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Authoress 1: You wanna do another one?
Authoress 2: As I told you, I'm still giving HanKyung love... but I believe... is it your turn or mine to list off who we can do?
Authoress 1: Well.....I can do Anic......SuJu couples.......JuChun if we're up for a sex only......I'm also willing to do actual fiction where we brainstorm characters and rp them....
Authoress 2: I can do JuChun, (enter SuJu couple here), I guess... I could a make up one too... >>;;
Authoress 1: I don't really care..... But we'd have to limit the SuJu couple(s)
Authoress 2: well... just so I can get an idea, which SuJu couples are you thinking?
Authoress 1: I didn't really have any in mind....
Authoress 2: This might be more difficult than i thought. *frown*
Authoress 1: Yep... *frown*
Authoress 2: ..................... JUCHUN. ;___; I can't even.....
Authoress 1: Not even JuChun?! Are you sick?
Authoress 2: Yes... I think I am... *puts on Tri-Angle*
=.= okay... I can do it. XD
Authoress 1: I don't mind... you want to do it or no?
Authoress 2: I put up my JuChun background... *gets distracted by shiny picture*
so sure.
Authoress 1: Go for it.... I have no umph to start anything...
Authoress 2: Bu-but... I started JaeKi... it's your turn.
Authoress 1: I can't.... Go on without me...
Authoress 2: friggin drama queen... =.=
Authoress 1: Gotta love me!!!!! icon_heart.gif

YooChun rolled over, not wanting to be awake yet. He moved his foot in hopes of grabbing the curtain to shut it. Junsu smacked away the foot that made it's way to his face, grumbling about the smell. "Turn off the sun" YooChun muttered to his pillow, which quickly became Junsu's legs. "What the- Get off me!!!!" Junsu said, kicking his legs, trying to free them from YooChun. "Not until you turn off the sun..." YooChun replied, waking up a little more. He wrapped his arms tighter around Junsu's legs. "That's impossible you freak!!" Junsu tried to free his legs again. "Close the curtain idiot," YooChun told him, clenching onto Junsu's legs even tighter. Junsu sighed, "You gotta let me go, I can't reach the curtain." YooChun immediately let go and rolled back onto his (real) pillow, burying his face. "Hurry..." He muttered to Junsu. Junsu grinned and opened the curtains all the way to let the full force of the sun wake YooChun. YooChun rolled over and covered his face with the pillow, a "bastard" that seem to come more from the pillow than the person under it. Junsu laughed and went out of the room, but only after stealing the pillows and blankets from YooChun so he couldn't hide himself from the sun. YooChun laid on the mattress, not wanting to chase him yet. '5.... 4.... 3....' he sat up in bed, '2......... 1 1/2......' He stood up, '1..... 0....' He raced after Junsu, catching up to him quickly because the blankets weighed him down. Jumping onto him (literally jumping), he pinned down Junsu. "Ahhhh....Fine... take them..." Junsu shoved the blankets between their faces. YooChun shoved the blankets away as JaeJoong came down, "what's all the noise?" He asked irritably. YooChun stood up quickly, grabbing the blankets and pillow and going back up to his room to get comfortable again. JaeJoong watched him, then looked to Junsu, "I wouldn't let him fall back asleep... I think we start activities soon." He told the younger singer. Junsu groaned and chased after YooChun. "Hyung!!!!!" He ran past him and jumped onto the bed, taking up all the space so YooChun couldn't get comfy.
YooChun shrugged and plopped down on his Junsu bed, placing the pillow off to the side and pulling the blanket over him. "Night bed." He told Junsu. "Get up!!!!! We have things to do!!!!!" Junsu whined. YooChun wrapped his legs around Junsu's waist and his arms around the younger member's chest. "Nah~" he muttered. His face had a grin on it, but JunSu couldn't see it. "Hyung...." Junsu whined again, trying to free himself, until he just gave up and used all his strength to stand up with YooChun still attached to him. YooChun slid down to the floor, bringing Junsu's pants with him (by accident, for once). "AHH!" Junsu pulled his pants up quickly and tried to shake YooChun off him. YooChun got a bit... shaken (for lack of a better word). For fun, he pulled them down again. "Stop it, hyung!!!" Junsu pulled them up again and tripped trying to get away from YooChun.
