Costume Party

BY : Gina Z
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the celebrity I am writing about. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Costume Party
“I just don’t know what to be. For some reason, I can’t come up with anything,” Gina ran her fingers through her hair angrily.
“Be a Catholic schoolgirl, guys love that kind of thing for some fucked up reason,” Savvy said, studying her reflection in Gina’s floor-length mirror.
“I don’t have any of that stuff.”
“I have a short short skirt you can wear. But…it’s denim. Not really schoolgirl-ish. Oh, I know! You can be a cowgirl! I know you probably have a tank top and flannel shirt somewhere. Those old cowboy boots over there… and one of your cowboy hats. There you go, costume in the bag,” Heather said.
Gina thought for a minute and then smiled. “Not the most original costume ever, but-“
“You will be sexy as hell and Johnny will love it. Now that that’s settled, I need to find my wig. I think it is shoved in one of my suitcases… see you guys at the party!” Savvy waved to the girls as she breezed out of Gina’s room.
“I’m gonna go get that skirt,” Heather smiled, clapping Gina on the shoulder on her way out.
“Okay, I’ll be right here.”
Heather returned with a piece of fabric that could not have been more than six inches long. She dropped a flared denim mini skirt into Gina’s hands with a big smile. Gina stared down at it.
“Try it on!”
Gina sighed.
“Don’t you dare change your mind. Now, I know you can fit it. Go get the rest of your outfit, get dressed, and meet us downstairs! The party’s gonna start soon! See you there!” Heather called out to Gina as she closed Gina’s bedroom door behind her.
Gina groaned and pulled her jeans off over her shoes. She slid the tiny piece of fabric that Heather claimed was clothing up to her waist and buttoned the top. She turned and studied her reflection in the mirror. The skirt showed off her entire backside every time she moved. She sighed and then shrugged. This was an adult costume party. She walked over to her closet and pulled out a green flannel shirt. In her dresser, she unearthed a white tank top. She slipped the tank top on and put the flannel shirt on over it. Underneath her dresser was a pair of tall brown cowboy boots, which she put on with a satisfied smile. She loved those old boots. On top of her dresser was a belt with a large Mustang buckle glistening on the front. Through her belt loops it went with a flourish.
“Now where is my hat?” Gina wondered aloud to herself, looking around the room. Finally, when she was about to give up her search, she spied a box atop a bookshelf labeled, ‘Hats’. “I don’t remember putting that up there.”
She pulled a rolling chair over to the bookshelf and carefully made to stand on top of it. The top of the bookcase was still slightly beyond her reach. She put one foot on top of the armrest of the chair. She tested the steadiness of the chair. Holding onto a shelf, she slid her other foot on the other armrest. Everything seemed okay. She slowly let go of the shelf and reached above her head for the box. Her fingertips grazed the scratchy cardboard.
Suddenly, her bedroom door burst open.
“Hey, Gina, have you seen…holy Jesus Christ,” Johnny muttered, staring at Gina’s exposed rear as she tottered on the chair.
“What?” Gina twisted around, knocking the chair out from under her. She reached up to grab onto the shelf and instead pulled futilely on a group of books.
Johnny raced forward to grab her. His arms wrapped around her thighs, her bare ass against his shoulder. “I gotcha,” Johnny managed around the breath caught in his throat from the closeness of Gina’s bare behind. He loosened his grip on her legs, allowing her to slide down his body until her feet touched the floor. His lower region tweaked as her skirt slid up, and her body slid down against his. Her tank top was pushed up by his arms, and Johnny ended with his arms underneath Gina’s breasts on bare skin. He couldn’t help but notice that she was not wearing a bra and his stomach gave a flip. Gina pushed away from Johnny and ran her fingers through her hair nervously.
“Thanks, Johnny,” she stammered, not looking him in the eye.
Johnny was watching her hungrily, wanting nothing more than to bend her over the arms of that chair, lift up that short little skirt, hear her screaming his name as he-
“Johnny? Are you listening?”
Johnny snapped back to the present, his mouth dry. “Sorry, what… what were you saying?”
“I was asking you to get the box down. Please.”
“Oh, oh yeah. No problem.” Johnny easily reached up and pulled down the cardboard box.
“Thanks. Now if you had been here five minutes ago, this wouldn’t have happened,” Gina laughed. She bent down to sift through the box and Johnny swallowed, realizing he may have to rub one out before heading down to the party. She pulled out a sailor hat and looked up at Johnny. He was wearing a sailor’s uniform, with no hat.
“Here, you can wear this hat. It completes your outfit!” Gina happily stood before Johnny, reaching up to put the hat on his head. Johnny swallowed, tingles flashing through his lower abdomen as her breasts brushed against his chest.
“Looks good on you!” Gina laughed.
“Thanks,” Johnny smiled, his hand reaching out for Gina’s hip to pull her closer. She moved out of his grip to continue her search through the box. Johnny sighed, absent-mindedly resting his hand on his stomach.
“Ah! Here it is!” Gina pulled out a black cowboy hat. “Do you like it?” she asked, putting the hat on and twirling around for Johnny.
Johnny couldn’t take his eyes off the skirt as Gina twirled and turned for him. So, he just nodded. “It looks great on you.”
Gina giggled. “Good. I couldn’t come up with a costume, and Heather pulled this idea right out of nowhere.”
“God bless Heather.”
Gina looked at Johnny curiously but shook her head and moved to pick up the discarded books. As she was bent over piling up books in her arm, she felt the light brush of Johnny’s fingertips on the small of her back, right above the waistband of the skirt.
