were glued to her curves....Her naked flesh....Her swollen breasts, her erect nipples. He tried to find something to say but his brain wouldn't cooperate properly. The only thing he could manage was her name but the way he said it fueled her even more.


"My dream was about you Simon....." She took another step closer. "You were almost inside of me..." Another step.... "I was positively soaked for you...."

She noticed as his chest heaved as his arms reached out to her and pulled her the rest of the way to him. He now had one eye on Terri's bedroom door and the other on her. She felt so good, so smooth, so.....Wet! He couldn't help it....His fingers roamed in between her legs to feel her velvet folds.

"Simon I need you to finish my dream....."

"Paula.....We can't.....Not here....Terri's in there....JT is right next door....Are you out of your mind?"

"Maybe...But I know what I want....And right now I want you.....This could be your one and only shot you know.....Before I come to my senses.....besides you really don't want to send me away to finish the job....Do you?"

"No." His answer was quick.......That wasn't at all what he wanted....He wanted her right then and there too but it was such a risk having Terri so close.

"No?...I didn't think so..."

"Paula...Your making this hard for me...."

"Hard?...Really?" She reached and stuck her hand in his pants to inspect just how hard she was making him. "Mmmm.....I'd say so."


"Stop....Save my name for when your coming inside of me."

That did it....Right then and there he didn't care if Terri would walk out of the bedroom....His main focus was Paula right now and how hot she was making him....He never understood it....Some days she was hot....Some days she was cold......But tonight this is the hottest he had ever seen her.

Their lips met as he snaked his arms around her and lifted her from the ground. He quickly looked around and decided that their best bet was the balcony. They continued their kiss until they made it outside. Simon broke away to shut the door....Just in case it was too hard of a task to be quiet. When he returned to her she motioned for him to sit on the bench and he did just as he was told.

"My dream......It ended like this........"

She straddled him.

"So you didn't get to find out how wonderful this is about to feel?"

"No......I tried to go back to sleep to find out but I couldn't."

Simon grabbed her hips and inched her down on to him. Both gasped in pleasure as he slid into her with such ease. Paula threw her head back in pure bliss. It felt wonderful....Like nothing else she had ever felt.

"Is that good darling?.......Do I give it to you better than JT?"

She didn't want to confess the truth but it was a definite yes. She just hummed him an answer that could have gone either way. She knew that he was looking for an ego boost but was afraid what her confession would mean later on when the bliss faded. It would sure cause her a lot of problems and most likely heartache and she wasn't prepared to go back down that road......Not yet anyway......Not this soon.

"I take that as a yes love....."

With that he simply lifted her off of him without warning, she gave off a little whimper as she lost contact with him. He quickly turned her around so she was facing the crashing waves of the ocean and sunk back into her.

"This way....I can touch you all over."

As he spoke his last words, his hands creeped around her sides and played with her swollen round flesh...Once again she leaned her head back onto his shoulder, his hot breath was now bouncing off of her earlobe. They both created a rhythmic motion together as they came closer and closer to the place they so wanted to be.

Simon's one hand abandoned her right breast as it made it's way to her throbbing clit. He turned his head to whisper into her ear.

"I can't wait to make you come........"

His huskier than normal voice took over her senses and she bounced on him harder until she was finally ready to claim her release. It didn't take Simon that much longer to follow.

They sat that way for a few more minutes, until Paula's mind actually caught up with her actions.

"Oh my god Simon......What did we just do?"

"Do I really have to tell you?"

"No....I mean.....How did this happen?"

"Again......Do you really...."

"Oh....Shut up......I know that......It's....Well....It's just.....It was......."

"It was what love?.........Amazing?.......The best you've ever had?"

She turned around to face him, a smile creeping to her face.


Simon laughed at her speechlessness and gave her a soft kiss to the lips.

"Yeah...Me too..........But as much as I would like to stay like this for another round.....I think we may be pushing our luck......"

"Yeah....I guess you're right....."

She climbed off of him and wrapped herself up in her robe, while Simon put his bed pants back on. She took a seat at another chair close by and they talked for a little while. She thought things might be a little strange with them afterwards but she couldn't have been more wrong.....Simon proved to her that he was truly her best friend and Just because they were best friends didn't mean they couldn't be lovers......every once in a while.

Some time later they heard the balcony door swing open and out walked a sleepy-eyed Terri with a look of confusion on her face.

Paula's heart leaped out of her chest as Terri made her way to yet another chair. She smiled at both Simon and Paula, waiting to see what kind of an excuse they were going to come up with.

Simon calmly looked towards Terri with a smile.

"Did we wake you darling?"

"No.....I was getting up to get a glass of water and I heard you guys talking out here."

"Sorry Terri, I couldn't sleep so when I went out on my balcony I heard your TV running so I figured somebody was up...."

"That's alright......" She laughed and continued. "It's not like you came over here in the middle of the night for a booty call."

Both Simon and Paula laughed it off but was shocked in the same sense. Paula of course scrunched up her nose to the idea while Simon decided to play with Terri's choice of words.

"Actually love....That was what Paula came over for....Seems that JT doesn't give it to her right.....So I had to...."


Both Terri and Paula let out.....Paula was more shocked that he actually said it. She knew she was turning beat red at the thought again. But Terri continued to laugh him off not believing a word he said.....At least not wanting to anyway..........

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