YooChun climbed up onto Junsu, pulling his blanket down from the bed. He snuggled onto Junsu's back, wrapping his arms around Junsu's chest again. "Why is it every time I get comfy somewhere... we have to go?" He asked, hearing Yunho talking to JaeJoong and ChangMin in the kitchen about how they're going to be late. "We should make your room like JunJin's couch. Full of rocks... That way you can't get comfy...And if you do... Your back will pay for it later." Junsu explained, crawling towards the door with YooChun still on his back. "Micky like rock." YooChun replied simply, using his feet to hinder Junsu's crawling. "Stop it," Junsu kicked YooChun's feet to stop him from stopping him. "No." YooChun replied, rolling over so Junsu was now on top of him (and henceforth, couldn't go anywhere). Junsu continued crawling, now just dragging YooChun underneath him. "It'll take more than that to stop me..." YooChun sighed, he didn't want to resort to this. He placed a kiss on the younger member's neck (what he could get to at the moment). Junsu fell over twitching. His weak spot when it came to arousal. "What's the matter?" YooChun asked, his English (yes, English) getting slurred in the early morning. He grinned up at Junsu mischievously. "We have to go, hyung..." Junsu whined, not wanting to get into this now... "I dun care~" YooChun said, once again in English, giving him another kiss on the neck. Junsu fell over again, twitching... YooChun laughed at Junsu as he gave the singer another kiss, this time at the nape of his neck. Junsu stopped moving and suppressed a small moan of pleasure.
YooChun grinned and lead his lips up to Junsu's, giving him a kiss while pushing his tongue through Junsu's mouth. Junsu opened his mouth to let YooChun in, moaning. YooChun moved his hands under Junsu's shirt, scratching his nails across Junsu's back while pulling the younger member closer to his body. Junsu let himself be pulled down to YooChun as he tangled his hands in YooChun's hair.
"Honestly, you two.. get a room." ChangMin told them a look of disgust on his face. YooChun broke the kiss and looked up at ChangMin. "We're in a room. Go away." He demanded. ChangMin sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "I can't..." he started, "JaeJoong and Yunho hyungs told me to come get you guys. We have to leave in five minutes."
"That's no time to eat breakfast..." YooChun complained with a frown. ChangMin looked at him blankly. "There is no breakfast left."
YooChun sighed and got out from under Junsu. "Well.. I guess we'll have to finish this later." He told Junsu, dragging his hand across Junsu's hips as he walked past the younger boy. Junsu sighed and plopped on the ground.... "Why do I let him do that to me ChangMin?" Junsu asked. ChangMin just shrugged as if to say "leave me out of this" and went back to the kitchen. YooChun looked out the window, evaluating the weather, and decided on simple clothes. Opening his dresser, a mischievous look plastered his face as he grabbed a tank top instead, glancing at Junsu. Oh yeah, he'd bed Junsu by the day's end. Junsu glared at YooChun and promised himself he wouldn't touch YooChun today. YooChun noticed the look on Junsu's face while he was fixing (messing up...) his hair. With a grin, he went over to his hat collection, deciding on a hat similar to the one in "Stay With Me Tonight".
Junsu left the room and went to his. He gabbed some of JaeJoong's pants that he had stolen and an equally tight shirt, then went downstairs to to others. YooChun came downstairs and looked through the fridge for anything he could eat on the go. Closing the fridge, he glanced at Junsu and sighed. "You think that'll get me?" he asked amused. It was working, but YooChun would never admit that. "What are you talking about?" Junsu asked, JaeJoong dropped the dish he was washing, Yunho messed up on the dance step he was doing, and ChangMin dropped the piece of food he was about to eat, all of this...in shock at Junsu speaking in his chest voice. YooChun's eyes widened. 'That was really.... REALLY sexy.' His mind thought as he had to use the counter for support. "Okay... I'm beat..." YooChun replied, completely defeated. Junsu grinned, happy he still had his secret weapon.
"Come on guys, let's go..." Yunho told them. YooChun grabbed Junsu from behind and lead the younger singer out to the car with him. Junsu followed YooChun out, smugly. YooChun let Junsu get into the car on his own, then sat next to him, wrapping his arms around Junsu's waist while putting his head on the younger singers shoulders. Junsu just smiled, he had won...but it didn't mean he wanted to be jumped at the first opening. YooChun fell asleep on Junsu's shoulder during the car ride, enjoying the other man's body heat. Junsu sighed and shook YooChun awake when they reached the location of the photo shoot 2 hours later. "Woah.... It's amazing..."