“This is a cute skirt.”
Gina stood up straight, dropping some of the books, flustered.
“Th…thanks. It’s Heather’s. Not mine. The skirt… it’s-“ the hungry look in Johnny’s dark eyes was making Gina steadily nervous. “I need to put these books away and then the party… the party is-“
Johnny strode forward until Gina’s back hit the bookcase. There was barely a hair’s width between the two of them as Johnny stared down at Gina. His gaze said everything. How badly he wanted her, her body sweating against his, their pulses jumping, their breathing gasping and labored, her moaning, her groaning-
His hand inched it’s way up her thigh until he could feel the curve of her panties. He slipped one finger beneath the curve. His lips brushed hers, his breathing heavy-
“Johnny, stop!” Gina whispered, her hand against his chest, her eyes closed tight.
“What? What’s wrong?” Johnny took his hand away from her thigh reluctantly.
“I… I need to put these books up-”
“The books can wait,” Johnny took the books out of Gina’s hand and dropped them. He slid his fingers into her hair, tilting her face to his, needing more than anything to taste her skin-
“Johnny, I can’t!” Gina spouted, pushing him away forcefully.
“What? Why?”
“The party. We’ll be late for the party, everyone will ask us, bombard us with questions, all their eyes looking with that look-“
“What look?”
“You know. The look. The ‘I-know-what-you-naughty-children-were-doing look. That look. It drives me crazy. They will make jokes all night long… you know how it goes. They are still going on about the last time. I don’t want these… activities to be so spontaneous. Maybe a little more planned. In our own bedrooms-“
“This is your bedroom.”
“Not five minutes before seeing everybody, okay?” Gina’s hands were clenched into fists, her voice forceful. “Now stop trying to make excuses! Don’t you think its hard for me, too? I want it just as bad as you! I just… know what the aftermath downstairs will be. What are we going to do? Fuck, and then shower? We’ll be so late. We’ll really be sly and devious then, huh?”
“Why do you insist on hiding it so much? People only make fun of things when it embarrasses people. You don’t poke fun at someone who is proud of what they do. I love being with you. You’re funny, you’re great, the sex is hot… I want everyone in the world to know I feel this way about you. And if someone wants to make a joke out of me fucking you five minutes before we go to a big party… I don’t care.”
“For some reason… I do care. I wish I could just do what I wanted, fuck the world, who cares what they think? But I can’t. I just… can’t. I’m sorry.”
“Fine. You just look so damned good. I’m hard as a rock.”
“Shut up.”
“No, I am. Really. Look.”
“Where is it?”
Johnny gave Gina a perturbed look. “Yeah, right. Like you can’t see it.”
“Let me get out my magnifying glass, hold on.”
“Now you make fun of me while I am standing here helpless.”
Gina put her hand on her hip and thought to herself for a few seconds. “Well… I guess I can help you out with your little problem.”
Gina slowly walked over to Johnny, pushing him to the bed. He sat, looking down at Gina with a grin. She dropped to her knees, unzipping Johnny’s sailor pants.
“Now how is this any different than-“
“Well, if you don’t want me to, Johnny, I won’t-“
“No, no, no! I do, I do, I do!”
Gina grinned and released Johnny’s shaft from the recesses of his checkered boxers. Her tongue explored every inch of his throbbing member. There was a knock at the door causing Gina to gasp and fall backward. Johnny pulled his pants on and reached out to help Gina up but she pushed him away, her face blushing like mad.
“Coming!” Gina squawked as she scrambled to the door.
“Not anymore,” Johnny grumbled.
“Shut up, Johnny,” Gina growled through clenched teeth.
She opened the door to see Dunn standing there. He looked Gina up and down with a grin. “Nice… uh, very nice costume.” He ran his fingers through his hair nervously.
“Thanks, Dunn, we were just heading down to the party.”
“Yeah, Johnny and me.”
“Oh, right. Right.”
Gina raised her eyebrow, confused. “What?”
“Nothing, nothing. Y’all are just late, that’s all.”
“Well, we’ll be there in a second, don’t worry,” Johnny said, not liking the way Dunn had ogled Gina.
“Okay, man, we’re all ready to go. You two are the only ones not down there yet.”
“Thanks, Dunn, now let us finish up…. Finish up getting ready and we’ll be down there,” Johnny grumbled, glaring at Dunn angrily.
Dunn swallowed. “Yeah, yeah, okay. Sounds great. See ya down there.”
Gina closed the door as Dunn left, and then turned to Johnny.
“Now where were we?” Johnny smiled, unzipping his pants.
“It doesn’t matter where we were, it matter where we’re going. I’m going to the party. Now, you can come along, or you can stay here and play with yourself.”
“Can I just come….. right here?”
Gina put her hands on her hips, glaring at Johnny. “That was way too embarrassing.”
“What? He had no idea what was going on, Gina, you need to stop being so self-conscious,” Johnny groaned, leaning back on the bed.
“Whatever. I am just… not in the mood anymore. I am going to the party. See ya down there if you’re not coming with.”
“Just let me take care of this, and we’ll go down there,” Johnny hissed, gesturing at his erection.
“Hurry up!” Gina hissed back.
“If you helped, it would go a hell of a lot faster.”
“I told you, I am not in the mood.”
“I am glad females can just turn it on and off so easily,” Johnny mumbled.
“Don’t go there.”
“What? Why? Its just a statement of fact.”

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