"Mmmmm?" YooChun moaned, rubbing his eyes to help him wake up. He step out of the car once they were parked. "Wow.... Where is this? It's not anywhere near JeJu..." He wondered aloud, taking in the scenery. Junsu walked around in awe at the place and spotted the prefect place, "ChangMin!!!!! We're gonna play soccer over there later." He ordered more that requested. With a sigh, ChangMin looked over at his hyung. "Do I have a choice?" He asked.
YooChun went over to a cliff edge and looked down. He was a bit surprised to see a beach down below, and he suddenly knew where they were. He had come here as a little kid with his family. He smiled, and it turned out a bit bittersweet. He went over to Junsu. "Hey~" He called in English, then he wrapped his arms around Junsu. "After we get off tonight, we should go down to the beach." He whispered into the younger singer's ear. Junsu nodded happily, "Great idea. We can play soccer on the beach!" YooChun whapped Junsu on the head, though not that hard. "Not for soccer, pabo. That's what we have have ChangMin for!" He explained, pointing at their youngest member. Junsu frowned..."No soccer?" he asked pouting at YooChun. YooChun frowned. "maybe... only for a little bit." Damn him and not being able to fight Junsu. Junsu grinned and kissed YooChun on the cheek happily. "Thanks hyung," He said, totally unaware that he just gave YooChun an invitation to screw him later. YooChun smiled and kissed Junsu on the cheek. "Alright then," he told the singer with a smile, "It's a date." He squeezed Junsu slightly before letting go to look around again.

Later that night

YooChun held on tightly to Junsu's hand behind him as he led the way down the narrow path to the beach, a small grin playing on his face. When he felt sand through his flip flops, he pulled Junsu towards him, embracing him in a hug that had them both fall onto the sand. "What the hell!?" Junsu asked surprised at the sudden severity of his situation. YooChun pressed Junsu's body to his own. "What's wrong?" He asked, giving Junsu's neck small kisses. "I told you we'd play soccer... I didn't say when..." He added, then went back the butterfly kisses. Junsu groaned in frustration. He was upset with himself, how could he have not seen this plan. He tried to rolled off YooChun to escape him and the tempting kisses. YooChun grabbed onto Junsu tighter, and kissed his neck with more pressure, running his tongue in circles at the nape of his neck. Junsu stopped trying to escape and moaned as he started to enjoy kisses. YooChun grinned through his kisses and led his lips to his lover's, his hands moved under Junsu's shirt and they started playing with Junsu's nipples, similar to what his tongue had been doing on the singer's neck only moments ago. Junsu gasped at the touch and leaned his body into YooChun's. "Hyung....we shouldn't..." He finally managed to get out between kisses. "Why not?" YooChun asked between kisses. "Hyung...." Junsu whined, trying to think of a good excuse. "Gimme a good reason and I'll stop." YooChun replied stubbornly, kissing at Junsu's collarbone now. Junsu moaned and tried to give a reason but he couldn't speak due to his weak spot. "Tell me..." YooChun offered again, kissing right where Junsu's shirt collar ended. Junsu moaned and pushed away from YooChun, "We have things to do early tomorrow morning."
"So?" YooChun asked, then with a smirk, added, "you wouldn't have had a problem if we were playing soccer."
"I would have limited it," Junsu got up and wiped the sand from his clothes. YooChun grabbed Junsu and pulled him back down. "Don't leave now." He asked in a sexy voice. He kissed Junsu's lips again. Junsu toppled onto YooChun, "Stop it," he tried to say, but his lips were being used for something other than forming words. YooChun, for once, stopped completely. Of course, it wasn't before grabbing onto Junsu through his pants. He stood up and brushed the sand off his clothes, straightening out his shirt. "What the hell!!!!" Junsu yelled from where he was sitting on the sand still. His eyes were closed, wincing in pain, because YooChun hadn't been to gentle when he had grabbed him. YooChun squatted down next to Junsu. "I didn't... hurt you, did I?" He asked, all traces of playfulness gone. "A little..... remember... sensitive equipment down there," Junsu reached his hand out to YooChun so he could help him up. "Sorry..." YooChun replied, helping Junsu up. He pat the younger member on the back. "Didn't mean to hurt you... just tease." He told the singer, completely honest. "Yeah..... damn..... vicious..." Junsu leaned on YooChun, letting him lead to wherever since he couldn't do anything. Junsu sighed as he saw a cabin on the beach, well away from the other band members. 'Damn... I'm getting screwed tonight...' he thought to himself. YooChun smirked and glanced at Junsu leaning on him. He could see the path clearly, they really hadn't strayed far from it, but he looked at the cabin instead. "Junsu ah~ I can't find the path back up, why don't we stay there instead?" He pointed to the cabin. Junsu sighed and looked over at the path that YooChun had just been looking at. "I couldn't walk up the path anyway..." Junsu replied. YooChun smiled and opened the cabin door, relieved to find it abandoned. He playfully picked up Junsu and brought him to the bed, dropping him on it. Junsu laughed, "It's bouncy.." He said immaturely bouncing on it. "Really?" YooChun asked, playing along temporarily as he bounced over Junsu and onto the bed, tackling the other singer as he landed. "Oww...." Junsu said, wriggling out from under YooChun and once again bouncing. "Yah! Junsu!" YooChun called, holding down the other boy. "Stop bouncing now, ok?"
"What? I'm not allowed to be a child every once in a while?" he asked. "Of course you can!" YooChun replied happily, "Just not now." He added, giving Junsu a kiss as he (yet again) grabbed Junsu from behind, pressing their bodies together. "Hyung.... why do you want to... it's your turn... YOU give ME a good reason...." Junsu told YooChun, turning to face him. "I love you." YooChun replied in his best Engrish. "That's not what I feel a lot of the time from you. You only love me when you're horny..." Junsu said, trying to free himself from YooChun's arms. "No." YooChun replied with a frown. "You only love me when you're horny... I'm not the one who flirts with girls every time we go to a club." He replied with a frown. Junsu rolled his eyes, "I don't jump you ALL the time.... I get jumped at least once a day, mostly in the mornings.... Obviously neither one of us trust the other very much... So it's not a healthy relationship...thusly we shouldn't be together..." Junsu reasoned, but his heart ached from saying the words. YooChun raised an eyebrow. "Do you believe what you're saying?" He asked. "Partially......" Junsu looked down at the bed, "YooChun... it hurts when I'm with you, but it hurts when I'm not...." YooChun nodded, he understood. He let go of Junsu and rolled to the far side of the bed. "I"m sorry..." He replied, his voice shaky. "If you know what I mean, how can you want to...But then again.... how can't you..."
"Shut up." YooChun demanded with a small laugh. Junsu looked over at YooChun, hurt that he told him so cruelly. YooChun rolled over and embraced Junsu in a sincere hug. "Listen... I know sometimes it doesn't seem like it... But I really do love you Junsu~" He told the singer. He dug his face into the younger man's hair. "And I really love you.... So why does it hurt when we're together?" Junsu asked. YooChun frowned, angry he couldn't find an answer to that. He kissed the top of Junsu's head. "I don't know..." He replied, his voice hinting at sadness. Junsu turned to YooChun and couldn't help himself because of the sadness in his voice. He kissed YooChun, pushing his tongue past YooChun's. YooChun held on to Junsu as if if he let go, then he'd lose him forever, kissing him back and letting Junsu bring his tongue into his mouth. When they pulled apart, a tear rolled down Junsu's cheek, "I love you.... Don't ever leave me.." Junsu said softly, then grabbed YooChun's shirt and pulled the older man down, on top of him with a kiss.
"I never want to leave you." YooChun replied after the kiss. He wrapped his arms around Junsu's body. Junsu wrapped his arms around YooChun's waist and held him, not wanting to move from the position. YooChun smoothly slid his hands under Junsu's shirt, massaging the younger man's back. Junsu closed his eyes and enjoyed the touch of his lover. YooChun moved his hands under Junsu's pant line and to the other singer's hips, gently bringing the kisses down to Junsu's neckline. Junsu moaned, and muttered, "I love you, YooChun...Don't stop..." YooChun brought his hands to Junsu's front and grabbed for his penis (gently). He continued kissing his lover, muttering an "I love you, too" between them. Junsu sighed in pleasure. "Thanks for being gentle this time," Junsu laughed as he unbuttoned YooChun's shirt. YooChun laughed slightly as he massaged Junsu. "mmhmm..." he replied simply, bringing a hand out to unbutton his lover's pants. Junsu slipped the shirt off of YooChun and pulled him down onto him for another kiss. YooChun pulled off Junsu's pants, tormentingly slowly. He kiss Junsu back, bringing his tongue into his lover's mouth eagerly. Junsu opened his mouth to let YooChun in. He lifted his hips to help YooChun get the pants off. YooChun got Junsu's pants off and broke the kiss to continue his descent down Junsu's neck line. He went back to Junsu's waist and slid down his boxers. After that, he brought his hands back up to Junsu's back and brought his lover's body to meet his own. Junsu understood the motion and rocked his hips in sync with YooChun, rubbing his penis along the fabric of his lover's pants. Junsu sighed in pleasure and started moving his hips at a faster pace, hoping to bring YooChun up to his speed. YooChun picked up his own pace and made to take off Junsu's shirt. "Stop a second..." He told the younger singer when he got the shirt to the point where he had to get the arms. Junsu sighed, but complied and took the down time to unbutton YooChun's pants. He began pulling them down. YooChun massaged Junsu's shoulders while the younger man was taking off his pants, trying to keep the mood so Junsu wouldn't suddenly try to back out. He leaned over and gave Junsu a teasing kiss (with his tongue). Junsu kissed him back and started working on the older man's boxers. When he got those off he pushed YooChun away, "Do we have any lubricant?" Junsu asked, remembering how painful it was last time. YooChun looked around the cabin, seeing nothing. He wanted to keep Junsu happy though. He held up a finger as if to say "hold on" and went into the bathroom. "Here we go," he called, then added, "Will Vaseline do?" He went back to the bed with the Vaseline, handing it to Junsu. Junsu nodded and blushed, "You do it...." YooChun grinned at him seductively and dipped his hand into the jar. He brought his hand to Junsu and stuck a finger in. Going slowly at first, he started to massage inside Junsu's butt. Junsu groaned in anticipation, "I want you... Inside.." Junsu said, lost in his own pleasure.
YooChun took his fingers out and brought Junsu to him. "You ready?" He asked, giving Junsu a kiss. Junsu nodded and braced himself. YooChun gently brought himself inside his lover, pausing a moment before starting up a slow and steady beginning pace. He enjoyed this much more than all the other times, he could tell Junsu probably did as well. Junsu rocked his hips to match YooChun's speed, and sighed in ecstasy. YooChun started moving his hips a bit faster. Junsu grimaced for a second in pain, then once again matched the thrusts of his lover. "More...." he almost whimpered. YooChun smiled and brought his hand to Junsu's head, pulling his lover close. "Patience..." He whispered with a small laugh. Junsu groaned in protest and started moving his hips faster. YooChun smiled and gave Junsu a kiss on the back of his neck, moving his hips to now match up with Junsu's pace. Junsu grunted in pain but kept the pace, knowing it was worth it. "More...." Junsu told his lover again. YooChun frowned a little, was he being serious? He kept the pace, not wanting to hurt Junsu. "More.." Junsu said, louder to make sure YooChun could hear him. YooChun nodded to show he heard but kept at his current pace. "I don't want to hurt you." He breathed. "I want it..." Junsu panted, now gripping the headboard to keep steady. YooChun sighed and quickened his pace, though only a little bit. Junsu bit his lip in pain but moved his hips faster than YooChun, a plea to have him speed up, though it was putting him in pain. YooChun frowned, but met up to Junsu's pace. He brought his lips to the younger singer's ear, "Why are you doing this?" He asked, a bit worried. "I...have...to...prove.....that.I.....love....you....and...not...all...those...girls" Junsu managed to pant out between thrusts and his pain. YooChun stopped completely, but he didn't pull out. "What?" He asked in shocked. "Oh... Junsu~" He whined, wrapping his arms around the other man lovingly. "You don't have to do that... I know you love me without you hurting yourself..." He told Junsu sadly. Junsu just let himself be held, he was in too much pain to do anything else.
YooChun pulled himself out of Junsu, though it was reluctant. "Was it... because of what I said earlier about you being with girls at clubs?" He asked, still holding Junsu protectively. "I just... need you to know... how much I love you..." Junsu said, still panting and wincing in pain. YooChun kissed Junsu's shoulder. "I know... you don't need to hurt yourself." He responded. "I'm sorry I told you that.." He added. "You don't really think that do you?" Junsu asked YooChun. YooChun squeezed him playfully. "Of course not... sometimes I just let my mind play tricks on me." He replied with a smile. "Good," Junsu sighed in relief and let himself lay limp on the bed. He was in a lot of pain and very tired. YooChun remained on top of his lover, but shifted his weight so he wouldn't be so heavy. He kept his arms around Junsu, protective and loving. For once in the entire time Junsu and YooChun had known each other, Junsu as asleep before YooChun, and wouldn't wake up until long after his lover did.

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